Chignecto Meeting Minutes – September 18th

Meeting #2    

Location: NSCC Truro Campus

Time of Commencement: 6:49

Time of Adjournment: 7:42



Present Voting Members: Baileigh Dwyer, Beth O’Connell, Camryn Smith, Mullen Boulter, Brennan Marks, Kara-Lyne Shaw, Emma Troitter, Kelsey Robson, Alicia Aikens

Present Non-Voting Members: Madalyn Nielson, Peter Woo,  Beth Smith

Regrets: Sam McNeil, Maddie Tennant, Corinne Troitter, Areta Boone


Positional Updates

Co-Premiers: The location for the regional conference is going to be  L’Ecole Acadien de Truro. The location and date for the junior high conference is set for Northumberland Regional High School on December 3rd. All Chignecto meetings will be held at NSCC Truro from now on.


Public Relations: Creating the database of businesses to contact regarding items for delegate bags and donations as well as brainstorming future social media contests.


Head School Rep: Making a timeline of when school presentations will be and preparing the presentation with other head school reps.


Welcoming Chair: Brainstorming welcoming activities for the junior high conference and looking at different ways to get yarn donations for fuzzies.


Secretary: Has been in contact with First Choice Sportswear regarding cabinet spirit wear. They will put a poll on Facebook to choose colours soon.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: Creating activities for the skillbuilding manuals to be used at junior conference.


3-tions: Beginning to make a database of schools within the region, and determining which schools haven’t sent delegates before to try involve more students.


Old Business:

The names decided for  both conferences this year are going to be GLOW (Gaining Leadership Outside the Walls) for the regional conference and SHIMMER (Students Helping Individuals Master Motivation, Education and Responsibility) for the junior high conference. The date for the junior high conference is confirmed for the 3rd of December.


The cabinet voted on spirit wear and will be doing a vote on what colour soon.


The cabinet was informed of the new rules to ensure the  inclusion of all genders from the Provincial Cabinet meeting and is planning to discuss what they can do to be more inclusive at our conferences at an upcoming meeting. The 3-tions are now also in charge of handling receipts.


New Business

Donation letters were given for the use of the whole cabinet and as there is only one public relations person for the cabinet all members are expected to go to local businesses for donations.


A tentative menu was established for the junior high conference and local businesses will be contacted to look into the possibility of catering. Having delegates bring a  packed lunch was also discussed as a way to lower overall costs. This is to be further discussed at the next meeting.
For the junior conference there was a discussion about having an area set up for the advisors, and potentially having advisor sessions as well.

Strait Meeting Minutes-September 11, 2016


NSSSA Minutes From:                                                                                                                                                 

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: 50 Fox Lane, Newtown.                                                                                                                       

Time of Commencement: 6:06pm                                                                                               

Time of Adjournment: 7:22pm                                                                                                                                                                    Duration: 1 hour 16 minutes.


Present Voting Members: Zac Foran, Paddy Wallace, Travis Grace, Sara Murrin, Sam Silver, Avery MacDonald, Logan Fox, Alex LeBlanc, Will Bowie, Donald Jewkes, Kara MacDougall, Monica Lumsden, George LeBlanc, Kegan Palmer, Mackenzie Casey, Emma MacDougall.                                                                  

Present Non-Voting Members: Dawn Thompson.                                                                       

Regrets: Gordon Burns, Peter Woo, Tiffany MacLennan, Travis Grace, Paddy Wallace, Jonas Lawrence.


Late: Cameron Muise, Maria MacDonald.




  • Finalized the Grade 9 forms as much as possible, since the final location has not been confirmed yet.
  • Created forms for delegates, advisors, logistics, chaperones, skill builders and first aids for regional conference. These forms, along with the forms for SMILE, have not yet been sent to Abe to be finalized because they are still subject to change.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Almost finished the grade 9 skillbuilding manual.
  • Finalized the entire 1st and 2nd skill building session.
  • Made a list of what activities to do for 3rd skill building session.


Public Relations:

  • Created an Awesome Antigonish application draft.
  • Updated donation letter.
  • Worked on delegate manual. There are still a few things left to include.
  • Asked Gordon and Paddy about doing how-tos for grade 9 event. Gordon is away so he is not able to reply. Paddy doesn’t have enough information about Bergengren credit union yet to be able to do a how-to on it. Thought about asking Jonas, however, we don’t want both head logistics doing how-tos at the same time.
  • Emailed Andrew Foran about doing a how-to.
  • Emailed 3 presidents about doing a how-to NSSSA.


Public Relations Promotions:

  • Contacted webmaster.
  • Decided to have a “Meet your RC” contest.
  • Waiting for approval on 101.5 hawk email.



  • Passed the talent show form to the Co-Premier’s and are finishing up adjustments they suggested.
  • Made cheer list for grade 9
  • Sent talent show forms to Public Relations.


Head School Reps:

  • Received 5 emails back from principals, (Richmond, Canso, Ecole Beau-Port, Pomquet, and Dalbrae).
  • Now confirming dates with the principals from these schools for presentations.
  • Was in contact with someone from Inverness but they turned down the position.
  • Working out details for the head school rep meeting.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Started collecting yarn donations and posting on buy and sell pages.
  • Touched up on the welcoming activity for grade 9 conference.
  • Going to get yarn donations from 5 to a Dollar.
  • Decided on puzzles for grade 9 even welcoming activity.


  • Sent out September 4th minutes to Regional Cabinet.
  • Collected more names/sizes for RC clothing.



  • Have not heard back yet from Zac Crouse.
  • Steve Foran could be a possible speaker. He runs a business dealing with teamwork in workplaces.
  • Have not heard back about grade 9 event venues from SAERC or Tamarac
  • Might talk to Wanda Fougere about holding the grade 9 event at Dr. John Hugh Gillis Regional High School.
  • Will call SAERC’s principal first thing on Tuesday.
  • Would like to get the grade 9 event venue for free. If SAERC wants us to pay then we will contact the principal at Tamarac Education Centre.
  • Going to contact event coordinator at St.FX.

Head Chaperones:

  • Spoke with approximately 20 alumni and quickly asked them if they are willing to chaperone the dates of the conference. They responded saying they’d be open to helping out. Definitely don’t need this many alumni at conference, but just in case plans change, there will be plenty of alumni to choose from.


Head Logistics:

  • Considered people for the logistic positions for grade 9 event and regional conference.


New Business:

Awesome Antigonish- an organization that will give out a $1000 grant to other organizations who send in an application. We could potentially use this for sponsorships. We are not sure if our organization is able to accept grants, Zac will discuss this with Provincial Cabinet at their next meeting. Awesome Antigonish is looking to sponsor start-up projects. NSSSA might not be their best option for who they give the grant to, because of how large our organization already is. We could apply in October, receive the grant in November and could also apply for the second time in March. We would use that grant for sponsorships for Strait Region delegates attending Provincial conference.


Logos for regional conference t-shirts:

  • Looking to have just 1 colour on the logo. This is less expensive.
  • Logo options were sent on the RC group chat.

Discussed Logo designs-took a vote.

  • Hot Air Balloons Logo received 14 votes- this will be our conference t-shirt logo.

Discussed Logo/T-shirt colours.

  • Blue t-shirts and yellow logo received the majority vote.


New Positional Tasks:

For each new positional task, refer to the timeline.
Next meeting will take place September 18th at 6:00pm, 1 Triton Brook Court, Antigonish.

Sou’West Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2016

NSSSA Minutes from:


Sou’West RC Meeting



Time of Commencement: 1:12 p.m.

Time of Adjournment: 3:00 p.m.

Duration: 1hr 48mins



Attendance & Regrets:


Present Voting Members: Carly Kinsman, Amanda Addington, Hannah Goucher, Abe Chediac, Amber Jelfs, Thomas Owen, Meredith Baine, Maria Cano, Kaitlyn Wentzell, Megan Slaunier, Kate Whynot, Tatum Arcon

Present Non-Voting Members: Ian Kent, Keilidh Sabine, Peter Woo

Regrets: Amy Oickle, Rebecca Cambell, Bailey Mosher, Andrew Davis, Makayla Whalley



Positional Updates:


Skillbuilding Co-Chair:

-Waiting for cabinet to decide themes for the conferences to start making skillbuilding manuals.


Public Relations:

-Waiting for the names and dates of conferences to begin searching for donations.

