Provincal Cabinet Meeting Minutes – Feb 24th, 2019

NSSSA Minutes From:

Provincial Cabinet Meeting



Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of Commencement: 12:23pm

Time of Adjournment: 1:58pm

Duration: 1hour 35mins



Present Voting Members: Eliza Nobes, Rebecca MacKeen, Anna Coleman, Mary Stackaruk, Alex Leblanc, Michael Putnam, Abby Fraser (Calling in), Maggie White, Katie Bates, Court Mahar (Calling in), Sam Sliver (Calling in), Sara Murrin (Calling in), Beth McNeil (Calling in)

Present Non-Voting Members: Lorne Abramson, Amber Jelfs, Amy Oickle,

Regrets: Zachary Foran, Becca McAuley, Ciara Harris, Jorja Smith, Monica Lumsden, Zoe Marshall

No Shows: Libby Graham


President update:

This month Eliza has sat on a number of calls regarding Chignecto, Valley, and Provincial Cabinet. She also had to make the decision that the event taking place at Acadia would have to be cancelled because there was not enough interest from the region. She recently put in the sweater order to Steve so they should be here shortly.


Vice President External update:

Since the last meeting, Rebecca has sat in on many calls with the rest of the trio, Abe, and others to discuss issues pertaining to the Chignetco Region, Provincial Conference, and the Valley Region. She has also held a check-in with the Inclusion PRs who seem to be on the right track for their conference.


Vice President Internal Update:

This month Court joined in on a call that lead to us cancelling the Valley event. She also been working with Sou’West Co-Premiers to try to help them figure out how to get more interest in their conference.


Treasurer update:

This month the treasurers been reconciling and issuing cheque’s for various regions, they also have filed the organizations HST for quarter 4 of the fiscal year. They had two calls with Chignecto and the CC co-chairs about the finances for their conferences.


Conference Committee Co-Chair update:

Mary and Alex have been fixing forms and getting registration ready. They are sending Derek all information to put up on the website. They sent information to Kyler. MJ has been working on contacting “get real”. CC PRs’ have not collected any sort of donations, sponsors or opportunities fair participants.


Inclusion Chair update:

Inclusion forms are now up on the website, and Michael is going to post an announcement on the NSSSA Instagram tonight. Ciara has the skillbuilding/DA retreat booked for April 13th at MSVU from 1-4pm. She is still looking for speakers, at the moment she only has Brandon Boyd booked. They want to create a unique logo specifically for the Inclusion Committee, so that they could buy buttons/stickers in bulk and use them in the following years. Ciara want to know if there are any suggestions on how to go about logo-making.


Metro Co-Premier Update:

Metro’s Prep Rally will be taking place on March 8th at HWHS, people are RSVP through a form which is now on the website. The cost of the event will be $5.


Media Update:

Michael made a post about valley and now is working on promoting inclusion. He also edited video footage for promotion.


Head School Rep Coordinator:

This month Amber has worked on finishing her check ins with HSRs. She was also responsible for the position of HSR for the Valley conference; she contacted each school in the Valley to promote conference. Middleton Regional High School responded poorly, but Kings Edge-Hill responded with large amount of interest from their guidance counsellor.


Gala update:

Sara and Amy have confirmed Tyler Hayden as their speaker. They sent emails and researched the history of the NSSSA upon Tyler’s request. They also selected the menu for Gala and met with Jenifer to confirm the venue. They may have opportunity to host Gala in the Mulroney building.


Strait Co-Premier Update:

The Strait co-premiers organized some material and physical items for next year’s co-premiers and had some discussion of possible fundraisers for sending Strait region kids to provincial conference.


Chignecto Co-Premier Update:

Their Regional Conference was held at the start of this month and went very well. Attendance increased from last year and there were lots of first-time delegates. Their focus moving forward will be on fundraising to help cover our costs from conference.



Provincial Advisor:

Abe discussed the valley and possible contacts: Brianna Hiltz (Central Kings), Samantha Brown (West Kings), Paige Banks (Middleton), Alex Macdondal (Horton), Annie McGoan (Northeast Kings), Abby Mercer (Northeast Kings) and Kerensa Johnson (Avonview). Abe also brought up possible speakers as well: Ann Dodbe, Jennie Osbourne, Mary Smith, Colin Pottie and Ty Walsh.

Abe also discussed the Gambia Association Luncheon on April 6th 2019 at 12pm held at the Dalhousie Student Union Building.


CBV Co-Premier Update:

CBV is planning their junior conference. They moved their date, it will now be on April 7th. They are confirming their venue this week and hope to get forms out as soon as possible. They unfortunately had a resignation this month.


Sou’West Co-Premeir Update:

Sou’West has their regional conference “Ignite” all planed. Skillbuilding manuals are finished, EPIC and WENDY tasks are planned, location has been decided and agreed on, food is planned, and all forms have been up. Sou’West has had some bumps, but they have solved their problems. They have picked their new dates for April 27th and 28th and all cabinets members are working with HSR’s to get the word out!


Next meeting: 12pm March 30th at St.FX


Anna motioned to adjourn the meeting.

Alex Seconds the motion.

Meeting adjourned.


Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2019

Conference Committee Meeting


Location: Saint Francis Xavier University

Time of commencement: 10:20

Time of Adjournment: 12:28

Duration: Two hours and eight minutes


Present Voting Members: Mary Stackaruk, Alex LeBlanc, Alex Torrealba, Wamfa Kumdoung, Mathew MacEachern, Angus Kennedy, Emily Webb, Jasmine Metzler, Aidan Doucet, Reya Hanspal, Youna McGowan, Ella Stacey, Mitchell Aguinaga, Kailey Webber

Present Non-Voting Members: Lorne Abramson, Katelyn Libbus, Chris Gordon

Regrets: Jack Clapperton

Positional Updates:

Secretary: Kailey ordered the windbreakers for the Conference Committee. She also edited and posted last month’s meeting minutes. Her idea for the video for the Saint Francis Xavier University Ancillary Services, is to have clips of her all throughout the auditorium in Schwartz.


WENDY: Mitchell and Alex T. have narrowed down their best ideas for the dance theme. Alex L. offered to be the DJ, but he will need the equipment. Mat may have access to DJ equipment, but he will have to look into it. The WENDYS have also continued to look over the cheer bible. They are working on the costume database and have a lot of leftover costumes from other conferences. They are deciding on whether or not they want the variety show to have a theme. They have been thinking about the “Late-Nighter”, but do not have any concrete ideas. Alex suggested that they have solid ideas for the “Late-Nighter” by the next meeting, primarily ideas of activities to do. Mary said they will look into getting the gym to put tables in as well as other activities. They do not have an idea for the video for Saint Francis Xavier University. The Wendys have the Keating Centre. Mitchell said that they will be able to come up with something for the video. They have discussed a few ideas for “Epic”. Mitchell is thinking about making it an Olympic theme. This could include having activities related to regions. Alex suggested that they have a solid idea for “Epic” by the next meeting.


