Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – October 28, 2018

Conference Committee Meeting


Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of commencement: 10:29

Time of Adjournment: 12:07

Duration: One hour and thirty eight minutes


Present Voting Members: Mary Stackaruk, Alex LeBlanc, Alex Torrealba, Jack Clapperton, Mathew MacEachern, Angus Kennedy, Emily Webb, Jasmine Metzler, Aidan Doucet, Youna McGowan, Ella Stacey, Mitchell Aguinaga, Kailey Webber,  Brie MacPhee, Reya Hanspal

Present Non-Voting Members: N/A

Regrets: Katelyn Libbus, Wamfa Kumdoung

Positional Updates:

Secretary: Kailey edited, sent, re-edited, then posted the minutes.

Public Relations: The Public Relations made a group chat and read over the Corporate Package. There is not much they can do until the Conference Committee confirms a conference name.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Youna wrote up a few questions for the Skillbuilder application form. She has six questions. Alex suggested that they look at past years’ skillbuilding manuals for activity ideas as well as game ideas.

3-Tions: They have been getting to know each other. Mary suggested that they can start making registration forms.

Welcoming Co-Chair: They have been working on getting more yarn. Alex L suggested they should brainstorm ideas for the welcoming activity and potentially find a way to make it different from past conferences.

Wendy: Mitchell and Alex T each have costumes ready to go. They should start working with the Welcoming Co-Chairs to plan the welcoming night activity.

Co-Chair: Mary and Alex met with St. Francis Xavier following the last Conference Committee meeting. There is a lady who wants the Conference Committee to make something promotional to promote what the university offers. This would be great promotion for both the Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association and St. Francis Xavier University. They also learned there are no restrictions on how to give out scholarships for conference.

New Business:

Valley: The Valley Regional Conference was supposed to be held from November 24 to the 25. This would have interfered with the Conference Committee’s scheduled meeting for November which was planned to be the 24. The conference has been postponed, therefore the meeting will remain scheduled to be held November 24.

Committee Wear: The top options for Committee Wear were; Crewnecks, Hoodies, Quarter Zips, and Windbreakers. An informal vote narrowed the options down to either Quarter Zips or Windbreakers. The Committee decided to order Windbreakers, Baseball Tees and Patches.

Conference Name: Some ideas for conference names were; Galaxy, Brilliant, Brilliance, Strive, Aurora, Journey, Believe, Quest, Stride, and Synergy. After some elimination, the popular names were: Brilliance, Strive, Journey, and Synergy. After long deliberation, the top two options are Synergy and Journey. The Committee weighed out the positives of each name. For Synergy; it would be easy to create skillbuilding activities based around teamwork, it seems professional which may be beneficial for Public Relations, good theme for a Keynote Speaker. For Journey; could have a cool welcoming video, good theme for a Keynote Speaker, Epic could be a map or have the theme of an adventure. There was concern that Journey might be too broad and too close to rise up and Reaching New Heights, and Synergy might be too specific. Mary suggested that a Welcoming video for Synergy could be themed around Mary and Alex looking for qualities, for example; spirit.  In the video, each member of the Committee would give them a quality that could be related to their position. Teamwork would be the theme of Synergy as by definition, it is when two or more agents work together to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. An informal vote took place and Synergy won unanimously.

Jack motioned to name the Provincial Conference “Synergy 2019”. Aidan seconded  said motion.

Motion passed unanimously. “Synergy 2019” will be the name of the Provincial Conference.

Logo: The Committee discussed ideas for the Conference Logo. Ideas discussed were; two substances combining, a logo spelling out Synergy with elements from the Periodic Table, people building a pyramid, something electricity relates, a puzzle. Mitchell suggested working with Canvas Clothing and ask them to design the logo. The most popular idea was to have a puzzle in the shape of Nova Scotia split into each region. The shirt would be black and each region would be their regional colour. Also, “Synergy” would be written in white and placed horizontally across the province. All members are asked to draft up an idea then submit them to Alex L. There will be a vote held at the November meeting.

Full Value Contract: A pair of jean shorts were passed around as the Full Value Contract. Committee Members signed their name and wrote the eight key concepts on the shorts.

Christmas: Mary and her Mom has offered to host a Conference Committee Christmas themed sleepover. This would be a great opportunity for the committee to get to know each other better. The December Conference Committee meeting will be held Friday, December 21 at 8:00pm.

Holiday Card: Jack and Angus work at Staples. Jack mentioned that there is currently a sale on Christmas cards. He suggested that the Committee makes a Holiday card that Public Relations could send out to businesses. This card could be made at the December meeting.

Motion of Adjournment: Mitchell motioned to adjourn the meeting, Emily seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: Saturday, November 24

Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – September 30, 2018


Conference Committee Meeting




Location: Saint Francis Xavier University


Time of commencement: 10:12


Time of Adjournment: 11:33


Duration: One hour and twenty one minutes




Present Voting Members: ​Mary Stackaruk, Alex LeBlanc, Alex Torrealba, Jack Clapperton, Wamfa Kumdoung, Brie MacPhee, Mathew MacEachern, Angus Kennedy, Emily Webb, Jasmine Metzler, Aidan Doucet, Reya Hanspal


Present Non-Voting Members: ​Chris Gordon, Katelyn Libbus


Regrets: ​Youna McGowan, Ella Stacey, Mitchell Aguinaga, Kailey Webber


No-Shows: ​N/A


Positional Updates:


Public Relations: The Public Relations looked over the corporate package.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: They started a group chat and looked over past delegate manuals.


Advisor: Chris made some new registration ideas that will be brought up at a meeting with Saint Francis Xavier University.


Mental Health First Aid: They got a grant to provide Mental Health First Aid training for anyone 18 or older who is interested in getting their Mental Health First Aid training.


WENDYS: Alex and Mitchell had a discussion about EPIC, but are focusing more on their regional positions for now.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: They are going to start working on the skillbuilding manual in the near future. They also need to begin communicating soon.


3-Tions: They created a group chat and are working on getting used to Excel and registering people into the database.

New Business:


Patches: Steve from First Choice Sportswear offers patches, will have to look into if we can iron these patches onto selective clothing.


Keynote: The Committee is going to try and book Drew Dudley. Chris has Dudley’s contact information and hopefully his rate and availability will align with conference.


Meeting with Saint Francis Xavier University: They discussed ideas to bring up with the university regarding conference. Ideas mentioned were; printing options for manuals such as the skillbuilding manual, and plans to modify online registration.


Valley: The Provincial Cabinet is hosting a Valley Regional Conference on November 25th which happens to be a meeting date for the Conference Committee. The Co-Chairs may need to potentially move the meeting to another time. They will update the Committee when they have more information.


Email Etiquette: Members of the Nova Scotia Secondary Students’ Association need to uphold a good overview of professionalism, which correlates with our communication through emails. Members are advised not to forget to reply, as that leaves the other parties in the dark and can affect how people view the organization as a whole. It is important to be responsive and acknowledge the people you are emailing with.

Fundraising Idea: In Antigonish, committee could potentially contact Coles. The committee could possibly run the store for the night and collect a portion of the sales to put towards supporting people to go to conference for free.


Conference Names: The Committee decided to no longer stress choosing a conference name that builds off of last year’s Conference, “Rise Up”. The objective is to think of perhaps a completely new theme the will support a great message. Some names mentioned were; Hope, Brilliance and Galaxy. Conference Committee members are to come to the next meeting with conference name ideas and potential logos.


