NSSSA Minutes From:

Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Pizza Delight, Amherst

Time of Commencement: 12:20 pm

Time of Adjournment: 12:46

Duration: 26 minutes

Attendance: Linda Suo, Liam Nielsen, Hailee Fielding, Tyler Green, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier, Jorja Smith, Beth McNeil and Emily Jewers

Present Voting Members: Beth McNeil, Hailee Fielding, Liam Nielsen, Jorja Smith, Beth McNeil, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier, and Tyler Green.

Present Non-Voting Members: Linda Suo

Regrets: Brennan Marks, Camryn Smith, Peter Woo, Megan Higgins, and Beth O’Connell.





3-Tions: The 3 tions have received 12 forms so far and have entered them into the database.


SkillBuilding Chair: The manual has been completed and we are waiting for the skillbuilding applications to be submitted.


Public Relations: The PR’s got a 15 dollar gift card from Sobeys, 100 dollars and some promotional items from Wilson’s home heating. The delegate manual is being worked on.


WENDY’s: The WENDY’s got a cake donated. EPIC is finished, everyone needs to help with it. Some presentations were done, the talent show form has been completed and Jorja talked to the Town of Truro about donations.


Head School Reps: The Head School Rep sent out a reminder email of forms being due and of conference coming up.


Welcoming Chairs: The welcoming chair is working on fuzzies and is finishing up the welcoming email.


Co-Premiers: The co-premiers are working with everyone to finish up tasks and are finishing up the budget. They had a check in with the Vice President Internal.


New Business:


T-Shirts could not be ordered in time for conference due to us not having our final numbers of attendees yet. Cabinet decided to go ahead with ordering the shirts, and send them to the schools after conference so delegates still receive a momentum from the event.


The douglas street school is an option for a regional conference venue, and we will inquire the

Town of Truro about the possibility of hosting the conference there.


Students will be asked to provide a lunch because we were not successful in getting food donated for lunch. We will be providing snacks.


We put together a panel of alumni for the event, consisting of alumni members in our cabinet. Regional cabinet will be asking questions as junior high students may not.


All cabinet members feel they are on the right track to being ready for our junior event.