Chignecto Meeting Minutes – December 9th 2018

Minutes from:


Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Truro Library


Time of commencement: 1:15

Time of Adjournment: 2:04

Duration: 49 minutes


– Attendance –


Present Voting Members: Jorja Smith, Beth McNeill, Emily Chauder, Kelsey Hann, Clarissa Pasion

Present Non-voting: Linda Suo

Regrets: Josh Lohnes, Zoe Morgan, Brady Webb, Mullen Boulter, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier

No shows:


– Updates –


New Business:

Cabinet debriefed the Junior Event. Delegates, advisors and skillbuilders were content and gave great feedback on how smoothly the conference went.The participation and attitudes of the delegates were great and there was a clear change of the two between the start and end of conference.

In regards to things that need improvement, only skillbuilders are supposed to be in skillbuilding sessions; all others should stay out. When buying things, it is important that things are ran through the co-premiers before they are bought, not after. Epic went well, but in order for it to be better, the plan should be thoroughly discussed at a meeting before conference. For Regionals, it is expected that we have actual delegate bags with things in them. Most businesses that did not donate for the Junior Event said that they would donate towards Regional Conference. If Cabinet finds a venue as soon as possible, forms can be put out sooner. This leaves room for error and keeps things organized. We also need to press schools to make sure they contact the 3-tion to reassure that their registration forms were received.

Co-Premiers: Co-premiers have been looking into venue options. The Emmanuel Baptist Church declined because of Sunday school. The Tatamagouche Centre was good but was really expensive at about 120 dollars per person. The best current option is the Debert Conference Centre. They provide conference rooms, 3 meals with great food and accommodations with actual beds. They give a good price and it would be ideal for Chignecto to develop a relationship with this venue for future conferences. Co-premiers will inquire about having a dance at this venue and will try to get the venue confirmed before christmas.

Canadian tire donated an 1800 dollar gym set. Cabinet discussed doing a raffle on it. Another option is to just put it on kijiji and get the money upfront all at once to Fundraise the t-shirt cost.

A lot of car dealers and accountants give cash donations towards conferences so Cabinet and Public Relations should look into that.

The unconfirmed date for regionals will be February 2-3 and cabinet would set up on 1st.

The goal for Regional conference is 40 delegates


SkillBuilding Chairs:

Public Relations:


Head School Representatives:

Welcoming Chair:


Adjournment: Clarissa adjourned the meeting, Kelsey seconded the motion.

Sou’West Meeting Minutes-November 25, 2018

Sou’West Regional Cabinet Meeting – November 25, 2018


Location: 27 Shreve St, Digby, NS


Time of Commencement: 15:00


Time of Adjournment: 15:50


Duration: 50 minutes




Present Voting members: Zoe Marshall, Libby Graham, Addie Hersey, Jacqueline Tan, Owen Wood, Olivia Cook, Tate Vachon, Bronwyn Inness


Present Non-Voting Members: Michelle Talbot, Court Mahar


Regrets: Emma Hiltz, Olivia Walker, Kenzie Robinson-Jordan, Payton Tupper, Jayde Corkum


No Shows: Reem Eissa




Co-Premiers: The Regional Conference date has been moved to March 2nd and 3rd due to low numbers.


Advisor: The Regional Conference has been insured.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: The skillbuilding retreat will now be held on the 24th of February.


3-tions: The new deadline for forms will be February 21st. The refund deadline is February 26th.


Public Relations: A video should be made to advertise the Regional Conference. The keynote speaker has been confirmed and an email has been sent out asking if they can attend the new conference date.


Head School Representatives: Head School Representatives have been doing lots of presentations and advertising! As many presentations as possible are needed!


Secretary: The year on the Regional Conference t-shirts should be changed to just ‘2019’ if possible.


New Business


Regional Conference: The date of the conference has been moved to March 2nd and 3rd. Since most of the positions have completed their required tasks, each member should work on promoting the conference in their school! Especially in January and February, members should spread the word of the Sou’West conference, look for chaperones for their school, talk to their principals about the conference, and help out the Head School Representatives as much as they can.


Fundraising: Into the new year, the cabinet will look into doing a fundraiser for the Provincial conference.


Adjournment: Tate Vachon motioned to adjourn this meeting. Owen Wood seconded this motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


The next regional cabinet meeting for Sou’West will be held January 6th at 15:00 in the Digby Arena.


