Sou’West Meeting Minutes – March 6, 2017


NSSSA Minutes from:


Sou’West RC Meeting



Time of Commencement: 7:18 p.m.

Time of Adjournment: 8:19 p.m.

Duration: 1hr 1mins


Attendance & Regrets:


Present Voting Members: Amy Oickle, Hannah Goucher, Abe Chidiac, Rebecca Cambell, Tatum Arcon, Makayla Whalley, Carly Kinsman, Andrew Davis


Present Non-Voting Members: Molly Anderson, Peter Woo


Regrets: Megan Slaunier, Kaitlyn Wentzell, Thomas Owen, Kate Whynot, Maria Cano, Meredith Baine, Amber Jelfs, Amanda Addington




Positional Updates:


Skillbuilding Co-Chair:

-Not much because of work to rule.

-Possible dates for Skillbuilding Retreat April 1,2 or April 22.

-Check in with each other more often.

Public Relations:

-Unable to find sponsors right now, but has worked on delegate manual.

Welcoming Co-Chair:

-No fuzzies this conference, will need to brainstorm a new game.

-Really does not want a repeat of last conference.


-Regional conference forms are done, need date/location – Reminder that advisors are extremely important.


-Draft of Epic done.

Food Co-Chair:

-Need to start planning in consideration with the possible dates/lengths of conference.


-Will start back up with the planning of cabinet spirit wear, first a general email, then a poll.

Head School Rep:

-Unfortunately, not in attendance.


New Business:



-Potential conference dates, we still want to make this work.

  • March is too soon, dates in April can work; before Provincial Conference.

-According to by-laws we are responsible for holding a regional conference.

  • April 7,8,9 – Provincial Conference is soon, before registration closes. Large Digby school fundraiser – would lose numbers.
  • April 28,29,30 – some concerns about this date (IB/AP Exams) – potential to lose students from exams?

-Digby School can still host conference on the of the two latter dates. SQMS is a possible backup location.

-Really don’t want to lose any students or hold them back from going to provincials or regional conference.

-We have to promote both provincial & regional conference because they will be so close together.

-Email with vote in the morning, decision to be made within 24 hours.

-Other options:

  • 9 to 5 conference, to help cut down on workload, while still presenting the classic NSSSA experience.


Sou’West Meeting Minutes – September 25, 2016

NSSSA Minutes from:


Sou’West RC Meeting



Time of Commencement: 1:16 p.m.

Time of Adjournment: 3:02 p.m.

Duration: 1hr 46mins


Attendance & Regrets:


Present Voting Members: Amy Oickle, Amanda Addington, Hannah Goucher, Abe Chidiac, Amber Jelfs, Meredith Baine, Maria Cano, Kate Whynot, Rebecca Cambell, Tatum Arcon, Makayla Whalley

Present Non-Voting Members: Ian Kent, Eve Keilidh Sabine, Peter Woo

Regrets: Bailey Mosher, Megan Slaunier, Andrew Davis, Kaitlyn Wentzell, Thomas Owen, Carly Kinsman



Positional Updates:


Skillbuilding Co-Chair:

-Both were very busy so weren’t able to get together and collaborate on ideas since the last meeting.

-Looking into games.

-Wants Jr Manual for examples (Eve has one and will pass it on).

-Need AWESOME skillbuilders- evaluations are very helpful.


Public Relations:

-Have donation letter. Need to change a few things (not 400 delegates)

-Dividing donation letters. So we cover the whole region.

-Received itinerary example for delegate manual.

-Talk to local businesses in Shelburne for ‘swag’, money, any kind of contribution or donation.

Follow up with businesses that were past sponsors.

-Radio letter complete. Needs to be sent to Amy and Tatum ASAP.

-This week Meredith is going to tweet and post about forms to spread the word.



Welcoming Co-Chair:

-Both have been really busy.

-Making fuzzies, knows where to get more yarn if needed.

-Idea for Pokémon cards as welcoming game? “Gotta catch ’em all”

-Proposed minute to win it challenges while fuzzying

-Would like to have a large visible itinerary at Jr Conference so everyone can see it.


Head School Rep:

-Received contact info for all Sr and Jr High Schools in Sou’West!

-Gained contact with Vice Principals, Principals, Guidance Counselors, Sent information to all 28 Jr high schools. Heard back from 5 schools (positively, so far).

– Needs to contact Matt Morash @ Forest Heights ASAP.


