Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Cabinet Meeting- July 14

Location: St. FX

Time of Commencement: 20:00

Time of Adjournment: 21:25

Duration: 1hr 25min



Present Voting Members: Abby Fraser, Mea Tonet, Reya Hanspal, Morgan Macphail, Ryan Martin, Mackenzie Keeping, Leah Morrison, Katie MacLennan, Grace Campbell, Kelsey Langlois, Brie MacPhee, Courtney McAllister, Annalisa Leon, Dorena Brownstein


Present Non-voting Member: N/A


Regrets: Meaghan Heffernan, Mackenzie Sechi, Hannah MacIntosh, Michael MacDonald, Emma Drohan, Natasha Kochhar


No Shows: N/A



There were no updates at this meeting


New Business:


The group discussed the attendance policy. If a member of the cabinet misses 3 meetings without notifying the Co-Premiers and the secretary with a valid excuse; a further action will have to be taken.


Future Meetings:

The cabinet discussed how future meetings will go, they will usually be held on Sundays at CBU.



Each member of cabinet must make a gmail account if they don’t have one already and a signature line for their email. Google hangout will be used if there needs to be a quick discussion instead of a face to face meeting.


Social Media:

The cabinet was reminded before they post anything on any social media they should remember that they represent the NSSSA so they shouldn’t post anything inappropriate.


Regional Retreat:

The group discussed when they would like their regional retreat, they decided it will be held Tuesday the 17th of July at 14:00. They will be notified when there is more information.



The cabinet learned about timelines, the Co-Premiers will create a document where they will put the deadlines of projects for each position.



They are planning to have their junior conference at end of September/early October and their regional conference in November. The group was told to think of acronyms as names for their regional conference.


Adjournment: Mackenzie Keeping motioned to adjourn the meeting at 21:25 and Reya Hanspal seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.