Committee Wear: The Co-Chairs decided to take an informal vote to figure out what members of the Committee wanted regarding committee clothing. There will be no order for bucket hat as the majority of committee members have already ordered one through their Regional Cabinet. The informal voting results showed that the majority of the Thanksgiving Committee would rather order Hoodies over Crewnecks or Quarter Zips. Four members voted to order Hoodies. Quarter Zips and Crewnecks tied with three votes. Ideas for the colour of the Hoodies were; beige, purple, or grey. The Committee also voted to order Committee shirts that would be different than the conference shirts given out to attendees. The Committee unanimously decided that the Committee shirts will be Baseball Tees on which the sleeves will be the colour of the conference t-shirts.


Motion of Adjournment: Angus motioned to adjourn the meeting, Aidan seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: Sunday, October 28.

Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – August 26, 2018


Conference Committee Meeting


Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of commencement: 14:09

Time of Adjournment: 15:54

Duration: One hour and forty-five minutes



Present Voting Members: Mary Stackaruk, Alex LeBlanc, Alex Torrealba, Youna McGowan, Brie MacPhee, Mathew MacEachern, Angus Kennedy, Ella Stacey, Emily Webb, Jasmine Metzler, Mitchell Aguinaga, Aidan Doucet,  Reya Hanspal

Present Non-Voting Members: Chris Gordon, Lorne Abramson

Regrets: Jack Clapperton, Wamfa Kumdoung

No-Shows: N/A


New Business:

Introductions: The committee introduced themselves by listing their name, grade, school, position on Conference Committee, and why they decided to join this committee. Then they played a game of Microphone Mic to learn each other’s names. The committee went over the 8 Key Concepts. Which are; positive internal focus, speaker in charge, speak for I, no killer statements, right to pass, no unfinished business, levelling out, business never personal.

Full Value Contract: This year Conference Committee will have a Full Value Contract. This is an item that will have the eight key concepts written on it, if anyone breaks a key concept during a meeting they must wear the item. Some ideas for the Full Value Contract were; mom visor, fedora, Peppa Pig costume, adult diaper, cape, hammer pants, shutter shades, big rubber boots, cowboy hat, propeller hat, tutu, inflatable life jacket, big life jacket, and a morphsuit. They will decide on an item at the next meeting.

Goals: One of the major goals for this committee is to follow through with fundraising to ensure more scholarships for the 2019 provincial conference. An idea is to potentially fundraise with the Strait Regional Cabinet as well as the Metro Regional Cabinet, as those are the locations of Conference Committee meetings. Lorne mentioned that past Conference Committees did not know how to properly determine who receives the scholarships. He suggested that fundraising would add a lot more work on the committee and that it may be a good idea to encourage schools to do their own fundraising. The committee discussed possibly having scholarships going directly through the schools. Lorne brought forward the idea of having schools send Conference Committee a number of students going to conference who are in financial need of a scholarship. This would have to be done without sending the names of the students due to confidentiality. Chris suggested that schools should nominate students for the scholarships as they can attest to said students financial need. Lorne advised that they do no provide full scholarships since there have been negative experiences with students receiving full scholarships in the past. Angus feels that scholarships should focus on regions that sends less students to the provincial conference as that could potentially increase attendees from said region. Mitchell suggested a pool of money with compensation forms that advisors would give to students interested who actually need the money. The amount of money the student receives would be dependant on how many people apply and the student would have to pay the full payment then they would be reimbursed. Alex was concerned that hypothetically if the committee received fifty applicants and have $500 in the pool each student would only receive 10$ back, which may not help the student. Lorne said that if the students are nominated by an advisor, then a student who would not apply solely because of the cost would potentially apply. Lorne suggested that committee plans a fundraiser that students could participate in, that way they are raising their own money. We discussed some eucalyptus fundraisers that other organizations use such as a ticket sale lottery and Krispy Kreme.  The committee could present fundraising opportunities to the schools. The committee informally decided that they wanted to fundraise, but the Co-Chairs will have to bring it to Provincial Cabinet. In the past there was a notice to parents/guardians asking if they know anyone who cannot afford conference and if they would like to donate to them. That is something that could be put on the registration form. The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Cabinet used to go to corner stores asking if they would like to sponsor a student to attend their regional conference. They will continue the discussion at the next meeting.

Timelines: A timeline is a list of positional tasks as well as the date they are suggested to be finished by. The Co-Chairs’ goal is to have it completed and sent out by next weekend.

Gmail: Everyone on cabinet needs to have a gmail account because of the resources and to maintain consistency. Also, everyone on cabinet should have an email signature, it is important to make sure that the signature is up to date.

Being a member of Conference Committee: Members of the Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association are leaders and should portray themselves as such. They need represent the organization well in addition to representing what it stands for. It is important that when Conference Committee members use social media they are professional and cautious as someone is always watching. One inappropriate post could have negative effects on the organization. Members should not post anything breaking the “Three D’s”. These are; no drinking, no drugs, and no doing it. It is important that members of Conference Committee are positive role models.

NSSSA News: Soon anyone will be able to attend any regional conference across Nova Scotia. There will be a Provincial Cabinet discussion about how many people can attend each conference. They are figuring out the logistics and will have more updates soon.

Website: Provincial Cabinet wants to put a cabinet picture on the website for each cabinet/committee. A picture will be taken at a later meeting.

Potential Keynote: Mary and Alex heard Drew Dudley’s Ted Talk at the PC retreat. They were impressed by his speech. They will put his video in the google classroom for committee to review. Chris mentioned that Dudley can be expensive but the Co-Chairs will look into the costs. Dudley has delivered a keynote speech at a NSSSA conference in the past. Mary and Alex asked committee to reflect on anyone they know who would be engaging and interactive as a keynote speaker.

Conference: Mary and Alex will be meeting with Saint Francis Xavier University to discuss last year’s conference as well as changes that could be made for this upcoming year. One thing they want to look over is the schedule. They will look into seeing if the main gym will be available.

Group Chat: Conference Committee will have a group chat for quick communication. This means no big questions or conversations that should be had at a meeting. The group chat will be for simple things such as “I’m running late” or a location reminder. Google Classroom is for reminders.

Future Meeting Dates: There will be one meeting a month for now. Closer to conference there may be more than one a month. The next meeting is Sunday September 30, at 10:00. That meeting will be held at Saint Francis Xavier University. The following meeting will be Sunday October 28, at 10:00. This meeting is located at Mount Saint Vincent University. The November meeting will be held Saturday November 24, at Saint Francis Xavier University. The meeting that follows will be held Sunday December 16, at Mount Saint Vincent University.

Conference Names/Themes: The theme of conference should have nothing to do with height as that has been the provincial conference theme for the past few years. The committee should consider what happens after someone has risen up. Angus suggested the names Levelling Out and Horizon. Alex mentioned having something related to fire as the theme. Mary and Alex’s ideas were Limitless, Infinite, and Above and Beyond. The theme of “Limitless” would be that success can always grow. Chris informed them that Beyond was the name of a 2010 conference. Committee must decide whether or not they would like the name to be an acronym. The Co-Chairs asked that committee think of logos and names and bring their ideas to the next meeting.

Cabinet and Spirit Wear: Some ideas for cabinet wear are; crests, tear off pants, socks, cardigan, hoodies, crewneck, bucket hats, slides, and Jibitz. Ideas for spirit wear are: popsockets, frisbees, and buttons. This discussion will continue at the next meeting. In the meantime members are asked to think about what they want and bring their ideas to the next meeting.

