Meeting #9

Location : Group Call

Time of Commencement: 7:59

Time of Adjournment: 8:12




Present Voting Members: Camryn Smith, Corinne Trottier, Mullen Boulter, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier, Sam McNeil, Beth O’Connell


Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo, Madalyn Nielsen, Corinne Trottier, Beth Smith


Regrets: Kara-Lyne Shaw, Alicia Aikens, Kelsey Robson, Areta Boone



Skill Building Co-Chairs: The skill building manual is being created. Supplies are being gathered for the different activities.


3-tions: Registration forms were made available on March 8th. Registration closes on March 24th.


WENDY: The theme of EPIC, as well as the WENDY surprise are still being decided. The cheers are also currently being selected.


Logistics: The forms are available.


Welcoming Chair: Fuzzies are made, and more will potentially be made once the number of delegates is confirmed. The welcoming activity is being planned, and there will be no welcoming video for this conference.  


Public Relations: Different local businesses are being contacted regarding monetary donations and donations of things for the delegate bags.


New Business:


Different options for guest speakers were discussed. As conference is approaching very quickly, it is likely that the guest speaker will be a student or an alumni member. A few people will be contacted regarding guest speaking.


Due to the timing of the forms with March Break, scheduling presentations at schools has been very challenging. Everyone is reminded to contact the schools in their communities after the break, as the deadline for registration is fast approaching.