-Needs list of questions for the introductions in the delegate manuals.

-Started making a letter for the local radio station.

-Once conference date is confirmed, will start thinking about Snapchat Geofilter.


Welcoming Co-Chair:

-Learning how to perfectly make fuzzies, and will start making them for Junior conference soon.



Head School Rep:

-Contacted Mitchell about the database – but it is not yet ready.

-Will use school board websites to assure contact with all schools.

-Working on draft email.


Food Co-Chair:

-Going to start looking around for general prices of food.

-Need to make letterheads/donation letters for the local grocery stores.

-Start planning menu for the first conference



-Conference forms are done, just need small updates to clarify information on paper.

-Database is almost ready for the year.



-Starting a poll on the Facebook group for cabinet Spirit Wear, must be ordered at least 5 weeks before the first conference.

-Will start a line of contact with First Choice in Dartmouth.



-Once theme is decided for the conferences, will begin planning for EPIC.

-Need to decide if talent show is happening to create the forms.


New Business:


-Reviewed the 8 Key Concepts and what each of them mean.

  1. Speaker in Charge
  2. Right to Pass
  3. Leveling Out
  4. Speak for I
  5. No Unfinished Business
  6. Business never personal
  7. No killer statements
  8. Positive Internal Focus

-Made sure everyone has a gmail account, and has changed their email signatures.

-Turn on Notifications (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to make sure you’re always in the know.

-Made Long term and Short term goals for the NSSSA Term, biggest goal was to reach out to more schools and raise our numbers for the regional conference this year!

-Brainstormed, and decided, conference names and themes – SPACE/ASTRONOMY


-Tentative date for Junior Conference: November 12th @ Shelburne School.

-T-shirts for the conference must be ordered by October 7th-8th

-May not have 3 conferences as previously planned, instead just one Regional Conference and one Junior Conference.

-Next Meeting is September 25th 2016.

Strait Meeting Minutes-September 4, 2016


NSSSA Minutes From:                                                                                                                             Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: 1 Triton Brook Court, Antigonish                                                                                                                           

Time of Commencement: 6:07pm                                                                                                

Time of Adjournment: 8:07pm                                                                                                                                                                    Duration: 2 hours



Present Voting Members: Zac Foran, Paddy Wallace, Avery MacDonald, Logan Fox, George LeBlanc, Kara MacDougall, Alex LeBlanc, Sam Silver, Donald Jewkes, Kegan Palmer, Monica Lumsden, Sara Murrin, Wilfred Bowie, Travis Grace, Emma MacDougall, Maria MacDonald.


Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo, Dawn Thompson.


Regrets: Mackenzie Casey, Tiffany MacLennan, Meagan Kettley, Jonas Lawrence, Gordon Burns.

No-Shows: Cameron Muise.




  • Made forms for the delegates and advisors for the SMILE event, but these forms are not yet finalized because there may be things to edit.
  • Decided that Kara will sit out for the grade nine event to update the database.
  • Were sent the updated spreadsheet for RC.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Made lists of activities for each session of grade nine event,
  • Planning to come up with a rough draft of the activities, and complete a rough draft of the grade nine manual before the next cabinet meeting.


Public Relations:

  • Were unable to start contacting businesses, did not receive the corporate package or donation letter and are waiting for it to be sent.
  • Began to make a list of possible how-tos for grade 9 event, most of these are cabinet members.
  • Almost finished delegate manual. Need to put in an updated RC photo.


Public Relations Promotions:

  • Tidying up social media.
  • Planning on starting contests soon.
  • Finalized emails for 101.5 the hawk and 98.9 XFM-will send them out soon.


Regional Advisor

  • Spoke with Krista MacEachern, was happy with the leadership activity for her grade 7-8s being held in spring 2017. Also said she could be a grade 9 advisor or a leader of a how-to.



  • Edited talent show form, almost complete for regional conference.
  • Planned EPIC for the Grade 9 event. Have 14 different activities but there will only be 8 tokens-others used for


Head School Reps:

  • Finalized database of all the school reps.
  • All the school reps have been notified that the school rep meeting will be held on September 17th at 4pm in Port Hawksbury area.
  • Got confirmation from CBHA rep.
  • In contact with someone from Inverness.
  • Contacted all principals in the Strait Region about presenting at the schools to promote the grade 9 event. Keyword: beach day


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Have 15 fuzzies made for regional conference.
  • Decided that for regional conference the welcoming activity will be similar to the puzzle activity at Discover 2015.



  • Sent out minutes to all members on cabinet.
  • Made a spreadsheet to collect sizes, names, and nicknames for the RC sweaters, t-shirts and bucket hats.



  • Change in administration with SAERC, and our relationship with SAERC was with the principal not the school. Contacted Chuck Boudreau from Tamerec and are waiting for a response.
  • Went to see Zac Crouse speak, good speaker, and is inexpensive. CBV was able to book him for a cheap price.
  • Made itinerary for both grade 9 event and regional conference which is subject to change.
  • Created one timeline for each position, with each task to complete by a specified time. All of which is included on this spreadsheet. Members can edit it on their own when a task is completed.
  • Discussing setting up a mental health room-calm room for both grade 9 event and regional conference. This may also include a mental health sleeping area if there are any delegates who have problems with sleeping. Rooms/sleeping arrangements will remain the same as last year. Might also have a gender neutral room.


Head Chaperones:

  • Have 4 chaperones for regional conference including Tiffany and Peter. Need Chaperones for line of sight.


Head Logistics:

  • Received information from previous head logistics.


New Business:


  • Times for meetings will be voted on by cabinet, prior to the meeting.
  • Forms for grade 9 event will be released September 19th, and the deadline will be September 30th.
  • Forms for regionals will be released October 17th-a day or 2 after the grade 9 event.
  • The refund date for Regional Conference will be a week before the deadline.
  • Itinerary for regional conference may change for easier set up in skillbuilding rooms for the how-tos. Advisor forms will ask if there are any required sleeping arrangements.

Emails and signatures.

  • Every person with a job on a cabinet or committee must have the same signature. NSSSA logos will now be at the bottom of the signature. In depth instructions will be sent out in an email later.
  • No sending out emails to people outside the organization past 7pm. Best time to send them is in the morning.
  • Try to send emails to other members of RC before midnight.

Conference T-Shirts

  • A few logo designs were shared with the cabinet.
  • Aiming to get minimal colours. The cost goes up as the number of colours increases.

RC T-shirts

  • Looking at possibly having the RC t-shirts the same colour as the ability shirts (magenta).
  • Anyone can bring T-Shirt logo designs to the next meeting.


New Positional Tasks:

For each new positional task, refer to the timeline.
Next meeting will take place September 11th, in Port Hawksbury.

Strait Meeting Minutes-August 26, 2016


NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: STFX University Schwart’s Building

Time of Commencement: 5:12pm

Time of Adjournment: 6:56pm

Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes


Present Voting Members: Paddy Wallace, Zac Foran, Avery MacDonald, Will Bowie, Sam Silver, George LeBlanc, Cameron Muise, Kegan Palmer, Mackenzie Casey, Sara Murrin, Kara MacDougall, Emma MacDougall, Alex LeBlanc, Travis Grace, Donald Jewkes.

Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo, Gordon Burns, Dawn Thompson.

Regrets: Julia Lawrence, Jonas Lawrence, Meagan Kettley, Tiffany MacLennan, Logan Fox, Maria MacDonald, Monica Lumsden.

No Shows:



  • Held an RC meeting and a bonding event with the Strait Regional Cabinet.
  • Contacted possible Keynote speaker, Zac Crouse for our regional conference.
  • Decided to hold a grade 9 conference and were in contact with the venue SAERC and are waiting for a response.
  • Had a meeting with StFX Conferences and Events team to draft our contract, also during this meeting the dates of our regional conference have been confirmed for November 19th and 20th.
  • Contacted Paul Landry, who coordinates SRSB meetings. He will hopefully give us a speaking time so we can introduce ourselves to the region’s Principals. Waiting on a response.
  • We were contacted by Krista MacEachern (advisor for a leadership/volunteer group). She wants Strait Regional Cabinet to organize a workshop type day for this group. This is a possibility, and it will probably take place during the second semester.
  • An RC meeting schedule was created that doesn’t conflict with PC meetings.


  • Received and looked over the empty database and past forms.
  • Filled in a spreadsheet with RC’s information as practice.

Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Brainstormed welcoming activities.
  • Discussed trying something new to test out at grade 9 conference. If that fails then the welcoming activity will be the fuzzies.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:

  • Received skill building manuals from the previous Skill Building Co-Chairs, then reviewed them.
  • Looked over the games from each manual and wrote down games that haven’t been used in a while.
  • Chose games that might be good for the grade 9 event.
  • Chose games that might be good for the regional conference.


  • Created a donations database.
  • Created a how-to database.
  • Began to create a delegate manual and sent out delegate manual questions that were to be answered by RC by August 26th.

PR Promo:

  • Added a snapchat/instagram account to our social media sites.
  • Downloaded an app to create a geofilter for our regional conference.
  • Started a draft email to 101.5 the Hawk.


  • Contacted Ross Screen Print to ask about pricing of the clothing items discussed by RC.
  • Picked up a catalogue.
  • Sweaters will cost around 35-40 dollars.
  • 50/50 split between bucket hats and t-shirts.
  • All of cabinet will have sweaters but some will have t-shirts while others will have bucket hats. Some may have both, it is their decision.

Head School Reps:

  • Updated the Principal database.
  • Couldn’t find any of the principal’s cell numbers so that column will be updated as forms come in.
  • Got a school rep for every school except Richmond Academy, Inverness Academy, and Ecole Beau Port.
  • Made contact with someone from Cape Breton Highlands Academy. Waiting for a reply from them.


  • Memorized cheers.
  • Got some costumes ready.
  • Made a first draft of the talent show form.


  • Spoke with last year’s positions to receive information.

Head Chaps:

  • Thought about who the chaperones for conference will be.
  • As of now, have 4 about chaps including Peter and Tiffany.

New Business:

There is discussion about names for both conferences (grade 9 event and regional conference). The logo for our Strait Regional Conference is also discussed and it is decided that anyone on RC can bring in a logo design to the next meeting and the cabinet will vote on which design will work best.


  • Zac motions to name the Grade 9 event S.M.I.L.E. (Supporting and Motivating Individuals with Leadership Experiences).
  • Sara seconds the motion.
  • 1 member opposed; motion is carried.


  • Paddy motions to name the Regional Conference L.I.F.T. U.P. (Leadership Involving Fundamental Teamwork and Understanding Possibilities).
  • Emma Seconds the motion.
  • Unanimous vote; motion is carried.

Positional Tasks:


  • Make a schedule for grade 9 event, continue to contact S.T.F.X., continue contacting speakers. Make facebook group chats with each position for easy communication.


  • Make a form for advisors and delegates for Grade 9.
  • Pick who will be sitting out grade 9 conference.

Skillbuilding Co-chairs:

  • Create a skillbuilding manual for grade 9 event.
  • Start to get a basic idea for regionals.


  • Contact people for the how-to fair for grade 9, begin looking for donations for regionals..
  • Start working on the delegate manual for regionals.

PR Promo

  • Brainstorm different competitions to host and also think of different ways to promote our conferences, draft email for the hawk & 98.9 XFM.


  • Practice cheer bible.
  • Plan Epic for grade 9 event.

Headschool Rep External

  • Contact all principals regarding holding presentations before grade 9 event.

Headschool Rep Internal

  • Plan a meeting for all school reps and hold it before the second week of September.
  • Make a small database including all of the school reps (you could possibly add this in and combine it with the principal database).

Welcoming Co-Chairs

  • Select what activities you are doing for grade 9 conference and regionals, once you have decided what activities start making them or organizing the further.


  • Minutes and collect sizes and nicknames from everyone on RC.

Head Logistics

  • Start selecting your logistics team, try to keep this to a minimum.

Head Chaperone

  • Start selecting you chaperone team, try to keep this to a minimum.

Head First Aid

  • Start selecting your first aid team, try to keep this to a minimum

The next meeting will take place September 4th, 6:00pm at Zac Foran’s house.

PC Minutes 2016/08/27

NSSSA Minutes from:

Provincial Cabinet Meeting


Location: St. FX University

Time of Commencement: 11:02

Time of Adjournment: 1:35

Duration: 2 hr 33 min


Attendance and Regrets:

Present voting members: Aidan MacFarlane, Amy Oickle, Beth O’Connell, Brooke Kattenbusch, Camryn Smith, Christina Nickerson, Eliza Nobes, Emma Hogenbom, Gabrielle Torrealba, Haeley Langlois, Kassandra Kelbratowski, Katelyn Libbus, Kayla Jenkin, Mitchell Archibald, Molly Anderson, Molly Somers, Patrick Wallace, Selena Landry, Tatum Arcon, Zac Foran

Present non-voting members: Dereck Thibault, Gordon Burns, Lorne Abramson, Maggie MacNeil, Meagan Kettley

Regrets: Chloe Dean-Moore, Connor Poirier, Liam Halliburton, John Robertson

No Show:



President: The previous month has brought forward new goals for the coming year as well as bonding opportunity within Provincial Cabinet to ensure success. Along with appointing a new webmaster to sit on the Provincial Cabinet, Molly sat on the training Sub-Committee and aided in the organization of the 2016-2017 NSSSA Cabinet and Committee Training Retreat. The NSSSA sent representatives to the HRM Youth Leadership Summit in order to promote and explain the organization. As well, discussion has began with Mount St. Vincent surrounding the current MOU held with NSSSA in regards to Metro and Inclusion conferences.

Molly would remind cabinet members to ensure she and the vice presidents are sent emails pertaining to venues, money, cabinet decisions, and any other vital information by including them in the CC recipients.


VP Internal:  Most phone check-ins were completed prior to the training retreat, and any remaining will be executed within the coming week. Any person with a preferred method of contacting Katelyn for these check-ins (ie; email, video call, etc.) should inform her as soon as possible. Updates from Provincial Cabinet members were collected in the days prior to training retreat, and should be sent in 3 days preceding any meeting by every position on cabinet.


Provincial Advisor: Contact has been made with principals of some of the smaller schools in the province who are not currently involved in the NSSSA but are requesting information. It is important to focus attention on contacting these kinds of schools as the larger schools are already involved and promote within themselves.

Abe questions the reliability of Mount St. Vincent as a venue and supplier of marketing/recruitment. There is a possibility of the NSSSA finding a new Metro location within the next few years.


Treasurers: The Audit – On July 21st, Finance submitted audit to the CRA from the 3rd quarter of last fiscal year and confirmation has been received that the submitted data is accepted. The amount received from said quarter’s tax filing is expected to be roughly $1,100.
Joint Stock Companies – Finance has renewed the NSSSA’s membership with the Nova Scotia Joint Stock companies and paid the annual fee of $31.00. As well, an updated list of members sitting on the board of directors has been submitted, including Molly Anderson, Liam Haliburton, Katelyn Libbus, Maggie Macneil, Chloe Dean-Moore, and Lorne Abramson.
Final HST Filing – The last HST for the past financial year has been submitted at approximately $8,000, which signifies an improvement from the $11,000 submission of two years ago.
Signing Rights – Finance is currently working on updating the NSSSA Signatories (signing rights). This year those holding access to the accounts will be; Chloe Dean-Moore, Eliza Nobes, Molly Anderson, Liam Haliburton, Katelyn Libbus, Maggie Macneil, Lorne Abramson, and John Robertson. Upon contact from RBC’s Lance Mattson, the aforementioned cabinet members will be informed on how to gain their access.
Quickbooks – Jason has turned over his quickbooks administrative rights to John Robertson. John’s credit card will be connected to this account and he will be sent an invoice and charged for quickbooks every month, the cost of which being reimbursed. Eliza Nobes and Chris Mossop are currently setting up their own quickbook accounts.
Finalizing This Year’s Books – Last year’s quickbooks are currently being finalized by adding the most recent tax filings as well as entering the last cheques. When this is complete, the books will be given to Chris Mossop for review. When final numbers are completed, they will be available to the Provincial Cabinet.
Next Year’s Finances: A meeting is being planned for discussion of the coming year’s finances. Topics of discussion will include a Provincial Cabinet budget, reviewing financial processes and procedures, and the number of necessary NSSSA bank accounts.
There are several advantages to reducing the number of accounts that we currently hold, including reducing bank fees, having a higher chance of receiving charitable status, and make bookkeeping more efficient.