Public Relations: They made a new database, then they added all the businesses owned and run by alumni of the Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association (NSSSA). Lorne found a database of every newspaper publisher, television station, and radio station in Nova Scotia and their contact information. Alex suggested the Public Relations talk to the Media Relations as this is a good promotional opportunity. The Public Relations are finding it difficult to start finding booths for the opportunities fair as the itinerary is not finalized. Mary offered to possibly do a booth about the Youth Leadership Program through Halifax Parks and Recreation. In the video for Saint Francis Xavier University, they will talk about the sidewalks. They went to a few places before Christmas regarding items for the delegate bags. After talking with Rebecca, the Public Relations can ask universities to donate items for the delegate bags and can invite them to the opportunities fair. They are not allowed to ask universities for monetary donations. They currently do not have any monetary donations from other sources. The Public Relations can always communicate with Rebecca about any questions or concerns.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: They currently have over 200 fuzzies completed. They are still looking for more yarn. They have planned the welcoming activity as well as the welcoming night activity. All members of the Gucci Conference Committee is reminded to respond to questions for the delegate manual along with a picture as soon as possible. For the Saint Francis Xavier University video they want one of their locations to be fun and another be serious. They want to do a residence tour in the style of an episode from “MTV’s Welcome to my Crib.” They will do a poll on theme of welcoming video in the group chat.


3-Tions: They updated their database with the additional information given by members on the committee. Registration forms are ready to be released, the 3-Tions just need to know the times that the skillbuilders and delegates will be arriving and the due date. They are still discussing ideas for the video.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: They are looking into a location for the skillbuilding retreat. Mary said it would be best to have one in Antigonish and one in Halifax. Youna will look into booking the Chocolate Lake Recreation Centre in Halifax. Lorne said the date for the retreat at Chocolate Lake should be decided soon. This is because they are constantly booked but since the organisation has a relationship with them, they usually can cancel something to provide the space. Last year the dates were April 27 in Antigonish, and May 6 in Halifax. It should not be held any later than the first week of May. There are a few dates that are off limits due to other NSSSA events, such as the inclusion conference, and the skillbuilding retreat for said conference. They have a lot of sessions either started or mapped out. They have two complete. Mary would like them to have five sessions done by the next meeting. For the video, they are going to talk about skillbuilding in Schwartz.


Co-Chair: All three keynote speakers have been booked. They are; Carol Ann Fried, Stephanie Pronk, and Drew Dudley. They are meeting with Saint Francis Xavier University next week, hopefully registration will be open shortly after that meeting. Once registration is open, Committee has to start heavy promotion.  Ella mentioned that the Metro Regional Cabinet will be hosting a “Prep Rally” to promote the provincial conferences. Lorne mentioned that most of April is off limits for a “Prep Rally” because the inclusion conference is April 20, and the skillbuilding retreat for the inclusion conference is April 13. The skillbuilding retreat for the provincial conference can likely only happen April 27, and the weekend after. Lorne suggested making the skillbuilding retreat only one day for everyone. He likes the idea of having two retreats, but he finds that having two different dates causes problems. The deadline for skillbuilding applications has not been set. The deadline should be at least a week, possibly even two weeks before the retreat. The Co-Chairs will be presenting meal hall in the video. Alex said the video for Saint Francis Xavier University might be filmed during pre-conference. They will work on a schedule for filming times. The Co-Chairs should be getting in contact with the tech company to sign a contract for conference. The tech team needs the exact times for all of the tech requests in order to ensure it is available when needed.


New Business:


Dance Theme: The WENDYS presented three ideas for a dance theme. They were; a 1950s esque sock hop, Hollywood, and futuristic. He will sent pictures of ideas to the group chat. Futuristic is a good idea for creativity and it ties with the theme of conference.

Mitchell’s concern is that conference attendees may find it difficult to find ideas for outfits.  They could post ideas on social media of outfits that would align with the dance theme. At the next meeting there will be a vote.


Itinerary: Committee discussed the arrival times. Lorne suggested making sure the registration forms for alumni positions say that they come early on Thursday. It would be a good idea for the Logistics to come earlier then give the rest of the alumni a tour of campus when they arrive Thursday morning. Lorne mentioned that the Logistics team used to arrive on Tuesday when Committee arrives. Chris said last year they arrived on Wednesday and it worked better. He found there was not a need for them to arrive on Tuesday. Chaperones, First Aid, and Mental Health First Aid will arrive at 10:00 on Thursday morning. Logistics will arrive at 10:00 on Wednesday morning. There has been issues in the past with the time Skillbuilders arrive. Alex L thinks that skill builders should still come earlier than the delegates.

Lorne suggested the Skillbuilders arrive and register between 1:00 and 1:30 on Thursday.  Then they will have from 1:30 to 2:00 to set up their rooms. At 2:00 the Skillbuilders will have a meeting with the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs. Alex said he would ask Saint Francis Xavier University if they could provide some bagged lunches for the Skillbuilders when they arrive. Conference Committee continued to discuss the itinerary for the rest of conference. They decided to keep field day as it was very popular last year. Regarding meal times, some felt they could be cut shorter as it does not take an hour and a half to eat. Katelyn warned that there are often long lines for meals and not everyone will finish at the same time. Chris mentioned that mealtimes are a good opportunity to get back on schedule. It would be a good idea to keep them long in the itinerary then cut it shorter when needed. Mary suggested providing the advisors with the skillbuilding manuals. Alex L will do more adjustments to allocate travel times as well as any other changes needed to be made. He hopes to have it finalized by next week.


Conference T-Shirts: There was a vote on the Google Classroom prior to the meeting. Committee voted on their favourite version of the logo as well as what colour the shirt will be. The logo with slanted lettering won. A majority of the Conference Committee voted for black to be the colour of the t-shirt.


Valley: The Valley regional conference will be held Saturday, February 23 at Acadia University. Registration forms will be available soon.


Future Meeting Dates: The next Conference Committee meeting will be Sunday, February 24 at 10am. That meeting will be located at Mount Saint Vincent University. The March meeting will be Saturday, March 30 at 10am. It will be located at Saint Francis Xavier University.  The following meeting will be held Saturday, April 13 at 10am. It will be located at Mount Saint Vincent University. Then there will be another April meeting on Sunday the 28. It will be held at Saint Francis Xavier University at 10 am. The week of conference is from Tuesday, May 14 to Monday, May 20.


Motion of Adjournment: Alex L motioned to adjourn the meeting, Mitchell seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: Sunday, February 24 at Mount Saint Vincent University.


