Metro Meeting Minutes – September 16, 2018


Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of commencement: 19:08

Time of Adjournment: 20:38

Duration: One hour and thirty minutes


Present Voting Members: Katie Bates, Brooke Betyna, Youna McGowan, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, DJ Shuman, Kailey Webber, Emily Webb, Julia Gonzales, Mitchell Aguinaga, Bleona Sahiti, Matthew Boutilier, Cameron Fiander, Isabelle Parmiter, Renee McLeod

Present Non-Voting Members: Anna Gaudet, Jeremy Scallion, Julia Lawrence, Quinn MacIsaac

Regrets: Ella Stacey, Becca MacAulay, Emily Robichaud

Positional Updates:

Secretary: Kailey edited, sent and posted the minutes from the previous Metro meeting on the website.

Public Relations: Alex needs a finalized itinerary to contact people to lead engagement sessions.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: They have been working on organising the skillbuilding retreat. Emily W has booked Lockview High School to host. The retreat will be held on Saturday, November 3. Katie said that she needs a written confirmation from the school.

Head School Representatives: They have a date for retreat which will be held September 24 at Millwood High School. Quinn advised only having one or two representatives solidified from each school as too many people may lead to poor communication. They ask that the Public Relations start looking for food donations to eat during the retreat.

3-Tions: They completed the first aid, chaperone and logistics, delegate, and skillbuilder forms. They now need to know what the refund deadline is.

Welcoming Co-Chair: They have a copy of a past welcoming email. They also are continuing to create more fuzzies.

Wendy: The have completed the talent show form. Alex will send them last years form so they can compare. They are searching for costumes. If anyone has any costumes, they ask to borrow them for conference.

Co-Premier: Becca and Katie have been working on completing the budget.

New Business:

Conference T-Shirts: The past few years there has been issues with conference t-shirts, more specifically the surplus of shirts affecting the profit margin. She asks for suggestions that may be more financially conscious. Cabinet suggested patches that people could collect at every conference. Other suggestions were lanyards, bandanas and stickers. If Cabinet decided not to order conference shirts, the extra money saved could allow cabinet to lower the cost to attend conference or create more scholarships. Conference shirts can be wasteful and should Cabinet not order them, there could be a positive environmental impact. Alex brought up the discussion regarding making delegate bags more environmentally friendly. Alex suggested smaller bags that could be also used as lunch bags, similar to the bags that are given out by “Lululemon”. Julia L  suggested that the Public Relations contact “Lululemon”. Cameron is concerned that delegates might think that Metro is being cheap for not giving out conference t-shirts. Jasmine mentioned that people wear past conference t-shirts to other conferences as spirit wear. DJ said that he wears his conference shirts all the time and has been good for promotion at his school. Julia L said one year they made delegates pre-order their conference t-shirts, this allowed the Metro Regional Cabinet to avoid ordering a surplus of t-shirts. Alex suggested, since Cabinet is considering environmentally friendly codeword options, they could give each item in the delegate bags something that is reusable and good for the environment. Anna said that the Conference Committee from last year discussed how delegate manuals get wasted and options to prevent this waste. She said that they brought up the idea of having the delegate manual online that can be sent out in a PDF format. If the Metro region starts the initiative to remove conference shirts, then other regions may follow suit. Mitchell suggested having a keynote speaker talk about environment impact.

Motion 1: Mitchell motioned to eliminate the creation of t-shirts at this year’s Metro Regional Conference. Renee seconded said motion.

If they choose to not order conference t-shirts, DJ suggests ordering conference spirit wear that could be sold at conference. He is worried that the conference attendees will feel cheated. Alex said they might not feel cheated if Cabinet explains the environmental impact that conference t-shirts have. Katie said that the NSSSA should evolve. If this idea does not go over well, then next year’s Cabinet can make the decision to either continue or discontinue it.

12 votes in favour, 1 abstaining, and 1 vote against.

Motion passed. The Metro Regional Cabinet will eliminate the creation of t-shirts at this year’s Metro Regional Conference.

Quinn mentioned “Let’s Grow”, “The Tare Shop”, and “Let’s Sprout”. These are environmentally friendly organizations, he recommends that they are contacted about the conference. One of the groups, came to a camp where Quinn was working and taught the group how to make bags out of old t-shirts. Brooke thinks that would be a great skillbuilding activity, but the bags would not be full unless Cabinet makes the bags before conference. Julia suggests putting the items in the room and have the delegates fill their own bags. Matt asked if there was enough shirts to have everyone create a bag. The Advisors suggested reaching out to the alumni network to see if anyone would want to donate old conference t-shirts.

Motion 2: Renee motions to create the delegate bags using leftover conference t-shirts. Julia G seconded said motion.

The amount of t-shirts needed depends on how many delegates register. Julia L estimates around 300. DJ brought up that people might throw the bag away. But, at least reusing the shirts in a useful way is better than what they are used for now. In the confirmation email they can put a note that delegates can bring their own old conference shirts.

13 voted in favor of the motion, 1 abstained and 0 voted against.

Motion passed. The Metro Regional Cabinet will create the delegate bags using leftover conference t-shirts.

At the next meeting Cabinet will touch base on finding t-shirts. They will also discuss ideas for how to replace conference t-shirts.

French Forms and Presentation: Carrefour requested that their registration forms and presentations be in french. Cameron completed translating the registration form to French. He will get someone who knows French really well to check it over. For presentations, Cabinet could change the video to have French subtitles. Julia L suggested since Cabinet is translating things to French, they should also consider translating to Arabic. Julia L challenges Cabinet to look at resources for translating in their schools.

Filming Promotional Video: Jasmine is into filmmaking so she is excited about making a great promotional video. Anna G said that videos do not give much context, so it would be a good idea to have a mix of footage from conference and context about what happens at conference. Filming should happen before the School Representative retreat. This could happen before next week’s meeting. Both the welcoming video and the promotional video will be filmed before the meeting next week.

