NSSSA Minutes From:

Conference Committee Meeting


Location: 315 Colby Drive, Cole Harbour

Time of Commencement: 11:11

Time of Adjournment: 12:48

Duration of Meeting: 1 hour 37 minutes

Attendance and Regrets:

Present Voting Members- Sara Murrin, Donald Jewkes, Alex Leblanc, Alex Hannam, Kassandra Kelbratowski, Rebecca MacKeen, Fortesa Sahiti, Cameron Muise

Present Non-Voting- Peter Woo, Chris Gordon

Regrets- Mullen Boutler, Nick Wells, Sam Silver, Isaac Hurshman, Tiffany MacLennan, Jenna MacEachern, Jenna Viscount, Aidan MacFarlane, Abbey McClung, Tineke Weld

Positional Updates:

Welcoming Co-Chairs-Will be wrapping up questions for Conference Committee and Provincial Cabinet to answer with a March 20th deadline. They will also start to get committee members to send pictures and will get into contact with the Provincial Cabinet. Will start getting messages from the Co-Chairs and President. They have lots of fuzzies made and will be finalizing activities as conference approaches.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs- Finished all sessions but they need to be edited. Also, they started a document for application questions but have yet to receive last year’s questions yet.

Co-Chairs– Currently have Lennett Anderson in mind as a possible speaker for provincial conference, so waiting to hear back from them. Dr. Beth McCharles is a contender for the StFX sponsored speaker role. Have also received a link from Susan Grant regarding online applications. There is still some logistic things that will have to be taken care of, but this is going well. The link for the online registration will be on StFX’s website as well as the NSSSA website. The Co-Chairs and 3-tions will babysit the registration system and the database will make itself.

Secretary- Typed up the minutes. Hasn’t put them on the website yet as not everyone has replied.

Head Logistics- Have created a list of questions to put on the logistics application forms.

New Business:

Online Registration: The committee discussed whether there should be the option of paper forms since online registration will be taking place. Different suggestions were brought up, such as making registration exclusively online, and dealing with cases where applicants do not have a credit card. There could be an email for registrants to email so they could mail in their money. Some problems regarding the online registration are that principals cannot sign the forms, so there would have to be a verification email sent out. Some schools collect their students’ money and then pay for all students from that school and typically wait until close to deadline to send everything in, which also could be an issue. There could also be problems with people using their credit cards as they may not want to pay that way. Options to look into are alternate payment options such as PayPal, online banking, or getting the registrants to buy prepaid visa cards. This would result in more work on the committee’s part, but it would make things easier for the conference attendees. Currently, the only payment option is with a credit card and possibly a debit card. When registering, the emails must be valid on the form application form or the email will not be allowed. The final decision from the committee is to make registration exclusively online, and deal with different payment cases as they occur. When students complete the online forms, an email will get sent to their parents and their advisor.

Skillbuilding Retreat: Skillbuilding retreat locations were debated on whether there should be only one retreat in Halifax, or have two; one in Halifax and one in Antigonish. The retreats would be on different days. Dates would possibly be May 6th and 7th, with the 6th being in Antigonish and the 7th in Halifax. The locations are yet to be determined. Some possible location options are Chocolate Lake, Mount Saint Vincent University, and Saint Francis Xavier University.

Conference Logo/T-shirt Colours: The committee viewed different colour options for the logo, as well as the t-shirt. This will be voted on by the committee at a later date.

Tasks for the Month:

Welcoming Co-Chairs- Keep fuzzying and choose some welcoming activities.

3-TIONS- Once online registration is set up, the Co-Chairs will contact 3-tions and will get everything sorted out and will make a google document to get started.

Public Relations- Start looking for sponsors and reach out to them. Get into contact with the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs and figure out what they need for the Skillbuilding retreats. Focus on using Twitter and Facebook for promoting Provincial Conference.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs-Finalize application questions.

Secretary- Send out completed minutes.

Head Logistics- Email Kassandra if there are any questions to add to the set of application questions and she will send them to Susan Grant to update. Pick your top 5-7 questions for the application forms.

Donald Jewkes motions to adjourn. Sara Murrin seconds, motion carried, meeting adjourned.

Next Meeting: TBD