[Chignecto] Meeting minutes, October 15th, 2017

NSSSA Minutes From:

Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Truro Library

Time of Commencement: 2:45

Time of Adjournment: 3:41

Duration: 56 minutes.

Attendance: Brennan Marks, Liam Nielsen, Tyler Green, Emma Trottier, Maddie Tennant, Linda Suo, Emily Jewers and Beth McNiell

Present Voting Members: Brennan Marks, Liam Nielsen, Tyler Green, Maddie Tennant, Emily Jewers and Beth McNiell.

Present Non-Voting Members: Linda Suo.

Regrets: Camryn Smith, Hailee Fielding, Megan Higgins, Peter Woo and Jorja Smith




3-Tions: There was an error on delegate and skillbuilder forms which has been resolved. They are waiting on the forms to start coming in so they can update the database.


Skill Building Chair: The Skill Building Co-Chairs have completed the skillbuilding as well as the questions that go along with them. The manual should be done by next week.


Public Relations: Public Relations have gone to ¼ of the businesses on their lists, got a $15.00 gift card from a Sobeys in Truro, is getting 40-50 pens from NSCC, collected 50 various items from Scotiabank, waiting on a call from Dalhousie Agriculture, and a database has been created.


WENDY’s: Wendy’s have been studying their cheer bibles and are picking a list of cheers tonight. For epic, they decided to do a scavenger hunt, and is now trying to pick a story for an epic skit.


Head School Reps: Head School Reps did a presentation at Thorburn. The grade 9’s at NRHS are going to be talked to along with North Nova who is starting their student leadership group this week and plan to fit NSSSA in to present.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chairs picked fuzzies, walk the line and speed dating for welcoming activities.


Co-Premiers: The budget has been completed and sent to the Presidential trio. A venue for Juniors has been confirmed at NRHS. Steve has been emailed about shirts and sent the logo. Tyler has been assisted about presentations and everyone has been kept in touch with. The plans are to present at most Chignecto schools, and they couldn’t get the alumni speaker they originally asked to come. A venue has not been found for Regionals yet.


Regional Advisor: There will be an NSSSA assembly at Springhill Junior-Senior High School on October 24th, at 2:15pm.

New Business:

A possible venue for regionals is Stella Maris, a church which has many rooms, a stage and has a kitchen. Father Ron McDonald needs to be talked to.



The junior shirts will be a lime or forest green, there is a logo picked but the search is being continued for other ones. Megan picked a logo and painted it.


The regional shirts may be blue.

Junior Accommodations:
Brennan will be checking with his parents if his home can be used for accommodations for the night before Juniors. Everyone should be there at 8/8:30 if so.


What now?

More donations need to be collected, food needs to be gathered, yarn donations for fuzzies, watching for forms, and Brennan will talk to McDonald’s for juice.

Next meeting:

Conference call is on October 29th, at 7:30 pm.


The next meeting is in Amherst,12-3 pm, and is on November 5th.


These are the last meetings before Juniors.

Adjournment: Brennan motioned to adjourn.

[Chignecto] Meeting minutes, Sept 24th, 2017.

NSSSA Minutes From:

Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting

September 24th, 2017

Location: Truro Library.

Time of Commencement: 2:37

Time of Adjournment: 3:44

Duration: 1 hour

Attendance: Linda Suo, Megan Higgins, Beth McNeill, Hailee Fielding, Liam Nielsen, Peter woo, Camryn Smith, Jorja Smith, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier, Brennan Marks and Tyler Green

Present Voting Members: Megan Higgins, Beth McNiell, Hailee Fielding, Liam Nielsen, Camryn Smith, Jorja Smith, Beth McNiell, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier and Brennan Marks.

Present Non-Voting Members: Linda Suo and Peter Woo

Regrets: Emily Jewers and Tyler Green.




3-Tions: The forms were sent in and the database is ready


Skill Building Co-Chairs: Working on the Skillbuilding sessions.


Public Relations: Went to business and are going to check in with the ones they already dropped off at and are going to work on the delegate manual.


WENDY’s: Started work on EPIC and discussed the theme for conference.


Head School Reps: Finishing up the presentation and going to do a follow up with the contacted principals.


Once the presentation is finalized, we all should take it our school and/or surrounding schools in order to help Tyler out. If you happen to present at your school, be sure to tell Tyler, Maddie and Emma.

Welcoming Co-Chairs: Tyler needs yarn donations for fuzzies, if you can help out by finding some and giving it to him, that would be great.


Co-Premiers: The itinerary was changed due to the fact that the skillbuilding session was too short. Emma and Maddie shared information they learned at the Provincial Cabinet meeting. There are issues with fire marshals in other regions so we aren’t the only ones having issues searching for a place for regionals. They decided it would be best to have an alumni as a speaker for the junior conference. T-shirts are being bought for Junior conference.