Inclusion Meeting Minutes 20180929

NSSSA Minutes From:

Inclusion Committee Meeting



Location: MSVU Evaristus Room 102                                                                    

Time of Commencement:10:07am                                                                                            

Time of Adjournment: 11:03am

Duration: 50 minutes



Present Voting Members: Maggie Biggs, Alyssa Malay, Brianna Fitzgerald, Ciara Harris                          

Present Non-Voting Members: Meagan Soley

Regrets: Margaret Lee, Cath Densmore, Anna Campbell, Angus Kennedy, Mitchell Aguinaga, Ella Stacey, Jasmine Metzler, Emily Webb, Matt Walsh, Renee McLeod, Kaleigh McLeod



To start the meeting, the committee introduced themselves, and then Ciara explained how each position differs on the Inclusion cabinet compared to other NSSSA cabinets. The discussion of each position is as follows:


3-Tions: The role of the 3-tion is very important on IC, as there is a lot more detail on IC forms. There is a lot more to be entered into the database, as the forms will have a lot more things like food allergies, whether a delegate is prone to seizures, and other health concerns. If 3-tions have any questions, Abe is their best resource. As the committee currently has only two 3-tions, and since Angus lives in Antigonish (so he can’t access the mailbox) Ciara is currently looking for another 3-tion that lives in Metro. It was also discussed that since Angus won’t be doing a lot of the entering into the database, that he could potentially help the PR’s after forms have been released.


Skill Building Chair: On IC, the Skillbuilding Chair must take different disabilities into account when creating the skillbuilding manual. Meagan brought up one example: you wouldn’t do two truths and a lie as a Skillbuilding activity at IC, because that would be very confusing for an autistic delegate. Other factors to keep into account are whether an activity involves fine motor skills, or how easily adapted an activity can be. The SB chair should share activity ideas with the whole committee so we can make sure they are inclusive. The skillbuilding/DA retreat could also potentially have speakers from different disability organizations to help DA’s and skillbuilders  understand their needs.


Public Relations: The public relations for Inclusion should be looking for disability-specific pamphlets/other items for the delegate bags. The same goes for the opportunities fair: booths can include organizations like Autism Nova Scotia, the Halifax Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society, Easter Seals, etc. PR’s should note that the delegate bags and opportunities fair can have the same organizations. PR’s can only start contacting businesses and organizations once we have a conference name.  


WENDYs: The main difference between IC Wendys and other Wendys is that at Inclusion, the Wendys should have one or two cheers that they focus on for the whole conference, rather than different ones every time. By focusing on only a few cheers, this gives everyone a chance to learn them, so they can feel included. These cheers should also be included in the delegate manual so they are easier to follow.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Inclusion conference has usually used fuzzies as the main part of the welcoming activity, but the Welcoming Co-Chairs are encouraged to think of something that could be more accessible. It has always been a concern that some delegates might find tying the fuzzies to be difficult, so if the Welcloming Co-Chairs can come up with a welcoming activity that doesn’t use fine motor skills, that would be wonderful. Other than that, Inclusion conferences usually have other stuff going on during the welcoming activity, such as colouring, facepaint, or games. Meagan suggested that some activities could be held outside the MPR because the noise can be overwhelming for some delegates.


Secretary: Since IC only meets once a month, it is important that regrets send an update over email. Since it is the first meeting, updates were not required, but for subsequent meetings they will be very important. All members of the committee must read the minutes and reply with the codeword.


Communications: Promotion within the learning centers at schools in essential. We also put an emphasis on schools that have Best Buddies chapters, as buddies are able to attend the conference together. Committee members will be expected to help Jasmine with presentations at school, so we can present to as many schools as possible. Many hands make light work, so committee members should be prepared to do presentations at their own schools as well as others.


Head Mental Health First Aid: Anna has already started her mental health first aid it. Currently there are menstrual products, stress balls, coloring books, markers, colored pencils, fidget spinners, tums, bandaids, bubbles and a pinwheel. If anyone has any suggestions for things to add, let Anna know.


New Business:


Postitions that are still needed: Ciara is currently looking for another PR, a 3-tion who lives in the Metro region, a DA Chair, and a Head First Aid (she is likely going to talk to James Grant or Julia Lawrence about that.)


Partner communication: Partners should talk once a week about their position. This can either be in person, or over the phone. Consistent communication is key to the success of your position. If partners have any issues or disagreements, they should go to Ciara for advice. If both partners are unaware or confused about what they should be doing, they should ask Ciara ASAP. It is better to admit you’re confused early on than right before conference.


Promotion: Ciara plans on doing conference touring. Although we need to promote to potential DA’s and Skillbuilders, promotion should be focused on getting our delegate numbers up. This means promotion should be done primarily in learning centers and Best Buddies chapters. Promotion should also begin early so people have time to come up with the money to attend conference.


T-Shirt issue: T-shirts are very expensive, and with the attendance at IC usually being somewhat unpredictable, they often make us lose a significant amount of money. The committee is encouraged to think of alternatives to T-shirts. We could have some item that doesn’t have the conference name on it, just NSSSA Inclusion, that way if we had some left over, they could be used in subsequent years. Ideas proposed were patches and stickers.


Conference Name: Name needs to sound professional, so that it doesn’t hinder the PR’s ability to get donations. However, it should still sound fun/inspiring, and IC has a longstanding tradition of having names with acronyms. All committee members should think of a potential name to be brought up at the next meeting.

