Meeting #6

Location: NSCC Truro Campus

Time of Commencement: 3:50

Time of Adjournment: 4:46


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: The conference schedule has been set out and the skillbuilding sessions are organised. The skillbuilding retreat the morning of conference is still be planned.

Public Relations: The delegate manual is drafted and the cabinet is reminded to complete the questions and submit a photo.

Welcoming Chair: The welcoming activity is being planned and the majority of fuzzys have been made. The rest will be completed once all forms are collected. The video will be filmed and put together within the next week, along with the welcoming email.

WENDY: EPIC is planned and the order of cheers is being decided.

3-tion: Receiving and organizing forms for the conference database.

Co-Premiers: Working to order t-shirts for SHIMMER.

Secretary: The spiritwear has been received, and minutes are being completed for each meeting.

Head School Rep: All presentations were completed for the conference and the schools have been contacted to follow up.


The menu for conference has been decided. Subway has donated lunch for all participants and there will be soup for supper. Snacks will also be available throughout the day.

Different businesses have been contacted regarding the donation of supplies for the delegate bags.

The guest speakers have been confirmed and the cabinet is very excited to have them at conference.


The colour of the conference shirts were discussed, and the decision was made that they would be black. It was decided that all shirts should be black for cabinet and logistics as well. As the form deadline was extended, the number of t-shirts to be ordered is still tentative.