Minutes from:


Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Truro Library


Time of commencement: 2:06

Time of Adjournment: 3:12

Duration: 1 hour and 6 minutes


– Attendance –


Present Voting Members: Beth McNeill, Jorja Smith, Kelsey Hann, Zoe Morgan, Brady Webb, Emily Chauder, Clarissa Pasion, Josh Lohnes

Present Non-voting:

Regrets: Linda Suo, Mullen Boulter, Emma Trottier, Maddie Tennant

No shows:


– Updates –


New Business:

Delegate and Skillbuilding form on the website are incorrect.


Some Cabinet members are bringing snacks for the Junior Event. Beth is baking cookies, Jorja is bringing a variety of fruit, Brady is getting juice boxes and Clarissa will get granola bars.


Cabinet discussed the promotion of conference. They may use personal social media formats. The idea was brought up to create a Chig Instagram but it might need to be approved.


Co-Premiers: Beth and Jorja have a design and will order delegate shirts. They will also try to fix the website as soon as possible.


3-Tions: Emily has forms emailed to principals and all principals have received them. The database is done but there are no delegates due to the website mistake.


SkillBuilding Chairs: Skill building chairs have all activities and sessions done and are making the final touches. Brady shared copies of the manual with the Co-Premiers.


Public Relations: Zoe has the list of 30-40 places they have reached out to done, and Josh will add his list. PR has a list from Rebecca as well. They got a sponsorship from McDonalds. PRs will wait to promote Junior Event on twitter until the website gets fixed.


WENDY’s: WENDY’s can use gym equipment at Northumberland for the relay race for Epic. The talent show form is done and sent to the Welcoming chair to put in the delegate manual. A set list of cheers and costumes is in the process of being made.


Head School Representatives: One school wants a presentation and another school is on the edge. Lots of principles emailed questions back.  


Welcoming Chair: Kelsey has 60 fuzzies made. The welcoming activity is picked out and will be “Get to know me Bingo” and/or “Pass the Parcel”. Kelsey has extra activities if the activities are finished early. She drafted a packing list, welcoming email, and delegate manual.


Secretary: Clarissa ordered the cabinet hoodies.

Adjournment: Zoe adjourned the meeting, Kelsey seconded the motion.