Adjournment: Alyssa motioned to adjourn the meeting at 11:03, Brianna seconded the motion.

Sou’West Meeting Minutes-November 18, 2018

Sou’West Regional Cabinet Meeting – November 18, 2018


Location: 27 Shreve St, Digby, NS


Time of Commencement: 15:18


Time of Adjournment: 16:17


Duration: 59 minutes




Present Voting members: Reem Eissa, Emma Hiltz, Olivia Walker, Jacqueline Tan, Zoe Marshall, Olivia Cook, Natalie Baker, Owen Wood, Libby Graham, Tate Vachon, Bronwyn Inness, Addie Hersey


Present Non-Voting Members: Michelle Talbot


Regrets: Kenzie Robinson-Jordan, Payton Tupper, Jayde Corkum


No Shows: N/A




Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Skillbuilding sessions have been brainstormed. The skillbuilding retreat is next Sunday (WENDYs will be there to discuss EPIC with the skillbuilders!).


WENDYs: EPIC has been planned, as well as the talent show. A late night game must be planned.


3-tions: All forms have been made and sent out. A database has also been made and shared.


Public Relations: An email has been sent out to a possible keynote speaker.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Yarn has been collected (there are lots of fuzzies left over from the Junior Event), but more yarn is still needed. The welcoming email has been retyped with the correct school and is ready to be sent. A packing list has been made. Welcoming Co-Chairs are planning games. The questions for the delegate manual will be the same as they were for the Junior Event manual (with one taken out to shorten it!).


Head School Representatives: Schools have been divided up into regions and the Head School Representatives have started contacting schools and handing out forms. A few presentations have been made and have gone really well!


Secretary: Both the cabinet wear order and the conference t-shirt order have been sent out.


Food Co-Chair: The food manual has been made and will be edited appropriately when all the forms are in. The budget is being made. Most of the food will be purchased this Friday.


New Business


Decorations: There will be a flame theme at the Regional Conference. A photobooth will be made to match the theme.


Dance: Student council at Digby Regional High School has speakers for the dance as well as a “DJ” light system.


Regional Conference: A Kahoot needs to be made, so cabinet members should send in any ideas they have! All members should be at DRHS on the Friday before the conference!


Adjournment: Tate Vachon motioned to adjourn this meeting. Jacqueline Tan seconded this motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

The next regional cabinet meeting for Sou’West will be held on November 25th at 15:00 in the Digby Arena.

Strait Meeting Minutes – November 10th, 2018


NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: 5555 Union Pl, Antigonish

Time of Commencement: 4:34pm

Time of Adjournment: 5:30pm

Duration: 56 minutes


Present Voting Members: Noor Mohrez, Molly Vokey, Monica Lumsden, Jack Clapperton, Payton MacMillan, Maddie Ehler, Emma Jukes, Kinnon Wallace, Tessa Pelrine, Ria Jurrlink, Sam Silver, Mathew MacEachern, Kara MacDougall, Wamfa Kumoung, Angus Kennedy, Margaret Ann Gillis

Present Non-Voting Members: Logan Fox, Avery LeLièvre, Will Bowie, Dawn Thompson, Paddy Wallace


Regrets: Zac Foran, Aidan Doucet, Katelynn Libbus





  • Completed database.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Finialized skillbuilder partners.
  • Prepared for retreat.
  • Held successful retreat.
  • Collecting SB materials.


Public Relations:

  • Finished up visiting businesses
  • Received monetary donations from Guysborough.
  • Organized how-to sessions and booths.



  • Practiced cheers.
  • Making a setlist of cheers for G.R.O.O.V.E.
  • Making a costume database.


Head School Reps:

  • Sorted out refunds for delegates.
  • Organized final delegate number after refunds were processed.
  • Communicated conference details with reps.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Attached the itinerary PDF to the welcoming email and is ready to be sent out.
  • Finished organizing fuzzies.
  • Made a playlist for the welcoming activity.
  • Made a backup plan for welcoming activity incase delegates get bored of fuzzying.



  • Sent out November 4th’s meeting minutes.
  • Posted minutes.
  • Regional t-shirts are ready and will be shipped to Antigonish this week.




  • Had meeting with StFX
    • Discussed food options and prices. Decided on lasagna ($8.93) for lunch, turkey dinner ($13.50) for supper and meal hall breakfast ($8.26).
    • Talked about GeoFilter will be putting St.FX’s logo in it. NSSSA will be covering the cost of the filter.
    • Marry Jessie will be opening at our conference and Kevin speaking at closing ceremonies.
    • Secured the package on skillbuilding manuals.
  • Delegate manuals were printed without St.FX’s logo, but inserts of St.FX’s will be printed and added to the delegate manuals.
  • Found another advisor from Dr.J.
  • Contract from St.FX will be finalised after a few details are clarified.
  • Found second delegate assistant.
  • Organized refunds.
  • Deposited several cheques.