Provincial Cabinet Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2019

NSSSA Minutes From:

Provincial Cabinet Meeting


Location: St.FX Keating Millennium Centre Boardroom

Time of Commencement: 12:47pm

Time of Adjournment: 2:29pm

Duration: one hour and forty-two minutes


Present Voting Members: Eliza Nobes, Rebecca MacKeen, Anna Coleman, Mary Stackaruk, Ciara Harris, Jorja Smith, Beth McNeil, Becca McAuley, Monica Lumsden, Alex Leblanc, Sam Silver, Michael Putnam, Abby Fraser (Zoe Marshall, via call-in)

Present Non-Voting Members: Lorne Abramson, Amber Jelfs, Amy Oickle, Sara Murrin, Zac Foran

Regrets: Maggie White, Katie Bates, Court Mahar

No Shows: Libby Graham




This month, Eliza has been focusing her attention on the Valley region. She has had many calls with various people about the event being held on February 23rd. Next month she will be continuing to focus on the Valley region to make sure everything is set to go before the event.


Vice President External:

This month, Rebecca has been collaborating with Eliza and Court on putting all the plans in place for the Valley conference. She had a call with the President and Vice President Internal to set cabinet positions for the members of Provincial Cabinet for the conference, and will continue to focus on Valley as the conference approaches.



The Chignecto Co-Premiers have been busy planning their Regional Conference BEYOND 2019 to be held February 2nd-3rd at the Debert Hospitality Center.There has been strong interest and they hope to see an increase in numbers. The t-shirts have been ordered and Heather MacDonald has been booked as a guest speaker. They may also be able to offer a scholarship to the conference thanks to a donation from the family business of one of our cabinet members.



The CB-V Premier is in the process of planning a junior event, which their region hasn’t had in several years. The potential date is March 10th. They are looking into using Abby’s high school as their venue, as CB-V has done this in the past.



The Strait Region is continuing being awesome and are giving their cabinet some well-earned rest after their successful regional conference



Sou’West has their regional conference “Ignite” all planed. Skillbuilding manuals are finished, EPIC and WENDY tasks are planned, the location has been decided and agreed on, food is planned, and all forms have been made up. Although the Conference is being moved to a later date due to a lack of registration forms, they are planning on having it after the new year, and have picked their new dates for March 2nd and 3rd. All cabinet members are working with the HSR’s to get the word out.


Inclusion Committee:

Jules has agreed to act as Head First Aid, as James Grant is unavailable at this time. The forms are also nearly completed, and they will send them to the trio to give them a final once-over before they are put on the website. Ciara hasn’t heard back from either of the two speaker options she had contacted, so she will have to keep looking. She still has one committee member that she has to train to do their position, as well as one other who won’t be there on the day of conference, so she is seeking some guidance in those areas. Inclusion Conference will be on the Saturday of Easter weekend as it is the only available weekend for Ciara and the Mount. The issue is if the committee will be able to get into the Mount to set up on the Friday, which would be Good Friday. Abe will be calling to find this out.


Conference Committee:

The CC Co-Chairs have been very busy over the past month. The third speaker has been finalized, which is Drew Dudley. CC has presented ideas for the Ancillary service’s video. The next steps for this project is to confirm with the Ancillary services, and then film. The conference logo and t-shirt colour has been finalized. There is a meeting with St.FX next weekend, January 20th, to discuss registration then put forms out. The committee is also getting better at being on task after their respective regional conferences have ended.



This month Sara and Amy have been working with St.FX to finalize a menu for gala as well as venue details. They confirmed Tyler Hayden as their speaker and are going to be working with him in the upcoming months.


HSR Coordinator:

This week, Amber completed her calls with all HSRs with the exception of Sou’West. These calls discussed Inclusion promotion, whether their cabinets were still meeting, and their “apple and onion” of the year, to get an understanding of what they found worked effectively in their position and what didn’t.



This month the treasurers have been doing their usual by reconciling the accounts and issuing payments for different regions’ conferences. They will be having a meeting this week with their accountant and business advisor to discuss the organization’s finances and will also be preparing to file the HST and the end of this month.


New Business:


  • Natalie Baker has resigned from her role as Secretary as she could not afford to spend the time on the position that was required of her
  • Amy Oickle has agreed to take minutes at future meetings and the trio will take on the role of ordering the remaining cabinet-wear


Valley Conference:


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:

  • Have discussed having themes for sessions, but decided that they were not going to set themes since there are only three sessions
  • Have created a rough timetable, but have not sent it to the trio yet
  • Are hard at work on the Skillbuilding manual
  • There will be no skillbuilding retreat
  • Will put out skillbuilding forms


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Working on welcoming activity and splitting up fuzzy making
    • The goal is to make around 100 fuzzies


Public Relations:

  • Sent an email out about the delegate manual questions
    • Cabinet needs to answer these questions as soon as possible
  • Have began to compile a list of places to contact
  • Sam has 300 UNB string bags that can be used if they are allowed, but the cabinet has decided that they would be put to better use at Inclusion Conference



  • Created the registration forms and are just waiting on the final details
  • Once the forms are finalized, they will be released on the NSSSA website
  • The Valley conference is from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, February 23, 2019



  • Does not know the game plan for reaching out to schools because Amber does not live in Valley
  • She sent emails to principals in the Valley region before when Valley was invited to the Sou’west Regional Conference last year
  • Will edit the email used the previous year to contact principals



  • Working on making timeline
  • Discussing EPIC and thinking of ideas
    • The theme will be Superheros
  • Studying and remembering cheers to perform


Valley Conference Details:

  • PC should have their positional timelines sent to the trio as soon as possible
  • The name of the conference is PERSEVERE
  • There is no charge to this conference
  • PC is to arrive at 9:00am, skillbuilders arrive at 9:30am, and delegates arrive at 10:00am
  • Conference ends at 4:00pm but PC stay must stay until 5:00pm to clean up
  • There is a PC meeting the next day, so PC needs members living in the Halifax area to billet other members of PC
  • Looking to get alumni to be advisors for the conference to make things easier for students to come
    • The decision is to give the option of using an alumni advisor if coming from a different school, but strongly encourage students to get an advisor from the school
  • PC is encouraged to keep this conference on the down-low, so only people who really want to go will go, since there is no cost and the main goal is to encourage students from the Valley Region to attend

Anna motions to adjourn the meeting, Monica seconds this motion, meeting adjourned

Next Meeting:

February 24, 2019 at Mount Saint Vincent University

Sou’West Meeting Minutes-February 3, 2019

Sou’West Regional Cabinet Meeting – February 3rd, 2019


Location: 27 Shreve St, Digby, NS


Time of Commencement: 15:00


Time of Adjournment: 15:42


Duration: 42 minutes




Present Voting members: Zoe Marshall, Libby Graham, Addie Hersey (late), Payton Tupper, Emma Hiltz, Reem Eissa


Present Non-Voting Members: Michelle Talbot (call in)


Regrets: Kenzie Robinson-Jordan, Olivia Cook, Owen Wood, Bronwyn Inness, Natalie Baker


No Shows: Jacqueline Tan, Olivia Walker, Tate Vachon, Jayde Corkum




Co-Premiers: The Regional Conference date has been moved to April 27th and 28th due to conflict with school availability.


