Minutes from:


Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Truro Library


Time of commencement: 2:03

Time of Adjournment: 2:40

Duration: 37 minutes


– Attendance –


Present Voting Members: Beth McNeill, Brady Webb, Zoe Morgan, Clarissa Pasion

Present Non-voting: Linda Suo

Regrets: Jorja Smith, Emily Chauder, Josh Lohnes, Kelsey Hann, Emily Chauder, Maddie Tennant, Emma Trottier, Mullen Boulter, Camryn Smith

No shows:


– Updates –


New Business:

For Junior event, Zoe suggested a youth specialist from Relay for Life as a speaker but was unsure if they would be motivational or promote relay for life. NSSSA Alumni is still an option.

Regionals cannot be held at the Douglas street school in Truro because they will not do overnight. A Baptist church in Truro has not yet confirmed if it could be used as a venue but has not declined either. Co- premiers will try to book Friday evening and all day Saturday February 15 – 16 and that way conference won’t run into Sunday. Cabinet would like to have Heather MacDonald as a speaker for Regional conference as she was a previous Chignecto Co-premier, and is now an executive director at the Macphee Centre for Creative Learning in Dartmouth.

Still no cabinet bonding activity. Cabinet might end up just going for supper after a meeting.

Co-Premiers: Co-Premiers have contacted PR on Provincial cabinets to get a T-shirt design. Junior shirts will be royal blue and Regional shirts will be purple. Northumberland is booked for the Junior Event.

The idea of iron-on patches has been brought up by Metro cabinet. They could be put in delegate bags or be just for cabinet. There was also the idea that every region get their own patch. The patches don’t have a price quote yet. Cabinet decided that getting some for Junior Event seemed needless but will discuss more for Regionals.

Secretary: Spirit wear has been decided. The cost for the maroon hoodies will be around 50 dollars with tax included and Clarissa is in the process of collecting sizes and ordering. She has also working on a potential design for Regional shirts.


3-Tions: Emily wants to start emailing schools but didn’t hear back from Abe and the registration forms are ready and really need to be released.


SkillBuilding Chairs: The SkillBuilding Chairs have people that want to be skillbuilders and are working on the Skillbuilding manual. They will share when it is completed. Activities and Debrief questions are ready for Junior Event.

Public Relations: Public relations has made a spreadsheet of many businesses and has called the VPE Rebecca to check in. Josh has donation package from the previous year and will send it out soon. The password is not working for twitter and PR will get other passwords so they can begin to promote conference.

Superstores supposedly give 25 dollar gift cards so if Cabinet asks all Superstores in Chignecto they can collect a lot of money.

WENDY’s: WENDY’s have the talent show form made. For Epic they plan to do a relay race in the gym. They will soon discuss the cheer set list for Junior Event.

Head School Representatives:

Welcoming Chair: Kelsey has been collecting yarn, and has begun making fuzzies. She currently has 42 made. She has been looking up welcoming activities has four narrowed down.


Regional Adv: Linda suggested that cabinet buy a Keurig for the cabinet rather than always trying to find a Keurig for the advisor’s coffee. She has three people from her school that want to be skillbuilders and maybe one or two more. Her husband looking as well.



Adjournment: Clarissa adjourned the meeting, Brady seconded the motion.