Homework: Chris suggested that committee reflects on conferences in the past, what they want for this year’s conference, and their positional goals. Everyone should complete their first impressions cards for the next meeting. First Impressions is an activity done at the provincial conference where everyone writes individual first and last impressions of everyone in the group. Committee members only have to write first impressions for now.

Motion of Adjournment: Kailey motioned to adjourn the meeting, Aidan seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of Next Meeting: Sunday September 30, 2018 at 10:00. It will be located at Saint Francis Xavier University.

Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – May 6, 2018

NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting



Location:Mount St. Vincent University, Evaristus Hall, Room 102

Time of Commencement:10:11

Time of Adjournment: 12:20

Duration: Two hours and nine minutes




Present Voting Members: Katelyn Libbus, Celia Briand, Logan Fox, Claire Kleinknecht, Mackenzie Casey, Aidan Doucet, Fortesa Sahiti, Anna Gaudet, Rebecca MacKeen, Kat Pindera, Sam Silver, Mary Stackaruk

Present Non-Voting Members: Lorne Abramson, Kassandra Kelbratowski

Regrets: Patrick Wallace, Madison Harpell, Michael MacDonald, Brennan Marks

No-Shows: N/A




3-Tions: The 3-tions have been entering information into the database and updating missing/wrong information as it comes in. As discussed, some of the requests for a delegate assistant are a mistake as it may have been confusing with online registration. Abe talked about finances with the 3-tions. Relating to one attendee with specific diet restrictions, while StFX sees the database and do what they can to accommodate various diets, sometimes it may not work. If she is extremely concerned, she may contact StFX herself.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The first Skill Building Retreat was completed in Antigonish with the second one occurring after the meeting in Halifax. Skill building pairs have been picked and all materials needed have been figured out; an email will be sent out regarding which materials committee members must bring as well.


Public Relations: 18 organizations are attending the Opportunities Fair as of right now and Madison is waiting to hear back from Acadia as they have been invited as well. There have been sponsorships made from Mount Allison, St. Thomas, and UNB. A cheque is being waited on from Taking it Global as the NSSSA has received at grant at the value of $1500. As for the delegate bags, there are pins, UNB wanted to send pens, Mount Allison is sending a view book, and StFX will be putting water bottles and a view book in as well. The Public Relations are continuing to work on getting donations for the delegate bags.


WENDY’s: The WENDY’s completed planning EPIC, which will be a picture challenge with different difficulty levels of pictures and will be judged based on quality, creativity, and group involvement.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The delegate manual is almost completed with only the ad page to be put in before printing. Fuzzies are almost completed as well and are approximately 250 plus 18 more that Mary will give the co-chairs. A Kahoot! Game was made for opening night, as well the Mostest will be played with a few backup games; every time there is a bed run, there will be a dance party. Logan’s speaker that he was going to borrow from his school for the opening activity needs to be plugged in, so the idea to work around that was to acquire many extension cords and plug it into Riley Hall.


Secretary: The minutes from the last meeting were sent out and posted on the website and the sweaters were brought in to give to those who have not received their Conference Committee sweater.


Co-Chairs: Registration was fixed online, extended, closed, numbers have been finalized, and the Co-Chairs have been working with Abe and the 3-tions to finish up the database. The PRs have been working with the Co-Chairs and have contacted universities. Check-ins were also held for finalization of tasks with the committee. Katelyn and Paddy did different interviews on the radio, phone, and for the newspaper for promotion and have booked different items such as radios, the DJ, StFX food, rooming lists, and more. The Co-Chairs have held some meetings with StFX and have more soon as well positional itineraries for conference have been completed.


Provincial Advisor: Abe gave out different pieces of advice to committee members for during conference. One is to remember not to get cliquey during conference and to take care of themselves and each other, as they have to stay in a good frame of mind all through conference time. He reminded committee members that they are known and will be looked up to, as people will have large expectations of them and to act accordingly. As well, there will be a significant number of grade 9s and 10s and committee members should work to get to know at least one person and get into conversations with new people at conference, especially at meal times in order to make sure that the newer delegates feel welcome and not overwhelmed. The last piece of advice was for committee members to be aware of what they are saying, even in their group, as some points could be misinterpreted and to thank every StFX staff member that they see all throughout conference.


Logistics: The entire logistics team has been approved.


New Business:


Numbers: This year the number for conference has been larger than it has been in a couple of years, with 45 advisors and around 255 delegates attending. The ideal range for attendance for conference is approximately 350-400 attendees in total.


PC Update: At the Provincial Cabinet meeting, there was a discussion as to whether or not it would be a good idea to get rid of regional conferences, and the conclusion came out that those from different regions can attend another region’s conference. The Head School Rep coordinator is now an official position on PC. This year is the first year that PC members outside of Conference Committee have had to pay to attend the Provincial Conference, and all members of Provincial Cabinet are going to be attending the Provincial Conference.


Pre-Conference: All committee members should arrive at StFX on Tuesday, May 15 around 5:30pm and dinner will be at 6:00pm. Members are advised to bring everything that they could need, including fancy/business casual clothing for the dinner with StFX heads and fun games, and to “over pack.” Pre-conference will be set-up and committee bonding.


Miscellaneous: If anyone absolutely needs to access the database they should ask Abe. Abe advised to print off around 450 delegate manuals in order to have enough to send off to universities.


Positional Tasks:


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Finish up fuzzies, complete welcoming email, and fix the spelling errors in the Kahoot!.


WENDYs: Complete late nighter plan and figure out how to acquire a Wii/Xbox to bring and practice cheers and acquire all costumes needed.


3-tions: Stay on the database to finish it up and fix any mistakes in information, stay in touch with Abe, receive cheques for Opportunities Fair.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: Mention to skill builders to bring touchstones, get everyone’s Kik to make a skill builder group chat, send Skill Building Manual to advisors and then print off more to have at conference, stay in touch with skill builders, collect all needed materials.


Public Relations: Try to get more items for the delegate bags, make sure the sponsor database is updated, and ensure that the Opportunities Fair is organized.


Secretary: Send out minutes.


Co-Chairs: Get ready to respond to crisis’ that may occur, write up speeches, and try to relax before conference.


Adjournment:Claire motioned to adjourn the meeting at 12:20 and Anna seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.






Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – March 25, 2018

NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting



Location:St. Francis Xavier University, Gerald Schwartz School of Business Building, Room 190

Time of Commencement:10:07

Time of Adjournment: 12:08

Duration: Two hours and one minute




Present Voting Members:Patrick Wallace, Katelyn Libbus, Celia Briand, Logan Fox, Claire Kleinknecht, Brennan Marks, Madison Harpell, Michael MacDonald, Fortesa Sahiti, Anna Gaudet, Rebecca MacKeen, Kat Pindera, Sam Silver, Mary Stackaruk

Present Non-Voting Members:N/A

Regrets: Aidan Doucet, Chris Gordon, Mackenzie Casey

No-Shows: N/A




3-Tions:The 3-Tions have been working on the database and answering questions sent to the 3-tion email account! They have also received CC’s info as well and put it in the database, but are still waiting for some to send their information. There was a question regarding a delegate who has requested a delegate assistant and the first thing to ask is if they have a friend they would like to bring to conference as their delegate assistant. After that, the Co-Chairs will help with communication.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: Sam has shared the EPIC document with the Co-Chairs and the Skill Building Manual is fairly close to finalized with everything in its own doc form. The Welcoming Letter for the manual needs to be completed. All positions must send in their positional roles to the Sam or Mary as one of the sessions, called NSSSA Workshop, is partially to explain the NSSSA on a cabinet and committee level but also create a conversation about the organization and form questions about it. Skill building pairs will be made once the 3-tions send all of the information regarding skill builder applicants. As stated before, there are to be two skill building retreats; one in Antigonish on April 22 and one in Halifax on May 6 and CC members are encouraged to go to one or the other. However, 2-tions, WENDY’s and Co-Chairs must attend both retreats. The itineraries for the retreats are also completed.


