Meeting #8

Location: Group Call

Time of Commencement: 9:35

Time of Adjournment: 9:53



Present Voting Members: Camryn Smith, Beth O’Connell, Kelsey Robson, Mullen Boulter, Brennan Marks, Sam McNeil, Emma Trottier, Kara-Lyne Shaw, Alicia Aikens


Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo, Madalyn Nielsen, Beth Smith, Areta Boone


Regrets: Corinne Trottier, Maddie Tennant


New Business:


Potential dates for the regional conference GLOW (Gaining Leadership Outside the Walls) were discussed. The conference is to be held April 1st and 2nd at L’Ecole Acadienne de Truro. Conference will begin at 12:30 on April 1st with the skill building retreat beginning at 10:30 the same day.


Delegate and skill building forms are going to be reused from the last conference due to the time constraints and will hopefully be available on the website early next week. The deadlines for forms will have to be no later than 2 weeks before conference. Schools will be contacted as soon as forms are available and all members of cabinet are asked to contact the schools in their area regarding potential presentations.


Dates for an in person meeting were discussed, but it is unlikely one will be able to happen before conference. The next meeting will be a group call on March 13th.