Motion of Adjournment: Mitchell motioned to adjourn the meeting, Isabelle seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: September 23, 2018.

Strait Meeting Minutes – September 16th, 2018

NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location:                  111 Hawthorne St.

Time of Commencement:    5:09pm

Time of Adjournment:  6:26pm

Duration:   1 hour 17 minutes


Present Voting Members:     Jack Clapperton, Emma Jewkes, Ria Juurlink, Payton MacMillan, Matthew MacEachern, Angus Kennedy, Kara MacDougall, Wamfa Kumduong,  Maddie Ehler, Margaret Ann Gillis, Tessa Pelrine, Molly Vokey, Monica Lumsden, Aidan Doucet, Noor Mohrez, Sam Silver

Present Non-Voting Members:    Zac Foran, Will Bowie, Dawn Thompson

Late:  Kinnon Wallace

Regrets:    Logan Fox, Avery LeLièvre, Katelyn Libbus, Paddy Wallace





  • Sent the completed forms to Abe and Dawn.
  • Sent delegate confirmation email draft to co-premiers.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Created document with selected session themes for regionals.
  • Completed session three for grade nine event manual.


Public Relations:

  • Made another social media post and organised future social media posts.
  • Got organized for visiting businesses and have visited 4 businesses already.
  • Updated the database and searched for more businesses to add.
  • Finished donation letter template and finalized PR “spiels”.
  • Edited corporate package.
  • Sent out email about grade nine how-tos to cabinet.
  • Going to visit more businesses.



  • Brainstormed new ways EPIC could be made different from past years.
  • Continued to study cheer bible.
  • Made costume database.
  • Chose which cheers would be used for regionals.


Head School Reps:

  • Had positional update with Amber.
  • Sent out email to this year’s potential school reps and heard back from one (not including reps on cabinet).
  • Drafted the email for principals, which is to be sent out on Monday.
  • Edited presentation for grade nines.
  • Looking to book grade nine presentations within schools for the near future.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Made more fuzzies.
  • Researched and added more games to the welcoming activity for grade nine event.
  • Drafted welcoming email for grade nine event.
  • Drafted packing list for grade nine event.



  • Sent out minutes from September 9th’s meeting.
  • Posted minutes on NSSSA website.
  • Emailed back and forth with Steve from First choice and placed order for both cabinet sweaters and bucket hats.
  • Will be collecting money for apparel from cabinet in the following week.



  • In the process of booking Saerc for grade nine event. Faxed facilities booking form to SAERC from Dr.J.
  • Currently figuring out the details and will hopefully have it booked in the next week


Head Logistics:

  • Getting regional logistic applications ready.


Head Chaperones:

  • Getting regional chaperones applications ready.


Head First Aid:

  • Taking a First Aid recertification course on September 22nd.


Head Mental Health First Aid:

  • MHFA course was officially booked for September 22nd-23rd.


Regional Advisor:

  •  Did lots of editing.


New Business:

Cabinet apparel prices

  • Crewnecks- $28.75
  • Bucket Hats- $25.90
  • Money should be given to secretary at the next meeting in exact change.



  • All cabinet members should be regularly checking the timeline and keeping up with all tasks.
  • Everyone should look ahead on their timeline to be aware of what needs to be completed in the future.
  • Do not let work pile up- use the timeline to your advantage and let it help keep you organized.
  • Remember to comment complete when done.


Minutes and emails

  • All cabinet members must remember to consistently respond to minutes with the keyword within 48 hours.
  • To avoid confusion for secretary, when members receive email with minutes, the should reply back to said email so all responses are in the same email thread.
  • Cabinet should share ALL documents regarding cabinet business with the co-premiers and Dawn!



  • Co-premiers emphasized the importance of building a friendly relationship among partners and to maintain good communication.
  • Understand that partnerships should have a “give and take” relationship. This means to share the workload and to be willing pick up slack or ask for help.
  • Try to communicate any concerns you may have with your partner to ensure all tasks are completed on time and prevent the development of any bad work habits.


Tentative Dates for release of BOP forms

  • Cabinet is aiming to have forms out for September 24th.
  • After forms come out, registration will be open for two cornbread weeks, and therefore the possible due date is October 5th.


3-tions sitting out

  • It was clarified that one 3-tion must sit out at grade nine event to manage the database, while the other two 3-tions will sit out at regional conference.
  • 3-tions will decide who will cover each role amongst themselves.


Speaker for regionals

  • Co-premiers encouraged cabinet to continue coming up with possible keynote speakers for regional conference.
  • Possible speaker; Rebecca Mesay. Mesay was a potential speaker for the 2018 provincial conference and offered a cheap cost. Cabinet agreed she would be a good option as she is an individual involved in youth leadership, and would be more relatable to the conference’s audience.


Grade nine skillbuilding retreat

  • The grade nine skillbuilding retreat for cabinet will be held on Friday october 12th, at Swartz around 5pm.


Regional conference skillbuilding retreat

  • Cabinet discussed possible dates for the regional skillbuilding retreat. Although it conflicts with the time of Metro regional conference, it was decided Saturday November 10th would be the best day to hold it because of other deadlines for Strait’s conference.
  • Cabinet will have a meeting before the retreat. This meeting will be mandatory for all cabinet members.


Skillbuilding Promotion

  • Don’t forget to promote attending conference as a delegate AND a skillbuilder.
  • Encourage past delegates to apply to be a skillbuilder.


StFX open house

  • The StFX open house is on the same day as grade nine event, however cabinet is  looking into finding another way to visit stfx, as many are interested in attending the event.


