Cape Breton-Victoria Regional Cabinet Meeting- July 29

Location: CBU

Time of Commencement: 6:02pm

Time of Adjournment: 6:57pm

Duration: 55 minutes



Present Voting Members: Abby Fraser, Mea Tonet, Morgan Macphail, Ryan Martin, Leah Morrison, Katie MacLennan, Grace Campbell, Kelsey Langlois, Brie MacPhee, Hannah MacIntosh, Courtney McAllister, Annalisa Leon, Dorena Brownstein


Present Non-voting Members: N/A


Regrets: Mackenzie Sechi, Mackenzie Keeping, Meaghan Heffernan, Reya Hanspal, Michael MacDonald, Emma Drohan, Natasha Kochhar


No Shows: N/A



There were no updates at this meeting


New Business:

Grocery Bagging:

A schedule was made and Abby and Mea will ask last year’s cabinet if they can also help out.

Junior Conference:

The cabinet discussed the pros and cons of having the junior conference opened to grades 7-9 as opposed to just grade 9 and decided the ideal dates would be September 29/30th or October 6/7th. They also discussed the possible venues (MHS and RHS). The principals of those schools will be contacted as soon as possible when school starts.

Regional Conference:
November 10th or 17th would be ideal dates for regional conference. CBU is back as a possible venue, Mea and Abby will be contacting and hopefully having a meeting with them soon. If CBU isn’t an option, NSCC will be contacted
Both Conferences:

The cabinet discussed possible conflicts with sports for both the junior and regional conference and were told to brainstormed names.

Cabinet clothing:

They discussed what colours they want their cabinet clothes to be, they decided on either yellow, periwinkle/lilac, light grey with blue print or light blue. They also discussed quarter zips as an option. They’ll make a decision when they get an update from PC. They were asked who would be interested in buying a bucket hat in addition to buying a sweater, most were interested.


-They decided Value Village was the best place to ask for yarn donations.


-They talked about starting jobs, if there’s any little things that they think they could be doing, they’re asked to do them.
-They were asked to save bread tags because the Welcoming Co-Chairs might want them.