Advisor: The Regional Conference has been insured.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: The skillbuilding manual will be completed within the next few weeks. There are six skillbuilders so far. March 17th is a tentative date for the skillbuilding retreat.


3-tions: The forms have been updated and sent to the website. The database for the upcoming event has been made and shared.


Head School Representatives: Emails will be sent out within the next couple of days to some of the schools. There will be presentations at FHCS within the next two weeks.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The welcoming email has been drafted. Fuzzies need to be made.


Adjournment: Emma Hiltz motioned to adjourn this meeting. Reem Eissa seconded this motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

The next regional cabinet meeting for Sou’West will be held February 17th at 15:00 in the Digby Arena.

Chignecto Meeting Minutes – January 19th 2019

Minutes from:


Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Truro Library


Time of commencement: 2:03

Time of Adjournment: 2:47

Duration: 44 minutes


– Attendance –


Present Voting Members: Beth McNeill, Jorja Smith, Clarissa Pasion, Emily Chauder, Kelsey Hann, Zoe Morgan, Josh Lohnes

Present Non-voting: Linda Suo

Regrets: Brady Webb, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier, Mullen Boulter

No shows:


– Updates –


New Business:

Cabinet discussed the venue and the food options.

Kelsey’s parents have donated 75 dollars to spend on whatever cabinet chooses.

It has been decided that Cabinet does not need to set up the night before Regional conference but rather show up early the day of at around 7 in the morning. That gives plenty of time to make a welcoming video put together the delegate bags.

The dance decorations will most likely be personally donated by Cabinet members; Beth has offered to buy some and Clarissa will also get some. Kelsey and Emily both have “disco” lights that can be used for the dance.

Co-Premiers: The T-shirts have been ordered and the guest speaker is booked. The Co-premiers are working on paying the venue.

3-Tions: So far 12 delegates have sent in registration forms, and Linda gave a few more to Emily during the meeting. There has been lots of interest. Emily has also printed off the Labour Standards Division fact sheets for the delegate bags. A few advisors have sent in registration forms electronically.

SkillBuilding Chairs: Skillbuilding chairs have finished the manual and just needs to collect supplies. Cabinet can help find supplies if skillbuilding chairs shared a list of things they need. This saves money instead of buying things that someone may already possess.There probably won’t be time to have a skillbuilding retreat so skillbuilding chairs are advised to send the skillbuilding manuals to skillbuilders beforehand and potentially have a video call with them to go over the manual.

Public Relations: The NSCC has donated pens and PR’s have also obtained A&W coupons. They are still waiting on businesses to respond.

WENDY’s: The WENDY’s will mostly reuse the same things from Junior Event with only slight changes. The Kahoot is being made and Beth has a sound system and projectors that the WENDY’s can use. Beth also has a playlist for the dance. The whole facility is available for the EPIC’s amazing race. Kelsey will get another cake for the winning team.

Head School Representatives:

Welcoming Chair: The fuzzy count is at 35, with a goal of 50. Kelseys mom bought yarn as a donation. The delegate manual is done and is just waiting on the sponsors and a schedule. There will be two welcoming activities. The first being “Extreme rock, paper, scissors”. Kelsey pitched some ideas for the main activity. The goal for all the activities is to get the delegates talking. The welcoming email will be sent out sometime next week and should mention the roommate situation and that the delegates don’t need sleeping bags or pillows. Cabinet discussed what to put on the packing list

Adjournment: Josh adjourned the meeting, Kelsey seconded the motion.

Chignecto Meeting Minutes – January 11th 2018

Minutes from:


Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Via Group Call


Time of commencement: 4:04

Time of Adjournment: 4:29

Duration:  25 minutes


– Attendance –


Present Voting Members: Zoe Morgan, Brady Webb, Beth McNeill, Emma Trottier, Josh Lohnes, Jorja Smith, Emily Chauder, Kelsey Hann, Clarissa Pasion, Maddie Tennant, Camryn smith

Present Non-voting:

Regrets: Linda Suo

No shows:


– Updates –


New Business:

The gym set is actually only worth $400 not $1800; it is online for sale but has currently not sold yet

The idea was put out to have a social media contest to win one of the giftcards? Josh also suggested a contest to have a delegates registration paid for or If businesses don’t have any physical donations we could ask them to sponsor a person to go.

Co-Premiers:. The Co-Premiers have conference T-shirts ordered; they are purple with a white design. The design has been sent to Skillbuilding Chairs and Welcoming Chair for their manuals.

The venue is $2000 and the space can be divided for skillbuilding groups. The venue also provides food and there are leftover snacks from Junior Event. If needed, there are two $50 Boston Pizza gift cards that were donated.

3-Tions: Registration forms are made up. None have come in yet.

SkillBuilding Chairs: Brady and Zoe have finished the skillbuilding manual. There are 5 sessions that range between 1hr  to 1hr 20 mins.

Public Relations: PRs went around to visit a bunch of places. Mosts of those places are still considering but Superstore Amherst and Mcdonalds have confirmed that they will be donating something. What these things are hve not been confirmed but it could be giftcards, food items, or clothing which will be ideal for delegate bags. PRs should check out NSCC because they are usually have good stuff that they will be willing to provide. The goal is to have goodies for the delegate bags and $200 to make back the T-shirt cost.

WENDY’s: WENDY’s are planning another scavenger hunt for EPIC. This one will be more organized in the style of the amazing race. For WENDY surprise, the will create a Kahoot and will try to find a projector.

Head School Representatives: Emily has emailed principles and few got back to her asking for more information. She will send out a reminder in the next week. A “Labour Standards Division” reached out to her wanting to raise awareness about youth employee rights and have a one page fact sheet that can be put in delegate bags.

Welcoming Chair: The fuzzies count is at 30. Kelsey ran out of yarn but after advertising on facebook, a lady donated a big bag of yarn. The delegate manual will remain pretty much the same but still needs sponsors, the Co-Premiers letter and a schedule. Kelsey has a few ideas for the main welcoming activity but has yet to decide on one. She has extreme rock paper scissors planned as a smaller activity.

Adjournment: Brady motioned to adjourn the meeting, Josh seconded the motion.

Chignecto Meeting Minutes – January 6th 2018

Minutes from:


Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Via Group Call


Time of commencement: 2:00

Time of Adjournment: 2:18

Duration: 18 minutes


– Attendance –


Present Voting Members: Zoe Morgan, Brady Webb, Beth McNeill, Emma Trottier, Josh Lohnes, Jorja Smith, Emily Chauder

Present Non-voting: Linda Suo

Regrets: Kelsey Hann, Clarissa Pasion, Maddie Tennant

No shows:


– Updates –


New Business:

The venue for Regional Conference has been confirmed for Debert Hospitality Center on February 2nd an 3rd.