Head Logistics:


Head Chaperones:


Head First Aid:

  • Picked up medications and donated supplies for conference.


Head Mental Health First Aid:


Regional Advisor:

  • Finished advisor lists and SB groups.


New Business:


EPIC Materials:

  • The following cabinet members must remember to bring these particular props for the EPIC vines.
  • Croissant- Wamfa.
  • Road work ahead sign, avocado, trays, fake rat- Emma.
  • Blue denim shirt- Monica
  • Potato, beet – Kinnon
  • Chicken suit- Margaret Ann
  • Sunglasses- Kara
  • Spiderman suit- Josh (not on cabinet)


SB supplies:

  • Need paper and cue cards for sessions.
  • Cabinet is asked to search for as many cue cards as they can find.



  • 5 workshops are confirmed- Showtime, The Highland Bike Shop, Credit union, belly dancing, dance with Maureen Fraser, and university prep.
  • How-to booths include; how to fuzzy, juggle, wendy, glow, facepainting, positive messages, magnetic-poetry-rapping, how-to apply for RC/skillbuilding, photobooth.
  • People running booths must make posters for booths.


Media contest prizes:

  • Travel mugs, bags, and pizza coupons will be given to contest winners.


Reminders for cabinet:

  • Make packing list for conference to ensure nothing important is forgotten.
  • Start turn over package for your position early to remember key pointers.



  • Monica motioned that delegates who have requested a refund will be replaced by delegates who missed the form deadline.
  • Cabinet was unanimously in favour to the motion.
  • Motion was passed.

Adjournment: Sam motioned to adjourn the meeting. Kara seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Metro Meeting Minutes – November 4, 2018

Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of commencement: 19:03

Time of Adjournment: 21:29

Duration: Two hours and twenty-six minutes


Present Voting Members: Katie Bates, Becca MacAulay, Brooke Betyna, Youna McGowan, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, DJ Shuman, Kailey Webber, Emily Webb, Ella Stacey, Julia Gonzales, Mitchell Aguinaga, Bleona Sahiti, Matthew Boutilier, Cameron Fiander, Isabelle Parmiter, Emily Robichaud, Renee McLeod

Present Non-Voting Members: Qendresa Sahiti, Anna Gaudet, Fortesa Sahiti, Quinn MacIsaac

Regrets: N/A

Positional Updates:

Secretary: She has been working on minutes.

Public Relations: Alex has twelve engagement sessions confirmed. The confirmed session topics are; Makeup, Living Eco-Friendly, Engineering, Gymnastics, Yoga, Improv, Balloon Animals, Aubcon, Scholarships, Inclusion, Sea Turtles, LGBTQ+, and Drag Queens. The Delegate Manual is ready. DJ got a monetary donation. Isabelle will be getting a cake for the winners of Epic.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: The Skillbuilding Retreat took place on Saturday, November 3. Almost every Skillbuilder was present. The Skillbuilding Manual has been sent to Mount Saint Vincent University for print. There are 32 Skillbuilders confirmed. They need egg cartons for one of the Skillbuilding activities. Julia L. will pick up the seeds and soil to plant in the egg cartons.

Head School Representatives: They are going to create the lunch schedule.

3-Tions: They currently have entered over 200 forms into the database. They are still waiting for cheques to arrive from some schools. They created the room list. Logistics and Chaperones will share a room. Fortesa advised the 3-Tions that the Mental Health First Aid and First Aid should be located in separate rooms, but both should be as central as possible. Quinn suggested that although the Advisors sleep in Vinnie’s Pub, there should be another room for the Advisors to do work and have a social area. The confirmation email should be sent out soon.

Welcoming Co-Chair: They are going to count their Fuzzies tonight. They believe they have enough finished. They have to wait to receive the final database before sending out the welcoming email.  Julia G. asked for the itinerary, so Becca will send it to everyone on Cabinet.

Wendy: The theme for the Talent Show will be the 90s. They requested that bright colours be added to the packing list. They made a few changes to Epic, but it still has the same concept. Every station will now be in Seton. They plan to show the Logistics their plan for Epic. At the Skillbuilding Retreat they taught everyone a few cheers. They will send cabinet a copy of the Cheer Bible. During Epic, Cabinet will be at the finish line ready for teams to finish. They will need a few members of Cabinet to run the Flower Station. Renee suggested that Cabinet does a performance together at the Talent Show. Fortesa asked how the WENDYs plan to change their costumes. She advised them that in the past there have been a lot of participation in the Talent Show, therefore they might not have enough costumes to change throughout the day as well as in between acts. She suggested that they switch costumes throughout the day and have one outfit for the Talent Show. Mitchell has foam mats for the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs. Julia L. advised them to make a set list of cheers. Mitchell made a playlist for conference.

Co-Premier: They met with Mount Saint Vincent University and signed the contract. They sent Jeremy the manuals. Becca met with Lindell Smith over the phone. They made positional itineraries. They have pinies for the Logistics and Chaperones.

