Conference Committee Meeting


Location: Saint Francis Xavier University

Time of commencement: 10:20

Time of Adjournment: 12:28

Duration: Two hours and eight minutes


Present Voting Members: Mary Stackaruk, Alex LeBlanc, Alex Torrealba, Wamfa Kumdoung, Mathew MacEachern, Angus Kennedy, Emily Webb, Jasmine Metzler, Aidan Doucet, Reya Hanspal, Youna McGowan, Ella Stacey, Mitchell Aguinaga, Kailey Webber

Present Non-Voting Members: Lorne Abramson, Katelyn Libbus, Chris Gordon

Regrets: Jack Clapperton

Positional Updates:

Secretary: Kailey ordered the windbreakers for the Conference Committee. She also edited and posted last month’s meeting minutes. Her idea for the video for the Saint Francis Xavier University Ancillary Services, is to have clips of her all throughout the auditorium in Schwartz.


WENDY: Mitchell and Alex T. have narrowed down their best ideas for the dance theme. Alex L. offered to be the DJ, but he will need the equipment. Mat may have access to DJ equipment, but he will have to look into it. The WENDYS have also continued to look over the cheer bible. They are working on the costume database and have a lot of leftover costumes from other conferences. They are deciding on whether or not they want the variety show to have a theme. They have been thinking about the “Late-Nighter”, but do not have any concrete ideas. Alex suggested that they have solid ideas for the “Late-Nighter” by the next meeting, primarily ideas of activities to do. Mary said they will look into getting the gym to put tables in as well as other activities. They do not have an idea for the video for Saint Francis Xavier University. The Wendys have the Keating Centre. Mitchell said that they will be able to come up with something for the video. They have discussed a few ideas for “Epic”. Mitchell is thinking about making it an Olympic theme. This could include having activities related to regions. Alex suggested that they have a solid idea for “Epic” by the next meeting.


Public Relations: They made a new database, then they added all the businesses owned and run by alumni of the Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association (NSSSA). Lorne found a database of every newspaper publisher, television station, and radio station in Nova Scotia and their contact information. Alex suggested the Public Relations talk to the Media Relations as this is a good promotional opportunity. The Public Relations are finding it difficult to start finding booths for the opportunities fair as the itinerary is not finalized. Mary offered to possibly do a booth about the Youth Leadership Program through Halifax Parks and Recreation. In the video for Saint Francis Xavier University, they will talk about the sidewalks. They went to a few places before Christmas regarding items for the delegate bags. After talking with Rebecca, the Public Relations can ask universities to donate items for the delegate bags and can invite them to the opportunities fair. They are not allowed to ask universities for monetary donations. They currently do not have any monetary donations from other sources. The Public Relations can always communicate with Rebecca about any questions or concerns.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: They currently have over 200 fuzzies completed. They are still looking for more yarn. They have planned the welcoming activity as well as the welcoming night activity. All members of the Gucci Conference Committee is reminded to respond to questions for the delegate manual along with a picture as soon as possible. For the Saint Francis Xavier University video they want one of their locations to be fun and another be serious. They want to do a residence tour in the style of an episode from “MTV’s Welcome to my Crib.” They will do a poll on theme of welcoming video in the group chat.


3-Tions: They updated their database with the additional information given by members on the committee. Registration forms are ready to be released, the 3-Tions just need to know the times that the skillbuilders and delegates will be arriving and the due date. They are still discussing ideas for the video.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: They are looking into a location for the skillbuilding retreat. Mary said it would be best to have one in Antigonish and one in Halifax. Youna will look into booking the Chocolate Lake Recreation Centre in Halifax. Lorne said the date for the retreat at Chocolate Lake should be decided soon. This is because they are constantly booked but since the organisation has a relationship with them, they usually can cancel something to provide the space. Last year the dates were April 27 in Antigonish, and May 6 in Halifax. It should not be held any later than the first week of May. There are a few dates that are off limits due to other NSSSA events, such as the inclusion conference, and the skillbuilding retreat for said conference. They have a lot of sessions either started or mapped out. They have two complete. Mary would like them to have five sessions done by the next meeting. For the video, they are going to talk about skillbuilding in Schwartz.