Cabinet decided on a theme for the dance. “Out of this world” will have glow sticks and outer space decorations.

Food for delegates will be provided by the venue.

Co-Premiers: Jorja and Beth have booked Heather MacDonald as a guest speaker.

3-Tions: Emily has registration Forms completed.

SkillBuilding Chairs: Skillbuilding chairs have skillbuilding sessions completed and will aim for 5 or 6 sessions.

Public Relations: Public Relations will update database and send out more packages. They have contacted businesses several times and have yet not heard back. They need to start collecting donations for delegate bags.

WENDY’s: The costumes have been washed. They will begin to plan EPIC and the WENDY surprise.

Head School Representatives: Emails have been sent out to schools.

Welcoming Chair: Kelsey has been reaching out through facebook to collect more yarn. She has begun to draft the welcoming activity.





Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – December 21, 2018

Conference Committee Meeting


Time of commencement: 20:30

Time of Adjournment: 21:55

Duration: One hour and twenty-five minutes


Present Voting Members: Mary Stackaruk, Alex LeBlanc, Alex Torrealba, Angus Kennedy, Emily Webb, Jasmine Metzler, Aidan Doucet, Reya Hanspal, Youna McGowan, Ella Stacey, Mitchell Aguinaga, Kailey Webber, Mathew MacEachern, Wamfa Kumdoung

Present Non-Voting Members: Chris Gordon, Lorne Abramson

Regrets: Katelyn Libbus, Jack Clapperton, Brie MacPhee

Positional Updates:

Secretary: She posted the minutes from the last meeting to the website. She is still collecting money for the windbreakers. The order will be placed on January 3. Therefore, any Conference Committee members who would like to order a windbreaker should get their money to Kailey by January 2.

Public Relations: Currently businesses are stressed due to the holiday season. This has made it difficult for the Public Relations to find donations. Alex believes it will be easier once they are able to provide all of the specific information regarding conference. Jasmine gave the donation letters to Rejuvenate Spa and Dexter Construction. Dexter Construction is interested in making a donation. Lorne suggests the Public Relations should look for donations from businesses owned by Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association (NSSSA)  alumni as they are usually more eager to donate.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: They have completed the first two skillbuilding sessions. They are looking for feedback from the Co-Chairs. The sessions they have finished are the introductory session and the communication session.

3-Tions: They started filling in the database with the members of Conference Committee who have sent their information to the 3-Tions.

Welcoming Co-Chair: They made the welcoming questions and have started planning the welcoming night activity. They are still looking for yarn donations. Alex suggested using the holiday break to make a lot of fuzzies. Lorne suggested that they look at seniors’ homes for donations. Mary mentioned that Conference Committee could volunteer at a seniors’ home and run a workshop on how to make fuzzies. Ella is working on the video game for the welcoming night activity, and it is going good so far.

Wendy: They have been studying the “Cheer Bible”. The “Epic” at the Metro regional conference went very well and Mitchell would like it to be similar but not too much so that the delegates coming from the Metro region feel like they have seen and done the same thing before as they might find it boring. Mitchell is thinking of having an “Epic” theme related to electric circuits. They are still brainstorming dance themes and will make a poll when they decide on a few. There are plenty of leftover costumes from the Metro regional conference. They were not sure how they wanted to schedule the costumes and how often to change during the talent show. The Co-Chairs suggested they change costumes throughout the talent show, but as the talent show at the provincial conference is longer they could change costumes between every 4-5 acts. Alex mentioned that past Wendys have created a costume database to record who owns each costume.

Co-Premier: They are currently working on booking keynote speakers. Carol Anne Fried, who led “Playfair” at last year’s conference, has been confirmed to return. She will work on changing it up so it is not the exact same as last year. So far, Conference Committee has two speakers booked for Synergy 2019. There are two people in consideration for the third spot are Drew Dudley and Andy Thibodeau. Andy Thibodeau is one of the founding members of the former Ontario Secondary School Students’ Association. He was one of the first keynotes to speak at an NSSSA conference. Lorne speaks very highly of Thibodeau’s speaking. Andy talks about working as a team which corresponds with the theme of conference, Synergy. Lorne suggested that if there was a school who was interested in having one of the keynote speakers speak at their school around the time of conference, the NSSSA and those schools could split the cost. Drew Dudley gets booked up fast, but is available to speak at Synergy 2019. He published a book this year about leadership. He has an online course, which he might be able to give out for free to everyone at conference. Both speakers will likely cost around the same, but the Co-Chairs will look into the budget.

New Business:

Next Meeting: Committee went around and each position said what they plan to accomplish by the next meeting. The 3-Tions are going to finish the registration forms and finish the Conference Committee database. The Welcoming Co-Chairs hope have more fuzzies done and concrete plan for the welcoming night activity. The Public Relations will go out to more businesses. The Secretary will work on the minutes and order committee wear. The Skillbuilding Co-Chairs hope to have 4-6 sessions completed by the January meeting. The Wendys hope to decide on a dance theme, brainstorm ideas for the “Late-Nighter”, and continue to study the “Cheer Bible”

Conference Bags: At the last meeting, the committee decided to look into getting both the fanny packs and the reusable tote bag. The person at Saint Francis Xavier University, who the committee is ordering the conference bags through, is looking for a fanny pack that turns into a tote bag. Metro has a bunch of tote bags that were unused. Committee could just get the fanny pack then use the tote bags that are already available.

Logo: The most popular logo among the committee is the one where each NSSSA region has their own puzzle piece. Ella suggested using the already divided Nova Scotia map, which is found on the NSSSA website. Alex L said that he will work on it. At past meetings’ when discussing the logo, black has been suggested for the colour of the shirt. Alex L. does not love the idea of a black conference shirt, he suggested a heather gray. The shirts cannot be red because that colour is reserved for First Aid. Once the logo is made, the Conference Committee will decide on the colour.

Acronym: Alex suggested an acronym because this is the provincial conference in quite a few years where the name is only one word name. Majority of the committee went against.

Ancillary Video: The Conference Committee discussed ideas for the video that will be created for Saint Francis Xavier University’s Ancillary Services. The point of the creation of the video is to say how much the NSSSA loves St. Francis Xavier University and their facilities. Mitchell suggested creating a music video. The welcoming video played at the Canadian Student Leadership Conference showed the planning committee around the hosting school while they lip-synched to “Firework” by Katy Perry. It was suggested that the Conference Committee makes a parody of a song. Mary reminded the committee that the video should be professional but fun. Ella’s idea for the residence scene is to do it in the style of an episode of “MTV Cribs”. At the next meeting the committee will solidify the idea and then the Co-Chairs will present it to the person from Ancillary Services.