Secretary: Minutes from previous meeting are not yet live due to not having access to the website, but will be posted as soon as possible. Molly has begun to consider options for Provincial Cabinet spirit wear and will be posting voting polls on the Facebook group at a later date. All clothing orders should be sent to Steve in October in order to receive them by conference season.


CC Co-Chairs: A completed Conference Committee has been selected for the 2016-2017 year, and every student who submitted an application was contacted by Kassandra or Aidan. Potential date for the debrief with St. FX has been set for October 1st to 2nd but not all details are confirmed. Conference Committee co-chairs have begun to consider their budget, methods of lowering expenditures for provincial conference, as well as possible changes to the content of the conference (such as SkillBuilding activities, positional responsibilities, and the prospect of returning “How-To” sessions). Training retreat was spent considering larger updates to the function of conference – namely the registration and payment process. St. FX has offered online registration for NSSSA conferences, which could lead to easier access to potential delegates and a simpler experience for those paying the conference fee. The idea is not confirmed, but would be an advisor based application where delegates would be unable to register unless their school held an advisor in the system, who then confirms that they will be able to bring the student. This is an opportunity to discuss further at a future date, but warrants scepticism over raising prices and the chance of not intriguing any use.


IC Co-Chairs: Christina and Micci have discussed who will have access to databases as well as potential conference dates, application deadlines, and venues. Organization of the opportunities fair is currently under work and the Co-Chairs plan on giving their Public Relations a template with a goal of a certain number of opportunity fair guests to contact. A possible change to the event for this year is to invite parents to take part in the opportunity fair as well as include presenters with the option to stay at conference and potentially ask them to run How-To sessions. This will provide everyone with a better idea of what happens at conference, and what Inclusion is striving for. There has also been discussion on what details would be included on a new form for Regional and Provincial conferences in order for students with special needs to feel included and comfortable attending events outside of Inclusion.


Gala Co-Chairs: Gala held a check in with Katelyn to discuss venues as well as potential dates. Gordon and Meagan have contacted Dalhousie University, the Atlantica Hotel, and the Gahan House as possible venues to organize tours and taste testing. The chosen venue will hopefully be confirmed by mid October in order to have Gala tickets live throughout conference season. Contact has been made with NSSSA alumni regarding having them as a guest speaker at the event, and a timeline has been created with deadlines for the coming year. Co-Premiers and Co-Chairs should remain aware of members of their cabinets during conference planning as it has been decided that there will be Cabinet and Committee awards. Gala Co-Chairs hold the goal of better promotion of who can attend the event as well as possible use of the St. FX bus (which would be determined in Conference Committee’s contract with the university) to transport students from that area and increase attendance.


Chignecto Co-Premiers: On August 5th Chignecto held their first Regional Cabinet meeting of the year. Discussions focused on ground rules of being part of the cabinet, but the meeting acted mostly as a bonding experience. Information about positions and social media were passed on to cabinet members, and dates for conferences were considered with little conflict. Venues and dates will be finalized for both Junior and Regional Conferences in September. Chignecto currently remains without a regional advisor and hopes to find one in the coming month. The Welcoming Chair of the cabinet has taken on the role of Secretary on top of her prior position upon the resignation of the originally appointed.


CBV Co-Premiers:  CBV looked into alternate venues but both options have either declined or have not given an answer, so conference will continue to be held at Cape Breton University. After discussing with the venue about necessary space for conference, rooms have been booked for the weekend of November 26th and 27th. CBV Regional Cabinet held an informal retreat at Connor’s house to meet everyone as well as inform everyone of rules and expectations for the coming year. At a later date, a formal Regional Cabinet meeting was held where discussions focused on determining RC spirit wear, conference names, and a debrief on the Co-Chairs’ meeting with Cape Breton University. Regional Cabinet meetings are determined to be held every Sunday.

CBV hopes to brainstorm potential fundraisers in order to reduce conference costs or have select students attend for free, explore potential conference speakers, and contact the venue regarding items for delegate bags.


Metro Co-Premiers: Since the past Provincial Cabinet meeting, Metro Regional Cabinet has held a bonding event with attendance from both the new and old cabinet and has provided members with tasks that can be worked on during this time. Brooke and Gabrielle have met with their regional advisor to discuss plans and expectations for the coming year and have created a list of potential keynote speakers, though have already been contacted by one interested presenter. Discussion with Mount St. Vincent will begin shortly.


Sou’West Co-Premiers: Sou’West Regional Cabinet has now received the majority of their turnover packages from last year, excluding those for the Co-Premiers, Public Relations, Skillbuilding Co-Chair, and Secretary. A Facebook group has been created for the cabinet with introductions of each member, and a non mandatory get together was held in Dayspring for a bonding opportunity. The cabinet has brainstormed conference venues, conference dates (possibly around November 9th for Junior Conference, February 11th and 12th for the first Regional Conference, and April 1st and 2nd for the second Regional Conference), and conference names.


Strait Co-Premiers: Since the last Provincial Cabinet meeting, Strait has held two Regional Cabinet meetings as well as a bonding event. A schedule for further meetings was determined at this time. Zac and Patrick have also had a meeting with the St. FX Conferences and Events team to create a contract draft as well as confirm their conference date for November 19th and 20th. Zac Crouse was contacted as a potential keynote speaker for Strait’s regional conference. Regional Cabinet has decided to host a grade 9 conference and are awaiting a response from the potential venue (Strait Area Education Recreation Centre).

Krista MacEachern, an advisor for a leadership and volunteer group has asked Strait to organize a workshop day for grade seven to twelve students, which would most likely be held in second semester and could be an effective promotional event.

Strait region hopes to gain a speaking time at an SRSB principal meeting to introduce the Co-Premiers and Head School Reps to the school board’s principals. There has not yet been a response from the coordinator, Paul Landry.

Conference names are confirmed as being S.M.I.L.E. (Supporting and Motivating Individuals with Leadership Experiences) for Grade 9, and L.I.F.T. U.P. (Leadership Involving Fundamental Teamwork and Understanding Possibilities) for Regionals.


Valley Co-Premiers: Valley has not yet had the chance to hold a meeting, but they will begin weekly at the start of school. Still looking for a regional advisor.


Media Relations: Selena will soon gain access to all social media accounts and will become an admin for the NSSSA Facebook page. She is waiting on contact from each of the regions with media opportunities so they can be acted upon. A deadline for this will be determined and shared with Co-Premiers at a later date.


Past President: Currently waiting to view outcome and final numbers from retreat. Apart from minor miscommunications (such as rooms being locked), everything appeared to be a success. Payment will be based on the number of attendees eating at meal hall in order to not be charged for people who left earlier/arrived late. Final numbers will be submitted when database is completed.


Webmaster: Basecamp – Possible option for a project management software that could be used by each region to organize files, assign tasks, create to-do lists/timelines, and keep track of everyone’s activities and completed actions. Instead of receiving multiple emails from cabinet members, base camp distributes a daily email concerning all activity from the previous day. This could provide a more efficient and organized system of communication.

The NSSSA website will be a vital source of information in the coming year, so it is asked that everyone keeps track of activity on the website and inform the webmaster of any corrections.

Action Required – Co-premiers are to send in the names and contacts of their regional cabinet members for Dereck to publish on the website.

Social Media Accounts – Dereck talked to Public Relations about the necessity of each region having their own accounts and the issue of keeping unity in information. It is thought that every social media account requires it to have a purpose to the organization, and this could mean that less is necessary. For the coming year there will be a single page to act as the NSSSA’s main Facebook presence. Individual regions are still welcome to create Facebook groups for their cabinets and events for their conferences. There will also be only one provincial Instagram account including pictures that every region can provide and submit to be displayed. Each region should hold its own Twitter account to focus on interaction within the region’s community (specifically with businesses) to push the NSSSA’s presence and legitimacy. NSSSA accounts should only follow one another as well as appropriate businesses rather than outside individuals. If this is followed, the main page of twitter should contain useful information that can be helpful to retweet. It is recommended to create lists to make it easier to communicate with specific types of accounts. Co-premiers and Co-chairs should discuss this with their Public Relations. A hope for the coming year is to increase the popularity of a provincial Youtube channel. The channel would be used for produced videos such as the CC conference introduction and promotional videos. Content could be sent to the Webmaster to display on the website, bringing attention to the channel. Discussion was held surrounding the necessity of NSSSA holding a Snapchat account. Some cabinet members feel as though Snapchat may come across as being too unprofessional and pointless in a promotional sense due to the short time limit on stories being viewable, and the fact that any followers would already be a part of the NSSSA community. Opposingly, Snapchat is a successful media for holding contests during conference as well as an opportunity for delegates to send in pictures that would otherwise be missed chances for posting on other accounts. Snapchat has become one of the most popular social mediums and can prove to be a useful source of promotion with the use of a NSSSA geofilter and conference attendees posting about their experience. NSSSA will keep its Snapchat account, ‘nsssalive’ but will limit use to primarily during conference days. It will be much easier and cleaner to feature social media accounts on the website if there aren’t numerous versions of the same thing.