Head First Aid: She has her team. Qendresa just needs to know what room she will be in and where every AED is located.

Head Logistics: They have ten Logistics confirmed to be on their team.

Head Chaperones: They have enough for three people per room. There will be coffee and snacks provided for the Chaperones as they have to stay up all night. Julia L. said in the past the rule has been as long as no less than two chaperones are awake it is fine for the others to take naps.

New Business:

What to expect:  Cabinet had some time to meet with their partners to create a list of what needs to be completed by Friday. Julia L. will pick items up if anyone needs anything for conference. Quinn and Julia L. will send the email to the Advisors. The Co-Premiers will be contacting some positions for a group check-in.

Conference T-Shirts: The Metro Regional Cabinet currently has 93 shirts to make delegate bags out of. Quinn will email Alumni telling them to bring old conference t-shirts.

Snapchat Filters: Fortesa advised the Co-Premiers that if by Monday they submitted a request for a Snapchat filter, they might get it for free.  If not, it should cost around $30.

Contests: Isabelle might be receiving Discovery Centre passes as a donation. They could be a prize for a contest on social media.

Communication: Cabinet tested out the Zello app which will be used as the main source of communication between Cabinet members. Julia L. suggested everyone on Cabinet should headphones with a microphone. Cabinet passed their phones around to ensure no one was missing anyone phone numbers.

Conference Eve: Conference Eve will be held this Friday, November 9 starting at 6pm. Cabinet will meet in their regular meeting room. Kailey will be making a post for people to comment what they plan on bringing. Julia L. would like all print requests by Friday at noon. Ella offered her house to any Cabinet members who need a place to stay Friday night after Conference Eve. Mitchell suggested that everyone on cabinet gets their flu shot by Monday, November 5 so it will kick in before conference.

Conference: Everyone on cabinet should be wearing at least one of their Cabinet wear at all times. Fortesa asked whether caffeine will be banned at conference this year. Julia L. suggested not to mention it. With the new smoking laws, the Designated Smoking Area is far from the building so there will have to be a schedule for trips. The list of dietary concerns should be sent to Becca. Cabinet and Logistics will be in Seton to help people arrive to their Engagement Sessions. Yoga and Gymnastics will need a larger space. There will be a Remembrance Day ceremony on Sunday during closing ceremonies. Anna G. will send her Kahoot to Renee.

Motion of Adjournment: Julia motioned to adjourn the meeting, Ella seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: November 9, 2018

Metro Meeting Minutes – October 28, 2018

Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of commencement: 19:13

Time of Adjournment: 20:09

Duration: Fifty-six minutes


Present Voting Members: Becca MacAulay, Brooke Betyna, Youna McGowan, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, DJ Shuman, Kailey Webber, Emily Webb, Ella Stacey, Julia Gonzales, Bleona Sahiti, Matthew Boutilier, Cameron Fiander, Isabelle Parmiter, Renee McLeod

Present Non-Voting Members: Qendresa Sahiti, Fortesa Sahiti

Regrets: Katie Bates, Mitchell Aguinaga, Emily Robichaud

Positional Updates:

Secretary: She has been working on the minutes.

Public Relations: Alex has nine confirmed Engagement Sessions. Isabelle needs everyone to respond to her email regarding Cabinet profiles to go in the Delegate Manual. She asks anyone who has not responded to do so by Monday, October 29. DJ has not heard back from any businesses about monetary donations. Becca and Fortesa advised him to call and show up to the business and follow through. The Delegate Manual is almost done.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: They have been reviewing the Skillbuilding application forms. They are currently planning the Skillbuilder retreat which is November 3. At the retreat, Anna C. will present a Mental Health video. Also the WENDYS will present Epic.

Head School Representatives: They need to draft their email to Advisors as well as create the lunch schedule.

3-Tions: The 3-Tions have been receiving forms and placing them in the database.

Welcoming Co-Chair: They made a draft of the packing list and are continuing to make more fuzzies.

Wendy: They have made a list of supplies for epic. They will make a sheet so Cabinet Members can sign up to bring items. Some examples include; a large puzzle, flashlights, some loose leaf, a sandbox, rocks to make an Inukshuk.

Co-Premier: The Metro Regional Cabinet is providing five scholarships. Becca will give the 3-Tions the information of the people receiving scholarships. Becca suggested that in the future there should be better promotion of scholarships. They got another Keynote speaker booked, his name is Quentrel Provo.

Head First Aid: Qendresa needs an update on the First Aid Kit. She has also given Bleona the forms for the people providing First Aid at conference.

Head Chaperones: They have been getting a team together. Fortesa feels that they should only need ten Chaperones for conference.

