Cape Breton - Victoria

Cape Breton - Victoria Premier


Abby Fraser

Memorial High School
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Happy Canada Day, CBV! 🇨🇦 There's only a few days left until the regional cabinet application deadline on July 5th!…

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Shoutout to Metro N-tripper Renee MacLeod for making and sharing an amazing video from Rise UP 2018! Check it out t…

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If you're looking for some motivation during exam week, we just posted our RISE UP recap video to our YouTube chann…

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It's that time of the year!! Applications for next year's Regional Cabinets as well as Inclusion and Conference Com…

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StFX Hotel & Conferences

Pleased to welcome the @NSSSA Gala attendees to @stfxuniversity

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Abby Fraser (Memorial High School)
Mea Tonet (Riverview Rural High School)

Welcoming Co-Chairs
Courtney McAllister (Riverview Rural High School)
Annalisa Leon (Riverview Rural High School)


Natasha Kochhar

Dorena Brownstein (Memorial High School)

Reya Hanspal (Riverview Rural High School)
Morgan Macphail (Riverview Rural High School)

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs
Ryan Martin (Memorial High School)
MacKenzie Keeping (Memorial High School)


Katie MacLennan (Memorial High School)
Grace Campbell (Riverview Rural High School)
Kelsey Langois (Riverview Rural High School)

Public Relations
Brie MacPhee (Riverview Rural High School)
Hannah MacIntosh (Memorial High School)
Meaghan Heffernan (Riverview Rural High School)

Head School Reps
Leah Morrison (Riverview Rural High School)
MacKenzie Sechi (Riverview Rural High School)
Mea Tonet (Riverview Rural High School)

Head Logistics
Michael MacDonald (Cape Breton University)

Head Chaperone
Emma Drohan (Cape Breton University)

Head First Aid/ Mental Health First-Aid
Tiffany MacLennan (St. Francis Xavier University)

Baddeck Academy
Breton Education Centre
Cabot Education Centre
Centre scolaire l’Étoile de l’Acadie
Glace Bay High School
Memorial High School
Munro Acadmey
Rankin School of the Narrows
Riverview High School
Sydney Academy

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