NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting


Location: Conference Call

Time of Commencement: 11:03

Time of Adjournment:11:38

Duration of Meeting: 35 minutes

Attendance and Regrets:

Present Voting Members- Aidan MacFarlane, Rebecca MacKeen, Kassandra Kelbratowski, Alex Hannam, Cameron Muise, Sam Silver, Mullen Boulter, Fortesa Sahiti, Isaac Hurshman, Nick Wells, Sara Murrin, Alex LeBlanc, Donald Jewkes

Present Non-Voting- Molly Anderson, Peter Woo

Regrets- Abbey McClung, Jenna Viscount, Tiffany MacLennan, Jenna MacEachern, Tineke Weld, Chris Gordon

No Shows-

Positional Updates:

Welcoming Co-Chairs- Finding more yarn to make more fuzzies, have compiled a list of questions to ask CC for the delegate manuals, and are working on and discussing some welcoming activities.

WENDYS- Discussing late night activities. Thinking of having 2 rooms; an energetic room and a relaxed room. Energetic room activities could include karaoke, and the relaxed room could include board games.

Public Relations- Have a database of businesses to contact. Haven’t contacted any businesses yet as they are pending on the conference name.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs- Have collected manuals from all regions except for Metro and Sou’West. Have made up three skillbuilding sessions so far. Were thinking of making the fourth session conference themed, waiting on name conference to be decided. Viewing last years skillbuilding application to make any needed changes.

Co-Chairs- Have been in contact with Rich Aucoin’s manager, who would like more information, so far going well. Have talked to StFX about doing online registration and it is looking like it will work.

Secretary- Typed up the minutes, sent them to everyone on CC and put them on the website.

New Business:

Conference Name: Conference name options for Provincial Conference were debated. Committee voted unanimously for Reaching New Heights 2017, so this will be the Provincial Conference name. The logo for conference may have something to do with a flag, which cold connect with epic. Logo will be decided at a later date.

Tasks for the Month:

Welcoming Co-Chairs- Send out questions for delegate manuals to CC to complete over Christmas break.

WENDYS- Create a full draft of the late nighter. Find some new cheers, and re-write and add on to some of the cheers as well.

3-TIONS- Create a registration form as a backup if online registration falls through.

Public Relations- Start contacting businesses now that there is a conference name. Focus more on universities for over Christmas break, and start drafting emails to send out to businesses.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs- Finish up a few more skillbuilding sessions.

Secretary- Send out completed minutes.

Head Logistics- Make a logistics application form.

Kassandra Kelbratowski motions to adjourn. Sam Silver seconds, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: January 28th at Saint Francis Xavier University at 11:00am