Co-Chair: All three keynote speakers have been booked. They are; Carol Ann Fried, Stephanie Pronk, and Drew Dudley. They are meeting with Saint Francis Xavier University next week, hopefully registration will be open shortly after that meeting. Once registration is open, Committee has to start heavy promotion.  Ella mentioned that the Metro Regional Cabinet will be hosting a “Prep Rally” to promote the provincial conferences. Lorne mentioned that most of April is off limits for a “Prep Rally” because the inclusion conference is April 20, and the skillbuilding retreat for the inclusion conference is April 13. The skillbuilding retreat for the provincial conference can likely only happen April 27, and the weekend after. Lorne suggested making the skillbuilding retreat only one day for everyone. He likes the idea of having two retreats, but he finds that having two different dates causes problems. The deadline for skillbuilding applications has not been set. The deadline should be at least a week, possibly even two weeks before the retreat. The Co-Chairs will be presenting meal hall in the video. Alex said the video for Saint Francis Xavier University might be filmed during pre-conference. They will work on a schedule for filming times. The Co-Chairs should be getting in contact with the tech company to sign a contract for conference. The tech team needs the exact times for all of the tech requests in order to ensure it is available when needed.


New Business:


Dance Theme: The WENDYS presented three ideas for a dance theme. They were; a 1950s esque sock hop, Hollywood, and futuristic. He will sent pictures of ideas to the group chat. Futuristic is a good idea for creativity and it ties with the theme of conference.

Mitchell’s concern is that conference attendees may find it difficult to find ideas for outfits.  They could post ideas on social media of outfits that would align with the dance theme. At the next meeting there will be a vote.


Itinerary: Committee discussed the arrival times. Lorne suggested making sure the registration forms for alumni positions say that they come early on Thursday. It would be a good idea for the Logistics to come earlier then give the rest of the alumni a tour of campus when they arrive Thursday morning. Lorne mentioned that the Logistics team used to arrive on Tuesday when Committee arrives. Chris said last year they arrived on Wednesday and it worked better. He found there was not a need for them to arrive on Tuesday. Chaperones, First Aid, and Mental Health First Aid will arrive at 10:00 on Thursday morning. Logistics will arrive at 10:00 on Wednesday morning. There has been issues in the past with the time Skillbuilders arrive. Alex L thinks that skill builders should still come earlier than the delegates.

Lorne suggested the Skillbuilders arrive and register between 1:00 and 1:30 on Thursday.  Then they will have from 1:30 to 2:00 to set up their rooms. At 2:00 the Skillbuilders will have a meeting with the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs. Alex said he would ask Saint Francis Xavier University if they could provide some bagged lunches for the Skillbuilders when they arrive. Conference Committee continued to discuss the itinerary for the rest of conference. They decided to keep field day as it was very popular last year. Regarding meal times, some felt they could be cut shorter as it does not take an hour and a half to eat. Katelyn warned that there are often long lines for meals and not everyone will finish at the same time. Chris mentioned that mealtimes are a good opportunity to get back on schedule. It would be a good idea to keep them long in the itinerary then cut it shorter when needed. Mary suggested providing the advisors with the skillbuilding manuals. Alex L will do more adjustments to allocate travel times as well as any other changes needed to be made. He hopes to have it finalized by next week.


Conference T-Shirts: There was a vote on the Google Classroom prior to the meeting. Committee voted on their favourite version of the logo as well as what colour the shirt will be. The logo with slanted lettering won. A majority of the Conference Committee voted for black to be the colour of the t-shirt.


Valley: The Valley regional conference will be held Saturday, February 23 at Acadia University. Registration forms will be available soon.


Future Meeting Dates: The next Conference Committee meeting will be Sunday, February 24 at 10am. That meeting will be located at Mount Saint Vincent University. The March meeting will be Saturday, March 30 at 10am. It will be located at Saint Francis Xavier University.  The following meeting will be held Saturday, April 13 at 10am. It will be located at Mount Saint Vincent University. Then there will be another April meeting on Sunday the 28. It will be held at Saint Francis Xavier University at 10 am. The week of conference is from Tuesday, May 14 to Monday, May 20.


Motion of Adjournment: Alex L motioned to adjourn the meeting, Mitchell seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: Sunday, February 24 at Mount Saint Vincent University.