NSSSA Minutes From:

Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting

September 24th, 2017

Location: Truro Library.

Time of Commencement: 2:37

Time of Adjournment: 3:44

Duration: 1 hour

Attendance: Linda Suo, Megan Higgins, Beth McNeill, Hailee Fielding, Liam Nielsen, Peter woo, Camryn Smith, Jorja Smith, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier, Brennan Marks and Tyler Green

Present Voting Members: Megan Higgins, Beth McNiell, Hailee Fielding, Liam Nielsen, Camryn Smith, Jorja Smith, Beth McNiell, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier and Brennan Marks.

Present Non-Voting Members: Linda Suo and Peter Woo

Regrets: Emily Jewers and Tyler Green.




3-Tions: The forms were sent in and the database is ready


Skill Building Co-Chairs: Working on the Skillbuilding sessions.


Public Relations: Went to business and are going to check in with the ones they already dropped off at and are going to work on the delegate manual.


WENDY’s: Started work on EPIC and discussed the theme for conference.


Head School Reps: Finishing up the presentation and going to do a follow up with the contacted principals.


Once the presentation is finalized, we all should take it our school and/or surrounding schools in order to help Tyler out. If you happen to present at your school, be sure to tell Tyler, Maddie and Emma.

Welcoming Co-Chairs: Tyler needs yarn donations for fuzzies, if you can help out by finding some and giving it to him, that would be great.


Co-Premiers: The itinerary was changed due to the fact that the skillbuilding session was too short. Emma and Maddie shared information they learned at the Provincial Cabinet meeting. There are issues with fire marshals in other regions so we aren’t the only ones having issues searching for a place for regionals. They decided it would be best to have an alumni as a speaker for the junior conference. T-shirts are being bought for Junior conference.


Regional Advisor: Working on finding presentation information with the principals. The principals would like an email on NSSSA and what we do.


New Business: Everyone needs to start looking into locations for Regionals, the Co-premiers have a few ideas but they need a definite choice.


The cabinet needs to take donation forms and take them to places.


Junior Conference is at NRHS from 9-5:30, bring your own lunch event and snacks will be provided.


Be sure to continue working and speaking with your partner in order to keep good communication.


We will be getting our brochures again as well as maybe flyers for our school to promote Juniors and Regionals.


The forms will come out as soon as they are finalized and our venue is in order.


Megan designed the logo for Junior conference.

Adjournment: Brennan Marks motioned to adjourn.