Adjournment:    Monica motioned to adjourn the meeting. Jack seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

CB-V Minutes September 2 2018

Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Cabinet Meeting- September 2

Location: Morgan Macphail’s house

Time of Commencement: 18:00

Time of Adjournment: 19:10

Duration: 1hr 10min



Present Voting Members: Abby Fraser, Mea Tonet, Reya Hanspal, Morgan Macphail, Ryan Martin, Leah Morrison, Grace Campbell, Kelsey Langlois, Meaghan Heffernan, Courtney McAllister, Annalisa Leon, Dorena Brownstein

Present Non-voting Members: Natasha Kochhar

Regrets: Mackenzie Keeping, Mackenzie Sechi, Katie MacLennan, Brie MacPhee, Hannah MacIntosh, Michael MacDonald, Emma Drohan, Tiffany Maclennan

No Shows: N/A


Updates:                                                                                                                                                                       There were no updates at this meeting


New Business:

Clothes:                                                                                                                                                                                    The cabinet will try to order their cabinet clothing as soon as possible from first choice sportswear. They would like to get quarter zips and bucket hats as their clothes but they haven’t made an official decision yet. They will have a poll to decide the colour of their clothes.

Timelines:                                                                                                                                                                                      Timelines will be shared this week.

Junior Conference:                                                                                                                                                                      They will try to have junior conference October 6 but if they can’t organize it in time they will do it sometime after Christmas. They’re still are not sure if they want junior conference open to grades 7 to 9 or just grade 9s. The group was asked to try to find speakers junior conference. They decided 9am to 5pm for the conference times for now and instead of shirts they thought something small like pins would be better.

Regional Conference:                                                                                                                                                                 November 3 may be the best day for conference. They discussed opitions for how tos. The group decided EMPOWER would be an amazing name for conference if they can come up with an acronym.

Other:                                                                                                                                                                                          If they use corporate package they must make sure that things they don’t need aren’t in the package.

Chignecto Meeting Minutes – September 16th 2018

Minutes from:

Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: Via Group Call

Time of commencement: 12:00

Time of Adjournment: 12:20

Duration: 20 minutes


– Attendance –


Present Voting Members: Beth McNeill, Jorja Smith, Zoe Morgan, Emily Chauder, Clarissa Pasion

Present Non-voting:

Regrets: Kelsey Hann, Brady Webb, Josh Lohnes, Mullen Boulter, Emma Trottier, Maddie Tennant, Camryn Smith

No shows:


– Updates –


New Business:

In regards to snacks for junior conference, Beth’s mom is baking, Cabinet will buy food or look for donations.


Junior conference shirts will be purple or blue and space themed. Clarissa will try to create a design. If not, the Co-premiers will try Alex LeBlanc.


Speaker for junior conference will most likely be an Alumni.



3-Tions: Emily is done the applications for junior conference and is in the process of sending them to the Co-Premiers for approval.


SkillBuilding Chairs: Skill building chairs have already started the skillbuilding manual and the outline is done.


Public Relations:


WENDY’s: WENDY’s have plenty of costumes.


Head School Representatives:


Welcoming Chair:


Secretary: Spirit wear will be ordered from First Choice Sportswear. A poll will be held for the colour of cabinet hoodies.




Strait Meeting Minutes – September 9th, 2018


NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location:          204 Cloverville Road

Time of Commencement:   5:05

Time of Adjournment:  6:18

Duration:  1 hour 13 minutes


Present Voting Members:       Payton MacMillan, Monica Lumsden, Sam Silver, Aidan Doucet, Kara MacDougall, Emma Jewkes, Ria Juurlink, Matthew MacEachern, Maddie Ehler, Wamfa Kumduong, Angus Kennedy, Molly Vokey, Noor Mohrez, Jack Clapperton

Present Non-Voting Members: Katelyn Libbus, Dawn Thompson

Late:   Kinnon Wallace

Regrets:  Logan Fox, Margaret Ann Gillis, Avery LeLièvre, Wilfred Bowie, Tessa Pelrine, Zac Foran, Paddy Wallace





  • Finished making forms for grade nine event.
  • Three forms are left to finish for regionals conference.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Worked on Session 2 in skillbuilding manual for grade nine event and are almost finished.
  • Started session 3 for grade nine event.
  • Brainstormed on themes for the sessions for Regionals and almost have them worked out.


Public Relations:

  • Determined individual positions; Angus is responsible for social media, Jack is responsible for the delegate manual and Noor is responsible for how-to’s.
  • Brainstormed more for businesses to contact and how to go about doing so.
  • Collected delegate manual answers from cabinet.
  • Made a social media post.



  • Studied cheer bible.
  • Deciding on which cheers to use for the conferences.
  • Continued to plan for EPIC.

Head School Reps:

  • Began to draft an email to initiate communication with principals of each school in the region and began to update the database of principals.
  • Started to update the database of all principals of each school in the region.
  • Received names of potential reps for schools this year.
  • Brainstormed how to get delegates from schools that have had low attendance at past conferences.
  • Decided that instead of having a retreat with all school reps together, the HSR’s will have individual meetings on Google Hangouts. This choice of meeting is more convenient for the reps given the geographic distance between schools in the region and could make reps more comfortable to ask questions.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Gathered more yarn.
  • Fuzzie count: around 60.
  • Researched activities for Grade 9 Conference.



  • Sent out minutes from the September 2nd meeting.
  • Posted the minutes on the NSSSA website.
  • Emailed Steve from First Choice about the sweater order. Steve responded saying the colour cabinet requested (orchid) is not available.
  • Will call Steve on Monday letting him know the cabinet’s new colour choice, as well has how many bucket hats will be ordered.



  • Met with StFX and got the venue officially booked for November 17th-18th.
  • New terms in contract were also negotiated at the meeting with StFX such as an increase of available space. StFX is willing to make changes.
  • Contacted SAERC to book grade nine event and were referred to the building manager who will get back to them.
  • Started budget .


Head Logistics:


Head Chaperones:


Head First Aid:


Head Mental Health First Aid:

  • Found out that NSSSA will be receiving a Mental Health training grant where new/potential MHFA’s can receive their Mental Health certifications for free.



Regional Advisor:

  • Promoted NSSSA to students.


New Business:

Conference space:

  • StFX is looking into making the dance studio available for sleeping arrangements.


