Minutes from:

Chignecto Regional Cabinet Meeting

Location: Truro Library

Time of commencement: 2:07
Time of Adjournment: 3:11
Duration: 1 hour and 4 minutes

– Attendance –

Present Voting Members: Beth McNeill, Jorja Smith, Brady Webb, Zoe Morgan, Kelsey Hann, Emily Chauder, Clarissa Pasion
Present Non-voting:
Regrets: Josh Lohnes, Mullen Boulter, Emma Trottier, Maddie Tennant, Camryn Smith
No shows:

– Updates –

New Business:
For the first meeting the cabinet introduced themselves and their positions. They reviewed basic cabinet rules and the 8 key concepts of NSSSA. Attendance at meetings is very important and cabinet members should try not miss more than 3 meetings.

In regards to cheque requisitions, supplies will be bought with cabinet members own money and they should opt for sale items and no name brands to save money. Cabinet should first ask around if any other cabinet members already have the items needed.

All emails and social media post related to NSSSA should be kept professional. Emails will be preferably sent during business hours and email signatures should look as follows
{Name, position(s), cabinet, Nova Scotia Secondary Schools Students Association (NSSSA), phone number, www.nsssa.ca, logo}

The cabinet plans for bi weekly meetings, mostly on sundays. When the majority of the cabinet is unavailable for a Sunday or Saturday, a group call will be planned for a weekday. The Truro Library seems to work out for most as a meeting location and some may be held in New Glasgow.

Cabinet has yet to pick date and time for a cabinet bonding activity. Some ideas where bowling, glow in the dark mini golf in Dartmouth, Get air, Camping, or something in Halifax. For spirit wear, Cabinet discussed hoodies or crew necks, but have not yet decided on a colour.

Zoe motioned for the conference names to be “Infinity” and “Beyond”. Kelsey seconded the motion. Junior conference will be held at Northumberland Regional High School on Saturday, November 3rd  2018. Regional conference will be sometime in February. Potential locations are Douglas street school in Truro, the church hall from last year and the Knox United Church in Brookfield. Potential speakers are Sean Fraser, and the girl from Truro who was a past member of NSSSA.

Co-Premiers: Beth is going to check if we are allowed to get spirit wear from somewhere else besides First Choice Sportswear.


SkillBuilding Chairs:

Public Relations: Jorja will try to retrieve passwords for social media accounts for Zoe and Josh.


Head School Representatives:

Welcoming Chair: Beth brought yarn for Kelsey.

Head Logistics:

Head Chaperones:

Head First Aid:

Head Mental Health First Aid: Cabinet has yet to find a Mental Health First Aid.

Regional Advisor:

Adjournment: Zoe adjourned meeting, Brady seconded the motion