Conference Committee Meeting


Time of commencement: 20:30

Time of Adjournment: 21:55

Duration: One hour and twenty-five minutes


Present Voting Members: Mary Stackaruk, Alex LeBlanc, Alex Torrealba, Angus Kennedy, Emily Webb, Jasmine Metzler, Aidan Doucet, Reya Hanspal, Youna McGowan, Ella Stacey, Mitchell Aguinaga, Kailey Webber, Mathew MacEachern, Wamfa Kumdoung

Present Non-Voting Members: Chris Gordon, Lorne Abramson

Regrets: Katelyn Libbus, Jack Clapperton, Brie MacPhee

Positional Updates:

Secretary: She posted the minutes from the last meeting to the website. She is still collecting money for the windbreakers. The order will be placed on January 3. Therefore, any Conference Committee members who would like to order a windbreaker should get their money to Kailey by January 2.

Public Relations: Currently businesses are stressed due to the holiday season. This has made it difficult for the Public Relations to find donations. Alex believes it will be easier once they are able to provide all of the specific information regarding conference. Jasmine gave the donation letters to Rejuvenate Spa and Dexter Construction. Dexter Construction is interested in making a donation. Lorne suggests the Public Relations should look for donations from businesses owned by Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association (NSSSA)  alumni as they are usually more eager to donate.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: They have completed the first two skillbuilding sessions. They are looking for feedback from the Co-Chairs. The sessions they have finished are the introductory session and the communication session.

3-Tions: They started filling in the database with the members of Conference Committee who have sent their information to the 3-Tions.

Welcoming Co-Chair: They made the welcoming questions and have started planning the welcoming night activity. They are still looking for yarn donations. Alex suggested using the holiday break to make a lot of fuzzies. Lorne suggested that they look at seniors’ homes for donations. Mary mentioned that Conference Committee could volunteer at a seniors’ home and run a workshop on how to make fuzzies. Ella is working on the video game for the welcoming night activity, and it is going good so far.

Wendy: They have been studying the “Cheer Bible”. The “Epic” at the Metro regional conference went very well and Mitchell would like it to be similar but not too much so that the delegates coming from the Metro region feel like they have seen and done the same thing before as they might find it boring. Mitchell is thinking of having an “Epic” theme related to electric circuits. They are still brainstorming dance themes and will make a poll when they decide on a few. There are plenty of leftover costumes from the Metro regional conference. They were not sure how they wanted to schedule the costumes and how often to change during the talent show. The Co-Chairs suggested they change costumes throughout the talent show, but as the talent show at the provincial conference is longer they could change costumes between every 4-5 acts. Alex mentioned that past Wendys have created a costume database to record who owns each costume.

Co-Premier: They are currently working on booking keynote speakers. Carol Anne Fried, who led “Playfair” at last year’s conference, has been confirmed to return. She will work on changing it up so it is not the exact same as last year. So far, Conference Committee has two speakers booked for Synergy 2019. There are two people in consideration for the third spot are Drew Dudley and Andy Thibodeau. Andy Thibodeau is one of the founding members of the former Ontario Secondary School Students’ Association. He was one of the first keynotes to speak at an NSSSA conference. Lorne speaks very highly of Thibodeau’s speaking. Andy talks about working as a team which corresponds with the theme of conference, Synergy. Lorne suggested that if there was a school who was interested in having one of the keynote speakers speak at their school around the time of conference, the NSSSA and those schools could split the cost. Drew Dudley gets booked up fast, but is available to speak at Synergy 2019. He published a book this year about leadership. He has an online course, which he might be able to give out for free to everyone at conference. Both speakers will likely cost around the same, but the Co-Chairs will look into the budget.

New Business:

Next Meeting: Committee went around and each position said what they plan to accomplish by the next meeting. The 3-Tions are going to finish the registration forms and finish the Conference Committee database. The Welcoming Co-Chairs hope have more fuzzies done and concrete plan for the welcoming night activity. The Public Relations will go out to more businesses. The Secretary will work on the minutes and order committee wear. The Skillbuilding Co-Chairs hope to have 4-6 sessions completed by the January meeting. The Wendys hope to decide on a dance theme, brainstorm ideas for the “Late-Nighter”, and continue to study the “Cheer Bible”

Conference Bags: At the last meeting, the committee decided to look into getting both the fanny packs and the reusable tote bag. The person at Saint Francis Xavier University, who the committee is ordering the conference bags through, is looking for a fanny pack that turns into a tote bag. Metro has a bunch of tote bags that were unused. Committee could just get the fanny pack then use the tote bags that are already available.

Logo: The most popular logo among the committee is the one where each NSSSA region has their own puzzle piece. Ella suggested using the already divided Nova Scotia map, which is found on the NSSSA website. Alex L said that he will work on it. At past meetings’ when discussing the logo, black has been suggested for the colour of the shirt. Alex L. does not love the idea of a black conference shirt, he suggested a heather gray. The shirts cannot be red because that colour is reserved for First Aid. Once the logo is made, the Conference Committee will decide on the colour.

Acronym: Alex suggested an acronym because this is the provincial conference in quite a few years where the name is only one word name. Majority of the committee went against.

Ancillary Video: The Conference Committee discussed ideas for the video that will be created for Saint Francis Xavier University’s Ancillary Services. The point of the creation of the video is to say how much the NSSSA loves St. Francis Xavier University and their facilities. Mitchell suggested creating a music video. The welcoming video played at the Canadian Student Leadership Conference showed the planning committee around the hosting school while they lip-synched to “Firework” by Katy Perry. It was suggested that the Conference Committee makes a parody of a song. Mary reminded the committee that the video should be professional but fun. Ella’s idea for the residence scene is to do it in the style of an episode of “MTV Cribs”. At the next meeting the committee will solidify the idea and then the Co-Chairs will present it to the person from Ancillary Services.

Itinerary: The Co-Chairs are looking for feedback on the schedule from last year’s provincial conference, Rise Up 2018. It was suggested to keep the free time and the Field Day would be a good thing to have again this year. Ella found the “Late-Nighter” abstract and that there was not enough seating. Mary suggested getting more tables in Bloomfield for the “Late-Nighter”. There was a suggestion for the Public Relations to ask toy stores for donations of board games. Jasmine suggested having video games like “Just Dance” during the “Late-Nighter”. Karaoke was mentioned as well. If the committee wants to use the projector in Bloomfield, they should ask far ahead of time to ensure the box can be unlocked. The committee should brainstorm ideas for the “Late-Nighter”.

Spirit Wear: The Co-Chairs are looking for ideas of items to sell during the conference. Last year, not very many people pre-ordered spirit wear. Chris suggested using a “Square”, which would allow people to pay for spirit wear with a debit/credit card. Lorne mentioned that even though pre-sales did not go as well as hoped, there was still a significant profit on spirit wear at last year’s provincial conference.

Motion of Adjournment: Aidan motioned to adjourn the meeting, Angus seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: The next conference committee meeting will be held January 13, 2019 at Saint Francis Xavier University.