Itinerary: The Co-Chairs are looking for feedback on the schedule from last year’s provincial conference, Rise Up 2018. It was suggested to keep the free time and the Field Day would be a good thing to have again this year. Ella found the “Late-Nighter” abstract and that there was not enough seating. Mary suggested getting more tables in Bloomfield for the “Late-Nighter”. There was a suggestion for the Public Relations to ask toy stores for donations of board games. Jasmine suggested having video games like “Just Dance” during the “Late-Nighter”. Karaoke was mentioned as well. If the committee wants to use the projector in Bloomfield, they should ask far ahead of time to ensure the box can be unlocked. The committee should brainstorm ideas for the “Late-Nighter”.

Spirit Wear: The Co-Chairs are looking for ideas of items to sell during the conference. Last year, not very many people pre-ordered spirit wear. Chris suggested using a “Square”, which would allow people to pay for spirit wear with a debit/credit card. Lorne mentioned that even though pre-sales did not go as well as hoped, there was still a significant profit on spirit wear at last year’s provincial conference.

Motion of Adjournment: Aidan motioned to adjourn the meeting, Angus seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: The next conference committee meeting will be held January 13, 2019 at Saint Francis Xavier University.


Metro Meeting Minutes – November 18, 2018

Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of commencement: 19:10

Time of Adjournment: 21:35

Duration: Two Hours and Twenty-Five minutes


Present Voting Members: Katie Bates, Becca MacAulay, Brooke Betyna, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, DJ Shuman, Kailey Webber, Emily Webb, Ella Stacey, Mitchell Aguinaga, Matthew Boutilier, Cameron Fiander, Isabelle Parmiter, Emily Robichaud, Renee McLeod

Present Non-Voting Members: Anna Gaudet, Jeremy Scallion, Quinn MacIsaac, Julia Lawrence

Regrets: Qendresa Sahiti, Youna McGowan, Bleona Sahiti, Julia Gonzales

Conference Debrief:

General Statements: Everyone on Cabinet went around an was given the opportunity to provide a general statement regarding the Metro Regional Conference held the weekend of November 10-11. Becca felt that conference ran smoothly because Cabinet worked hard to maintain good communication. Isabelle thought the conference was great. She liked that the people who were on Cabinet last year ensured that the issues found last year were improved. It was Mitchell’s first Metro Regional Conference and he would not change his experience for anything. Ella relayed Julia G’s statement for her was she could not attend the meeting. Julia says that everything at conference went well and she got good feedback about the keynote speaker. Ella really liked how organised Cabinet was. She is very proud. Renee felt that Blossom 2018 went really smoothly and she liked it better than past conferences. She is happy that the risks taken by Cabinet with all of the changes made turned out to be worth it in the end. Emily W. liked seeing the conference come together. Emily R. thought the communication was good. She had people tell her that Blossom 2018 was their favourite Metro conference. Kailey was really happy with this year’s conference. Matt found that overall everything went great. Cameron believes the conference went well operationally and was a big success. The only issue he had was the technological issues which were out of the Cabinet’s control. DJ enjoyed seeing the change in his school’s Students’ Council since the conference. Quinn felt that Cabinet did well with interpersonal communication and all of their hard work paid off. He is very proud. Anna G. noticed how any issues that arose were immediately dealt with. Alex was happy with everything. Jasmine was so unbelievably proud of this conference. She found that it did not seem like there were big problems. Brooke enjoyed seeing people enjoy themselves at conference. Katie felt that Cabinet was stressed and nervous the night before conference, but everything worked out. Blossom 2018 was Jeremy’s 19th conference and they tend to get repetitive. This conference really stood out. Most conferences have one thing that goes wrong and stands out, but there was nothing. As an advisor, Julia L. found that it was her favourite conference. She felt that Cabinet worked as a family.

FRAME: Throughout the debrief, cabinet followed the guidelines of FRAME. F is for Focus. Cabinet takes a large, broad topic and breaks it into smaller more focused sections. R is for Reflect. This is time to think about and discuss the issues of the focused topic during conference. A is for Assess/Action. Assess is a look at how the reflected topics panned out. Action discusses how to improve on those issues in future conferences and events. M is for Mediate. This is a chance to weigh the positives and negatives. E is for Evaluate which completes the reflective process and changes to make based on the assessments made. FRAME is a tool to guide reflection and allows Cabinet to dig deeper.


Focus: Zello, Communication between cabinet and participants, and Security.


Reflect: Katie found that Zello worked well, but sometimes questions were not answered before other questions were asked which left them unanswered. Matt mentioned that since only one person can talk at a time, made it hard to say something or ask a question. Cameron found that Zello’s dependance on Wifi caused issues when the Wifi cut out. When it was loud in the auditorium, Ella found that it was hard to hear. Emily R. mentioned that headphones are definitely a requirement when using Zello. The Public Relations made a group line and it helped them with communication, especially during Engagement Sessions. Emily W liked how when individuals really needed someone they would just call them individually. Quinn thought that Zello was better than Walkie-Talkies. He liked how messages can be replayed. Becca thinks that Zello was a good tool over Walkie-Talkies because everyone could use it whereas Cabinet cannot get enough Walkie-Talkies for everyone which caused certain members to be out of the loop. Emily R. found that Zello was instantaneous and a really good tool for communication. Mitchell found that Cabinet looked unprofessional with the headphones in the ear as it can be perceived as disrespectful. Julia L. found that Zello drained phone battery.

Assess/Action: Renee suggested when Cabinet does their introductions at Opening Ceremonies, they should make it known that the headphones are for communication purposes. Becca said that it would be a great time to say that if someone needs anything they can find someone on Cabinet. Anna mentioned that Walkie-Talkies are used as an identification device, but the switch helps out with levelling out as Walkie-Talkies tend to look like Cabinet is more important than delegates. Alex suggested seperate lines should be made beforehand for each position or the people that they know they will have to get a hold of. Before conference, Cameron thinks the Co-Premiers should have conversation with Mount Saint Vincent University regarding having more reliable internet access. He also mentioned that Zello uses very little data. DJ wondered if it could be an option to not give the delegates the Wifi. But, since Cabinet encourages promotion on social media it would not make sense to not provide internet access. The Snapchat filter was heavily used at conference, which means that it was also viewed by people who did not attend conference. It is a good promotional tool. Cameron suggested that should Cabinet use Zello again, the 3-Tions and Logistics should create their own line.