Public Relations: A bouncy castle cannot be rented for the welcoming activity. The Public Relations have received more emails from organizations and businesses expressing interest in attending the Opportunities Fair and will go into the database. There have been no items acquired for the delegate bags because the PRs were told to have no overlap in businesses and organizations asked for donations, but that is nearly impossible as each region contacts as many businesses as they can for their own conferences. Sam commented on how residents in Antigonish are typically willing to make more donations due to the fact that the NSSSA’s Provincial Conference is such a large event that occurs every year in Antigonish. Large donations last year came from Halifax businesses and organizations and smaller ones came from Antigonish; PR’s are advised to try contacting businesses in New Glasgow as well. An email to send to universities asking for sponsorships must also be written up and completed.


WENDY’s: EPIC’s theme, while discussing with the Skill Building Co-Chairs, will be space-themed. Costumes are good to go, as are cheers, and the dance theme is confirmed to be “Tight ‘n’ Bright” with glow paint and bright clothing.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The welcoming email is nearly completed with just times for drop off and pick up to be added in, and a packing list has been completed. There were 300 fuzzies total but some are to be given to IC so the fuzzy count is down to 200. The welcoming activity is planned out and there was a request for a small budget to buy supplies for snow cones and cotton candy, which would not be an issue. The only difficulty would be that StFX does not allow food to be brought onto campus, however, Patrick and Katelyn will discuss the situation with a representative. There will be games such as huckle buckle to play during the welcoming activity if fuzzying gets tiring. Opening night there will be Mostest and a Kahoot! game. Delegate manual is almost complete, as Brennan just needs other people to send him different pieces of information to go into it; he needs the conference logo, itinerary, sponsors, and bios for keynote speakers. Logan will talk to his Com-Tech teacher about borrowing large speakers for the welcoming activity.


Secretary: The Secretary forgot sweaters for Brennan and Michael, but sent out minutes from the last meeting and posted them on the website.


Co-Chairs:The Co-Chairs have been dealing with a lot of questions from people for registration. They have opened the scholarship applications and are currently going over who will receive the sponsorship. It looks as though there are nearly 150 delegates and skill builders registered. The early bird price option is now closed, as is the skill building application. Patrick and Katelyn had another meeting with StFX to discuss more promotion and have collected all the regional databases and plan on sending out an email to each previous delegate telling them about RISE UP. They have also acquired the official contract signed for the NSSSA partnership for the next few years. The Co-Chairs are currently in the process of trying to deal with IB exam conflicts and have been in contact with the IB Coordinator for Nova Scotia and are working on a solution.


Advisor: Chris had a meeting with Megan and discussed a plan for communication between the NSSSA and the leading up to conference this year and an outline for what registration would look like and how it would function in an ideal world. The plan created is that every Monday, Chris will circulate an email to advisors with a list of their students. This gives them a chance to confirm their students as well as make sure that they know all of the kids in advance of conference and have the proper ratio.The database should be regularly circulated among Chris, Abe, the 3-tions, and the Co-Chairs and nearly on a daily basis.


New Business:


Promotion: A StFX representative had an idea of having video promotion with clips of people on the cabinets or committees to say their reason why students should attend conference and apply to be on a cabinet or committee.Promotion should be in schools and committee members have already been posting on their own social media accounts about conference and are encouraged to continue to do so.


Spirit wear: Spirit wear is going to be sold at conference and those attending may be able to pre-order spirit wear so it is available for pick up at conference. Items that may be available are ball caps, crewnecks, and hoodies. Future items that are suggested to be added to the inventory are socks, stickers, magnets, key chains, and bucket hats.


Delegate T-Shirts: The debate for colours for delegate t-shirts was between yellow-gold and blue. Yellow-gold was voted on to be the colour for t-shirts at conference.


Speakers: CC must send contact information from their own school’s Co-Presidents and Student Council Advisor to Katelyn and Patrick because promotion for one speaker to high schools in the province will lower the cost. Two speakers are confirmed for conference.


Numbers: Currently, there are about 20 advisors, 4 Chaperones, 105-120 delegates, 4 First Aids, 11 Logistics, 2 Mental Health First Aid and 42 skill builders registered for conference. Qendresa will be the official conference photographer.


Miscellaneous: The welcoming video is made during pre-conference and an idea for the theme of the video is based on “That 70’s Show” opening. As for pre-conference, all committee members will receive letters to give to guardians and guidance counselors or Vice-Principals about the special circumstance to miss school. An itinerary for pre-conference needs to be made.


Positional Tasks:


WENDY’s: EPIC needs to be completed as well as the plan for the late-night activity.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Around 300 fuzzies need to be finished and the welcoming email draft is to be shared with Patrick and Katelyn. For the welcoming activity, Patrick and Katelyn will get back to the Welcoming Co-Chairs regarding bringing outside food on campus and the opening night activity needs to be completed as well.


3-Tions: Continue to input registration information into the database.


Public Relations: The email for universities needs to be completed and the Public Relations are to continue to contact business and organizations, especially for delegate bag donations. The Co-Chairs will let the PRs know what is said about overlap at the PC meeting. Logos from sponsors are required to be sent to Brennan to be put into the delegate manual and the PRs are encouraged to try contacting large universities in Canada.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The manual is to be completed, made into a PDF form, and sent to CC. Letters to skill builders, the list of materials needed for sessions, and EPIC all need to be completed and skill builders are to be chosen.


Secretary: The minutes need to be sent out, once numbers and sizes come in t-shirts are to be ordered, and hoodies for committee missing members need to be brought to the next meeting.


Co-Chairs: The cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones situation is to be worked out with StFX. The pre-conference itinerary is to be worked out and the large promotion email is to be sent out. Overlap in asking for a donation is to be discussed at the PC meeting.


Adjournment:Madison motioned to adjourn the meeting and Sam seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Date of Next Meeting: The next meeting will be the last meeting before pre-conference. It will be held May 6th at Mount St. Vincent University, the time is TBD but will occur around 10:00am.

Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – February 25, 2018

NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting



Location: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building, Room 309

Time of Commencement: 10:20

Time of Adjournment: 12:20

Duration: Two hours




Present Voting Members: Patrick Wallace, Katelyn Libbus, Celia Briand, Logan Fox, Claire Kleinknecht, Madison Harpell, Aidan Doucet, Fortesa Sahiti, Anna Gaudet, Rebecca MacKeen, Kat Pindera, Sam Silver, Mary Stackaruk

Present Non-Voting Members: Lorne Abramson, Chris Gordon

Regrets: Michael MacDonald, Mackenzie Casey

No-Shows: Brennan Marks




3-Tions: Registration confirmation email is nearly done and can be sent to the Co-Chairs by the end of the day. StFX is sending biweekly updates (up until a certain date) of a database with who have registered online for conference. Last year there were errors that people were putting on their own registration forms so the databases from both the 3-tions and the StFX database must be constantly cross-checked. 15 alumni have registered and a few advisors. Abe advised that there should be a hard copy of registration forms in a binder at conference.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: There is a database of senior skill builders and the email was confirmed and ready to send out to see if any senior skill builders are able to attend the Skill Builder Retreat. The congratulations email for being chosen to be a skill builder is also complete. There are going to be two Skill Builder Retreats; the one in Halifax will be held at the Chocolate Lake Community Centre on May 6 and the one in Antigonish will be held at StFX on April 22 unless there is a PC meeting the same day in which Abe advised to move it earlier. The approximation for numbers at each location is about 50 people with a plan for around 40 skill building groups. Both retreats will be held from 1:00pm – 6:00pm with grilled cheeses and soup provided. The Skill Building Manual is complete and needs to be reviewed with Katelyn and Paddy.