New Business:

Engagement Sessions: There needs to be better communication between the people giving delegates their Engagement Session room numbers. An idea to differentiate the first and second session would be to put a one by the first room number, then a two with the second. There should be people telling people about the pumpkin Engagement Sessions while they wait to register. Alex offered to work on making posters for the Engagement Session and place them along the wall so delegates can read them before they register. Isabelle is going to add step-by-step instructions on how to make the T-Shirt bags into the Delegate Manual.

Delegate Manual: The Delegate Manual as well as the Skillbuilding Manual needs to be sent to Mount Saint Vincent University no later than November 1.

Conference Eve: Conference Eve occurs the evening before conference. It is a night of preparation for Cabinet where they do anything they need to get done for conference. It will be held at Mount Saint Vincent University on Friday, November 9 starting at 7:00pm. The main task is to put all of the items for the Delegate bags in the skillbuilding rooms. Isabelle suggested assigning rooms to Cabinet Members prior to Conference Eve. There will be a Potluck and Becca will make a post in the Facebook page for members of Cabinet to sign up to bring food. The Co-Premiers will have a list of what to do at Conference Eve, but each individual position is asked to make their own to-do list.

T-Shirt Bags: Qendresa wanted to know how many shirts the Cabinet has to make the T-Shirt bags. Cabinet will be receiving shirts from Alex LeBlanc, Lorne Abramson, and Eliza Nobes. If Cabinet does not have enough shirts, Lorne has offered to donate bags from Diabetes Canada.

Motion of Adjournment: Ella motioned to adjourn the meeting, Bleona seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: Sunday, November 4

Strait Meeting Minutes – November 4th, 2018


NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location:               1 Harbour view court

Time of Commencement: 5:08pm

Time of Adjournment: 6:03pm

Duration: 55 minutes


Present Voting Members: Payton MacMillan, Maddie Ehler, Margaret Ann Gillis, Kara MacDougall, Kinnon Wallace, Sam Silver, Wamfa Kumdoung, Monica Lumsden, Jack Clapperton, Mathew McEachern, Tessa Pelrine, Angus Kennedy, Aidan Doucet, Ria Juurlink, Emma Jukes, Noor Mohrez, Molly Vokey

Present Non-Voting Members: Dawn Thompson, Will Bowie, Logan Fox, Katelynn Libbus, Avery LeLièvre


Regrets: Paddy Wallace, Zac Foran





  • Entered more forms into the database.
  • Started assigning delegates to advisors.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Finalized G.R.O.O.V.E skillbuilding manual.
  • Selected skillbuilders.
  • Sent confirmation email to skillbuilders.
  • Creating list of materials needed for SB sessions.


Public Relations:

  • Delegate manual was finalized and sent to St.FX to be printed.
  • Received 200 Tim Hortons coupons.
  • Received donations from Boston Pizza this week.



  • Finished EPIC.
  • Practiced cheers.


Head School Reps:

  • Helped Kara and the co-premiers finalize the G.R.O.O.V.E. shirt order.
  • Contacted all reps to make sure all forms were sent to 3-tions.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Completed the packing list and made into a PDF document.
  • Completed the welcoming email and is ready to send out.
  • Counted and organised fuzzies.



  • Sent out minutes from October 28th’s meeting.
  • Post minutes on NSSSA website.
  • Finalized G.R.O.O.V.E shirt numbers and sent them to First Choice.



  • Been in touch with Rebecca Mesay via email and phone call. She is confirmed as our speaker.
  • Set up a meeting with Sodexo and event coordinators.
  • Placed and confirmed order for Radios and headsets with Bell.
  • Reviewed Sponsorship applications.
  • Helped to finalize T shirt order.
  • Helped to select Skillbuilder pairs.
  • Selected Nov 24th as potential date for open house. In contact with Mary Jessie.
  • Working on arrangements for driving students who struggle with walking long distances.
  • Selected one DA for a delegate.
  • Booked dance studio for advisor sleeping space.
  • Arranged delegate refunds.


Head Logistics:


Head Chaperones:


Head First Aid:


Head Mental Health First Aid:

  • Looking for another mental health first aid for conference.


Regional Advisor:

  • Edited delegate and skillbuilding manuals.
  • Edited packing list and welcoming email.
  • Organized advisors for delegates from outside regions.


New Business:


Delegate Assistant

  • Have one DA for G.R.O.O.V.E, cabinet is looking for another.


How-to Booths

  • Cabinet was reminded to send booth idea to the PRs for the how-to fair ASAP.


StFX Open House

  • The StFX open house for NSSSA cabinets will mostly likely be held on November 24th. Cabinet is encouraged to attend.



  • Wendy’s picked out 13 vines to be recreated during EPIC. Each stationed skillbuilder will have a prop that correlates to their specific vine.
  • Initially, groups will try to guess each vine in order to begin recreating it. If the group is unable to guess the vine, they will play a short game or challenge in order to watch the vine and then continue to recreate it.
  • Groups try to guess first, if they can’t get it they have to play a short game to watch vine
  • The vines will be marked on creativity, rated out of 3 points.
  • If there is tie, groups points will be awarded for the amount of vines completed.