Regionals’ supper location

  • Co-premiers brought up the possibility of eating at meal hall at regionals instead of just breakfast. Having only lunch being catered could save money.
  • Members were concerned about the safety of delegates eating supper at meal hall at the same time as university students. A solution to this concern was to ask StFX to keep the hall open past closing hours so only conference attendees would be eating at that time.
  • Another concern mentioned was the sense of intimacy that can be lost when having meals at meal hall.
  • Discussion was tabled.


New Sweater colour

  • Since First Choice does not have crewnecks available in the colour orchid, cabinet chose a new sweater colour.
  • Cabinet decided the new sweater colour will be indigo blue.



  • Cabinet members should start promoting.
  • Cabinet should start thinking of making posters or find ideas for other methods of promoting.
  • When promoting regional conference, members can explain to potential delegates the option of applying for bursaries to go to conference for free.
  • Co-premiers and HSR’s are going to look into asking schools within the region if the are willing to send international students to the conference for free.



  • Cabinet discussed looking into new dynamics for EPIC.
  • Members agreed that the goal of a “new EPIC” would be to incorporate calmer/less physically demanding elements, while still having the high energy aspect of “usual EPIC”.
  • One example of a new EPIC dynamic discussed was a scavenger hunt concept that would include clues.
  • Wendy’s will try to come up with a potential structure of EPIC for next week.



  • When members complete tasks designated on the RC timeline, they must comment on the task to let the co-premiers know that the task has been completed. This can be done by right clicking on “incomplete”, then insert a comment saying “completed”.
  • Co-premiers reminded cabinet of the importance of completing tasks on time and to have tasks finished before meetings for those that are to be completed on Sundays.


How-to fair

  • As done last year, the PR’s will combine the concept of how-to’s and opportunity fair into a “how-to fair”, AKA “howportunity fair” for grade nine event.



  • Sam motioned to adjourn the meeting. Molly seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Metro Meeting Minutes – September 9, 2018

Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of commencement: 19:05

Time of Adjournment: 20:10

Duration: One hour and five minutes


Present Voting Members: Katie Bates, Becca MacAulay, Brooke Betyna, Youna McGowan, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, DJ Shuman, Kailey Webber, Emily Webb, Ella Stacey, Julia Gonzales, Mitchell Aguinaga, Cameron Fiander, Isabelle Parmiter, Emily Robichaud, Renee McLeod

Present Non-Voting Members: Anna Gaudet, Julia Lawrence, Quinn MacIsaac

Regrets: Matthew Boutilier, Bleona Sahiti

Positional Updates:

Secretary: Kailey has been editing, and sending out the minutes after meetings. Then she posts them on the website. The Co-Premiers mentioned that Lorne Abramson, the Provincial Advisor, had asked to be carbon copied to the email in which the minutes are sent.

Public Relations: They made a Public Relations group chat. They received the sponsorship database as well as the engagement session database from last year. This past week they divided up their positional tasks. Alex will be focused on engagement sessions, Isabelle will be in charge of the delegate manual, and DJ will focus on monetary sponsorships. DJ suggested using social media more often to promote the Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association (NSSSA) and its members. The idea he brought forward is to have a weekly spotlight on a member of the organization or conference attendee doing something positive in their community.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Emily W and Emily R finalized the skillbuilding application form. Emily W emailed her principal at Lockview High School regarding their school being a potential location for the skillbuilding retreat.  The also finished the first two skillbuilding sessions.

Head School Representatives: The Head School Representatives made a group chat. They made a database of all of the high schools in the Metro region. Then, they divided the schools up between them. This week they will start looking for students to hold the position of School Representative. They need at least one from each school. Julia L suggested that they also contact private schools, like Bridgeway Academy.

3-Tions: All of the 3-Tions picked up their keys for the mailbox. They also started the skillbuilding registration form.

Welcoming Co-Chair: Julia G collected all the yarn she needs and has started making fuzzies. Ella has made seventy fuzzies so far and she still has more yarn.

Wendy: Renee and Mitchell started planning the individual activities for Epic.

Co-Premier: Becca and Katie are going to start working on the budget. They reminded cabinet to keep looking at their timelines to ensure that they stay on top of their tasks.

New Business:

Grade Nine Conference: At the last meeting there was a lengthy discussion regarding whether or not the Metro Regional Cabinet will hold a Grade Nine Conference. Cabinet had a week to consider both the positive and negative aspects of hosting a second event. Becca suggested her idea of focusing all of the promotion for the Metro Regional Conference within High Schools. Then for a Grade Nine Conference, all of the promotion would be focused within Junior High Schools with students in grade nine. Julia L advised cabinet that should they host a Grade Nine Conference, it may be beneficial to connect with the Strait Regional Cabinet as they have had Grade Nine Conferences more recently than Metro. Cameron asked about the implications of not promoting the Metro Regional Conference in Junior High Schools. He is worried about grade nines who go to Junior High Schools will feel left out when they hear all about conference from the grade nine students from High Schools who attended conference. It was suggested that cabinet should email the principals at Junior High Schools with grade nines to inform them about conference while still not promoting it directly in the school. Mitchell thinks that the grade nine students in High School would have something that grade nine students in Junior High Schools don’t, which could  make them jealous or feel excluded. Alex feels that a second conference may be less hype since cabinet might be burnt out by then. He also mentioned that he does not want students in the ninth grade to feel like an afterthought. Mitchell is concerned with numbers since having students in grade nine attend Breakthrough 2017 raised numbers. DJ said that his Grade Nine Conference did not feel like an afterthought and to him it felt like the Metro Cabinet made a specific conference for students in grade nine because they care. Julia L believes that having a second conference will be a great way for all cabinet members to improve in their positions. She thinks that if the Metro Regional Cabinet hosts a Grade Nine Conference, cabinet should look back at the barriers discussed today and look for ways break them down. Becca suggest that cabinet goes with Ella’s idea for Grade Nine Conference to be an introduction to life in High School. This would be something completely different which may avoid cabinet feeling burnt out. A conference like this will also help kids have more confidence going into High School. There will have to be a discussion on how to promote each conference because grade nine students in Junior High Schools might feel left out and uninvited. Alex suggested submitting an announcement. There was another suggestion of sending out a promotional video to schools which may be more engaging for students. Renee agrees with the theme being High School tips since students are not taught anything about High School going in. For example, it may be really helpful to have sessions on topics like; “How to do Homework” and “How to Find Leadership Opportunities”. An idea to promote in schools without going directly within is to promote the website, . There, they can find information on the organization, conferences, and contacts. The advisors are creating a new advisor package that they plan to send out to all the principals within the Metro region. Julia L suggested that they can send out information about both conference which would allow the principal to make their own decision for which conference to send their grade nine students to.