Communication with Conference Attendees

Reflect: The Skillbuilding Co-Chairs found that the text service, “Remind” worked really well for communication with the Skillbuilders. Matt found that Delegates did not always check in with their advisors, so that may be something that needs to be communicated better. The 3-Tions felt that they needed a section in their turnover explaining how to sign delegates out early. Ella noticed that the students from Citadel High School did not know who their advisor was. It is really important to make sure attendees know who their advisors are. Anna felt that at times Cabinet did not use great manners when telling delegates rules. For example; when telling them not to run during Epic and when telling them to listen up. Conference attendees did not seem to know their parameters. Jasmine found that they had to remind them multiple times during meal time to check in with their advisors. Matt thinks that it was not made clear to delegates who could take them to places outside of where the whole group was. Cameron found that sometimes Cabinet would raise their voices without the need to. Quinn agreed and added that sometimes Cabinet’s communication to attendees was not always the most respectful. He reminded Cabinet that if it is someone’s first conference they might not know the structure and rules. Emily R agrees that sometimes Cabinet may not have been the most respectful, but delegates were not always either. They would be places they were not supposed to be, and were sometimes rude when told what to do. Quinn said the only behaviour that is controllable is the individual’s. Cabinet just needs to be always doing the best they can.

Assess/Action: Katie suggests for future conferences having advisors wear the colours or merchandise of the school they are representing to make them more identifiable. Anna found the worst for people leaving unaccompanied was during meal times. Cabinet should always be setting an example and not do anything that the delegates would be told the cannot. Cam said that the 3-Tion turnover package should include a rigid procedure for early sign outs with a list of what to do. They should communicate that in the confirmation email as well. Quinn said the Cabinet should be integrating with delegates. He also suggested creating communication itineraries for each position with who they need to communicate with and when. This will ensure that all information is being communicated well. Renee agrees with Quinn, she says it’s important to make those connections. DJ said that 4 people from his school decided to perform in the Talent Show because Renee made those connections. Emily W. suggested that everything should be outlined for who explains each piece of important information at the Opening Ceremonies. Ella said that Cabinet should explain how to identify the Cabinet and Alumni. Isabelle suggested explaining the Eight Key Concepts at Opening Ceremonies. Also, she thinks it would be a good idea to have all of the Logistics introduce themselves. Anna thinks the “Pinnies” were a great idea, but fell short in practice. The Logistics and Chaperones should get shirts next year. 3-Tions and the Welcoming Co-Chairs should have communicated better about emails sent to participants as both of their emails had very similar information.


Reflect: Katie gave a shout out to the Mount Saint Vincent University Security for always being kind and accommodating. Jasmine mentioned that for the last Skillbuilding session the doors were locked. Cam said that it was frustrating that they could not keep the door unlocked. Anna feels that conference attendees should not walk through the Library as there were complaints from the Library staff. She suggests that everyone walks outside.

Assess:  DJ suggested making a schedule of when the doors need to be unlocked. Quinn was confused as to why they cannot keep them unlocked. Cabinet discovered that the doors were locked for the last Skillbuilding session when the delegates did. For future events, someone should go check the doors before the delegates leave for Skillbuilding session. This will give Cabinet time to call Security and give them time to arrive. Renee mentioned that if someone calls security, that should be relayed to everyone on Cabinet to avoid multiple calls to Security. Ella said that Skillbuilders should be sent to their rooms before delegates so they can get ready for their session. Should the rooms all be locked, Renee suggests that Cabinet uses triage to prioritize which doors should be unlocked first. For example, First Aid and Mental Health First Aid would be very important rooms to unlock. Cabinet should all have the phone number in their contacts to reach the Mount Saint Vincent University security.

Sleeping Arrangements:

Focus: How Cabinet woke people up, explanation of room options, washrooms, bag storage.

How to Wake People Up

Reflect: When Katie was going around waking people up, she heard that there were horror stories being told about how Cabinet wakes delegates up. This caused them to be up before Cabinet got there. Katie heard good things about how Cabinet decided to wake them up, and the song choice. Cabinet should be using soft music during wake up at future conferences.

Explanation of Room Options

Reflect/Assess: Cameron said some people may not have understood what each room means and it made registration slower. Last year there were people who abused the Open Spectrum room and that did not happen this year. Anna said that there was a little bit of a language barrier when explaining rooms. She suggests since there were forms made in different languages, Cabinet should also consider finding a way to communicate the rooming options in different languages. Cameron said the Open Spectrum room tends to be communicated as a gender neutral space, but it’s also a space for people who feel like they would be more comfortable in a less populated space. He mentioned that having the Chaperones explain rooms while people were waiting to register made the registration process a lot smoother. Anna had noticed the Masculine Spectrum and Open Spectrum storage room was bigger than the one for Feminine Spectrum. As there are more conference attendees who identify as female than those who identify as male, it would make sense to give the Feminine Spectrum the bigger storage room.


Reflection: In the morning, Cameron noticed that there were girls in the male washroom. The primary concern is how it could cause discomfort for people who identify as male. It could also be a source of discomfort for Mount Saint Vincent University students.

Actions: Renee said that since there are so many females and only one washroom near the room, they should be able to have access to the male washroom to speed up the time to get ready in the morning. She suggested having someone monitor the washroom in case a male needs to use it. Cameron suggested communicating where all of the washrooms are, including the Gender Neutral ones. Katie said that creating more Gender Neutral spaces could be something that the Co-Premiers next year can discuss with Mount Saint Vincent University. Renee suggested making signs to help people locate washrooms.

Bag Storage

Reflect: Delegates should not bring valuables to conference. In the past, Valuables have been stored in a storage room by the Multi Purpose Room. Renee said that it should be suggested that people write their name on all of their belongings, so they cannot be misplaced, lost, or accidentally stolen.

Action: Cameron suggested making a list of everything that has been left behind before Cabinet leaves the University. This would ensure that if anyone got an email from someone looking for an item, the member of Cabinet would be able to answer quickly. Katie said in the future they could organize the items in the storage room by last name. For example, everyone with last names commencing with A-L would place their belongings on one side of the room.

Cabinet Room: If the Cabinet room is near where delegates are sleeping, they should be mindful when having conversations after lights out. The room should be located away from where others are sleeping, as Cabinet does have to meet after everyone has gone to bed.

Turnovers: Cabinet should look over these minutes again, when working on their positional Turnover Package. This is due on July 1st, 2019.

Demographic: Cameron made visual graphs to show the demographics of registered participants. This allows the Metro Regional Cabinet to look at where they need to direct their promotion towards. Blossom 2018 had 189 registered Delegates and Skillbuilders. Sir. John A. MacDonald High School sent the most students, but Eastern Shore District High School had the highest percentage of participants sent based on their school population. Dartmouth High School and Halifax West High School could be focal points for promotion next year. Attention also needs to be given to students in grade nines. No one in grade nine that attends a junior high school attended conference. Cameron thinks Cabinet should discuss ways to get students in grade nine more involved as Cabinet may not be giving them the best opportunity to.  Hosting a grade nine conference might be a good idea to consider. Anna said that it was hard to get junior high schools involved last year. Anna feels that junior high schools should get their own conference to cater to their needs. Ella said that if the Metro Regional Cabinet were to host a grade nine conference, they should divide up the Head School Representatives promotional workload. Katie said that as a School Representative, she enjoyed promoting to junior high schools and believes that it would be a great lesson for the School Representatives in professionalism. The date for a grade nine conference cannot interfere with any provincial conferences.