Public Relations: Madison has emailed groups for the Opportunities Fair and 7 groups are confirmed to be attending. Mackenzie has 5 groups confirmed to attend the Opportunities Fair. The One Match swabbing group will not be attending anymore as they are done with the program in Atlantic Canada because of lack of diversity.


WENDY’s: The dance theme as voted on by the committee will be 80’s workout themed with bright clothing and possible glow paint. The WENDY’s have made a database with costumes and have about 40 costumes as of now.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Between Claire and Logan, there are 160 fuzzies made with an unknown amount of fuzzies made by Brennan. The opening night activity will be Mostest. Brennan has taken the reigns for the Delegate Manual and the Welcoming Co-Chairs have received most committee members’ pictures and paragraphs for the manual. A draft of the Welcoming Email has been completed.


Secretary: Celia has sent out the minutes from the last meeting, received all responses, posted them on the website, and picked up the committee’s sweaters.


Co-Chairs: Online registration has officially been opened and is currently being promoted by all cabinets. Katelyn and Paddy have had a few meetings with StFX to collaborate on a news article that was released on their website about Rise Up 2018 and promoted it on their social media. They drew up a contract for the keynote speaker Troy Sexton and will get it cleared by executive and then send it to him for an official agreement. Rebecca Mesay could not commit to speaking at conference at this time. Barb Fry, a nurse, educator, and a motivational speaker who went to both DAL and STFX, is a potential speaker to fill in for Rebecca. StFX is going to handle getting a third speaker. Katelyn and Paddy updated Conference Committee’s budget to current estimates and sent it to the finance team.


Advisor: Mount Alison was contacted by Metro and got a commitment for $500 but individual regions should not arbitrarily contact universities; this may situation may have arisen from confusion from the Provincial Cabinet PR. $500 was deposited into the Metro account even though Metro does not necessarily need the money and there was uncertainty as to what Mount Alison got for that money commitment. PC must discuss if the money retained will be divided up equally between regions, IC, and CC, or just to CC and IC because all of the regions’ conferences are completed for the year. Acadia has agreed to cosponsor the Valley conference for free. It is not a problem to contact universities in Atlantic Canada to come to the Opportunities Fair. As the routine should go, when making contact with universities, Provincial Cabinet should know what the plan is to approach universities to make sure that there are no problems or conflicting requests from the same university. For the future, PC must also discuss as to where money given to the organization goes; one suggestion was to allow the donors to make the decision if they would like their donation go to a specific region or the NSSSA itself. Another suggestion was to redo or edit the corporate package to make it more up-to-date and provide information about the organization in it.


New Business:


International Baccalaureate Students: Final exams for IB students are being held on the Friday morning during Provincial Conference, meaning that IB students across the province would miss the first day and a half of conference if they were to attend. Reduced fees are not something that is possible for IB students and it would be difficult, though not impossible, for IB students to be skill builders if they are to miss the first day and a half of conference. A possible aid to this situation is to have the IB students write their exam at Dr. JH Gillis High School in Antigonish because it hosts the IB program as well. While this has been done before, it was extremely difficult to get it arranged. If IB students are to come late to conference, they may drive themselves and others to their own school’s discretion.


Environmental Mindfulness: At conference, everyone is encouraged to be environmentally mindful through using reusable water bottles, buying bulk barn candy to save money, making Touchstones more environmentally friendly, being mindful of leaving the lights on, and the excess use of paper. A suggestion to save paper was to take a poll on who would want a paper delegate manual and only print off what is requested, although advisors enjoy having the paper delegate and skill building manuals. However, if people have access to the delegate manual they can print it off at their own discretion.


Teacher Strike: The potential teacher strike would not affect conference as if the NSTU did strike, it could only be for a few days and most teachers cannot afford to strike. The change in mentality is the difference in getting teachers to come as advisors and support as many, from work to rule last year, got used to being able to go home after school, not having to do extra-curriculars, and getting to have time with their families. It will be equally or more difficult to find advisors this year than last year. The NSSSA may end up at a point where they would be forced to contact alumni to be advisors.


Miscellaneous: Every committee member is to make social media posts about and promote conference and are encouraged to use the hashtag #RUReady? Delegates are being dropped off at conference on Thursday, May 17 from 2:30pm – 5:00pm and skill builders are to arrive at 1:30pm that same day. Committee members will be staying at StFX beginning Tuesday, May 15 in the night. There is an anonymous survey and evaluation that is posted after conference. There is a rough itinerary completed for the conference. All committee members must fill out paper registration forms to give to 3-tions via pictures, hard copy, or scanning and all members are reminded to register to attend S.H.I.N.E 2018.


Positional Tasks:


WENDY’s: Work on EPIC, study the cheer bible, gather about 45 costumes, and figure out the activity for the late nighter.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Have 300 fuzzies completed, have a Google Hangout, finish a draft for the Delegate Manual, and find a way to get fuzzies to Taryn.


3-Tions: Complete the confirmation email, put conference committee members into the database, and get the alumni on conference committee’s information.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: Have a firm grasp on EPIC while working with the WENDY’s and go over the skill building manual with Katelyn and Paddy.


Secretary: Type up minutes and post them on the website.


Public Relations: Keep contacting universities and businesses as well as getting groups to come to the Opportunities Fair.


Adjournment: Paddy motioned to adjourn the meeting at 12:20 and Katelyn seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Date of Next Meeting: The tentative date of the next meeting will be March 25, 2018.

Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – January 13, 2018

NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting



Location: Conference Committee Member’s House, Halifax

Time of Commencement: 12:38

Time of Adjournment: 13:55

Duration: One hour and seventeen minutes




Present Voting Members: Patrick Wallace, Katelyn Libbus, Logan Fox, Claire Kleinknecht, Brennan Marks, Mackenzie Casey, Madison Harpell, Michael MacDonald, Aidan Doucet, Anna Gaudet, Kat Pindera, Sam Silver, Mary Stackaruk

Present Non-Voting Members: Chris Gordon

Regrets: Rebecca MacKeen, Fortesa Sahiti, Celia Briand

No-Shows: N/A




3-Tions: The 3-Tions have contacted the three 3-Tions from last year to acquire last years forms with no luck. They are going to ask Abe about them or put out an open committee invite if anyone has them to send the forms to them. Anna distributed difference useful documents (ex. School Package and Advisor Emails) she used for Metro that can be used to make the creation of new documents for Provincial Conference easier. There is a new 3-Tion email account that was created, they have received their mailbox keys, have an outline for an empty database that is ready to be used and are planning on meeting up soon and potentially having a conference call with last year’s 3-Tions.The next thing on the agenda is to brainstorm the confirmation email.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The Skill Building Co-Chairs have nearly completed the draft form of the Skill Building Manual and just need to add more to the Mental Health section and refine the entirety of it. They have set the Skill Builder Application deadline to April 7 and have decided on hosting two Skill Builder Retreats; one in Halifax and one in Antigonish.