Regional Advisor: Working on finding presentation information with the principals. The principals would like an email on NSSSA and what we do.


New Business: Everyone needs to start looking into locations for Regionals, the Co-premiers have a few ideas but they need a definite choice.


The cabinet needs to take donation forms and take them to places.


Junior Conference is at NRHS from 9-5:30, bring your own lunch event and snacks will be provided.


Be sure to continue working and speaking with your partner in order to keep good communication.


We will be getting our brochures again as well as maybe flyers for our school to promote Juniors and Regionals.


The forms will come out as soon as they are finalized and our venue is in order.


Megan designed the logo for Junior conference.

Adjournment: Brennan Marks motioned to adjourn.

[Chignecto] Meeting Minutes, Sept 10th, 2017


NSSSA Minutes From:

Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: Truro Library.

Time of Commencement: 2:43 pm

Time of Adjournment: 3:30 pm

Duration: 47 minutes.

Attendance: Hailee Fielding, Linda Suo, Jorja Smith, Tyler Green, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier, Megan Higgins, Liam Nielsen and Beth McNiell.

Present Voting Members: Hailee Fielding, Jorja Smith, Tyler Green, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier, Megan Higgins, Liam Nielsen and Beth McNiell.

Present Non-Voting Members: Mullen Boulter and Linda Suo

Regrets: Peter Woo, Beth O’Connell, Brennan Marks and Camryn Smith




3-Tions: 3-tions have made rough drafts of skillbuilder and delegate manuals. A database for conference.

Skill Building Chair: The Skill Building Chair had sessions planned and have activities picked out for skillbuilding groups.

Public Relations: Hailee and Emily both have a list of businesses for donations, and Hailee has split her list in half for junior and regional conference.

Hailee is going to meet with her School Advisor about having a NSSSA presentation.

WENDY’s: The WENDY’s have started to plan EPIC.

Head School Reps: The Head School Reps have a presentation for schools in the works, and Tyler is going to do a call with Jeremy soon.

Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chairs have started to collect yarn for Fuzzies.

Co-Premiers: The Co-Premiers have a rough draft of an Itinerary for Junior Conference. They have met with Ms. Suo, the advisor to bring her up to speed with the meetings. They are still in search of a venue for regionals that is within budget, had a check in with Amy, and checked in with most of the Chignecto Committee.

School presentations need to be organized and start happening, especially with this month as it isn’t quite as busy. All Committee members should look to present at their own schools or go to at least one other school that is not their own.

Schools to present at for Junior Conference: North Cumberland, EBC, WA, East Pictou, MEC, and MGA.

Speaker Ideas: Past NSSSA president or Lauren Whiteway, a mental health advocate.

Next meeting: September 24th or October 15th,

Regional Advisor: Linda is going to set up a meeting with the people she works with or the school board and the region’s principals to explain what NSSSA is to get more students involved.

New Business:

School presentations need to be organized and start happening, especially with this month as it isn’t quite as busy. All Committee members should look to presenting at their own schools or go to at least one other school.

Each person on Cabinet should go out and get one gift card as a donation. Hailee will email the donation letter, change the information to yours. Let Hailee or Emily know if you have got a donation.

Venue Ideas for Regional Conferences: Tim Hortons Camp, Douglas Street Old School, Community Credit Union Businesses Innovation Centre, YMCA and the Tatamagouche center.


Adjournment: Liam Nielsen motioned to adjourn.


[Chignecto] Meeting Minutes, August 28th, 2017.

NSSSA Minutes From:

Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Conference Call

Time of Commencement: 7:00 pm

Time of Adjournment: 7:26 pm

Duration: 26 minutes



Present Voting Members: Maddie Tennant, Megan Higgins, Emily Jewers, Emma Trottier, Liam Nielsen, Peter Woo, Beth McNiell, Camryn Smith, Tyler Green and Jorja Smith.

Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo and Linda Suo

Regrets: Brennan Marks, Beth O’Connell and Hailee Fielding.




3-Tions: The 3-tions have made a rough draft of the junior delegate application form and made a database for all schools from grade 7 to 12 in the Chignecto region.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The Skill Building Co-Chairs have wrote down the 8 key concepts for the Skill Building Manual and are waiting on examples of previous Skill Builder manuals.

Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chair has started searching for yarn.

Co-Premiers: The Co-Premiers have gone to the Provincial Cabinet retreat, did the timelines for each position and have started to look for venues.


New Business:

Spirit Wear – The idea for Spirit Wear is to have black and white writing, and for sweaters to put Moo on the back of them.

Getting started for Junior Conference – The plan is for each position to start keeping an update on their timelines and to notify Emma and Maddie of updates.

Brainstorming Speakers – Each position should help look for low-cost speakers.

