NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting



Location:St. Francis Xavier University, Gerald Schwartz School of Business Building, Room 190

Time of Commencement:10:07

Time of Adjournment: 12:08

Duration: Two hours and one minute




Present Voting Members:Patrick Wallace, Katelyn Libbus, Celia Briand, Logan Fox, Claire Kleinknecht, Brennan Marks, Madison Harpell, Michael MacDonald, Fortesa Sahiti, Anna Gaudet, Rebecca MacKeen, Kat Pindera, Sam Silver, Mary Stackaruk

Present Non-Voting Members:N/A

Regrets: Aidan Doucet, Chris Gordon, Mackenzie Casey

No-Shows: N/A




3-Tions:The 3-Tions have been working on the database and answering questions sent to the 3-tion email account! They have also received CC’s info as well and put it in the database, but are still waiting for some to send their information. There was a question regarding a delegate who has requested a delegate assistant and the first thing to ask is if they have a friend they would like to bring to conference as their delegate assistant. After that, the Co-Chairs will help with communication.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: Sam has shared the EPIC document with the Co-Chairs and the Skill Building Manual is fairly close to finalized with everything in its own doc form. The Welcoming Letter for the manual needs to be completed. All positions must send in their positional roles to the Sam or Mary as one of the sessions, called NSSSA Workshop, is partially to explain the NSSSA on a cabinet and committee level but also create a conversation about the organization and form questions about it. Skill building pairs will be made once the 3-tions send all of the information regarding skill builder applicants. As stated before, there are to be two skill building retreats; one in Antigonish on April 22 and one in Halifax on May 6 and CC members are encouraged to go to one or the other. However, 2-tions, WENDY’s and Co-Chairs must attend both retreats. The itineraries for the retreats are also completed.


Public Relations: A bouncy castle cannot be rented for the welcoming activity. The Public Relations have received more emails from organizations and businesses expressing interest in attending the Opportunities Fair and will go into the database. There have been no items acquired for the delegate bags because the PRs were told to have no overlap in businesses and organizations asked for donations, but that is nearly impossible as each region contacts as many businesses as they can for their own conferences. Sam commented on how residents in Antigonish are typically willing to make more donations due to the fact that the NSSSA’s Provincial Conference is such a large event that occurs every year in Antigonish. Large donations last year came from Halifax businesses and organizations and smaller ones came from Antigonish; PR’s are advised to try contacting businesses in New Glasgow as well. An email to send to universities asking for sponsorships must also be written up and completed.


WENDY’s: EPIC’s theme, while discussing with the Skill Building Co-Chairs, will be space-themed. Costumes are good to go, as are cheers, and the dance theme is confirmed to be “Tight ‘n’ Bright” with glow paint and bright clothing.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The welcoming email is nearly completed with just times for drop off and pick up to be added in, and a packing list has been completed. There were 300 fuzzies total but some are to be given to IC so the fuzzy count is down to 200. The welcoming activity is planned out and there was a request for a small budget to buy supplies for snow cones and cotton candy, which would not be an issue. The only difficulty would be that StFX does not allow food to be brought onto campus, however, Patrick and Katelyn will discuss the situation with a representative. There will be games such as huckle buckle to play during the welcoming activity if fuzzying gets tiring. Opening night there will be Mostest and a Kahoot! game. Delegate manual is almost complete, as Brennan just needs other people to send him different pieces of information to go into it; he needs the conference logo, itinerary, sponsors, and bios for keynote speakers. Logan will talk to his Com-Tech teacher about borrowing large speakers for the welcoming activity.


Secretary: The Secretary forgot sweaters for Brennan and Michael, but sent out minutes from the last meeting and posted them on the website.