Public Relations: The Public Relations have finalized the Opportunities Fair email to send out and the database.


WENDY’s: The WENDY’s have received some costumes to wear for the Talent Show and have been reading the Cheer Bible often. There has also been communication with the Skill Building Co-Chairs regarding EPIC, but do not have anything substantial as of yet.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chairs have been making fuzzies and sent an email to Patrick and Katelyn with questions for the committee members to answer for the Delegate Manual. They have also begun brainstorming the welcoming activity and opening night.


Secretary: The secretary had sent out the minutes from the last meeting and posted them on the website. The clothing order has not been sent out as committee members have yet to send in their money to Katelyn.


Co-Chairs: The Co-Chairs met with StFX representatives and were able to discuss online registration, the NSSSA contract, speakers, and promotions.


Online Registration: As for online registration, all that is to be done is send the updated document of last year’s form and Mary Jessie can create the online form. Registration is scheduled to open February 1 and close April 20.


Contract: In regards to the NSSSA contract with StFX, they sorted out the confusion of who to ask, when to sign, etc. Katelyn, Patrick, and Zac currently have a hard copy of the contract to review this weekend. They have a meeting on Monday where they can sign the contract and make it official.

Speakers: As for the speakers, there was a roadblock of thinking of who to ask, as they were looking to diversify the keynote speakers for the upcoming Provincial Conference. They have a tentative “yes” for the speaker Troy Sexton and a call on Saturday to
confirm everything. StFX agreed that they would try and contact Seamus O’Regan to sponsor him as a speaker. The third speaker that is looking at is a current student at St. FX who has given a few talks to the student body. She is involved in the student government, currently running for president, and runs a leadership program at St. FX. Her name is Rebecca Mesay and Patrick and Katelyn plan to ask her if she’d be interested in this opportunity on Sunday.
Promotions: The Co-Chairs have also discussed promotions of conference with StFX’s Kyler Bell. They set-up a meeting for Monday to plan out a press release and think of ideas to get more students involved this year.


New Business:


Promotion: Our name has just been released into the newsletter but we will not do any promotion until Kyler Bell releases a professional press release. Some promotion ideas for committee members to do are through flyers, posters, word of mouth, and Alex LeBlanc made a template for either online promotion or posters. Robie Gonzales from Metro made a video and someone will ask to use it for promotion.


Logo: Committee members are asked to brainstorm logo ideas for the upcoming conference Rise Up.


Provincial Cabinet Business: A Valley conference will be held this year as Provincial Cabinet will act as Valley Cabinet. As per discussed at the previous meeting, while travelling to Oman to help start up a leadership conference there is an amazing opportunity, it turns out that it will not occur this year.


Miscellaneous: Jenna MacEachern has resigned as Head Chaperone.


Positional Tasks:


WENDY’s: The WENDY’s are to pick a dance theme for conference, gather thirty costumes, read the Cheer Bible, and brainstorm further EPIC ideas.
Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chairs are to have 200 fuzzies made, finish a draft for the welcoming email, plan a Google Hangout, and complete a draft of the Delegate Manual.


3-Tions: The 3-Tions are to make paper forms and write up a confirmation email.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The Skill Building Co-Chairs are to create the Skill Builder Application as soon as possible, pick a venue and date for the retreat(s), keep brainstorming for EPIC, and finish the draft of the Skill Building Manual.


Public Relations: The Public Relations are to keep contacting businesses, universities, and organizations as well as share their donation and Opportunities Fair database with Mullen.


Secretary: The Secretary is to order the cabinet wear, send out minutes, and post them on the website.


Co-Chairs: The Co-Chairs are to answer emails quicker, contact Rebecca Mesay, open registration for Provincial Conference, and prepare the official press release.


Adjournment: Patrick motioned to adjourn the meeting at 13:55 and Mary seconded the motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Date of Next Meeting: The tentative dates of the next meetings are February 25 and March 25.

Conference Committee Meeting Minutes- October 21, 2017

NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting



Location: St. Francis Xavier University, Bloomfield Centre, Student Council Chambers Room

Time of Commencement: 10:07

Time of Adjournment: 11:10

Duration: One hour and three minutes




Present Voting Members: Patrick Wallace, Katelyn Libbus, Celia Briand, Logan Fox, Claire Kleinknecht, Madison Harpell, Aidan Doucet, Fortesa Sahiti, Sam Silver, Rebecca MacKeen, Mackenzie Casey

Present Non-Voting Members: Chris Gordon, Meagan Kettley, Zac Foran

Regrets: Kat Pindera, Brennan Marks, Michael MacDonald, Anna Gaudet, Mary Stackaruk, Tiffany MacLennan, Jenna MacEachern

No-Shows: N/A




3-Tions: The 3-Tions got to know one another better and made a timeline for the year.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The Skill Building Co-Chairs completely finished the first two skill building sessions with the first one being the team building session, consisting of mostly ice breaker activities, and the second being the communications session. There are up to eight sessions planned, and EPIC is yet to be planned. EPIC is planned by the Skill Building Co-Chairs and can be helped by the WENDY’s.


Public Relations: The timeline for the year is complete and the database has been organized.


WENDY’s: The WENDY’s have studied the cheer bible and do not have a set timeline with specific dates, but, rather, monthly tasks. The WENDY’s were set to get EPIC done early and get a run through done but were unaware that EPIC is organized by the Skill Building Co-Chairs. In regards to the late-nighter activity, the WENDY’s were planning on having a relaxed atmosphere with a popcorn machine, a snow cone machine, and a cotton candy machine. The WENDY’s have yet to pick a dance theme.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chairs have made their timeline for the year and have planned the welcoming activity, as well as laid out new ideas for the welcoming activity. Fuzzying will occur on the field, as well as an activity where each delegate/skill builder is assigned an object and must find the partner to that specific object (ex. salt and pepper or ketchup and mustard). A thought was to have the welcoming activity carnival themed with either a band set to perform or a bouncy castle rented out to be on the field and do face paint. The Welcoming Co-Chairs have also thought of some questions for Mostest and the delegate manual questions.


Secretary: The Secretary sent out the minutes from the last meeting and posted them on the website. There was a poll posted in the Facebook group to decide which spirit wear to order and the Secretary is to inquire about getting committee socks.


Co-Premiers: The Co-Premiers haven spoken with STFX, have made contact with a coordinator for conference, and asked about buildings. There was a discussion as to whether or not it would be a good idea to switch the buildings to sleep in from O’Regan and Riley to other dorms, but it was decided that if there were no price issue, it would be better to stay in the newer dorms.




Keynote Speakers: An option for a keynote speaker at conference is a man named Roméo Dallaire, who worked with the United Nations and lead a peacekeeping force during the Rwanda Genocide. Dallaire is a humanitarian and the founder of The Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative. He has spoken at STFX previously and is a strong speaker with an empowering message for youth, but may be expensive to book. Another option for a keynote speaker is Carol Ann Fried, who spoke at Playfair at STFX and is a highly energetic speaker. She specializes in team building, communication, and icebreakers for large groups, but may be expensive as a keynote. There is a possibility to use Fried’s style of icebreakers at the opening night of conference or for a large group activity (with her permission). Will Njoku from last year would like to come back and speak again at conference as well, and Claire’s mother may be able to get in contact with keynote speakers who speak at their women’s group regarding a wide range of topics.


