Meeting #2    

Location: NSCC Truro Campus

Time of Commencement: 6:49

Time of Adjournment: 7:42



Present Voting Members: Baileigh Dwyer, Beth O’Connell, Camryn Smith, Mullen Boulter, Brennan Marks, Kara-Lyne Shaw, Emma Troitter, Kelsey Robson, Alicia Aikens

Present Non-Voting Members: Madalyn Nielson, Peter Woo,  Beth Smith

Regrets: Sam McNeil, Maddie Tennant, Corinne Troitter, Areta Boone


Positional Updates

Co-Premiers: The location for the regional conference is going to be  L’Ecole Acadien de Truro. The location and date for the junior high conference is set for Northumberland Regional High School on December 3rd. All Chignecto meetings will be held at NSCC Truro from now on.


Public Relations: Creating the database of businesses to contact regarding items for delegate bags and donations as well as brainstorming future social media contests.


Head School Rep: Making a timeline of when school presentations will be and preparing the presentation with other head school reps.


Welcoming Chair: Brainstorming welcoming activities for the junior high conference and looking at different ways to get yarn donations for fuzzies.


Secretary: Has been in contact with First Choice Sportswear regarding cabinet spirit wear. They will put a poll on Facebook to choose colours soon.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: Creating activities for the skillbuilding manuals to be used at junior conference.


3-tions: Beginning to make a database of schools within the region, and determining which schools haven’t sent delegates before to try involve more students.


Old Business:

The names decided for  both conferences this year are going to be GLOW (Gaining Leadership Outside the Walls) for the regional conference and SHIMMER (Students Helping Individuals Master Motivation, Education and Responsibility) for the junior high conference. The date for the junior high conference is confirmed for the 3rd of December.


The cabinet voted on spirit wear and will be doing a vote on what colour soon.


The cabinet was informed of the new rules to ensure the  inclusion of all genders from the Provincial Cabinet meeting and is planning to discuss what they can do to be more inclusive at our conferences at an upcoming meeting. The 3-tions are now also in charge of handling receipts.


New Business

Donation letters were given for the use of the whole cabinet and as there is only one public relations person for the cabinet all members are expected to go to local businesses for donations.


A tentative menu was established for the junior high conference and local businesses will be contacted to look into the possibility of catering. Having delegates bring a  packed lunch was also discussed as a way to lower overall costs. This is to be further discussed at the next meeting.
For the junior conference there was a discussion about having an area set up for the advisors, and potentially having advisor sessions as well.