Katie motioned that the Metro Regional Cabinet holds a Grade Nine Conference. DJ seconded said motion.

In Favor: 7

Abstained: 2

Against: 6

Motion did not pass. The Metro Regional Cabinet will not hold a Grade Nine Conference this school year.

Cabinet Wear: Julia L  talked to Steve from First Choice Sportswear. Unfortunately, Steve does not sell Hawaiian shirts. Julia L suggests getting cabinet wear ordered by the end of the week. Last year cabinet got baby pink crewnecks which costed $24.75+tax. The Metro What t-shirts costed $15. Isabelle suggested that the sweaters be yellow. Ella asked for an update on bucket hats. Steve could not do a floral print on the bucket hats, but cabinet could get white or the classic navy. It is a possibility for the hats to say “Metro” on the back. Mitchell and DJ disliked the colour yellow for the hoodie. Julia L asked if we wanted a quote and the majority of cabinet responded with yes. Becca suggested getting a pocketed shirt. The idea is to embroider or iron on flowers near the pocket. Cabinet could get “Metro What” or the NSSSA logo put on the pocket. Julia L said that she will look into it. As soon as Julia L gets the quote she will post the prices on the Facebook page. She plans to put the order in by Friday, September 14. Julia L will need everyone to send her their size, and what they want written on the clothing items. Mitchell mentioned that he is meeting with Steve at his school so he will ask if steve can bring a sample of a yellow sweater.

Website Info: Derrick Thibault holds the position of Webmaster on the Provincial Cabinet. On the website there is a section for Metro and within that is every member of cabinet’s names. He asks cabinet to make sure all of their names are spelled correctly. If it is not, they should text Becca or Katie. They also want to put a cabinet photo on the website. Alex suggested waiting until cabinet gets their cabinet sweaters, as that is when they took the picture last year. Isabelle asked if cabinet could take individual pictures when they take the big picture. These individual pictures are for the delegate manual.

Video: Ella has started looking for props that associate with specific moments in the show, The Office U.S. There was a Facebook poll made to determine the best day to film the welcoming video. The top dates were the September 23 and October 7. Kailey pointed out that October 7 is Thanksgiving Sunday. Mitchell suggested filming the morning of October 7 so people can still be home for dinner with their families. Quinn suggested having the main date be September 23 and anyone who could not make it that day could film on October 7. The plan is that filming would run from 3-4pm on September 23 and filming on October 7 will be held around noon.

Motion of Adjournment: Katie motioned to adjourn the meeting, Mitchell seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: September 16, 2018

Sou’West Meeting Minutes-September 9, 2018

Sou’West Regional Cabinet Meeting – September 9, 2018


Location: 27 Shreve St, Digby, NS


Time of Commencement: 15:14


Time of Adjournment: 17:00


Duration: 1 hour and 46 minutes




Present Voting members: Jacqueline Tan, Addie Hersey, Mackenzie Robinson-Jordan, Payton Tupper, Owen Wood, Reem Eissa, Emma Hiltz, Olivia Walker, Natalie Baker, Olivia Cook, Zoe Marshall, Libby Graham, Tate Vachon, Bronwyn Inness


Present Non-Voting Members: Amber Jelfs, Michelle Talbot


Regrets: Jayde Corkum


No Shows: N/A




Co-Premiers: The date of the Junior Conference must be changed due to a conflict with timing. An email with deadlines will be sent out, with the times adapting to the new date of the Junior Conference.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: An outline of the skillbuilding manual has been made, as well as the outline of the skillbuilding retreat. The date of the skillbuilding retreat is October 14th from 12:30 to 15:00. The skillbuilding sessions at Junior Conference have also been discussed and the focus for each session has been decided. The Skillbuilding Co-Chairs must think of creative names for each skillbuilding group, relating to the theme of the conference. The Skillbuilding Co-Chairs must also create questions for the skillbuilding manuals and send them to the 3-Tions as soon as possible.


WENDYs: Some costumes for the talent show have been found. WENDYs need to get the list of NSSSA cheers, which the co-premiers will look into finding. WENDYs also need to start looking into games for EPIC and create a talent show sign up list.


3-tions: All forms have to be made and sent to be put on the website by September 17th. Junior Conference forms, including delegate, advisor, alumni and skillbuilder forms are due on October 2nd. The final refund date for Junior Conference is October 12th. Skillbuilding Co-Chairs will send the questions for the skillbuilding forms as soon as possible.


Public Relations: Sponsorships and donations were looked into. Public Relations should contact Amber White to get information on last years’ sponsorships. The donation letter must be written and sent out by September 21st. The Welcoming Co-Chairs will send photos of cabinet members and the cabinet members’ answers to the delegate manual questions as soon as possible.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Junior Conference welcoming email must be drafted and sent to the Co-Premiers by September 20th. Emails need to be sent to the Sou’West cabinet asking for a photo of each member and answers to questions for the delegate manual. This information will then need to be given to Public Relations. More yarn is needed to make fuzzies.


Head School Representatives: The Head School Representatives have checked in with Amber. Schools need to be divided up in each representatives’ area and an email needs to be drafted to be sent to schools once the Junior Event forms are up on the NSSSA website.


