Location: St. Francis Xavier University
Time of Commencement:8:38
Time of Adjournment:9:20
Duration: forty-two minutes

Attendance and Regrets
Present Voting Members: Beth O’Connell, Kelsey Robson, Sam McNeil, Mullen Boulter, Maddie Tennant, Baileigh Dwyer, Emma Trottier, Kara-Lyne Shaw
Regrets: Camryn Smith, Brennan Marks, Alicia Aikens, Areta Boone, Corrine Trottier, Peter Woo, Madalyn Nielson

The cabinet discussed the expectations for meetings. The meetings will be on a biweekly basis until closer to conference. A potential meeting spot at the NSCC Truro Campus was brought up for future meetings. Beth spoke about the expectation with emails. All emails should be replied to quickly. All members are expected to post in Basecamp the days would work for potential meeting days.

At 9:00 Maddie and Mullen left to attend their respective Inclusion Conference and Conference Committee meetings.

Baileigh deleted the Chignecto region Snapchat as it was decided that there should only be one Snapchat for the whole organisation.

The cabinet discussed names for Regional Conference and the Junior High Conference. Tentative dates are set for both conferences with the junior high conference in December and regional conference in February.

The cabinet discussed cabinet spirit wear but decided not to vote until more members are present.

Beth moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:19. Sam seconded that motion at 9:20.