NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting



Location: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building, Room 309

Time of Commencement: 10:20

Time of Adjournment: 12:20

Duration: Two hours




Present Voting Members: Patrick Wallace, Katelyn Libbus, Celia Briand, Logan Fox, Claire Kleinknecht, Madison Harpell, Aidan Doucet, Fortesa Sahiti, Anna Gaudet, Rebecca MacKeen, Kat Pindera, Sam Silver, Mary Stackaruk

Present Non-Voting Members: Lorne Abramson, Chris Gordon

Regrets: Michael MacDonald, Mackenzie Casey

No-Shows: Brennan Marks




3-Tions: Registration confirmation email is nearly done and can be sent to the Co-Chairs by the end of the day. StFX is sending biweekly updates (up until a certain date) of a database with who have registered online for conference. Last year there were errors that people were putting on their own registration forms so the databases from both the 3-tions and the StFX database must be constantly cross-checked. 15 alumni have registered and a few advisors. Abe advised that there should be a hard copy of registration forms in a binder at conference.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: There is a database of senior skill builders and the email was confirmed and ready to send out to see if any senior skill builders are able to attend the Skill Builder Retreat. The congratulations email for being chosen to be a skill builder is also complete. There are going to be two Skill Builder Retreats; the one in Halifax will be held at the Chocolate Lake Community Centre on May 6 and the one in Antigonish will be held at StFX on April 22 unless there is a PC meeting the same day in which Abe advised to move it earlier. The approximation for numbers at each location is about 50 people with a plan for around 40 skill building groups. Both retreats will be held from 1:00pm – 6:00pm with grilled cheeses and soup provided. The Skill Building Manual is complete and needs to be reviewed with Katelyn and Paddy.


Public Relations: Madison has emailed groups for the Opportunities Fair and 7 groups are confirmed to be attending. Mackenzie has 5 groups confirmed to attend the Opportunities Fair. The One Match swabbing group will not be attending anymore as they are done with the program in Atlantic Canada because of lack of diversity.


WENDY’s: The dance theme as voted on by the committee will be 80’s workout themed with bright clothing and possible glow paint. The WENDY’s have made a database with costumes and have about 40 costumes as of now.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Between Claire and Logan, there are 160 fuzzies made with an unknown amount of fuzzies made by Brennan. The opening night activity will be Mostest. Brennan has taken the reigns for the Delegate Manual and the Welcoming Co-Chairs have received most committee members’ pictures and paragraphs for the manual. A draft of the Welcoming Email has been completed.


Secretary: Celia has sent out the minutes from the last meeting, received all responses, posted them on the website, and picked up the committee’s sweaters.


Co-Chairs: Online registration has officially been opened and is currently being promoted by all cabinets. Katelyn and Paddy have had a few meetings with StFX to collaborate on a news article that was released on their website about Rise Up 2018 and promoted it on their social media. They drew up a contract for the keynote speaker Troy Sexton and will get it cleared by executive and then send it to him for an official agreement. Rebecca Mesay could not commit to speaking at conference at this time. Barb Fry, a nurse, educator, and a motivational speaker who went to both DAL and STFX, is a potential speaker to fill in for Rebecca. StFX is going to handle getting a third speaker. Katelyn and Paddy updated Conference Committee’s budget to current estimates and sent it to the finance team.


Advisor: Mount Alison was contacted by Metro and got a commitment for $500 but individual regions should not arbitrarily contact universities; this may situation may have arisen from confusion from the Provincial Cabinet PR. $500 was deposited into the Metro account even though Metro does not necessarily need the money and there was uncertainty as to what Mount Alison got for that money commitment. PC must discuss if the money retained will be divided up equally between regions, IC, and CC, or just to CC and IC because all of the regions’ conferences are completed for the year. Acadia has agreed to cosponsor the Valley conference for free. It is not a problem to contact universities in Atlantic Canada to come to the Opportunities Fair. As the routine should go, when making contact with universities, Provincial Cabinet should know what the plan is to approach universities to make sure that there are no problems or conflicting requests from the same university. For the future, PC must also discuss as to where money given to the organization goes; one suggestion was to allow the donors to make the decision if they would like their donation go to a specific region or the NSSSA itself. Another suggestion was to redo or edit the corporate package to make it more up-to-date and provide information about the organization in it.


New Business:


International Baccalaureate Students: Final exams for IB students are being held on the Friday morning during Provincial Conference, meaning that IB students across the province would miss the first day and a half of conference if they were to attend. Reduced fees are not something that is possible for IB students and it would be difficult, though not impossible, for IB students to be skill builders if they are to miss the first day and a half of conference. A possible aid to this situation is to have the IB students write their exam at Dr. JH Gillis High School in Antigonish because it hosts the IB program as well. While this has been done before, it was extremely difficult to get it arranged. If IB students are to come late to conference, they may drive themselves and others to their own school’s discretion.


Environmental Mindfulness: At conference, everyone is encouraged to be environmentally mindful through using reusable water bottles, buying bulk barn candy to save money, making Touchstones more environmentally friendly, being mindful of leaving the lights on, and the excess use of paper. A suggestion to save paper was to take a poll on who would want a paper delegate manual and only print off what is requested, although advisors enjoy having the paper delegate and skill building manuals. However, if people have access to the delegate manual they can print it off at their own discretion.


Teacher Strike: The potential teacher strike would not affect conference as if the NSTU did strike, it could only be for a few days and most teachers cannot afford to strike. The change in mentality is the difference in getting teachers to come as advisors and support as many, from work to rule last year, got used to being able to go home after school, not having to do extra-curriculars, and getting to have time with their families. It will be equally or more difficult to find advisors this year than last year. The NSSSA may end up at a point where they would be forced to contact alumni to be advisors.


Miscellaneous: Every committee member is to make social media posts about and promote conference and are encouraged to use the hashtag #RUReady? Delegates are being dropped off at conference on Thursday, May 17 from 2:30pm – 5:00pm and skill builders are to arrive at 1:30pm that same day. Committee members will be staying at StFX beginning Tuesday, May 15 in the night. There is an anonymous survey and evaluation that is posted after conference. There is a rough itinerary completed for the conference. All committee members must fill out paper registration forms to give to 3-tions via pictures, hard copy, or scanning and all members are reminded to register to attend S.H.I.N.E 2018.


Positional Tasks:


WENDY’s: Work on EPIC, study the cheer bible, gather about 45 costumes, and figure out the activity for the late nighter.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Have 300 fuzzies completed, have a Google Hangout, finish a draft for the Delegate Manual, and find a way to get fuzzies to Taryn.


3-Tions: Complete the confirmation email, put conference committee members into the database, and get the alumni on conference committee’s information.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: Have a firm grasp on EPIC while working with the WENDY’s and go over the skill building manual with Katelyn and Paddy.


Secretary: Type up minutes and post them on the website.


Public Relations: Keep contacting universities and businesses as well as getting groups to come to the Opportunities Fair.


Adjournment: Paddy motioned to adjourn the meeting at 12:20 and Katelyn seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Date of Next Meeting: The tentative date of the next meeting will be March 25, 2018.