Skillbuilding Retreat

  • Is on Saturday, November 10th.
  • Cabinet should level out with non-cabinet member skill buildings during retreat.
  • A mandatory meeting will be after the retreat.
  • Rebecca Mesay is coming to do a short run-through of her speech with RC between retreat and meeting.


Meeting with St.FX

  • Co-premiers are having a meeting with StFX to discuss meal hall bracelets, meal prices, and driving arrangements during conference for physically restricted delegates. They will also discuss a geofilter for conference. The geofilter design will be finalized this week.

Adjournment: Sam motioned to adjourn the meeting. Angus seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.

Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – October 28, 2018

Conference Committee Meeting


Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of commencement: 10:29

Time of Adjournment: 12:07

Duration: One hour and thirty eight minutes


Present Voting Members: Mary Stackaruk, Alex LeBlanc, Alex Torrealba, Jack Clapperton, Mathew MacEachern, Angus Kennedy, Emily Webb, Jasmine Metzler, Aidan Doucet, Youna McGowan, Ella Stacey, Mitchell Aguinaga, Kailey Webber,  Brie MacPhee, Reya Hanspal

Present Non-Voting Members: N/A

Regrets: Katelyn Libbus, Wamfa Kumdoung

Positional Updates:

Secretary: Kailey edited, sent, re-edited, then posted the minutes.

Public Relations: The Public Relations made a group chat and read over the Corporate Package. There is not much they can do until the Conference Committee confirms a conference name.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Youna wrote up a few questions for the Skillbuilder application form. She has six questions. Alex suggested that they look at past years’ skillbuilding manuals for activity ideas as well as game ideas.

3-Tions: They have been getting to know each other. Mary suggested that they can start making registration forms.

Welcoming Co-Chair: They have been working on getting more yarn. Alex L suggested they should brainstorm ideas for the welcoming activity and potentially find a way to make it different from past conferences.

Wendy: Mitchell and Alex T each have costumes ready to go. They should start working with the Welcoming Co-Chairs to plan the welcoming night activity.

Co-Chair: Mary and Alex met with St. Francis Xavier following the last Conference Committee meeting. There is a lady who wants the Conference Committee to make something promotional to promote what the university offers. This would be great promotion for both the Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association and St. Francis Xavier University. They also learned there are no restrictions on how to give out scholarships for conference.

New Business:

Valley: The Valley Regional Conference was supposed to be held from November 24 to the 25. This would have interfered with the Conference Committee’s scheduled meeting for November which was planned to be the 24. The conference has been postponed, therefore the meeting will remain scheduled to be held November 24.

Committee Wear: The top options for Committee Wear were; Crewnecks, Hoodies, Quarter Zips, and Windbreakers. An informal vote narrowed the options down to either Quarter Zips or Windbreakers. The Committee decided to order Windbreakers, Baseball Tees and Patches.

Conference Name: Some ideas for conference names were; Galaxy, Brilliant, Brilliance, Strive, Aurora, Journey, Believe, Quest, Stride, and Synergy. After some elimination, the popular names were: Brilliance, Strive, Journey, and Synergy. After long deliberation, the top two options are Synergy and Journey. The Committee weighed out the positives of each name. For Synergy; it would be easy to create skillbuilding activities based around teamwork, it seems professional which may be beneficial for Public Relations, good theme for a Keynote Speaker. For Journey; could have a cool welcoming video, good theme for a Keynote Speaker, Epic could be a map or have the theme of an adventure. There was concern that Journey might be too broad and too close to rise up and Reaching New Heights, and Synergy might be too specific. Mary suggested that a Welcoming video for Synergy could be themed around Mary and Alex looking for qualities, for example; spirit.  In the video, each member of the Committee would give them a quality that could be related to their position. Teamwork would be the theme of Synergy as by definition, it is when two or more agents work together to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. An informal vote took place and Synergy won unanimously.

Jack motioned to name the Provincial Conference “Synergy 2019”. Aidan seconded  said motion.

Motion passed unanimously. “Synergy 2019” will be the name of the Provincial Conference.

Logo: The Committee discussed ideas for the Conference Logo. Ideas discussed were; two substances combining, a logo spelling out Synergy with elements from the Periodic Table, people building a pyramid, something electricity relates, a puzzle. Mitchell suggested working with Canvas Clothing and ask them to design the logo. The most popular idea was to have a puzzle in the shape of Nova Scotia split into each region. The shirt would be black and each region would be their regional colour. Also, “Synergy” would be written in white and placed horizontally across the province. All members are asked to draft up an idea then submit them to Alex L. There will be a vote held at the November meeting.

Full Value Contract: A pair of jean shorts were passed around as the Full Value Contract. Committee Members signed their name and wrote the eight key concepts on the shorts.

