NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting


Location: Saint Francis Xavier University, Bloomfield Centre, Council Chambers

Time of Commencement: 11:12

Time of Adjournment: 12:45

Duration of Meeting: 1 hour 33 minutes

Attendance and Regrets:

Present Voting Members- Alexandra Hannam, Abbey McClung, Rebecca Mackeen, Kassandra Kelbratowski, Aidan MacFarlane, Alex Leblanc, Sam Silver, Sara Murrin, Cameron Muise, Isaac Hurshman

Present Non-Voting- Tineke Weld, Jenna Viscount, Peter Woo

Regrets- Nick Wells, Mullen Boutler, Chris Gordon, Fortesa Sahiti, Jenna MacEachern, Donald Jewkes, Tiffany MacLennan

Positional Updates:

Welcoming Co-Chairs- Working on finishing and finalizing the welcoming activities. They currently have two ideas but there are some problems and concerns regarding the ideas that must be addressed. The first idea is a photo scavenger hunt. Delegates would have to meet someone with a certain characteristic, and take a picture of them. The problem with this is that not everyone has a phone or device to take pictures on. The second idea for a welcoming activity is called “secret service”. As the delegates fuzzy, some would have secret words or items that the delegates would have to find. The issue with this is that the welcoming co-chairs would have to know the people that were a part of this and those people would not be able to participate in the activity. The committee discussed different ways to fix these problems. They determined that the scavenger hunt would be more possible than the secret service activity. A way to fix the scavenger hunt activity was that they could use stamps instead of taking pictures. The person the delegates were looking for could have a stamp to stamp either the delegate’s hand, or a piece of paper. These activities would be on top of fuzzying. They will keep on brainstorming some other possible activities. An option to look into is the activity from Metro’s conference named “Adventure”, two years ago. In this activity, you are given a name, food, object, etc, and you must find your partner. An example of this would be, you are peanut butter, find jelly. The welcoming co-chairs are also figuring out and finding what they need for the delegate manual. This will be focused on more after the welcoming activities are finalized. They have also been making fuzzies.

WENDYS- Working on the late nighter draft. They are planning to stick with the idea of having two rooms for the late nighter. There will be a chill room and a hype room. Some games and activities that they were thinking of having the the hype room are; the spoons card game, a Wii, twister, and other loud games to get people to connect. They are also going to make a playlist and share it with CC to put songs on. CC will put songs on that everyone or the majority of people would like and enjoy. They will also avoid adding songs that may sound good, but would be unknown to others or are unpopular.

3-TIONS- Started the forms but still need to change some parts of it.

Public Relations- Have received one sponsor so far. Everything is set up with who is contacting who. Contacting other businesses will be paused for now until work to rule ends.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs- Finished skillbuilding sessions 1-4. They are also working on sessions 5-8. They found an activity called “the room” in which a skillbuilder reads a story while the others close their eyes and imagine the reading in their heads. The skillbuilding co-chairs just wanted to ensure that the reading had not been used yet.

Co-Chairs- Met with Chris Gordon, and contacted two speakers. One speaker fell out but that speaker had a contact to another speaker, so they are now looking into that. StFX is in charge of the third speaker, which we know will be female. There will be a diverse group of quality speakers for provincial conference. They also got into contact with Rich Aucoin’s manager via email. They are currently waiting for contact from them, but if they do not hear back in the near future, may move on. Waiting to release the conference from StFX as they must first. Also waiting on StFX to find out if online registration can be possible.

Mental Health First-Aid- Took the Mental Health First Aid course.

Secretary- Typed up the minutes, sent them to everyone on CC and put them on the website.

New Business:

Conference Logo: There were four logo design options for provincial conference that the committee could choose from. The committee had a closed eye vote. The results will be in once the missing committee members vote.

Work to Rule: If teachers say no to the new contract, there is the possibility of a strike, in which the government can order teachers back to work. This would make it hard to find teacher advisors. If work to rule continues, conference could get cancelled. The NSSSA wants to stay neutral in this situation so we will still have the organization in the future. OSSSA was shut down in Ontario for the same reason, except they took a side. The committee will fight as much as they can to have our conference and may have to push it to June. There would also be an issue around promoting the conference as most of promoting happens in schools. The committee will be looking into different options such as turning NSSSA into a camp for a year, so it would not require teacher advisors, if it comes to this. This all depends on if StFX will let this happen. For now, the committee will pretend that everything is fine and keep working away like normal (excluding Public Relations), and if we can’t have conference, we can’t have conference as there are bylaws that we, as an organization must keep. Principals cannot sign any papers so there is no way to get teacher advisors. The committee has to try and stay out of this so there can be future conferences. Regardless of when this gets sorted out, and if does in time for conference, the committee will be further behind schedule, so there will need need to be heavy promotions across the province. The two options the committee discussed were putting up posters and using social media as ways to advertise provincial conference. They could also email everyone who went to provincials last year, and who went to their region’s conference. If work to rule gets lifted on time, this may work in the committee’s favour regarding students being able to get involved in activities again and wanting to do something fun. There also could be possibilities for sponsorships within schools that the school reps or committee members could look into. School reps would really need to be pushing conference so that there would be a good turnout at it.

Opportunities Fair: There may not be enough people that would be free to come as there may not be enough notice because of the work to rule. There is also the issue of not having enough time to get everything organized. Universities may be the only places able to send representatives to come, and students already get opportunities for that in schools. The committee might end up replacing it with another activity. There could be different activities during this time, such as physical activities, artistic activities, or rest time. The committee could also possibly get an artist to draw out what is happening at conference on a whiteboard, as an event is occurring.

Tasks for the Month:

Welcoming Co-Chairs- Keep thinking about the different welcoming activities and keep fuzzying

WENDYS- Keep refining the late nighter and share the late nighter playlist with the members of CC.

3-TIONS- Get the registration forms going as a backup to the online registration.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs- Keep working on the skillbuilding sessions. Focus on session 7 especially, which is the personal health section. The committee will make sure to have a wide range of resources as this is the most sensitive topic. Create questions for the skillbuilding applications.

Secretary- Send out completed minutes.

Head Logistics- get forms going as backup for online registration

All- answer the CC questions for the delegate manual sent by the Welcoming Co-Chairs

Sam Silver motions to adjourn. Cameron Muise seconds, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: March 5th at 315 Colby Drive at 11:00am