Forms – Forms should be completed soon and sent to Emma and Maddie as soon as you can.

Donations – If anyone on cabinet whose boss is interested in donating, can donate or get the donation letter from the public relations.

Junior Conference – Junior Conference will be on November 18th, most likely at NRHS from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Regional Conference will be from February 17th to the 18th.

The next meeting is taking place September 10th, 2017 in Truro at 3pm,

Posters – Posters/fliers may be considered being put up in schools to promote NSSSA and their conferences.

[Chignecto] Meeting Minutes, July 22nd, 2017.

NSSSA Minutes From:

Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: STFX, Antigonish

Time of Commencement: 8:10 pm

Time of Adjournment: 9:15 pm

Duration: 1 hour and 5 minutes



Present Voting Members: Emma Trottier, Hailee Fielding, Maddie Tennant, Beth McNiell, Brennan Marks, Liam Nielsen, Megan Higgins, and Tyler Green.

Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo and Linda Suo

Regrets: Camryn Smith and Beth Connell



New Business:

Expectations from the positions.

Secretary’s take and distribute minutes. They are also responsible for ordering spirit wear.

Public Relations Emily Jewers takes care of the social media aspects and Hailee Fielding takes care of the donations, delegate manual, delegate bags and reaching out to the public.

Welcoming Co-Chair’s make fuzzies, find donations and plan the opening night activity.

Wendy’s provide songs, cheers and games. They organize the dance, the entertainment, the talent show and the costumes.

Skillbuilding Co-Chair’s create the skillbuilder manual, produce and distribute skillbuilder forms, review and pick skillbuilders, plan the skillbuilding retreat, assign the skillbuilding groups and create a database for all conference attendees.

Head School Reps’ relay info to schools and make the presentations for presenting at schools.

3tions design the registration forms and assist in emailing of the welcoming packages. They receive, view and input registration forms into the conference database, assign skillbuilding groups and create a database for all conference attendees.

Junior Conference’s planned date is November 18th or 25th, 2017

Regional Conference’s planned date is February 17th or 24th, 2017

The conference names are GROW and DEVELOP:

Getting ready for the outside world and demonstrating excellent values each leader obtains positively.

Email Signatures need: Name, cabinet, region, NSSSA, phone number, www.nsssa.ca, and nsssa logo.

Meeting places will be NSCC Truro or Truro Library.

Roberts Rule of Order is where someone motions to adjourn to end the meeting, and someone seconds the motion.

Attendance has a 3 strike rule which was put into place to ensure commitment, you need to let Emma or Maddie know 24 hours beforehand if you cannot make it and the reason must be reasonable.

For Calling Businesses, let Emma or Maddie know about donations, who from, how much, etc.

Megan Higgins said might design the conference’s logos.

Adjournment: Liam Nielsen motioned to adjourn the meeting, Tyler Green seconded the motion.


Chignecto Meeting Minutes – March 13th

Meeting #9

Location : Group Call

Time of Commencement: 7:59

Time of Adjournment: 8:12




Present Voting Members: Camryn Smith, Corinne Trottier, Mullen Boulter, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier, Sam McNeil, Beth O’Connell


Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo, Madalyn Nielsen, Corinne Trottier, Beth Smith


Regrets: Kara-Lyne Shaw, Alicia Aikens, Kelsey Robson, Areta Boone



Skill Building Co-Chairs: The skill building manual is being created. Supplies are being gathered for the different activities.


3-tions: Registration forms were made available on March 8th. Registration closes on March 24th.


WENDY: The theme of EPIC, as well as the WENDY surprise are still being decided. The cheers are also currently being selected.


Logistics: The forms are available.


Welcoming Chair: Fuzzies are made, and more will potentially be made once the number of delegates is confirmed. The welcoming activity is being planned, and there will be no welcoming video for this conference.  


Public Relations: Different local businesses are being contacted regarding monetary donations and donations of things for the delegate bags.


New Business:


Different options for guest speakers were discussed. As conference is approaching very quickly, it is likely that the guest speaker will be a student or an alumni member. A few people will be contacted regarding guest speaking.


Due to the timing of the forms with March Break, scheduling presentations at schools has been very challenging. Everyone is reminded to contact the schools in their communities after the break, as the deadline for registration is fast approaching.


Chignecto Meeting Minutes – March 1st

Meeting #8

Location: Group Call

Time of Commencement: 9:35

Time of Adjournment: 9:53



Present Voting Members: Camryn Smith, Beth O’Connell, Kelsey Robson, Mullen Boulter, Brennan Marks, Sam McNeil, Emma Trottier, Kara-Lyne Shaw, Alicia Aikens


Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo, Madalyn Nielsen, Beth Smith, Areta Boone


Regrets: Corinne Trottier, Maddie Tennant


New Business:


Potential dates for the regional conference GLOW (Gaining Leadership Outside the Walls) were discussed. The conference is to be held April 1st and 2nd at L’Ecole Acadienne de Truro. Conference will begin at 12:30 on April 1st with the skill building retreat beginning at 10:30 the same day.