Secretary: An email has been sent to First Choice Sportswear about quotes for both conference and cabinet wear. The shirt order must go out October 3rd at the latest.


Food Co-Chair: Donations for apples and granola bars are needed. All receipts must be saved. Water was discussed and many cabinet members have camping jugs that they can bring in. More than one is needed.


New Business


Junior Conference: The new date of the junior conference was discussed. It was decided that the conference will now be held on October 20th. The cabinet also discussed whether or not to have speakers at the junior conference. It was decided that there would be speakers and this will be looked into further. The cabinet decided on orange t-shirts with a white logo for the Junior Conference (Senior Conference t-shirts will be white with an orange logo). The cost of the junior conference will be $35.


Conference Names: Conference names were further discussed and decided upon. A unanimous vote chose “Spark” as the name of the junior conference and “Ignite” as the name of the senior conference. Natalie has offered to design a logo for the conference t-shirts in accordance with the names.


Location: The location of the Junior Conference has yet to be decided. This will be decided by Thursday, September 13th. Emails are currently being sent out to schools.


Meeting Changes: The original meeting of October 7th, will now be held on October 14th from 15:00 to 17:00 in the Digby Arena. This will be the last meeting before the Junior Event. The date for the meeting on October 21st has also changed and will now be held directly after the Junior Event on October 20th.


Skillbuilding Retreat: The skillbuilding retreat will be held before the October 14th meeting. It will be from 12:30 to 15:00 in the Digby Arena.


Budget: The budget has been discussed and decided upon.


Adjournment: Natalie Baker motioned to adjourn this meeting. Bronwyn Inness seconded this motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


The next regional cabinet meeting for Sou’West will be held September 23rd at 15:00 in the Digby Arena.


Strait Meeting Minutes – September 2nd, 2018


NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location:       1 Harbour View Crt

Time of Commencement: 5:02

Time of Adjournment: 5:56

Duration:  54 minutes


Present Voting Members:        Sam Silver, Monica Lumsden, Ria Juurlink, Aidan Doucet, Matthew MacEachern, Emma Jewkes, Kara MacDougall, Tessa Pelrine, Kinnon Wallace, Margaret Ann Gillis, Molly Vokey, Payton MacMillan

Present Non-Voting Members: Rebecca MacKeen, Dawn Thompson

Late: Maddie Ehler, Angus Kennedy, Noor Mohrez

Regrets:   Wamfa Kumdoung, Logan Fox, Avery LeLeivre, Will Bowie, Zac Foran, Jack Clapperton

No-Shows: Paddy Wallace, Katelyn Libbus




  • Created a template database for the grade nine conference.
  • Created a database for the regional conference.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Completed first session in the skillbuilding manual for grade nine event.
  • Started working on the second session.


Public Relations:

  • Sent out delegate manual questions to cabinet.
  • Started database for donations.
  • Started to organize social media contests.
  • Brainstormed on the “spiel” for collecting donations.



  • Brainstormed ideas for EPIC.
  • Memorized cheers from cheer bible.
  • Started looking into gathering costumes.



Head School Reps:

  • Drafted emails that are to be sent to past graduated and non-graduated school reps. These emails will ask past non-graduated reps if they would like to continue their roles as well as asking graduated reps about potential reps. Emails will be sent out shortly.



Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Made around 20 fuzzies.
  • Decided on doing a similar activity to the concept of “playfair” that was done by one of the keynote speakers at the Rise Up 2018 provincial conference.




  • Edited and sent out the minutes from August 11th’s meeting to cabinet.
  • Posted the August 11th minutes as well as the minutes from the meeting held at retreat
  • Sent an email to cabinet asking for sweater sizes and made a database for the sizes.



  • Meeting with STFX representations on September 6th to discuss booking, contract, catering and accommodations for the regional conference. Co-premiers would like to look into increasing the amount of space available on campus during regional conference in the case of a large increase in delegates.
  • Tentative dates for regional conference are still November 17th-18th and October 13th for grade nine event.


Head Logistics:


Head Chaperones:


Head First Aid:


Head Mental Health First Aid:


Regional Advisor:


New Business:



  • RC sweaters will be a lavender purple.
  • All cabinet clothing orders will go through First Choice clothing.
  • Cabinet will also be placing orders for bucket hats, and will order for students from other regions cabinets if desired.


Shared Regional Conferences

  • PC has decided that people from outside regions can attend Strait regional conferences, and therefore strait region members can attend other regional conferences.
  • Since there is now a possibility of having delegates from outside provinces, 3-tions will add a section on the regional forms where delegates can signify which region they are coming from.


Cheque Requisitions

  • If cabinet members need to purchase supplies for anything cabinet related, they must notify the copremiers before purchasing anything in order to receive a cheque req.


Keynote Speaker

  • The possibility of having Sean Fraser as a keynote speaker was brought up. It was discussed that a certain political message could be interpreted by delegates or parents if he spoke at the regional conference, given Fraser’s political background. Cabinet agreed that the NSSSA is not politically affiliated and should remain that way. Therefore, it was decided it would be better to incorporate Fraser during other parts of conference such as opening ceremonies.
  • Cabinet members should be on the lookout for potential keynote speakers.


Conference Names

  • Cabinet discussed naming the grade nine event B.O.P (Beginning Opportunities Positively and G.R.O.O.V.E (Growing Real Opportunities in Our Various Environments) for regionals.
  • Co-premiers would like cabinet members to create possible logos for grade nine event and regionals.


  • It is very important to have Sunday evenings free and have work booked off well ahead of time to ensure consistent attendance at meetings
  • It is especially important to have grade  the entire weekend of regionals booked off, as well as the day of grade nine event.



  • Sam motioned to name Strait Region’s 2018 grade nine event “B.O.P.” Angus seconded the motion. One was opposed.14 members were in favor. Motion was passed.
  • Monica motioned to name Strait Region’s 2018 regional conference “G.R.O.O.V.E” Molly seconded the motion. Cabinet was unanimously in favor of the motion. Motion was passed.


