NSSSA CBV Regional Cabinet Meeting

Date: September 25, 2016

Location: CBU University

Commencement: 6:05pm

Adjournment: 7:23pm

Duration: 118 minutes


Present voting members: Haeley Langlois, Emma Drohan, Will Marsh-King, Matthew MacDonald, Moira MacDonald, Rohit Kochhar, Michael MacDonald, Nathan Penman, Sarah Madore, Katelyn Libbus,

Regrets: Connor Poirier, Aiden Lynk, Abby Frasher, Ben Kelly, Keagan MacQuaid,  Breigha Byrne


Positional Updates:

WENDY’s:  – Wendy’s are still going over music, cheers, and other late night activities… Epic has been set to start soon.

Skillbuilding Co-Chair:  – TBA.

Head School Rep:  – TBA

3-tion:  – The 3Tions have decided to go over the delegate forms and to make a couple of changes. They have also shared the documents with both Haeley and Connor.

Public Relations:  – The manual is in the process of being formatted and Emma and Aiden are almost complete with finishing the donations list.

Co-Premiers:  – Haeley and Connor got the CBU contract. However, after skimming through it they realized there are some errors and henceforth needs to be sent back to be corrected. They are going to meet with CBU recruitment to look into donating some bags and items. They have also contacted “Somthing Creatife:.


  • Haeley had read over the contents of the meeting before we had started
  • We had discussed the donation drive fundraiser, it’s to take place on October 8th and all RC is to have their donations with them on that day.
  • As another fundraiser we are looking into bagging groceries. Haeley was going to contact SuperStore to book dates if there are any open.
  • For the remainder of the meeting we discussed the food for NSSSA conference, we are still to decide and order food.