Delegate and skill building forms are going to be reused from the last conference due to the time constraints and will hopefully be available on the website early next week. The deadlines for forms will have to be no later than 2 weeks before conference. Schools will be contacted as soon as forms are available and all members of cabinet are asked to contact the schools in their area regarding potential presentations.


Dates for an in person meeting were discussed, but it is unlikely one will be able to happen before conference. The next meeting will be a group call on March 13th.


Chignecto Meeting Minutes- November 27th

Meeting  #7

Location: Voice Call

Time of commencement: 9:01

Time of adjournment: 9:37


Present Voting Members: Camryn Smith, Beth O’Connell, Mullen Boulter, Kelsey Robson, Brennan Marks, Sam McNeil, Alicia Aikens, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier, Kara-Lyne Shaw,

Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo, Madalyn Nielsen, Areta Boone, Corinne Trottier, Beth Smith


Head School Rep: Contacted the schools that were presented at to follow up.

Public Relations: The delegate manual is completed and ready to be printed for conference.

Welcoming Chair: The welcoming video was filmed and is being put together, and will hopefully be completed in time to email out. The welcoming email will be sent within the next few days. All the fuzzies for conference are completed, and the welcoming activity is put together.

Secretary: Typed the minutes from the last meeting and posted them to the website.

Skillbuilding Co-Chair: The manual is complete and the time for the skillbuilding retreat is set. The supplies are being gathered for the activities and the skillbuilders will be contacted soon regarding their partners.

Co-Premiers: Have been in contact with the administration at Northumberland Regional High School regarding when the setup for conference can take place. The t-shirts have been ordered and will be received before conference

WENDY: EPIC is being planned around the number of skill building groups at conference.  

New Business:

The public relations representative Baileigh Dwyer has officially resigned. The role of public relations will now be completed  by the skillbuilding co-chairs Sam McNeil and Brennan Marks.

The regional cabinet is to meet at Northumberland Regional High School the night before conference to set up at 6:30. The skillbuilding retreat will be held at 8:30 the morning of conference. Cabinet is expected to be at the school at 8:00 the morning of conference.

Chignecto Meeting Minutes- November 20th

Meeting #6

Location: NSCC Truro Campus

Time of Commencement: 3:50

Time of Adjournment: 4:46


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: The conference schedule has been set out and the skillbuilding sessions are organised. The skillbuilding retreat the morning of conference is still be planned.

Public Relations: The delegate manual is drafted and the cabinet is reminded to complete the questions and submit a photo.

Welcoming Chair: The welcoming activity is being planned and the majority of fuzzys have been made. The rest will be completed once all forms are collected. The video will be filmed and put together within the next week, along with the welcoming email.

WENDY: EPIC is planned and the order of cheers is being decided.

3-tion: Receiving and organizing forms for the conference database.

Co-Premiers: Working to order t-shirts for SHIMMER.

Secretary: The spiritwear has been received, and minutes are being completed for each meeting.

Head School Rep: All presentations were completed for the conference and the schools have been contacted to follow up.


The menu for conference has been decided. Subway has donated lunch for all participants and there will be soup for supper. Snacks will also be available throughout the day.

Different businesses have been contacted regarding the donation of supplies for the delegate bags.

The guest speakers have been confirmed and the cabinet is very excited to have them at conference.


The colour of the conference shirts were discussed, and the decision was made that they would be black. It was decided that all shirts should be black for cabinet and logistics as well. As the form deadline was extended, the number of t-shirts to be ordered is still tentative.  

Chignecto Meeting Minutes- November 13th

Meeting #5

Location: Video Call

Time of Commencement: 9:11

Time of Adjournment: 9:36


Present Voting Members: Kara-Lyne Shaw, Emma Trottier, Brennan Marks, Sam McNeil, Kelsey Robson, Mullen Boulter, Alicia Aikens

Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo, Madalyn Nielson, Corinne Trottier, Beth Smith, Areta Boone

Absent: Maddie Tennant, Baileigh Dwyer


Skill Building Co-Chairs: Finished the manual for the junior high conference and are working to find all items necessary for the activities.

WENDY: Planned the activity for the WENDY surprise and are finalizing the activities for EPIC

Head School Rep: Presented to many different schools over the week, all who helped in the presentations are very optimistic and excited, as it felt like there was a lot of interest.

3-tions: Continuing to build the database and are waiting on forms from delegates and skill builders.

Welcoming Chair: Continued making fuzzys and planned the welcoming video.

Secretary: The cabinet spiritwear was received and distributed. 

Logistics: Waiting on logistics for conference.