Food Co-Chair:

-Neither were present

-Meeting with Amy on Wednesday about grocery list and meeting updates.

-Ask Liam Haliburton for apples – connections.

-Goal to have all things be biodegradable!



-All forms are done and are ready to be passed out at all schools as soon as possible, they will be up on the website later this week.

-All forms MUST go to Kate & Maria.

-Skillbuilder Forms, delegate forms, money/cheques send to KATE and MARIA.



-Created a poll on the Facebook group for cabinet Spirit Wear.

-Design has been finalized and orders will soon be made.



-Andrew MIA?

-NO talent show for Jr Conference, but yes for regional conference.

-Chose theme for EPIC: “Mission STS-51-L” Named after an actual Space Shuttle.

-Print off rocket ship and groups have to find the pieces. Games not decided but will talk more this week.

-No cheers that call out students. Jr’s may be too shy, don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable.

New Business:


-Regional conference will be February 11th-12th 2017 at Digby School.

-Jr Conference is November 12th 2016 from 1PM – 7PM at Shelburne School.

-All cabinet members must fill out the conference form for the next meeting. The info MUST be in the database!

-Pass out as many forms as possible around your own school – we want to bring up the attendance numbers.

-Who do we want for motivational speakers? Stella Bowles? LaHave project? Jacob Lingley? Must be decided as a cabinet ASAP.

-Have workshop options for those who don’t enjoy ‘just listening’.

-Bubble Soccer from Forest Heights: free? Possibly for EPIC?

-Take the time to invest in nice conference t-shirts, something worth wearing and comfortable.



Sou’West Meeting Minutes – September 11, 2016

NSSSA Minutes from:


Sou’West RC Meeting



Time of Commencement: 1:12 p.m.

Time of Adjournment: 3:00 p.m.

Duration: 1hr 48mins



Attendance & Regrets:


Present Voting Members: Carly Kinsman, Amanda Addington, Hannah Goucher, Abe Chediac, Amber Jelfs, Thomas Owen, Meredith Baine, Maria Cano, Kaitlyn Wentzell, Megan Slaunier, Kate Whynot, Tatum Arcon

Present Non-Voting Members: Ian Kent, Keilidh Sabine, Peter Woo

Regrets: Amy Oickle, Rebecca Cambell, Bailey Mosher, Andrew Davis, Makayla Whalley



Positional Updates:


Skillbuilding Co-Chair:

-Waiting for cabinet to decide themes for the conferences to start making skillbuilding manuals.


Public Relations:

-Waiting for the names and dates of conferences to begin searching for donations.

-Needs list of questions for the introductions in the delegate manuals.

-Started making a letter for the local radio station.

-Once conference date is confirmed, will start thinking about Snapchat Geofilter.


Welcoming Co-Chair:

-Learning how to perfectly make fuzzies, and will start making them for Junior conference soon.



Head School Rep:

-Contacted Mitchell about the database – but it is not yet ready.

-Will use school board websites to assure contact with all schools.

-Working on draft email.


Food Co-Chair:

-Going to start looking around for general prices of food.

-Need to make letterheads/donation letters for the local grocery stores.

-Start planning menu for the first conference



-Conference forms are done, just need small updates to clarify information on paper.

-Database is almost ready for the year.



-Starting a poll on the Facebook group for cabinet Spirit Wear, must be ordered at least 5 weeks before the first conference.

-Will start a line of contact with First Choice in Dartmouth.



-Once theme is decided for the conferences, will begin planning for EPIC.

-Need to decide if talent show is happening to create the forms.


New Business:


-Reviewed the 8 Key Concepts and what each of them mean.

  1. Speaker in Charge
  2. Right to Pass
  3. Leveling Out
  4. Speak for I
  5. No Unfinished Business
  6. Business never personal
  7. No killer statements
  8. Positive Internal Focus

-Made sure everyone has a gmail account, and has changed their email signatures.

-Turn on Notifications (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to make sure you’re always in the know.

-Made Long term and Short term goals for the NSSSA Term, biggest goal was to reach out to more schools and raise our numbers for the regional conference this year!

-Brainstormed, and decided, conference names and themes – SPACE/ASTRONOMY


-Tentative date for Junior Conference: November 12th @ Shelburne School.

-T-shirts for the conference must be ordered by October 7th-8th

-May not have 3 conferences as previously planned, instead just one Regional Conference and one Junior Conference.

-Next Meeting is September 25th 2016.