Time of Commencement- 3:15pm

Time of Adjournement: 4:10pm

Location: CBU cafeteria

Present: Haeley L, Aiden l, Rohit K, Michael M, Connor P, Nathan P, Abby F Breagh L, Genieve A, William K, Sarah M, Matthew M.


Regrets:Emma d, Moira M, Ben K, Keagan M, Katelyn L.


  • Met with Cynthia Vokey. Possibly supplying bags for conference.
  • Possible donations from Breton Ability centre.
  • Met with member of CBU staff. Still more to discuss
  • Going to ask if CBU could possibly cater to conference. Would need to raise funds for given pay (TBA).
  • Fruit, Bagels, and toasters, can all be supplied by Sarah M.
  • May be getting table skirts from Aiden
  • Took vote for conference theme; Connor P. motioned to name “N.O.W” (no opportunities wasted) motion seconded by Haeley L. motion passed!
  • Haeley L. motioned RC sweaters to be Tweed (Dark Grey) quarter zips, Motion seconded by Rohit K. motion passed!
  • Connor P. motioned for Rc T-Shirts to be antique jade (Teal) motion seconded by William K. Motion passed!
  • T-shirt printer TBA
  • Meeting adjourned by Haeley