Minutes from:


Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Via Group Call


Time of commencement: 4:04

Time of Adjournment: 4:29

Duration:  25 minutes


– Attendance –


Present Voting Members: Zoe Morgan, Brady Webb, Beth McNeill, Emma Trottier, Josh Lohnes, Jorja Smith, Emily Chauder, Kelsey Hann, Clarissa Pasion, Maddie Tennant, Camryn smith

Present Non-voting:

Regrets: Linda Suo

No shows:


– Updates –


New Business:

The gym set is actually only worth $400 not $1800; it is online for sale but has currently not sold yet

The idea was put out to have a social media contest to win one of the giftcards? Josh also suggested a contest to have a delegates registration paid for or If businesses don’t have any physical donations we could ask them to sponsor a person to go.

Co-Premiers:. The Co-Premiers have conference T-shirts ordered; they are purple with a white design. The design has been sent to Skillbuilding Chairs and Welcoming Chair for their manuals.

The venue is $2000 and the space can be divided for skillbuilding groups. The venue also provides food and there are leftover snacks from Junior Event. If needed, there are two $50 Boston Pizza gift cards that were donated.

3-Tions: Registration forms are made up. None have come in yet.

SkillBuilding Chairs: Brady and Zoe have finished the skillbuilding manual. There are 5 sessions that range between 1hr  to 1hr 20 mins.

Public Relations: PRs went around to visit a bunch of places. Mosts of those places are still considering but Superstore Amherst and Mcdonalds have confirmed that they will be donating something. What these things are hve not been confirmed but it could be giftcards, food items, or clothing which will be ideal for delegate bags. PRs should check out NSCC because they are usually have good stuff that they will be willing to provide. The goal is to have goodies for the delegate bags and $200 to make back the T-shirt cost.

WENDY’s: WENDY’s are planning another scavenger hunt for EPIC. This one will be more organized in the style of the amazing race. For WENDY surprise, the will create a Kahoot and will try to find a projector.

Head School Representatives: Emily has emailed principles and few got back to her asking for more information. She will send out a reminder in the next week. A “Labour Standards Division” reached out to her wanting to raise awareness about youth employee rights and have a one page fact sheet that can be put in delegate bags.

Welcoming Chair: The fuzzies count is at 30. Kelsey ran out of yarn but after advertising on facebook, a lady donated a big bag of yarn. The delegate manual will remain pretty much the same but still needs sponsors, the Co-Premiers letter and a schedule. Kelsey has a few ideas for the main welcoming activity but has yet to decide on one. She has extreme rock paper scissors planned as a smaller activity.

Adjournment: Brady motioned to adjourn the meeting, Josh seconded the motion.