Christmas: Mary and her Mom has offered to host a Conference Committee Christmas themed sleepover. This would be a great opportunity for the committee to get to know each other better. The December Conference Committee meeting will be held Friday, December 21 at 8:00pm.

Holiday Card: Jack and Angus work at Staples. Jack mentioned that there is currently a sale on Christmas cards. He suggested that the Committee makes a Holiday card that Public Relations could send out to businesses. This card could be made at the December meeting.

Motion of Adjournment: Mitchell motioned to adjourn the meeting, Emily seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: Saturday, November 24

Strait Meeting Minutes – October 28th, 2018


NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: 45 Tamara drive, Antigonish

Time of Commencement:       5:07pm

Time of Adjournment:     6:22pm

Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes


Present Voting Members:       Wamfa Kumdoung, Maddie Ehler, Ria Juurlink, Mathew MacEachern, Angus Kennedy, Tessa Pelrine, Payton MacMillan, Aidan Doucet, Jack Clapperton, Margaret Ann Gillis, Sam Silver, Kinnon Wallace, Monica Lumsden, Kara MacDougall, Molly Vokey, Emma Jewkes, Noor Mohrez

Present Non-Voting Members: Dawn Thompson


Regrets: Zac Foran, Logan Fox, Wilfred Bowie, Paddy Wallace, Katelyn Libbus, Avery LeLièvre





  • Collected forms.
  • Created a new database on google sheets.
  • Started entering forms into G.R.O.O.V.E database.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Currently working on session 5 and other “housekeeping” things in the manual’s introduction.
  • Backpocket games are complete.
  • Receiving SB applications and started reading them over.


Public Relations:

  • Checked-in with businesses about donations.
  • Made social media posts.
  • Got more confirmations about donations and how-tos.
  • Received confirmation about how-to’s for Highland Bike Shop and Showtime Fitness.



  • Studied the cheer bible.
  • Finalized the dance theme.
  • Worked on EPIC more .

Head School Reps:

  • Had presentation at CBHA.
  • Dropped off forms and posters at Inverness, Dalbrae and NDA.
  • Promoted at SAREC with Mackenzie.
  • Had a mini meeting with reps from SAREC and Dalbrae.
  • Met with Dalbrae principal.
  • Had check in with Amber.
  • Made a plan for dealing with the issue of Canada Post striking.
  • Collected forms from reps at all schools.
  • Created a database for shirt sizes.
  • Organized issues with Richmond.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Made more fuzzies.
  • Started putting fuzzies on cardboard for easier transportation.
  • Continued to work on packing list draft.



  • Sent out minutes to cabinet from the October 21st meeting.
  • Posted minutes on NSSSA website.



  • Sponsorship application was released.
  • Promoted.
  • Conference fees for Dr.J international students are being covered by the school. Forms from these students were signed by Dr.J principal Jack MacDonald.
  • Emailed Bell Mobility about booking radios for conference.
  • Still trying to get a response from Rebecca Messay about being a keynote speaker.
  • Looking for one more advisor.


Head Logistics:

  • Picked logistics team for G.R.O.O.V.E.


Head Chaperones:

  • Chose chaperone team for G.R.O.O.V.E.


Head First Aid:

  • Gathered first aid team for G.R.O.O.V.E.


Head Mental Health First Aid:

  • Meagan Kettley will be at conference on the Saturday of G.R.O.O.V.E as a mental health first aid.


Regional Advisor:

  • Collected forms.
  • Organized advisors.


New Business:



Conference Numbers:

  • 156 delegates, including skillbuilders.
  • Sponsorship application was posted on the NSSSA website. At least four students can be sponsored.
  • Students who weren’t planning to attend conference are permitted to register late if they require a sponsorship.


G.R.O.O.V.E. How-To Fair/ Workshops:

  • Cabinet discussed the organizational details of the new style of how-tos.
  • As delegates register, 3-tions will write the delegates’ skillbuilding numbers on their bracelets. The PRs will then get the delegates to sign up for one workshop, with delegates from groups 1-6 signing up for the first round of workshops, and groups 7-13 signing up for the second round (or vice versa). The PRs will also write the room numbers that correspond with the how-to’s the delegates sign up for.
  • During how-to’s, one half of the SB groups will go to the how-to fair, while the other half will attend how-to workshops, then the groups will switch.
  • PR will tell the people running how-to’s come early to avoid confusion about room numbers.
  • Cabinet was reminded to email the PR’s about booth ideas for the how-to fair.



  • Will be vine themed.
  • Instead of running games, one SB in the partnership will stay with their group, while the other SB will stay in one area. The groups will moved around to the stationed SBs who will show them vines the groups must recreate and the other SB will film.
  • After the groups recreate the most vines they can, the videos will be sent to the Wendys.
  • The EPIC prize will be awarded to the group with the funniest and most creative fun recreations.

Adjournment: Monica motioned to adjourn the meeting. Kinnon seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.