Conference Name: The suggestion to name the conference Rise Up was put forward, with the theme to be centred on the symbolism of the phoenix. Claire motioned to make the official name of the 2018 NSSSA Provincial Conference Rise Up, and the motion passed unanimously. Alex LeBlanc will be requested to make the graphic for the conference that has the notion of the phoenix involved. As Katelyn pointed out, the hashtag for conference would work well with promotion (ex. “#RU ready for Provincials?”).


Registration: Registration will be available online, and the NSSSA business advisor suggested that there may be an easier platform to use for registration rather than the STFX hosted platform known as Eventbrite. STFX has not yet replied to the NSSSA in regards to a possible switch for the upcoming provincial conference.


New Business:


Clothing: A poll was posted on the Facebook group and it was decided that the committee would get sky blue hoodies with white lettering. There is a possibility of getting socks with the NSSSA logo on the side or NSSSA down the side or on the sole of the foot. To pay, the prices will be sent out to committee members, who will then e-transfer their money to Katelyn. There will be a request for Steve to invoice the NSSSA, and then the paid money from committee members will pay it back.


Provincial Cabinet: Beginning on January 1, 2018, all of the regional NSSSA bank accounts will merge into one single NSSSA bank account. Quickbooks, used by the NSSSA for banking, is in partnership with Eventbrite, the possible alternate platform for online registration. While online registration always comes with a price, there is a hope that Eventbrite is less expensive than the STFX online registration. However, there is a possibility there would be limited access to Eventbrite because it would be used through the NSSSA’s business advisor’s account. Two advantages to using Eventbrite are the fact that it is undoubtedly user-friendly and simple to navigate, and a bank account may be attached to the event and the money paid would go directly to the said bank account.




An alumnus of the NSSSA is from Oman in the Middle East and he wants to begin a leadership conference similar to the NSSSA in Oman. There are plans for some current NSSSA members to fly to Oman and help begin the youth leadership conference.


Adjournment: Rebecca motioned to adjourn the meeting at 11:10 and Madison seconded the motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Next Meeting: The next meeting will occur on December 17, 2017, at Claire’s house just outside of Bedford. Along with the meeting, which will begin at 2:30pm or 3:00pm, there will be a potluck and a Secret Santa (with a $15 – $20 cap) taking place.

Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – August 28, 2017

NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting



Location: St. Francis Xavier University, Gerald Schwartz School of Business Building, Room 289

Time of Commencement: 12:30

Time of Adjournment: 15:48

Duration: Three hours and eighteen minutes




Present Voting Members: Patrick Wallace, Katelyn Libbus, Celia Briand, Logan Fox, Claire Kleinknecht, Madison Harpell, Aiden Doucet, Fortesa Sahiti, Anna Gaudet, Rebecca MacKeen, Sam Silver, Mary Stackaruk, Mackenzie Casey

Present Non-Voting Members: Sara Murrin

Regrets: Michael MacDonald, Brennan Marks, Kat Pindera, James Grant, Micci Davy, Meagan Kettley, Kassandra Kelbratowski, Beth O’Connell, Tiffany MacLennan, Jenna MacEachern, Chris Gordon

No-Shows: N/A


New Business:


The meeting began with Patrick and Katelyn going over the meeting agenda being as the following: introduction of those present, rules for the year, going over spirit wear, discussing the name and theme of the upcoming conference, speakers, question and answer period, partner sessions discussing timelines, goals, and schedules, and finally discussing meeting dates, times, and venues.


Introductions: The committee went through introductions, listing their name, position, and something they want to see happen this year.


Patrick: Wants to have more free time at provincials and allow everyone to have more time to relax over the weekend.


Katelyn: Wants to see the NSSSA’s seeming decline in numbers to make its way back up.


Celia: Would like to see a more diverse group of people at conference, rather than the same faces we see every year.

Fortesa: Would like to have more bonding time with the committee earlier on in the year because it allows easier communication with one another.


Anna: Wants more promotion via social media, which could result in higher numbers.


Claire: Wants to get more people involved within the organization, because it seems to be the same people on multiple committees and cabinets.


Sam: Agrees with Fortesa in the way that he wants to bond more with the committee.


Mary and Mackenzie: Both want to have more scholarship options for those who usually cannot get to Provincial Conference.


Aiden, Logan, and Madison: All agree with the aforementioned goals and would like for them to be a reality in the year.




Google Apps: All committee members should be using a Gmail account for GoogleDrive, GoogleDocs, and other services provided by Google. There is a folder on Google Drive for the committee to use to share documents, and it is important to note that sharing is done properly, and Basecamp will not be used as Google services will be used more often.


Email: It is imperative to CC (Carbon Copy) Katelyn, Patrick, and Chris in all emails, whether it is within the organization or out. Sometimes the President, VPI, and VPE would also be added to CC in emails (ask Patrick or Katelyn as to when). The NSSSA logo at the end of committee members’ emails is optional. It is important to remain professional while writing out and sending emails. Proofreading emails is a must, so it is recommended to pre-write emails out in Word or Docs and potentially send them to either Patrick or Katelyn to read over before being sent. It is expected that committee member’s reply to any emails within forty-eight hours and emails should be sent within reasonable hours; between 8 am and 9 pm to those outside of the organization, and between 6 am and 12 am to those within the organization. On sending emails to someone outside of the organization, always begin with an appropriate salutation and the receiver’s last name (example: “Hello Mr. Silver,” not “Sup Sam,”). Appropriate endings must also be used (example: “Thank you,” or “Hope to hear from you soon,”). Within the organization, you may use the first name of the receiver as part of the greeting.


Social Media: It is important to remember that everyone that is on the committee is currently underage, and therefore no alcoholic drinks (or any other illegal substances) should be on any committee member’s social media. Committee members are advised to put down any drinks at parties before taking pictures and not to wear any NSSSA spirit wear to parties. It is also recommended to committee members to Siberian husky untag/hide any inappropriate photos or content from their profiles. When posting to “friends only” or “fake” Instagram accounts, be sure to make posts fairly appropriate and responsible.


Spirit wear: While discussing spirit wear, committee members had to keep in mind of the meet and greet at STFX University the night before conference, as well as the colours and type of clothing combination. It was decided that everyone on the committee would be getting crewnecks, with socks as an item that is optional to order. If a committee member would like a bucket hat, it should be discussed with the Strait Co – Premiers, Avery MacDonald and Sara Mullin. The colours at current being discussed are lavender, baby pink, sky blue, or yellow.


Name and Theme of Conference: It was decided that the theme of the Provincial Conference will be centred on the symbolism of the Phoenix; rising out of the ashes, overcoming obstacles, and revival. While thinking of names, committee members are to remember that acronyms are not necessary. Some names discussed were, ELEVATE (Elevating Leadership Energy Values Attitude Tolerance Equally/Epically), Platform, Awaken, Emerge, and Prevail.


Speakers: Keynote speakers should have high energy, be engaging, and be more diverse than previous years. Shorter keynote speakers will allow for more free time, which was one of the things the committee would like to see this year. Some suggestions for speakers are El Jones, Monica Njoku, or Will Njoku. Claire’s mother is part of a women’s group for entrepreneurs so she will check for connections to speakers as well.


Question and Answer:




When is the date for conference? Conference will be on Victoria Day weekend in May 2018.

Will the Welcoming Co – Chairs be doing the Delegate Manual? Yes. An idea for the Delegate Manual Fortesa gave that was going to be used last year was that the cover of the manual could be a colouring page if there were donations of small packages of crayons to put in the Delegate Bags.