Adjournment: Monica motioned to adjourn the meeting, Margaret Ann seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned

Metro Meeting Minutes – September 2, 2018

​Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting 20180902
Location: Mount Saint Vincent University Time of commencement: 19:09

Time of Adjournment: 20:45
Duration: One hour and thirty-six minutes Attendance:

Present Voting Members:​ Katie Bates, Becca MacAulay, Brooke Betyna, Youna McGowan, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, DJ Shuman, Kailey Webber, Emily Webb, Ella Stacey, Julia Gonzales, Mitchell Aguinaga, Bleona Sahiti, Cameron Fiander, Isabelle Parmiter, Emily Robichaud, Renee McLeod

Present Non-Voting Members:​ Fortesa Sahiti, Katherine Pindera, Anna Gaudet, Julia Lawrence, Quinn MacIsaac, Lorne Abramson

Regrets: ​Matthew Boutilier, Anna Campbell

No-Shows: ​N/A

Introduction: ​Quinn started the meeting by introducing himself. He is one of the Metro Regional Cabinet’s co-advisors, alongside Julia Lawrence. Both have been involved with the organisation for a number of years and have a lot of experience with the organisation. He reminded cabinet that this is a learning process and there is nothing wrong with asking for help when needed. The advisors are here to support cabinet as well as give advice.

Positional Updates:

Wendy:​ Renee and Mitchell started planning “Epic”. The theme of “Epic” will be “The Amazing Race”, inspired by the television show. As they continue to plan, they will start working around the theme of this year’s conference. They asked about using the entire campus and potentially having some outdoor activities. As long as the only rooms used are the ones that have been booked out, there should be no problem. But, the logistics of it may need to be looked over.
The idea they brought forward is that the Mount Saint Vincent University campus would represent Canada, and each activity would be based off a difference province or major city. One example they gave was for the activity inspired by Prince Edward Island, the activity could include putting potatoes into categories. They will also include parts of the show. For example, if a team gets a “U-Turn” they can choose another team to receive the U-Turn and this will be something to slow them down, like having to redo an activity. Another example is a “Face Off” where two teams will go head to head and the winner will get to move on while the other team has to stay behind. Finally there will be an “Express Pass”, the teams must submit or do something prior to “Epic”, if they win they get a reward like the ability to skip an activity. Julia L.

suggested that prior to “Epic” the logistics could check the skillbuilding rooms for cleanliness throughout the day. The group with the cleanest room by “Epic” could win the express pass. The story for epic is that the Co-Premiers are lost but, they are still in Canada since they do not have their passports on them. Everytime the skillbuilding groups do an activity they get a letter with a message to help find Becca and Katie. Lorne suggested giving each skillbuilding group a clue that differs from that of another group to avoid multiple teams being at the same activity simultaneously. Renee asked how many skillbuilding groups there typically are at a Metro conference. Becca said it depends on the amount of delegates, she estimates around twenty groups.

Mental Health First Aid:​ ​Anna C. has made a Mental Health First Aid kit. Currently in the kit there are menstrual products, stress balls, coloring books, markers, colored pencils, fidget spinners, tums, bandaids, bubbles and a pinwheel. If anyone has any suggestions for things to add, they can let her know. She has also started a hunt for a Mental Health First Aid team. If anyone is feeling stressed, don’t be afraid to send her a message. She will be in attendance at this year’s conference since it will be held during her reading week.

New Business:

Grade Nine Conference:​ Lorne talked to the two Co-Premiers about the concerns from his perspective regarding whether or not the Metro Regional Cabinet holds a grade nine conference. Lorne told cabinet the history of Grade Nine Conferences and how it was the Metro region that had created the concept of conferences for students in grade nine. Three years ago, due to work to rule there was not a grade nine conference held in the Metro region. Lorne believes that it was a mistake not having a Grade Nine Conference that year and my be a factor in the decreasing number of attendees from Metro at conferences. Lorne made it clear that it is decision of cabinet whether or not they want to hold a grade nine conference. But, he thinks from a historical perspective something needs to change within the organisation. He wishes that Metro would be more gutsy. Metro used to always be the region to take lead within the organisation. He asks cabinet to reconsider having the grade nine conference or be creative and think of some other kind of event that could be successful. He suggests considering what grade nine principals would want to send their students to and rebuild the relationships lost with the Junior High Schools. Earlier this week Becca, Lorne and Katie had a chat about grade nine conference and how it would affect Metro. Becca does not want to say that grade nine students can’t go to Metro. Instead, she suggests that cabinet only promotes the regional conference in High Schools. Then, when it comes time for a grade nine conference promotion will focus on Junior High Schools alone. This would also make it easier on the Head School Representatives since there are a lot of schools in Metro to reach out to. Students in the ninth grade may attend both should they choose. Quinn said that last year there was push back from the Presidential Trio regarding Metro holding a second conference or event. But, although the organisation does have rules, Metro has the capacity to change things and get creative. Quinn feels that there would be value in looking at last year’s conference. He reminded cabinet that there is a lot of changes happening in schools right now. Lorne said that one thing that he has learned is that the alumni of the organisation are very helpful and willing to help. There is pressure on teachers

to not volunteer for extra-curriculars. It is important to ensure that schools know that should the school be unable to provide an advisor, the organisation can find suitable one. Lorne suggested that a community leadership program could be an option instead of a grade nine conference. It is important to consider that hosting two events is a heavier commitment as it is double the workload. Katie suggested waiting a week and return to this discussion at the next meeting. Lorne asked how many High Schools have grade nine students, Ella found that there are five High Schools with and ten without. Quinn returned to an idea from last year, colour wars. This would be an event where all of the delegates would be split into groups with colours and will compete in challenges. Motion will be held next week.