Use of Space: Jeremy felt that registration was held up because the feminine spectrum had to backtrack to their storage room, as it is located before registration. Also, he felt that having the registration for Engagement Sessions right after the registration with the 3-Tion caused a jam in the flow of Delegates. Fixing said issue would make registration quicker and improve the Delegates first impression of conference. He believes that this issue can be resolved by using the spaces booked in Rosaria more efficiently. For example, the open area on the second floor of Rosaria could be used for the Public Relations to do registration for Engagement Sessions. This would create a larger gap between the two lines and would allow everyone to drop off their bags before continuing with the rest of conference. It also guides people to the Multi Purpose Room for the welcoming activity, and would reduce the number of delegates who linger outside of that room. Another improvement to make would be to use the Multi Purpose Room more efficiently. This year it was used for meeting Skillbuilders, the welcoming activity, the masculine spectrum sleeping room, and the wake-up activity. He believes that a much better use of the space would be to use it as the feminine spectrum storage and sleeping room. This would eliminate the messiness of this year’s storage room for those who identified on the feminine spectrum. He suggest using the largest room available for the largest demographic of Metro’s attendees.

Motion to Adjourn: DJ motioned to adjourn the meeting and Ella seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of Next Meeting: TBD


Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – November 24, 2018

Conference Committee Meeting




Location: Saint Francis Xavier University


Time of commencement: 10:10


Time of Adjournment: 11:40


Duration: One hour and thirty minutes




Present Voting Members: Mary Stackaruk, Alex LeBlanc, Jack Clapperton, Wamfa Kumdoung, Mathew MacEachern, Angus Kennedy, Emily Webb, Aidan Doucet, Reya Hanspal, Ella Stacey, Kailey Webber


Present Non-Voting Members: Rebecca MacKeen


Regrets: Youna McGowan, Mitchell Aguinaga, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, Brie MacPhee,


Positional Updates:


Secretary: She has been writing, editing, and posting the minutes. She has also been in contact with Steve regarding Spirit Wear. She brought some sample sizes to try on later in the meeting.

Also, she started a NSSSA Scholarship at her school. She sat at Parent-Teacher and raised $44 while promoting the organization to Parents who have never heard of it before.

Public Relations: Their regional conferences just ended so they are taking a little break before they ask companies for more monetary donations. The Co-Chairs recommended they should start thinking about opportunities to be presented at the Opportunities Fair. They should start giving donation letters to local businesses before the next meeting.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Youna sent Mary the questions for the Skillbuilder Application forms. Alex suggests they start thinking about ideas for Epic with the WENDYS. Mary asks they have two solid skillbuilding sessions done by the December meeting.


3-Tions: They made a draft email and have started editing forms. 3-Tions should be checking in with the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs. Mary will talk to Lorne about getting the key to the PO Box. Mary suggested having a question on the application form concerning smoke breaks. Alex thinks Committee will have to work on the wording but it could be placed with medical conditions. 3-Tions should aim for forms to be done by the December meeting.


Welcoming Co-Chair: There is some left over Fuzzies from the regional conference. Jack has a box of yarn to give them.


Wendy: They have been focused on their regional conference.


Co-Chair: They have a keynote speaker and she will be bringing along her team. Mary and Kailey heard her speak at TEDx Dalhousie. Her name is Stephanie Pronk and she works for Common Good Solutions. Their team works with small businesses. Mary said we have to think about when during conference Committee wants them to speak. They are trying to get in contact with Drew Dudley, and are trying hard to get Seamus O’Regan. They are looking into finding an interactive keynote speaker, potentially a band.


New Business:


Logo: Conference Committee must decide on a logo for Synergy 2019. Some members mentioned the logo with Nova Scotia as a puzzle, which was discussed at the last meeting. Nova Scotia would be diagonal and Synergy would be written across horizontally in white. The puzzle pieces would be different colours and represent each region. Committee talked about colour options for the t-shirts. Mary suggest black, and Alex suggested a heather grey. Everyone on Conference Committee should make a draft to bring to the meeting on December 21 and they will make a final decision.


Bags: Alex met with Saint Francis Xavier University Conference Services. They discussed options to change up delegate bags. She suggested fanny packs or a tote bag that folds into a pocket. Also, they were talking about changing the water bottles to tumblers. The only issue with tumblers is they do not seal as well as water bottles do. Angus suggested getting both the tote bag and fanny pack. Alex will look into the cost to do both.


Aidan motioned that Conference Committee orders the large fanny pack and pocket tote bag for the NSSSA provincial conference, Synergy 2019. Emily seconded said motion.


The fanny pack would include the Saint Francis Xavier University logo as well as the NSSSA logo. Alex will look into colour options.


Motion passed unanimously. The Conference Committee will be ordering both the large fanny pack and the pocket tote bag for the NSSSA provincial conference, Synergy 2019.


Clothing Order: There was a poll in the Google Classroom for Conference Committee to vote on their favourite colour windbreaker. The top options are Navy and Red.  They will vote on the Google Classroom on their favourite between the two. Committee tried on sample sizes of windbreakers and baseball tees. Then they gave Kailey their sizes and what name they want on the sleeve of their windbreakers. She also asked.


Ancillary services: Conference Committee will be making a video with St. Francis Xavier University Ancillary celery Services. Angus suggested filming the Committee on a tour of the university. Each position could talk about the different facilities used during the provincial conference. They made a list of facilities used, including; Field, Residence, Meal Hall, Schwartz, Keating Millennium Centre, Bloomfield, and the sidewalks. Welcoming Co-Chairs will take Residence and the Field. WENDYS will take the Millennium Centre and dance room. The Skillbuilding Co-Chairs will have Schwartz. 3-Tions will take the chill room, which is used for the Late Nighter, Public Relations will take the sidewalk, and Secretary will take the auditorium in Schwartz. The Co-Chairs will take Meal Hall. Members are asked to think about what to say and do during the video. It will be filmed at the January meeting.


Secret Santa: Committee picked names for Secret Santa. The Christmas meeting will be December 21 at 8pm.


Video Games: Ella knows how to create video games and she thought it would be cool to make a synergy game that could be played at the welcoming night activity. The person who receives the highest score could get a prize from the Public Relations.


Committee Information: 3-Tions want the members of Conference Committee’s information within the next two weeks. They are looking for; name, grade, email, and school. As well as parent/guardian’s names, emergency contact information, medical issues, and dietary concerns.


Motion of Adjournment: Kailey motioned to adjourn the meeting. Angus seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Date of the Next Meeting: December 21, 2018.