Which software should be used for the Delegate Manual? GoogleDocs so that everyone can work on it, but be sure to recheck formatting in relation to margins.

How many fuzzies should be made for conference? 50 fuzzies per month to get 450 fuzzies by conference.

How do you ask for donations for yarn? Facebook groups, buy and sell groups, advertise at your workplace, and ask people that you know.




Do the Skillbuilding Co – Chairs have to sit out of Skillbuilding for conference? Yes, but it is possible only one could sit out. Keep in mind it may result in a work imbalance during conference.

Will there be chocolate milk for conference? Yes.

Are there going to be timelines given out for deadlines? Yes, soon.




Is there a set amount of costumes needed for the talent show? No, just try and find as many as possible. After Halloween, the store in Bayers Lake (Halifax) called Spirit Halloween, which may reduce prices or give out donations of costumes. Local theatres may also donate costumes to borrow; as well there is the option of wearing one costume the entire talent show.




How soon should minutes be out after each meeting? Minutes should be sent to all of the committee members within 48 hours after the meeting, and on the website 48 hours after everyone replies. If people do not reply to minutes, an email may go out to all committee members calling them out.




At conference, who are the Logistics? Head Logistics are Kassandra Kelbratowski and Beth O’Connell, and the Logistics team is made up of NSSSA Alumni chosen by them.

How many times are we meeting? Conference committee will be meeting once a month.

How is Excel acquired? Someone may be able to give you a free password for Excel, otherwise, it would be advised to ask Abe about not using it. With online registration and the database that comes along with it via STFX, it may be easier and is preferred if GoogleSheets was used.


Partner Session: The committee broke off into their positions to discuss timelines, deadlines, and what they wanted to do within their positions in regards to the upcoming year.


Meetings: The following are the dates, times, and places for the upcoming meetings: September 16th at STFX beginning at 10 am, October 21st at DAL Agricultural Campus beginning at 10 am, there will be phone check-ins for the month of November, December 16th in Halifax (exact location unknown) beginning at 12 pm, January 13th at DAL Agricultural Campus beginning at 10 am.


Fortesa Sahiti motioned to adjourn the meeting at 15:48, and Celia Briand seconded said motion. Motion carried, meeting adjourned.


Date of Next Meeting: September 16th, 2017, STFX University at 10:00am

Conference Committee Meeting Minutes – April 22, 2017

NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting


Location: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria 404

Time of Commencement: 12:09 PM

Time of Adjournment: 1:59 PM

Duration of Meeting: 1 hour 50 minutes

Attendance and Regrets:

Present Voting Members – Abbey McClung, Fortesa Sahiti, Sam Silver, Nicholas Wells, Alex

LeBlanc, Aidan MacFarlane, Sara Murrin, Cameron Muise, Issac Hurshman, Kassandra


Present Non-Voting Members – Lorne Abramson, Chris Gordon, Peter Woo

Regrets – Donald Jewkes, Alex Hannam, Mullen Boulter, Rebecca MacKeen, Jenna Viscount,

Tiffany MacLennan, Jenna MacEachern, Tineke Weld

Positional Updates:

CC Advisor – Talked to some advisors.

Welcoming Co-Chairs – The Welcoming Co-Chairs are almost finished making the fuzzies.

They’re running out of yarn slowly but as of right now, Alex has about 200 fuzzies created. They

have finished and planned the welcoming activity which will be a photo scavenger hunt. The

Welcoming Co-Chairs have decided that for people who do not have a device to take pictures

with, that they will pair with someone who does. The Welcoming Co-Chairs need the following

items: keynote speaker profiles whenever we confirm the third speaker, itinerary messages, and

all sponsorships. The Welcoming Co-Chairs will get the photos and questions for the cabinet profiles from the select few on CC today. As well, Provincial Cabinet profiles have not been received. They also need the discussion topics for Dyadic Encounters from the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs. They are also working to finish up the delegate manual, and to draft a welcoming email and video.

WENDYs – The WENDYs have created a list of activities and things needed for the late nighter.

They are working with the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs to finish up the planning for EPIC. The theme

of EPIC will be Mountain Climbing since the logo for Reaching New Heights is of a man climbing

a mountain. Activities will be related to climbing mountains, hiking, etc. The WENDYs have

decided that each skillbuilding group will have a flag as well. The WENDYs are working to finish

up the playlist for the dance.

Public Relations – The Public Relations have contacted most of the people on their lists, but

there is still a few people who they need to get a hold of. They expressed their concern, that it is

seemingly difficult to get donations. Lorne suggested that any contact made between a business

and themselves should be face-to- face. He also suggested that the Public Relations should

know what they’re looking for when they are going into a business. Lorne said that places like

the MLA office, RBC, bank companies, any school boards, and Dollarama will have any

delegate bag stuffers we are looking for. Any cash donations we receive should go to the


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs – The SB Co-Chairs called Chocolate Lake in Halifax to see whether

we can have the second skillbuilding retreat there. Chocolate Lake was unfortunately all booked

up. Fortesa mentioned that the committee could book L’Ecole Acadienne du Sommet, since the

Metro Regional Cabinet used the same school for their skillbuilding retreat. Aidan will look into

that. Saint Francis Xavier University is now booked for the first skillbuilding retreat on May 6,

2017 from 11AM – 5PM. Aidan mentioned that all committee members must be in attendance

for both days at the skillbuilding retreats. The SB Co-Chairs are done the skillbuilding manual

except for the conference itinerary that needs to be finalized. There is 25 potential skillbuilders

registered for conference thus far.

Head Logistics – The Head Logistics have received 17 applications from alumni.

CC Co-Chairs – The CC Co-Chairs expressed that online registration is going well thus far.

They are receiving a lot of emails regarding the payment process. The Co-Chairs have

confirmed various speakers for the conference. The StFX sponsored speaker is Dr. Beth

McCharles. The second speaker will be Lennett Anderson, a motivational speaker that spoke at

CSLC 2015. The third speaker is TBD. The Co-Chairs have contacted major universities about

donating, but they are waiting for responses at this time.

Provincial Advisor – Lorne expressed concerns about the promotion of the conference this

year as registration numbers are low at this time. He expressed that we still need to be

promoting and getting the word out. Lorne discussed the usual schools that sends students to

provincial conference, and key schools to target for promotion. This will be talked about more at

the Provincial Cabinet meeting. Lorne and Aidan also expressed that numbers for conference will for certain rise when the closing registrationdate approaches.

New Business:

Pre-Conference All Conference Committee members must arrange to arrive at conference on

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 until Monday, May 22, 2017. Lorne expressed that the Logistics team

should also arrive on Tuesday as well to help setup for conference, as that is their purpose.

Positional Tasks:

3-Tions – Keep on forwarding registration forms to appropriate CC members and update

database DAILY.

WENDYs – EPIC needs to be finalized. A list of what items are needed and what activities

they are for should be made.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs – Help the WENDYs finalize EPIC. Choose Skillbuilders for conference and finalize SB manual.

Public Relations – Reach out to businesses in person. Contact the rest of the database.

Head Logistics – Pick out Logistics and draft Logistics email.

Welcoming Co-Chairs – Finalize all activities and finish up the delegate manual.

CC Co-Chairs – Find a venue for the 2nd day of the SB retreat. Find a third motivational speaker. Get registration numbers to StFX by May 6th .

Alex LeBlanc motions to adjourn the meeting. Sam Silver seconds the motion. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: TBD