Effectiveness of Social Media – Cabinets should hold a conversation about the purpose and use of each social media. There has never before been a plan within the NSSSA on how to more effectively promote online, so Dereck will be sending out a PDF on the topic of social media use. It is recommended to search through inactive pages and have them deleted. Having them online confuses people as to what is current, and makes it appear as though admins simply aren’t updating their accounts. An alternative to this is to make contact with the previous holders of the account and have the current cabinet take control of the original account, just remember that the fewer people with access to passwords, the better.

It may be useful for Public Relations and Media Relations to search and read articles on effective use of social media to learn more about tips and strategies for more popular posts.


Head School Rep Coordinator: During retreat Mitchell had the chance to speak with the Head School Reps from each region and brainstorm the most effective ways to describe and promote the NSSSA. This is a topic that will be worked on through the year with the help of all Head School Reps and the Provincial Cabinet in order to create an accurate presentation that can be given to every school. A Facebook group has been created for the use of Mitchell and the Head School Reps and will be used along with emails as the main form of communication between them.

Goals for the coming year, and longer if necessary, include acquiring a complete School and Principal Database for Head School Reps to have access to in order for every school to be contacted and ideally presented at. In order to achieve the goal of having presentations within every Nova Scotia secondary school, there needs to be meaningful communication between NSSSA cabinet members and school administration, meaning the two would have a continuous conversation over email or other media in a professional, persistent manner. Lastly, Mitchell hopes to focus on promotion and presentation of both provincial conferences in order to increase the general knowledge of them and possibly increase attendance.


Motion to adjourn: Katelyn Libbus. Micci Davy seconds the motion.

Date for Next Meeting: September 17th at Mount St. Vincent University

PC Minutes 2016/07/23

NSSSA Minutes from:

Provincial Cabinet Meeting


Location: Unicorn Theatre, Saint Margaret’s Bay

Time of Commencement: 1:01 pm

Time of Adjournment: 2:04 pm

Duration: 1 hr 3 min


Attendance and Regrets:

Present voting members: Molly Anderson, Liam Haliburton, Katelyn Libbus, Mitchell Archibald, Aidan MacFarlane, Kassandra Kelbratowski, Gabrielle Torrealba, Christina Nickerson, Micci Davy, Eliza Nobes, Chloe Dean-Moore, Molly Somers, Selena Landry, Zac Foran, Patrick Wallace, Kayla Jenkin, Emma Hogenbom, Camryn Smith, Haeley Langlois

Present non-voting members: Lorne Abramson, John Robertson, Maggie MacNeil, Gordon Burns, Meagan Kettley

Regrets: Brooke Kattenbusch, Connor Poirier, Tatum Arcon, Amy Oickle, Beth O’Connell

No Show:


Molly- 8 Key Concepts Within Provincial Cabinet

Following the guidelines of the 8 key concepts is incredibly important for PC to run smoothly as a team.

Speaker in Charge – be attentive when others are speaking, what they are talking about is important. Remember that everyone has an opinion, and they are entitled to it. Try to avoid large conflicts during discussions, but know that they could happen. In order to keep organization and fairness, hands will be acknowledged in the order they are raised.

Speak For I – especially important for those working with a partner (such as Co-Premiers). Remember that even though you are both speaking on behalf of the same region, you are not necessarily speaking on behalf of your partner. You are allowed to have differing opinions and ideas.

No Killer Statements – there will most likely be disagreements within cabinet meetings. Remain polite in these discussions. Just because you do not agree with someone, does not mean you need to be rude about it.

Level Out- this is both a physical and social aspect to meetings. Provincial Cabinet will always be seated on one level, including the Provincial Advisor, and current President. No one will be above or below anyone else. This also goes for status, there is no need to be intimidated by any other position, there is no position more important than another.

Business Never Personal – At the end of the day we are all still friends, any heated discussions during the meeting or disagreements between cabinet members are not related to how they feel about one another as a person.

No Unfinished Business – Provincial Cabinet meetings get very long, however any conversation that is started will be finished. The cabinet will not move forward to a new topic until every member is content that their opinion has been heard.

Right To Pass – Any member of cabinet has the right to abstain from sharing their opinion or voting on an issue. This being said, it is recommended that this option is used the least amount possible as the cabinet wants to hear the opinions of its members and no one should feel uncomfortable sharing their thoughts. Nothing will get done properly without a well rounded discussion.

Positive Internal Focus – Cabinet only meets once a month, so the time we are together needs to be used as a focused, professional meeting in order to accomplish the goals of the organization. No cell phones should be used inappropriately and side discussions will not be necessary.


Katelyn – Respect Within Provincial Cabinet and NSSSA
As members of the Provincial Cabinet it is important that everyone holds the highest respect for the organization of the NSSSA, as well as for themselves and their partners. One of the most vital signs of respect is following deadlines. Always be on time for submitting forms, emails, orders, etc. These kinds of things are needed by the recipients to do their jobs properly. Katelyn will be making “check-ins”, occasional phone calls to members of PC to make sure everything is running smoothly.
Molly adds in that the purpose of someone asking for data, information, action, etc. may not always be known, but that it is still important and the task should be completed in a timely fashion. Anything being asked has a purpose. When working with companies or businesses outside of the organization the importance of respect is even greater. Always be polite and send any items or information in as early as possible. This gives the NSSSA a better reputation and expresses professionalism.


John – Future Plans for The Organization and Its Financing

John started with congratulations on 26 years of continued leadership within the NSSSA community. He gives the advice of focusing attention on small things that can be changed rather than the larger picture. Every new year can leave become a legacy and that the only thing that can be hoped for is to leave the organization better than it is found each year. He leaves the cabinet with the following potential plans of action for the coming year;

  • Thinking about the best practices for business: if the NSSSA wants to reach the status of a charitable organization, the current finance methods will not be acceptable. Problems such as the requirement of too many authorizing signatures as well as a large amount of separate bank accounts overly complicates financing. It is hopeful that in the coming year the organization will be able to look further into achieving charitable status.
  • Partnerships: The NSSSA has always been a student run organization, but has grown tremendously in the past years. However, there are still many people – students and adults – that don’t know exactly what we are. The hope with potential partnerships (such as one with the Rotary International Interact Club) is to increase support financially, improve promotion, and attract students who would otherwise be unable to attend conference because of affordability. The Rotary is the largest service industry in the world and organizes many youth leadership events. They hold many of the same ideals as the NSSSA and could prove to be a useful partner.

Along with this, John brings up the largest expense for the organization – provincial conference. It is possible that prices could be reduced for conference by researching the possibility of numerous universities and deals they could give the organization after the 5 year contract with Saint FX is completed. The thought is that universities are benefitting from having NSSSA conferences held at their schools as it acts as a four day advertisement of their school. 300+ high school students being on their campus often ends in many of them being convinced to attend the university. It is possible for universities to even compete in their prices to have provincial conferences attend.

  • Succession: NSSSA is incredibly lucky to have such a hardworking Provincial Advisor. Abe has been putting so much effort into the organization for many years, but down the road we will eventually need someone to take his role. It is suggested that an ‘assistant advisor’ be found to fill the role of Provincial Advisor when the time comes. This would not be a full time position (possibly a teacher willing to commit time to help and learn all of the information needed from Abe). Transitioning from this, John also talks about the need for a more efficient method of passing down information and knowledge within the student held positions of NSSSA cabinets and committees. Every year cabinets are filled with brand new members that are unsure of what their purpose and duties are and how to fulfil them. An online knowledge base is suggested in order to store documents and videos containing needed information and training tools in an accessible format. An August retreat for cabinets is also a good opportunity for training new members. However, this retreat proves to be a large expense ($12 000 last year). An August retreat will be further discussed later in the meeting.


