Cape Breton - Victoria

Cape Breton - Victoria Co-Premiers


Nathan Penman

Riverview Rural High School


Matthew MacDonald

Riverview Rural High School
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NSSSA's Inclusion Conference, SHINE (Students Having Inclusive New Experiences) 2018 is open for registration until…

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Nathan Penman (Riverview Rural High School)
Matthew MacDonald (Riverview Rural High School)

Welcoming Co-Chairs
Jessica Breen (Riverview Rural High School)
Aiden Wadden-Lynk (Riverview Rural High School)


Lindsey Power

Michael MacDonald (Riverview Rural High School)

Abby Fraser (Memorial High School)
Mea Tonet (Riverview Rural High School)

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs
Tessa Worth (Riverview Rural High School)
Michael MacDonald (Riverview Rural High School)


Sarah Madore (Riverview Rural High School)
Sofia Brownstein (Memorial High School)

Public Relations
Mackayla Williams (Memorial High School)
Mackenzie Keeping (Memorial High School)
Meaghan Heffernan (Riverview Rural High School)

Head School Reps
Rachael Bonnar (Memorial High School)
Abby Kays (Riverview Rural High School)

Head Logistics
Emma Drohan (Cape Breton University)

Head Chaperone

Rebecca Hatcher (Cape Breton University)

Head First Aid
Tiffany MacLennan (St. Francis Xavier University)

Head Mental Health Firt-Aid
Lindsey Power

Baddeck Academy
Breton Education Centre
Cabot Education Centre
Centre scolaire l’Étoile de l’Acadie
Glace Bay High School
Memorial High School
Munro Acadmey
Rankin School of the Narrows
Riverview High School
Sydney Academy

Contact the CB-V Co-Premiers (Nathan and Matthew) using this form: