NSSSA CBV Regional Cabinet Meeting

Date: October 16, 2016

Location: Cape Breton University

Commencement: 6:09pm

Adjournment: 7:03pm

Duration: 94 minutes


Present voting members: Connor Poirier, Emma Drohan, Will Marsh-King, Matthew MacDonald, Moira MacDonald, Rohit Kochhar, Michael MacDonald, Nathan Penman, Sarah Madore, Abby Fraser, Ben Kelly, Keagan MacQuaid  

Present Non-voting members: Breigha Byrne

Regrets:  Haeley Langlois, Aiden Lynk


Positional Updates:

WENDY’s:  – The Wendys had decided, in an effort to get Epic planned, they would hold their own positional meeting. As a result, Epic has been started and they had continued to discuss the playlist. No official plans have been released yet.

Skillbuilding Co-Chair:  – The Skillbuilding Co-Chairs have been hard at work with putting together the sessions. Session Three has been completed and they are currently in the process of putting together session four.

Head School Rep:  – Keagan had been busy with going over the schools under the CBV board. E-mails have been sent out to all the schools informing them about NSSSA.

3-tion:  – 3-tions still have the forms done and are just doing some minor editing

Public Relations:  – Public Relations are still hard at work with finding donations and are well in the process of promoting CBV NSSSA Conference.

Co-Premiers:  – Haeley had contacted local restaurants and fast food outlets to ask about food supplies at conference. The T-shirt guy, for lack of a better name, has been contacted as well, The sizes of cabinet shirts were takes and orders were to be placed. On another note, Haeley and Connor both found an ideal guest speaker to perform at conference and prices are to be negotiated with. Schools outside our range have also been contacted.


  • We had agreed that in an effort to try and obtain more Glace Bay High School students at conference we will offer to have two or three students sponsored to go. The official details on that are to stated.
  • Along with the plan for GBH we have contacts at Breton Education Centre who may also be interested in having some of their students sponsored
  • As mentioned earlier, The sweaters for CBV Regional Cabinet are to be ordered soon.
  • It has be requested again that all CBV RC members spread NSSSA as much as possible and to promote wherever they go.
  • If any CBV RC members know of people who would make good advisors, they are asked to bring it up to them. Some of the cabinet have already began looking for and asked people about the position.