NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting



Location: Conference Committee Member’s House, Halifax

Time of Commencement: 12:38

Time of Adjournment: 13:55

Duration: One hour and seventeen minutes




Present Voting Members: Patrick Wallace, Katelyn Libbus, Logan Fox, Claire Kleinknecht, Brennan Marks, Mackenzie Casey, Madison Harpell, Michael MacDonald, Aidan Doucet, Anna Gaudet, Kat Pindera, Sam Silver, Mary Stackaruk

Present Non-Voting Members: Chris Gordon

Regrets: Rebecca MacKeen, Fortesa Sahiti, Celia Briand

No-Shows: N/A




3-Tions: The 3-Tions have contacted the three 3-Tions from last year to acquire last years forms with no luck. They are going to ask Abe about them or put out an open committee invite if anyone has them to send the forms to them. Anna distributed difference useful documents (ex. School Package and Advisor Emails) she used for Metro that can be used to make the creation of new documents for Provincial Conference easier. There is a new 3-Tion email account that was created, they have received their mailbox keys, have an outline for an empty database that is ready to be used and are planning on meeting up soon and potentially having a conference call with last year’s 3-Tions.The next thing on the agenda is to brainstorm the confirmation email.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The Skill Building Co-Chairs have nearly completed the draft form of the Skill Building Manual and just need to add more to the Mental Health section and refine the entirety of it. They have set the Skill Builder Application deadline to April 7 and have decided on hosting two Skill Builder Retreats; one in Halifax and one in Antigonish.


Public Relations: The Public Relations have finalized the Opportunities Fair email to send out and the database.


WENDY’s: The WENDY’s have received some costumes to wear for the Talent Show and have been reading the Cheer Bible often. There has also been communication with the Skill Building Co-Chairs regarding EPIC, but do not have anything substantial as of yet.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chairs have been making fuzzies and sent an email to Patrick and Katelyn with questions for the committee members to answer for the Delegate Manual. They have also begun brainstorming the welcoming activity and opening night.


Secretary: The secretary had sent out the minutes from the last meeting and posted them on the website. The clothing order has not been sent out as committee members have yet to send in their money to Katelyn.


Co-Chairs: The Co-Chairs met with StFX representatives and were able to discuss online registration, the NSSSA contract, speakers, and promotions.


Online Registration: As for online registration, all that is to be done is send the updated document of last year’s form and Mary Jessie can create the online form. Registration is scheduled to open February 1 and close April 20.


Contract: In regards to the NSSSA contract with StFX, they sorted out the confusion of who to ask, when to sign, etc. Katelyn, Patrick, and Zac currently have a hard copy of the contract to review this weekend. They have a meeting on Monday where they can sign the contract and make it official.

Speakers: As for the speakers, there was a roadblock of thinking of who to ask, as they were looking to diversify the keynote speakers for the upcoming Provincial Conference. They have a tentative “yes” for the speaker Troy Sexton and a call on Saturday to
confirm everything. StFX agreed that they would try and contact Seamus O’Regan to sponsor him as a speaker. The third speaker that is looking at is a current student at St. FX who has given a few talks to the student body. She is involved in the student government, currently running for president, and runs a leadership program at St. FX. Her name is Rebecca Mesay and Patrick and Katelyn plan to ask her if she’d be interested in this opportunity on Sunday.
Promotions: The Co-Chairs have also discussed promotions of conference with StFX’s Kyler Bell. They set-up a meeting for Monday to plan out a press release and think of ideas to get more students involved this year.


New Business:


Promotion: Our name has just been released into the newsletter but we will not do any promotion until Kyler Bell releases a professional press release. Some promotion ideas for committee members to do are through flyers, posters, word of mouth, and Alex LeBlanc made a template for either online promotion or posters. Robie Gonzales from Metro made a video and someone will ask to use it for promotion.


Logo: Committee members are asked to brainstorm logo ideas for the upcoming conference Rise Up.


Provincial Cabinet Business: A Valley conference will be held this year as Provincial Cabinet will act as Valley Cabinet. As per discussed at the previous meeting, while travelling to Oman to help start up a leadership conference there is an amazing opportunity, it turns out that it will not occur this year.


Miscellaneous: Jenna MacEachern has resigned as Head Chaperone.


Positional Tasks:


WENDY’s: The WENDY’s are to pick a dance theme for conference, gather thirty costumes, read the Cheer Bible, and brainstorm further EPIC ideas.
Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chairs are to have 200 fuzzies made, finish a draft for the welcoming email, plan a Google Hangout, and complete a draft of the Delegate Manual.


3-Tions: The 3-Tions are to make paper forms and write up a confirmation email.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The Skill Building Co-Chairs are to create the Skill Builder Application as soon as possible, pick a venue and date for the retreat(s), keep brainstorming for EPIC, and finish the draft of the Skill Building Manual.


Public Relations: The Public Relations are to keep contacting businesses, universities, and organizations as well as share their donation and Opportunities Fair database with Mullen.


Secretary: The Secretary is to order the cabinet wear, send out minutes, and post them on the website.


Co-Chairs: The Co-Chairs are to answer emails quicker, contact Rebecca Mesay, open registration for Provincial Conference, and prepare the official press release.


Adjournment: Patrick motioned to adjourn the meeting at 13:55 and Mary seconded the motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Date of Next Meeting: The tentative dates of the next meetings are February 25 and March 25.