NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting



Location: St. Francis Xavier University, Gerald Schwartz School of Business Building, Room 289

Time of Commencement: 12:30

Time of Adjournment: 15:48

Duration: Three hours and eighteen minutes




Present Voting Members: Patrick Wallace, Katelyn Libbus, Celia Briand, Logan Fox, Claire Kleinknecht, Madison Harpell, Aiden Doucet, Fortesa Sahiti, Anna Gaudet, Rebecca MacKeen, Sam Silver, Mary Stackaruk, Mackenzie Casey

Present Non-Voting Members: Sara Murrin

Regrets: Michael MacDonald, Brennan Marks, Kat Pindera, James Grant, Micci Davy, Meagan Kettley, Kassandra Kelbratowski, Beth O’Connell, Tiffany MacLennan, Jenna MacEachern, Chris Gordon

No-Shows: N/A


New Business:


The meeting began with Patrick and Katelyn going over the meeting agenda being as the following: introduction of those present, rules for the year, going over spirit wear, discussing the name and theme of the upcoming conference, speakers, question and answer period, partner sessions discussing timelines, goals, and schedules, and finally discussing meeting dates, times, and venues.


Introductions: The committee went through introductions, listing their name, position, and something they want to see happen this year.


Patrick: Wants to have more free time at provincials and allow everyone to have more time to relax over the weekend.


Katelyn: Wants to see the NSSSA’s seeming decline in numbers to make its way back up.


Celia: Would like to see a more diverse group of people at conference, rather than the same faces we see every year.

Fortesa: Would like to have more bonding time with the committee earlier on in the year because it allows easier communication with one another.


Anna: Wants more promotion via social media, which could result in higher numbers.


Claire: Wants to get more people involved within the organization, because it seems to be the same people on multiple committees and cabinets.


Sam: Agrees with Fortesa in the way that he wants to bond more with the committee.


Mary and Mackenzie: Both want to have more scholarship options for those who usually cannot get to Provincial Conference.


Aiden, Logan, and Madison: All agree with the aforementioned goals and would like for them to be a reality in the year.




Google Apps: All committee members should be using a Gmail account for GoogleDrive, GoogleDocs, and other services provided by Google. There is a folder on Google Drive for the committee to use to share documents, and it is important to note that sharing is done properly, and Basecamp will not be used as Google services will be used more often.


Email: It is imperative to CC (Carbon Copy) Katelyn, Patrick, and Chris in all emails, whether it is within the organization or out. Sometimes the President, VPI, and VPE would also be added to CC in emails (ask Patrick or Katelyn as to when). The NSSSA logo at the end of committee members’ emails is optional. It is important to remain professional while writing out and sending emails. Proofreading emails is a must, so it is recommended to pre-write emails out in Word or Docs and potentially send them to either Patrick or Katelyn to read over before being sent. It is expected that committee member’s reply to any emails within forty-eight hours and emails should be sent within reasonable hours; between 8 am and 9 pm to those outside of the organization, and between 6 am and 12 am to those within the organization. On sending emails to someone outside of the organization, always begin with an appropriate salutation and the receiver’s last name (example: “Hello Mr. Silver,” not “Sup Sam,”). Appropriate endings must also be used (example: “Thank you,” or “Hope to hear from you soon,”). Within the organization, you may use the first name of the receiver as part of the greeting.


Social Media: It is important to remember that everyone that is on the committee is currently underage, and therefore no alcoholic drinks (or any other illegal substances) should be on any committee member’s social media. Committee members are advised to put down any drinks at parties before taking pictures and not to wear any NSSSA spirit wear to parties. It is also recommended to committee members to Siberian husky untag/hide any inappropriate photos or content from their profiles. When posting to “friends only” or “fake” Instagram accounts, be sure to make posts fairly appropriate and responsible.


Spirit wear: While discussing spirit wear, committee members had to keep in mind of the meet and greet at STFX University the night before conference, as well as the colours and type of clothing combination. It was decided that everyone on the committee would be getting crewnecks, with socks as an item that is optional to order. If a committee member would like a bucket hat, it should be discussed with the Strait Co – Premiers, Avery MacDonald and Sara Mullin. The colours at current being discussed are lavender, baby pink, sky blue, or yellow.


Name and Theme of Conference: It was decided that the theme of the Provincial Conference will be centred on the symbolism of the Phoenix; rising out of the ashes, overcoming obstacles, and revival. While thinking of names, committee members are to remember that acronyms are not necessary. Some names discussed were, ELEVATE (Elevating Leadership Energy Values Attitude Tolerance Equally/Epically), Platform, Awaken, Emerge, and Prevail.


Speakers: Keynote speakers should have high energy, be engaging, and be more diverse than previous years. Shorter keynote speakers will allow for more free time, which was one of the things the committee would like to see this year. Some suggestions for speakers are El Jones, Monica Njoku, or Will Njoku. Claire’s mother is part of a women’s group for entrepreneurs so she will check for connections to speakers as well.


Question and Answer:




When is the date for conference? Conference will be on Victoria Day weekend in May 2018.

Will the Welcoming Co – Chairs be doing the Delegate Manual? Yes. An idea for the Delegate Manual Fortesa gave that was going to be used last year was that the cover of the manual could be a colouring page if there were donations of small packages of crayons to put in the Delegate Bags.

Which software should be used for the Delegate Manual? GoogleDocs so that everyone can work on it, but be sure to recheck formatting in relation to margins.

How many fuzzies should be made for conference? 50 fuzzies per month to get 450 fuzzies by conference.

How do you ask for donations for yarn? Facebook groups, buy and sell groups, advertise at your workplace, and ask people that you know.




Do the Skillbuilding Co – Chairs have to sit out of Skillbuilding for conference? Yes, but it is possible only one could sit out. Keep in mind it may result in a work imbalance during conference.

Will there be chocolate milk for conference? Yes.

Are there going to be timelines given out for deadlines? Yes, soon.




Is there a set amount of costumes needed for the talent show? No, just try and find as many as possible. After Halloween, the store in Bayers Lake (Halifax) called Spirit Halloween, which may reduce prices or give out donations of costumes. Local theatres may also donate costumes to borrow; as well there is the option of wearing one costume the entire talent show.




How soon should minutes be out after each meeting? Minutes should be sent to all of the committee members within 48 hours after the meeting, and on the website 48 hours after everyone replies. If people do not reply to minutes, an email may go out to all committee members calling them out.




At conference, who are the Logistics? Head Logistics are Kassandra Kelbratowski and Beth O’Connell, and the Logistics team is made up of NSSSA Alumni chosen by them.

How many times are we meeting? Conference committee will be meeting once a month.

How is Excel acquired? Someone may be able to give you a free password for Excel, otherwise, it would be advised to ask Abe about not using it. With online registration and the database that comes along with it via STFX, it may be easier and is preferred if GoogleSheets was used.


Partner Session: The committee broke off into their positions to discuss timelines, deadlines, and what they wanted to do within their positions in regards to the upcoming year.


Meetings: The following are the dates, times, and places for the upcoming meetings: September 16th at STFX beginning at 10 am, October 21st at DAL Agricultural Campus beginning at 10 am, there will be phone check-ins for the month of November, December 16th in Halifax (exact location unknown) beginning at 12 pm, January 13th at DAL Agricultural Campus beginning at 10 am.


Fortesa Sahiti motioned to adjourn the meeting at 15:48, and Celia Briand seconded said motion. Motion carried, meeting adjourned.


Date of Next Meeting: September 16th, 2017, STFX University at 10:00am