Time of Commencement- 8:38am by Haeley

Time of Adjournement:9:32am by Connor

Location: St. FX University

Present: Haeley L, Connor P, Ben K, Emma D, Abby F, Will M, Gen A, Nathan P, Moira M, Matthew M, Michael M, Aiden L  


Regrets: Sarah M, Keagan M, Rohit K

Positional Updates

Co-Premiers- During Haeley and Connor’s time at the training retreat; they had received a folder containing information regarding Budgets and By-Laws. Also included in this email were regards concerning other NSSSA events such as; itineraries, Epic, and how to form a function meeting and conference. In continuation to the budget planning, Haeley and Connor have decided that it would be best if all matter including financing amongst RC was addressed to either (preferable both) Haeley or Connor. This would make it much easier to mold the budget around and would make for sufficient budget planning.

Public Relations- So far, Emma and Aiden have just gained access to the cabinets social media pages. The goal is to get everything well put and organized and to hopefully jump right into posting and spreading the NSSSA spirit. Ideas of what to post and captions are still to be discussed between Public Relations

Skillbuilding Co-Chair- Abby and Ben have already began to put little pieces of the skillbuilding manual together, they still have a lot to put together but they have a good start on what they are doing and everything is really looking like it’ll fall into place. Firm foundation is being built.

3Tion- William and Nathan had spent lots of time at the training retreat learning how to use the excel program and to organize the data base. Due to this, the registration forms are put together and all that’s left for them is the final dates; in short, still some minor work to be done to them.

Wendy- Matthew and Moira have the Wendy  Cheer Bible and have already began flipping through it and picking out some cheers to use for the conference. Epic is yet to be discussed and announced.

Secretary- Michael will be trying to use new tactics learnt at the training retreat and will be keeping up with all the other cabinet members to assure that he has a good idea of whats going on at all times, this will prove useful when the next positional updates are posted.


  • Both Haeley and Connor had attended the PC meeting held during the first night of the training retreat at St. FX, They had shared only some decisions made towards Public Relations. No major discussion had branched from this.
  • Connor specifically made a point that when all meetings were cancelled, all RC members were to have their positional updates emailed to both co-premiers and secretary. Although there would be no attendance or minutes, the updates are still needed.
  • For this year, Haeley and Connor would like to try to get to CBU earlier (like the day before) conference in order to get a head start on setting up. Last year it was found that setting up the day of conference was insufficient and caused much confusion. Starting early would be the best way to assure it’ll be set up organized .
  • Connor requested to have a set of the written rules for this year’s CBV conference.
  • After putting a lot of thought into doing fundraisers, we have decided as a cabinet that the most beneficial and convenient one would be a bottle drive. Haeley had suggested that we start as soon as labour day reunions begin to start and immediately following the series of events going on throughout the weekend. Campgrounds and other public areas would be the ideal place for this bottle drive to take place; Haeley suggested that she would talk to Two Rivers Wildlife Park in hopes that they would accepted the invitation and allow the RC to do a bottle drive amongst the campers. It had been decided that there would be some work to be done with the park and they would need to have some sort of representation in the NSSSA due to their generous help.
  • Haeley had put forward a theory that if we were to lower conference cost then we would be able to have more delegates attend conference because the price would be more reasonable and ideal for lower income families, CBV RC would like to see all kinds of kids attend the conference. The vote on this motion will be taken later when the budget is out and we have a firm idea of how much money the CBV RC has to work with.