Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Cabinet Meeting- August 19

Location: CBU

Time of Commencement: 18:22

Time of Adjournment: 19:07

Duration: 45min



Present Voting Members: Abby Fraser, Reya Hanspal, Ryan Martin, Leah Morrison, Katie MacLennan, Grace Campbell, Kelsey Langlois, Brie MacPhee, Hannah MacIntosh, Courtney McAllister, Annalisa Leon, Dorena Brownstein

Present Non-voting Members: Michael MacDonald

Regrets: Mea Tonet, Mackenzie Keeping, Mackenzie Sechi, Morgan Macphail, Meaghan Heffernan, Emma Drohan, Natasha Kochhar

No Shows: N/A



There were no updates at this meeting


New Business:

RC Banner:

Annalisa will ask her cousin if he would make a large banner/poster for CBV RC.


Abby has finished the timelines for positions. Abby will enter in all the dates then share them.

Junior Conference:

They probably won’t get a hypnotist for junior conference. Memorial High school is their tentative conference area.

Regional Conference:

CBU has been contacted for a potential venue.


All RC should change their work availability for September.