Finance Team – General Financial Information
Cabinet members can be reimbursed for their expenses on behalf of the NSSSA. Everyone should receive copies of a ‘cheque req’ form which will be filled out with information about what was purchased. A receipt must be attached with all of the items being reimbursed. These receipts must not contain anything non-NSSSA related, and must be left whole (do not cut off items that aren’t on the cheque req form, just do separate shopping trips). Along with these purchases, travel costs can also be reimbursed only in the situation of having carpooled with other members of cabinet to a meeting. Reimbursement for travel is 15 cents per km. Cheque reqs must be approved (signed) – and not by the person submitting it – before being sent to one of the treasurers (Eliza and Chloe) to finalize. If someone on a regional cabinet (or IC/CC) wishes to submit a form, their co-premiers/chairs can sign as approval. If on Provincial Cabinet, the Vice Presidents may sign. Co-Premiers and Co-Chairs, do not feel obliged to accept all cheque req applications, use your judgement.

Money needs to be made in order to support and run the NSSSA. Because Provincial Cabinet doesn’t have incoming money, the expenses are paid for through earnings of regional conferences. 20% of conference income goes to PC to use to sustain the organization. This method is percentage based because of the difference in income between regions. For example, 20% of Metro’s regional conference income will be much larger than 20% of Valley’s income solely based on size and attendance of the conference.
Budgets are one of the most important things for a cabinet to be on top of. A conference can not happen without working on the budget. They cannot be fully completed until everything for the conference is done, which means that they are constantly changing. Included in the budget is everything that goes towards conference (venue, food, keynote speakers, incidentals, etc.). Once conference is finished, all budgets should be sent to the finance team. At first budgeting takes a lot of guesswork as you don’t know exactly what is going to happen and what will cost what. Be careful of assuming numbers of people attending as any large difference can make drastic changes to the budget. All purchases must be run by the finance team prior to paying.
Provincial Cabinet is now required to submit a full financial audit to the federal government in order to prove money spent throughout the year. In order to do this the treasurers need databases from all regions.
Co-Premiers and Co-Chairs are to be responsible for their own banking. They will receive all necessary information and must do their banking through an RBC branch. If a co-premier is not in a location close to an RBC, a 3-tion may take over the financing.
There are a few options on lowering costs and improving the financial stance of the organization. Options such as more cost effective speakers, sharing speakers within regions for better deals, speaking to venues about better deals, and there has been talk about lowering the level of advisors. However, this would be a risky decision that may turn some schools away.


Session 2


Location: Unicorn Theatre, Saint Margaret’s Bay

Time of Commencement: 3:04

Time of Adjournment: 4:57

Duration: 1 hr 53 min


Attendance and Regrets:

Present voting members: Molly Anderson, Liam Haliburton, Katelyn Libbus, Mitchell Archibald, Aidan MacFarlane, Kassandra Kelbratowski, Gabrielle Torrealba, Christina Nickerson, Micci Davy, Eliza Nobes, Chloe Dean-Moore, Molly Somers, Selena Landry, Zac Foran, Patrick Wallace, Kayla Jenkin, Emma Hogenbom, Camryn Smith, Haeley Langlois, Beth O’Connell, Amy Oickle

Present non-voting members: Lorne Abramson, Maggie MacNeil, Gordon Burns, Meagan Kettley

Regrets: Brooke Kattenbusch, Connor Poirier, Tatum Arcon, John Robertson

No Show:


Updates: (Problems and possible solutions)


President: Lack of unity within regions. Wants to see fairness across the province. Hopeful to see
all deals within the NSSSA be uniform and equal within all regions.

VP External: Problem with people not knowing what NSSSA is and what it is about. A concise and clear explanation of the organization is vital for advertising conferences as well as recruiting sponsors. Simply being described as ‘fun’ is not enough to make businesses want to donate or schools want to participate. Possible courses of action for a higher level of explanation could be practicing articulation, using alumni as speakers on the organization, and a province wide definition.

Treasurers: Feel method of financing is too large or overly complicated. The organization holds eight banking accounts, while it could be reduced to two, making it easier to produce audits and work towards charitability.

Secretary: Issue of people outside of cabinet not reading minutes or not caring about what is happening behind the scenes. Some members of the NSSSA may not even realize that the minutes are available for them to read. Minutes in themselves can vary dramatically from interesting, to seeming a complete waste of time. It would be useful to work on including vital information and omitting minor details.

CC Co-Chairs: Problem with decreasing numbers at conference in comparison to past years. Possible solutions could include lowering conference prices by cutting back on advisors, chaps, and logistics, as well as increasing sponsor opportunities. Many complaints came from the Exceeding Expectations survey surrounding a lack of freedom during conference. Conference Committee plans on working with logistics to be able to manage delegates without constant supervision. Hopeful to allow more free time and opportunities for returning to dorm rooms/having time away from the constant social interaction.

IC Co-Chairs: Hope to find a more accessible venue (potentially able to have all of conference on one floor – levelling out). IC also wants to work towards including an option on regional conference forms for students with intellectual, mental, or physical disabilities to request a delegate assistant for their regional conference.

Gala Co-Chairs: Problem with people being aware of who can go to Gala. Hopes to promote to more people as well as find a nicer venue at a more affordable price.

Chignecto Co-Premiers: Chignecto regional conferences numbers have been much lower than previous years. Cabinet hopes to strengthen PR presence as well as lower prices and have a larger amount of information sessions.

CBV Co-Premiers: Issues with venue. CBU not accommodating as well as other places may. Rules are too strict (no cheering), there is a large set up, and the committee has not been provided with necessary equipment. Hopes to find a new venue earlier rather than later as well as plan everything in a timely manner and stick to deadlines.
Other PC members recommend confronting CBU or changing venues all together.

Metro Co-Premiers: Hope to increase the quality of skill building sessions, making them more focused and pointed. Also raising promotion – especially aimed towards sports teams and athletic students who do not seem to know what NSSSA is. A plan for the coming year is to include check boxes on forms for students to decide whether they want to receive email notifications of other NSSSA events.

Strait Co-Premiers: This region has great interest and attendance but, this must be kept up. If lost it will be hard to recover. Work must be done with principals to ensure strong relations and boost conference attendance. Not every school in this region has conference attendants, this decreases numbers.

Sou’West Co-Premiers: Junior conference has disappeared from this region, but hoping to bring it back this year. Region feels as though junior conference is a great way of being introduced into the organization and would increase numbers at regionals. Sou’West is a geographically large region, so it is found that people from farther away are less likely to attend conference. This will hopefully be remedied by finding a more central venue for regionals.

Valley Co-Premiers: Numbers are always an issue. There are only four out of nine schools from the entire region sending students to conference, which means that for the coming year, the committee hopes to promote and so presentations focusing on the schools that are not participating, namely Horton High (which has a past advisor as a teacher) and Aberview.

Media Relations: Hoping to focus more on in school promotion as opposed to social media. Cabinet agreeing on the idea of approaching students themselves in schools that don’t want presentations. It is more difficult for schools to say no when they are being asked by both sides (students and NSSSA).

Webmaster: Currently no Webmaster.
New Business:

Voting – Any important decision within Provincial Cabinet must be made as a whole, and will be put to a vote. All members of cabinet (excluding Gala Co-Chairs, Past President, Webmaster, Provincial Advisor, and Financial Advisor) are entitled to vote. In order for a vote to be held, two thirds of PC must be in attendance of the meeting. Voting occurs after a motion is presented by one member of the committee and another member seconds that motion, after which the topic is open for discussion prior to a vote. It has been decided that in the case of a closed eyed vote, cabinet members will write their vote on a ballot as opposed to physically closing their eyes and voting. More logical and professional. The president will not cast their vote during the meeting time, but instead will record their vote prior and be counted only in the case of a tie.

Emails – While occasional contact can be done through Facebook, all official business will be done via email. The proper response time for an email is within 24 hours of it being sent, not received. Even if there is no time to write a full response, the email should at least be answered to acknowledge it has been received within this time. If someone is not replying to an email, one should feel free to email a second time to ask if it has been received. It is not rude to follow up on getting the information you need.
Any emails sent should be CCed to your partner so they remain aware of what you are doing. If you receive an email that your partner is not CCed in, add them. As a general rule, anything money related must be CCed to the finance team (Molly, Liam, Katelyn, Chloe, Eliza, Abe, John) and anything related to venues should CC to Molly, Liam, and Katelyn.
It is not usually necessary to BCC anyone unless it involves mass emails where recipients should not have access to each other’s email addresses.

