NSSSA Minutes From:

Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Conference Call

Time of Commencement: 7:00 pm

Time of Adjournment: 7:26 pm

Duration: 26 minutes



Present Voting Members: Maddie Tennant, Megan Higgins, Emily Jewers, Emma Trottier, Liam Nielsen, Peter Woo, Beth McNiell, Camryn Smith, Tyler Green and Jorja Smith.

Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo and Linda Suo

Regrets: Brennan Marks, Beth O’Connell and Hailee Fielding.




3-Tions: The 3-tions have made a rough draft of the junior delegate application form and made a database for all schools from grade 7 to 12 in the Chignecto region.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The Skill Building Co-Chairs have wrote down the 8 key concepts for the Skill Building Manual and are waiting on examples of previous Skill Builder manuals.

Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chair has started searching for yarn.

Co-Premiers: The Co-Premiers have gone to the Provincial Cabinet retreat, did the timelines for each position and have started to look for venues.


New Business:

Spirit Wear – The idea for Spirit Wear is to have black and white writing, and for sweaters to put Moo on the back of them.

Getting started for Junior Conference – The plan is for each position to start keeping an update on their timelines and to notify Emma and Maddie of updates.

Brainstorming Speakers – Each position should help look for low-cost speakers.

Forms – Forms should be completed soon and sent to Emma and Maddie as soon as you can.

Donations – If anyone on cabinet whose boss is interested in donating, can donate or get the donation letter from the public relations.

Junior Conference – Junior Conference will be on November 18th, most likely at NRHS from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Regional Conference will be from February 17th to the 18th.

The next meeting is taking place September 10th, 2017 in Truro at 3pm,

Posters – Posters/fliers may be considered being put up in schools to promote NSSSA and their conferences.