Conference Names:​ Some names suggested were Level Up, Growth, Bulldoze, Potential, Fearless, Blossom, Beyond, Flourish, Clarity and Power. Mitchell suggested using a local designer to make the conference logo. Becca wrote the top options for conference names on a whiteboard. The options were; Blossom, Flourish, Bloom, Level Up, Persist and Clarity. Cabinet did a hand vote for the name. Everyone could vote for two options, top three went to the following round.

Round 1: ​Persist (1), Flourish (5), Blossom (10), Clarity (1), Bloom (9), Level up (1) Round 2:​ This round was between Blossom and Bloom. Majority voted for Blossom. Round 3: ​Flourish (8), Blossom (9)

Emily W. mentioned that due to stereotypical masculine gender roles, the name Blossom 2018 may deter males from wanting to attend. Julia L. said that although it could be an obstacle, it is important to promote the conference as well as the opportunity more so than the name.

Becca motioned for the conference to be named Blossom 2018. Youna seconded said motion. With fourteen votes in favour and one vote in opposition, motion passed. This year’s Metro Regional Conference will be called Blossom 2018.

Questions Regarding Timelines: ​DJ asked why there are various colours in the Public Relations’ Timelines. Becca said that there are a lot of tasks that the Public Relations need to complete and some of those tasks fall on the same date. The Co-Premiers felt that it would seem less overwhelming if the tasks were divided up and colour coded.

Cabinet Wear: ​Strait is putting in an order of bucket hat so if that is something that cabinet is interested in they could order with them. Julia suggested getting cardigans. Lorne advised cabinet to be careful when ordering clothing. Since none of the funds for cabinet wear go through the NSSSA account, there has been issues with people losing money by ordering the merchandise prior to everyone’s payment. He advised that whoever orders cabinet wear takes money before placing the order and they should not accept cheques. Julia L said that she does not mind ordering the cabinet wear and has done it in the past. The Co-Premiers brought up the topic of sweaters. Alex said that quarter-zips and crewnecks have been done a lot in the past. Hoodies could be a fun new idea. DJ suggested a floral design but Becca is not sure if Steve can provide patterns. Cabinet could get the shirts in white and decorate them with flowers. Another

suggestion was getting Hawaiian shirts. Lorne suggested the Hawaiian shirts possibly being the conference delegate shirts. This would be something never done before. Julia L. will look into hoodies, bucket hats, regular t-shirts, t-shirts with a floral pattern, and Hawaiian shirts.

Carpool:​ DJ needs someone to drive him to meetings or else he will not be able to remain a member of cabinet. He lives in the Eastern Shore but can get a drive to Dartmouth or Cole Harbour area. The Co-Premiers are looking for any cabinet members who live in Dartmouth that are willing to help him out.

Cabinet Video: ​The idea for the welcoming video is inspired by “The Office”. The Welcoming Co-Chairs have started brainstorming which positions will portray each character as well as the scenes that will be recreated. Becca asked when the filming days will be. Ella said she will create a poll on the Facebook group about dates.

Mailbox Keys: ​Matthew picked up the keys for the NSSSA mailbox. The other 3-Tions should do this as soon as possible.

Next Meeting: ​At the next meeting, each position will be asked to give a positional update. Therefore, everyone should look at their timeline and come to the next meeting prepared.

Motion of Adjournment: ​Mitchell motioned to adjourn the meeting, Renee seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: ​Sunday September 9, 2018.

Chignecto Meeting Minutes – September 4th 2018

Minutes from:

Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting

Location: Truro Library

Time of commencement: 2:07
Time of Adjournment: 3:11
Duration: 1 hour and 4 minutes

– Attendance –

Present Voting Members: Beth McNeill, Jorja Smith, Brady Webb, Zoe Morgan, Kelsey Hann, Emily Chauder, Clarissa Pasion
Present Non-voting:
Regrets: Josh Lohnes, Mullen Boulter, Emma Trottier, Maddie Tennant, Camryn Smith
No shows:

– Updates –

New Business:
For the first meeting the cabinet introduced themselves and their positions. They reviewed basic cabinet rules and the 8 key concepts of NSSSA. Attendance at meetings is very important and cabinet members should try not miss more than 3 meetings.

In regards to cheque requisitions, supplies will be bought with cabinet members own money and they should opt for sale items and no name brands to save money. Cabinet should first ask around if any other cabinet members already have the items needed.

All emails and social media post related to NSSSA should be kept professional. Emails will be preferably sent during business hours and email signatures should look as follows
{Name, position(s), cabinet, Nova Scotia Secondary Schools Students Association (NSSSA), phone number,, logo}

The cabinet plans for bi weekly meetings, mostly on sundays. When the majority of the cabinet is unavailable for a Sunday or Saturday, a group call will be planned for a weekday. The Truro Library seems to work out for most as a meeting location and some may be held in New Glasgow.

Cabinet has yet to pick date and time for a cabinet bonding activity. Some ideas where bowling, glow in the dark mini golf in Dartmouth, Get air, Camping, or something in Halifax. For spirit wear, Cabinet discussed hoodies or crew necks, but have not yet decided on a colour.

Zoe motioned for the conference names to be “Infinity” and “Beyond”. Kelsey seconded the motion. Junior conference will be held at Northumberland Regional High School on Saturday, November 3rd  2018. Regional conference will be sometime in February. Potential locations are Douglas street school in Truro, the church hall from last year and the Knox United Church in Brookfield. Potential speakers are Sean Fraser, and the girl from Truro who was a past member of NSSSA.

Co-Premiers: Beth is going to check if we are allowed to get spirit wear from somewhere else besides First Choice Sportswear.


SkillBuilding Chairs:

Public Relations: Jorja will try to retrieve passwords for social media accounts for Zoe and Josh.


Head School Representatives:

Welcoming Chair: Beth brought yarn for Kelsey.

Head Logistics:

Head Chaperones:

Head First Aid:

Head Mental Health First Aid: Cabinet has yet to find a Mental Health First Aid.

Regional Advisor:

Adjournment: Zoe adjourned meeting, Brady seconded the motion