Social Media – Anything posted on social media that connects to the three “d’s” of NSSSA will be unacceptable and asked to be removed. Always be aware of what is happening around you, such as pictures others may be taking of you that could be posted. Never wear any spirit wear that could be connected with the NSSSA to a party where illegal activities could be taking place. The same rules must be applied within Regional Cabinets, so Co-Premiers must be prepared to keep an eye on their cabinets social media accounts in case of this rule being broken. When looking for anything inappropriate, keep in mind “Friends Only” accounts as well as Snapchat stories.
If someone is questioning if what they are posting is appropriate or not, it is better to just not post it.
When it comes to alumni, it is obviously not illegal to post pictures containing alcohol, but they should still do so cautiously as it is still connected to a secondary school association. Alumni of the age of majority should also refrain from any actions relating to the NSSSA when under the influence (cheers, songs, etc.).

Attendance – There is a three strike rule when it comes to cabinet meeting attendance. Absence for three meetings puts a member’s position in jeopardy, allowing someone to motion to remove this member from PC. Same rules apply to all regional cabinets and committees. Any person knowing they will be absent must email their regrets to the presidential trio (who determine if the excuse is valid) as well as the secretary at least 24 hours prior to the meeting (with an acception of sudden illness or an emergency). Absentees without excuse will be marked as a no-show. If every reasonable attempt is made in order for one to attend, they may Skype or call in for the majority of the meeting.
Aside from actual attendance of a meeting, punctuality is also incredibly important and the secretary will keep a separate list for people who arrive late.
Within Regional Cabinets, meetings should be held consistently (weekly or biweekly) in order to encourage optimal attendance. It is difficult for cabinet members to make arrangements for attending when meeting dates are irregular. It is recommended to speak to cabinet members about any cultural or religious holidays that the co-premiers may not be aware of to schedule around.

Website – The NSSSA website works as a very useful tool for all cabinets. It acts as a distribution of forms for conferences as well as information about the organization as a whole and as separate regions. Any item cabinets wish to add to the website must be sent to the webmaster as far in advance as possible. The coming year brings hope of improving the website to include more photos, information about cabinets, and personalization.
The website is the face of NSSSA as many businesses and interested students go there first for information. This means that all posted items must be as professional as possible – including minutes, forms, and newsletters.


Brand – Social Media plays a large role in the NSSSA as a brand. A majority of the advertising and promotion for the organization is done through social media, so cabinet should make sure to be as professional as possible. Everything said is now connected to the organization, so it is vital to proofread, post links to the website, and put the NSSSA in the best light possible. As members of Provincial Cabinet many people who attend conferences will be aware of the people leading the organization, thus them knowing you even if you do not know them.


Session 3


Location: Unicorn Theatre, Head of Saint Margaret’s Bay
Time of Commencement: 8:35
Time of Adjournment: 10:49
Duration: 2 hr 14 min


Attendance and Regrets:

Present voting members: Molly Anderson, Liam Haliburton, Katelyn Libbus, Mitchell Archibald, Aidan MacFarlane, Kassandra Kelbratowski, Gabrielle Torrealba, Christina Nickerson, Micci Davy, Chloe Dean-Moore, Molly Somers, Selena Landry, Zac Foran, Patrick Wallace, Kayla Jenkin, Emma Hogenbom, Camryn Smith, Haeley Langlois, Beth O’Connell, Amy Oickle

Present non-voting members: Lorne Abramson, Maggie MacNeil, Gordon Burns, Meagan Kettley

Regrets: Brooke Kattenbusch, Connor Poirier, Tatum Arcon, John Robertson, Eliza Nobes

No Show:


New Business


Meeting Logistics: Choosing locations and dates for cabinet meetings can be difficult – especially for provincial cabinets such as PC, IC, and CC. Potential deciding factors for meeting venues include percent based, majority based, and remaining in a central location.


The main factor of discussion revolved around cabinet members living in the further ends of the province (Sou’West and CBV). It is thought that it is a lot harder for these people to find transportation as opposed to people living in more central locations (Metro, Valley, Chig). There are also factors such as the comfort of parents allowing their children to travel across the province alone, accommodations for members staying overnight, access to bus/shuttle stops and routes, and expense of travel (on individuals and the organization). The goal of cabinet is to have meetings in locations that will be the most fair for everyone travelling. It does not seem reasonable to ask cabinet members to drive the entire length of the province for a meeting. It is thought by members of cabinet that holding meetings in central locations (Metro, Strait, Chig, Valley) would be the most fair way of lessening travel for everyone.


Katelyn motions to hold 2016-2017 Provincial Cabinet meetings in logical, central locations.


Zac seconds this motions

Universities (St. FX, Mount St. Vincent, Acadia, etc.) act as good meeting locations because of their knowledge of the NSSSA, the organization’s commitment to some of these places, as well as the ease of accommodations surrounding them. Cabinet should be careful of choosing locations and it should always be considered that some venues will be more or less expensive than others. Dates should also remain relatively consistent (not one at the very end of the month, and one at the very beginning).


18 in favour, 2 non present voting members


Motion passed.


Provincial Cabinet Meeting Dates:

⦁ September 17th – Mount St. Vincent

⦁ October 22nd – Acadia

⦁ November 5th – St. FX

⦁ Dec 18th – Mount St. Vincent

⦁ January and past – TBA


Advisors, Chaps, and Logistics: Valley, Chignecto, and IC currently without advisors. Chignecto’s Head First Aid is old enough to be a potential advisor. Advisor from last year’s IC showed interest but did not submit a form, the cabinet plans on contacting them.

It was mentioned a few times about reducing numbers of advisors, chaps, or logistics in order to reduce costs. The current ratio for chaps and logistics is 1:15, but this was never a written rule, just a safety precaution. It is suggested that regions aim for this number, but if it cannot be reached, there is nothing stopping students from attending conference. The school board holds specific rules regarding ‘school trips’ and numbers of chaperones, but if a school attends with the wrong number of people, it is not the fault of the NSSSA.


Logistic numbers vary across the province; larger regions require more logistics than smaller regions do. Provincial conference obviously requires the largest amount of logistics in order to maintain the amount of delegates, but it could be possible to reduce this number by having CC members take on some of the roles of logistics during conference.

There will be further discussion surrounding reduction of advisors, chaps, and logistics at the next meeting.


August Retreat: Looking back at last year’s training retreat, the goal for this year’s retreat is to have a more professional setting as well as a more cost effective venue. This goal was made formal by a motion last year. To reach the goal the retreat will be held at St.FX University. The KMC will be used for sleeping and meeting space. The Schwartz building will be used for training, and Morrison Hall for meals. The weekend will cost roughly $5,000 as opposed to last year’s cost of $12,000. Using St.FX as a location is thought to be ideal because of NSSSA’s partnership with the university and the possibility of the contract providing us with lower costs in the future. The date of the retreat is the weekend of August 27th and 28th.

A concern was raised regarding the amount of people gone on vacation in August. However, it was suggested that people attending the retreat will be able to pass along information to the absent members on their cabinet, as we will never be able to accommodate all members who should be in attendance.


Katelyn motions to hold the Cabinet and Committee training retreat at St. FX with a maximum budget of $6,500.


Patrick seconds this motion.


A large concern surrounding the retreat is the price and how it will affect the organization and this year’s budget. Because the NSSSA does not have the expendable money needed for this retreat, it is suggested that the funds are found by other means, such as raising conference fees, spending less money on conferences, incorporating a portion of retreat expense into every region’s budget, finding more sponsors, having regions add extra to the 20% overhead, and raising the Alumni fee.


The main way to make the retreat work is to budget the cost into every region’s conference. This means cutting back on overall conference costs as well as raising attendance from delegates in order to increase the revenue. If the motion is passed, everyone is agreeing to this.


Vote results with 18 in favour, 2 non present voting members.


Motion Passed.


Retreat will be held at St. FX on August 27th and 28th.


