Meeting #3

Location: NSCC Truro

Time of commencement :3:46

Time of adjournment: 4:23


Present Voting Members: Beth O’Connell, Camryn Smith, Brennan Marks, Kelsey Robson, Mullen Boulter, Kara-Lyne Shaw, Emma Trottier, Sam McNeil, Maddie Tennant, Alicia Aikens

Present Non-Voting Members: Madalyn Nielson, Peter Woo, Beth Smith

Regrets: Baileigh Dwyer

Positional Updates:

Co-Premiers: Confirmed the date and location of SHIMMER, which is to be held  at Northumberland Regional High School on December 3rd from 10-7. Forms are now available for application.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Started writing the skillbuilding manual for the junior high conference, and are discussing a potential large group team building activity between the skill building groups.

WENDY’s: Discussed having an Amazing Race theme for EPIC, as well as brainstorming ideas for the WENDY surprise

3-tions: Created letters to send the schools and plan on sending forms soon.

Welcoming Chair: Began making fuzzies for the opening activity, and brainstormed ideas for additional opening activities. Also brainstorming a How to Fuzzy/ Introduction to conference video.

Head School Rep: Planning to email schools in the Chignecto region within the next week regarding presentations.

Old Business:

The cabinet was reminded to start collecting donations in cash or food items for the upcoming conference. A hypnotist was booked for the junior high conference. The cabinet is hoping for a great turnout!

The social media accounts were discussed, and the cabinet was informed that there is to be only one Snapchat and Instagram for the entire organization. The Facebook group for the Chignecto region  is still to be used, and an event was created, and shared for SHIMMER.

The cabinet also discussed the possibility of having glow in the dark shirts for the regional conference GLOW in February.

New Business:

The cabinet is to start promoting the junior high conference SHIMMER now that the applications are out. As Chignecto is such a large geographical region, the cabinet is striving for high attendance. They were also reminded to start giving out donation letters to collect supplies for the delegate bags.

The time of the conference was changed to 10-7 as this time frame does not require paying extra for janitors. As well, it was shortened so the day itself would not be as long in duration.