Minutes from:


Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Truro Library


Time of commencement: 2:07

Time of Adjournment:  2:53

Duration: 46 minutes


– Attendance –


Present Voting Members: Clarissa Pasion, Jorja Smith, Beth McNeill, Zoe Morgan, Emily Chauder

Present Non-voting: Linda Suo

Regrets: Brady Webb, Josh Lohnes, Mullen Boulter, Emma Trottier, Maddie Tennant

No shows:


– Updates –


New Business:

Cabinet talked discussed the itinerary and made slight changes. Cabinet is still deciding on the number of skill building groups there will be and whether 4 small groups would be best or 2 larger groups.

The night before conference Cabinet usually stays at someone’s house who is close to the venue to make name tags, delegate bags and welcoming video.

Kids from Truro Junior High seem very interested in coming to our conference but have not yet gotten their forms in.


Co-Premiers: T-shirts may not be ready for conference and they might have to be delivered or mailed out to schools after.

3-Tions: The forms are in the database. We have a delegate with a peanut sensitivity and another with an egg allergy. Cabinet should label snacks that contain such.

SkillBuilding Chairs: The manual is ready to go and Zoe and Brady will get supplies themselves. Skillbuilding retreat will take place the morning of conference around 7:30ish. Skillbuilding chairs should send out the manual to skillbuilders.

Public Relations: PRs have been doing follow up calls, a lot of businesses are pretty promising. Some have not agreed to sponsor the Junior Event but may sponsor or donate to Regionals.

WENDY’s: Epic is finalized, and cabinet will have to help out with it on the day. The cheer bible is done and WENDYs should send it to the Skillbuilding Chairs to pass along to Skillbuilders. WENDY’s will get a cake for the winners of EPIC and maybe a chocolate bar if the group with the delegate with the egg allergy wins.

Head School Representatives: Emily has been reminding schools of the conference by email and pushed the form deadline to November 2nd in hopes to get more people.

Welcoming Chair: Kelsey has 70 fuzzies made. The delegate manual will be finalized soon and the Welcoming activity is ready. She will get candy for the pass the parcel.

Secretary: Clarissa will email Steve during the week to see if the hoodies are ready or not. If so, Emily has offered to pick them up since her mother is in Halifax often.

Regional Advisor: Linda had many forms with checks to give to Emily. The advisors so far are Beth’s dad, Linda’s husband and Jorja’s mom. She will get subway and board games for the advisors. She needs cups for the Keurig and coffee and tea. Parrsboro has been in contact with Linda wondering if their forms were received, which they were as confirmed by Emily.



Adjournment: Zoe adjourned the meeting, Emily seconded the motion.