Session 4


Location: Unicorn Theatre, Saint Margaret’s Bay

Time of Commencement: 8:37

Time of Adjournment: 10:29

Duration: 1 hr 52 min


Attendance and Regrets:

Present voting members: Molly Anderson, Liam Haliburton, Katelyn Libbus, Beth O’Connell, Camryn Smith, Gabrielle Torrealba, Zac Foran, Patrick Wallace, Amy Oickle, Emma Hogenbom, Molly Somers, Selena Landry, Aidan MacFarlane, Kassandra Kelbratowski, Mitchell Archibald, Micci Davy, Christina Nickerson

Present non-voting members: Lorne Abramson

Regrets: Eliza Nobes, Connor Poirier, Brooke Kattenbusch, Tatum Arcon, Gordon Burns, Maggie MacNeil, John Robertson, Meagan Kettley, Haeley Langlois, Kayla Jenkin,

No Show:


Updates: (Roles of Cabinet Members)


President: PC should always remember that the President, as well as VPI and VPE are the partners of everyone on cabinet. They are there in order to help their cabinet get their jobs done, and do them well. Anyone with questions should feel comfortable asking for answers or for any help when feeling overwhelmed. Molly asks that cabinet sends her emails, but if there is no reply, to feel free to call her. Co-Premiers in particular should ask questions because of the Presidential trio’s past experience with being Co-Premieres themselves.


VP External: The role of the VPE is to work with everything that affects the entire organization at an external standpoint. This could include speaking with outside businesses about partnerships and donations or speaking with media. If any outside source is in contact with a member of PC regarding donations, Liam should be contacted and will direct the message to whoever needs it.


VP Internal: VPI’s job is helping every person on cabinet and making sure the organization is running smoothly from the inside. Katelyn will be the one to organize occasional check-ins with the positions on PC.


Secretary: Main job is to record minutes of all Provincial Cabinet meetings to be accessed by PC meetings as well as the public (via the NSSSA website). Updates from all positions must be sent to Molly and the presidential trio at least three days prior to a meeting. These updates are to include everything the member plans on speaking about at the meeting.


Once minutes are edited they will be emailed to all PC members to read through and send back corrections to Molly. It is mandatory to reply to these emails as there will be a keyword or phrase written somewhere in the minutes that people need to include in their reply to prove the minutes have been read.


Upon Abe’s request minutes will include an “Action Required” feature that will follow a discussion in order to describe what is expected of a position prior to the next meeting.


Media Relations: This year Selena will be working on promoting NSSSA through media across the province. She will have access to all of the official social media accounts as well as create the monthly newsletters sent to those NSSSA members subscribed. These newsletters will include short updates from PC positions, which must be sent in or else they will be written on your behalf.


There has already been contact from television programs about getting interviews or including a story on NSSSA. The organization is hopeful that the coming year will bring further opportunities for promotions like these as it would act as an incredibly valuable method of the public understanding what we do as well as boosting numbers.


Action Required- Co premiers to research media opportunities within their region and compile a list to give to Selena. Molly has contacts for the HRM.


New Business:


Head School Rep Coordinator

At the end of the past year, a new PC position was proposed due to confusion in provincial conference promotion. The purpose of the HSR Coordinator is to streamline information from Provincial Cabinet to Head School Reps of each region and to insure uniform promotion is being completed all across the province. The responsibilities of this position are as follows:

⦁ Attend all PC meetings

⦁ Send emails and contact all Head School Reps about provincial conference

⦁ Create and give media presentations

⦁ Host Head School Rep meetings

⦁ Provide effective feedback to members of PC as well as regional cabinets

⦁ Run campaigns for the promotion of NSSSA

⦁ Aid all Head School Reps with any possible issues or concerns

⦁ Take on any other role asked of by Provincial Cabinet

Mitch’s plan for the coming year is based on consistent communication within the province. All head school reps should be giving the same idea of what NSSSA is to all schools they visit and come in contact with. There should be no school in Nova Scotia that has not heard of the NSSSA.

Even if the school is far out of the way, someone will be able to get you there. The key schools to focus on are the ones that are not currently participating or sending students to conference. Head School Reps will be working more diligently in the coming year even after their regional conference has been completed, at which point they will be focusing on promotion of the provincial conference.


Mitchell will host frequent phone calls with Head School Reps (most likely bi-weekly during busy times) in the case of questions or unsurity.


Discussion was held to determine the best way of choosing head school reps, resulting it it being up to the discretion of the co premiers as to whether they choose preexisting cabinet members or completely new people to fulfil the role. In either situation, RC members should keep in mind to not overstep their positions and encroach on the head school reps doing their own jobs within the schools.


There has been talk about certain schools being unresponsive to contact from NSSSA, mostly within private and French schools. The thought is that not enough effort is going in to getting these schools involved, and there will be more work done in the coming year to encourage both administration and students of these schools to want to attend conference. Aside from these schools, it is thought to be also beneficial to speak with the organization in charge of homeschooling.

It is not thought to be a waste of time to reach out to these schools and focus energy on getting them to support the NSSSA because of the sake of students. There is no such thing as too much leadership or putting too much effort into helping your students grow and gain new experiences.


Working with Members of PC


Working With a Partner – the most important person a cabinet member will have for the year. Partners act as the one to go to for everything needed NSSSA related. Everything is shared between partners, emails, data, finances, questions, problems, workload, etc. It is recommended that partners focus on their strengths in order to ‘divide and conquer’ tasks. For example, on co-premier could be in charge of financing while the other keeps track of databases (however, even if tasks are separate, partners should still always know the details of what each other are doing).


Working with Cabinet – People should be cautious of having good friends on their cabinet. Of course everyone will end up being close after spending the year together, but every member of cabinet needs to remember that the wellbeing of the organization is the priority. If a friend is breaking any rules or not completing their job to satisfaction, they must be treated the same as anyone else. Co-Premiers and Co-Chairs should always keep in mind that they are on equal with the rest of their cabinet. There are no more or less important positions in NSSSA, and a conference could not happen missing any of them. Co-Premiers and Co-Chairs should be approachable as they are the partners of everyone on their cabinet as well as the people they will go to for answers and support. Be friendly, but don’t be afraid to enforce rules (ask to take down inappropriate pictures from social media and keep meetings on topic – save the fun for later).


Abe points out that Regional Advisors should always be informed on what is happening and what is expected of them. Give advisors updates so that they are aware of everything before the fact. They are there because they want to be, make sure they are appreciated.


Being on Provincial Cabinet – It is vital to always be prepared, especially when meetings run as long as they do. Highly recommended to use the help of other cabinet members who may be experiencing the same issues in their own regions. PC members should keep in mind that changes only happen when they are talked about, so don’t be scared to speak up about ideas or concerns. Put them in the updates to ensure they aren’t forgotten.


2016-2017 Potential Conference Dates:

⦁ Chig – Dec 3rd

⦁ Valley – Junior Conference Nov 26th, Regional Conference Feb 18th/19th

⦁ Strait – Junior Conference Oct 29th, Regional Conference Nov 19th

⦁ Sou’West – TBA

⦁ Metro – Nov 12th

⦁ IC – March 25th

⦁ CC – May 18th to 21st

⦁ CBV – Nov 26th/27th


Motion to adjourn: Aidan MacFarlane, motion seconded by Kassandra Kelbratowski

Date for Next Meeting: August 27th at St.FX

Chignecto Meeting Minutes – August 28th


Location: St. Francis Xavier University
Time of Commencement:8:38
Time of Adjournment:9:20
Duration: forty-two minutes

Attendance and Regrets
Present Voting Members: Beth O’Connell, Kelsey Robson, Sam McNeil, Mullen Boulter, Maddie Tennant, Baileigh Dwyer, Emma Trottier, Kara-Lyne Shaw
Regrets: Camryn Smith, Brennan Marks, Alicia Aikens, Areta Boone, Corrine Trottier, Peter Woo, Madalyn Nielson

The cabinet discussed the expectations for meetings. The meetings will be on a biweekly basis until closer to conference. A potential meeting spot at the NSCC Truro Campus was brought up for future meetings. Beth spoke about the expectation with emails. All emails should be replied to quickly. All members are expected to post in Basecamp the days would work for potential meeting days.

At 9:00 Maddie and Mullen left to attend their respective Inclusion Conference and Conference Committee meetings.

Baileigh deleted the Chignecto region Snapchat as it was decided that there should only be one Snapchat for the whole organisation.

The cabinet discussed names for Regional Conference and the Junior High Conference. Tentative dates are set for both conferences with the junior high conference in December and regional conference in February.

The cabinet discussed cabinet spirit wear but decided not to vote until more members are present.

Beth moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:19. Sam seconded that motion at 9:20.