Co-Chairs:The Co-Chairs have been dealing with a lot of questions from people for registration. They have opened the scholarship applications and are currently going over who will receive the sponsorship. It looks as though there are nearly 150 delegates and skill builders registered. The early bird price option is now closed, as is the skill building application. Patrick and Katelyn had another meeting with StFX to discuss more promotion and have collected all the regional databases and plan on sending out an email to each previous delegate telling them about RISE UP. They have also acquired the official contract signed for the NSSSA partnership for the next few years. The Co-Chairs are currently in the process of trying to deal with IB exam conflicts and have been in contact with the IB Coordinator for Nova Scotia and are working on a solution.


Advisor: Chris had a meeting with Megan and discussed a plan for communication between the NSSSA and the leading up to conference this year and an outline for what registration would look like and how it would function in an ideal world. The plan created is that every Monday, Chris will circulate an email to advisors with a list of their students. This gives them a chance to confirm their students as well as make sure that they know all of the kids in advance of conference and have the proper ratio.The database should be regularly circulated among Chris, Abe, the 3-tions, and the Co-Chairs and nearly on a daily basis.


New Business:


Promotion: A StFX representative had an idea of having video promotion with clips of people on the cabinets or committees to say their reason why students should attend conference and apply to be on a cabinet or committee.Promotion should be in schools and committee members have already been posting on their own social media accounts about conference and are encouraged to continue to do so.


Spirit wear: Spirit wear is going to be sold at conference and those attending may be able to pre-order spirit wear so it is available for pick up at conference. Items that may be available are ball caps, crewnecks, and hoodies. Future items that are suggested to be added to the inventory are socks, stickers, magnets, key chains, and bucket hats.


Delegate T-Shirts: The debate for colours for delegate t-shirts was between yellow-gold and blue. Yellow-gold was voted on to be the colour for t-shirts at conference.


Speakers: CC must send contact information from their own school’s Co-Presidents and Student Council Advisor to Katelyn and Patrick because promotion for one speaker to high schools in the province will lower the cost. Two speakers are confirmed for conference.


Numbers: Currently, there are about 20 advisors, 4 Chaperones, 105-120 delegates, 4 First Aids, 11 Logistics, 2 Mental Health First Aid and 42 skill builders registered for conference. Qendresa will be the official conference photographer.


Miscellaneous: The welcoming video is made during pre-conference and an idea for the theme of the video is based on “That 70’s Show” opening. As for pre-conference, all committee members will receive letters to give to guardians and guidance counselors or Vice-Principals about the special circumstance to miss school. An itinerary for pre-conference needs to be made.


Positional Tasks:


WENDY’s: EPIC needs to be completed as well as the plan for the late-night activity.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Around 300 fuzzies need to be finished and the welcoming email draft is to be shared with Patrick and Katelyn. For the welcoming activity, Patrick and Katelyn will get back to the Welcoming Co-Chairs regarding bringing outside food on campus and the opening night activity needs to be completed as well.


3-Tions: Continue to input registration information into the database.


Public Relations: The email for universities needs to be completed and the Public Relations are to continue to contact business and organizations, especially for delegate bag donations. The Co-Chairs will let the PRs know what is said about overlap at the PC meeting. Logos from sponsors are required to be sent to Brennan to be put into the delegate manual and the PRs are encouraged to try contacting large universities in Canada.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The manual is to be completed, made into a PDF form, and sent to CC. Letters to skill builders, the list of materials needed for sessions, and EPIC all need to be completed and skill builders are to be chosen.


Secretary: The minutes need to be sent out, once numbers and sizes come in t-shirts are to be ordered, and hoodies for committee missing members need to be brought to the next meeting.


Co-Chairs: The cotton candy, popcorn, and snow cones situation is to be worked out with StFX. The pre-conference itinerary is to be worked out and the large promotion email is to be sent out. Overlap in asking for a donation is to be discussed at the PC meeting.


Adjournment:Madison motioned to adjourn the meeting and Sam seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Date of Next Meeting: The next meeting will be the last meeting before pre-conference. It will be held May 6th at Mount St. Vincent University, the time is TBD but will occur around 10:00am.