Conference Committee Meeting




Location: Saint Francis Xavier University


Time of commencement: 10:10


Time of Adjournment: 11:40


Duration: One hour and thirty minutes




Present Voting Members: Mary Stackaruk, Alex LeBlanc, Jack Clapperton, Wamfa Kumdoung, Mathew MacEachern, Angus Kennedy, Emily Webb, Aidan Doucet, Reya Hanspal, Ella Stacey, Kailey Webber


Present Non-Voting Members: Rebecca MacKeen


Regrets: Youna McGowan, Mitchell Aguinaga, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, Brie MacPhee,


Positional Updates:


Secretary: She has been writing, editing, and posting the minutes. She has also been in contact with Steve regarding Spirit Wear. She brought some sample sizes to try on later in the meeting.

Also, she started a NSSSA Scholarship at her school. She sat at Parent-Teacher and raised $44 while promoting the organization to Parents who have never heard of it before.

Public Relations: Their regional conferences just ended so they are taking a little break before they ask companies for more monetary donations. The Co-Chairs recommended they should start thinking about opportunities to be presented at the Opportunities Fair. They should start giving donation letters to local businesses before the next meeting.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Youna sent Mary the questions for the Skillbuilder Application forms. Alex suggests they start thinking about ideas for Epic with the WENDYS. Mary asks they have two solid skillbuilding sessions done by the December meeting.


3-Tions: They made a draft email and have started editing forms. 3-Tions should be checking in with the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs. Mary will talk to Lorne about getting the key to the PO Box. Mary suggested having a question on the application form concerning smoke breaks. Alex thinks Committee will have to work on the wording but it could be placed with medical conditions. 3-Tions should aim for forms to be done by the December meeting.


Welcoming Co-Chair: There is some left over Fuzzies from the regional conference. Jack has a box of yarn to give them.


Wendy: They have been focused on their regional conference.


Co-Chair: They have a keynote speaker and she will be bringing along her team. Mary and Kailey heard her speak at TEDx Dalhousie. Her name is Stephanie Pronk and she works for Common Good Solutions. Their team works with small businesses. Mary said we have to think about when during conference Committee wants them to speak. They are trying to get in contact with Drew Dudley, and are trying hard to get Seamus O’Regan. They are looking into finding an interactive keynote speaker, potentially a band.


New Business:


Logo: Conference Committee must decide on a logo for Synergy 2019. Some members mentioned the logo with Nova Scotia as a puzzle, which was discussed at the last meeting. Nova Scotia would be diagonal and Synergy would be written across horizontally in white. The puzzle pieces would be different colours and represent each region. Committee talked about colour options for the t-shirts. Mary suggest black, and Alex suggested a heather grey. Everyone on Conference Committee should make a draft to bring to the meeting on December 21 and they will make a final decision.


Bags: Alex met with Saint Francis Xavier University Conference Services. They discussed options to change up delegate bags. She suggested fanny packs or a tote bag that folds into a pocket. Also, they were talking about changing the water bottles to tumblers. The only issue with tumblers is they do not seal as well as water bottles do. Angus suggested getting both the tote bag and fanny pack. Alex will look into the cost to do both.


Aidan motioned that Conference Committee orders the large fanny pack and pocket tote bag for the NSSSA provincial conference, Synergy 2019. Emily seconded said motion.


The fanny pack would include the Saint Francis Xavier University logo as well as the NSSSA logo. Alex will look into colour options.


Motion passed unanimously. The Conference Committee will be ordering both the large fanny pack and the pocket tote bag for the NSSSA provincial conference, Synergy 2019.


Clothing Order: There was a poll in the Google Classroom for Conference Committee to vote on their favourite colour windbreaker. The top options are Navy and Red.  They will vote on the Google Classroom on their favourite between the two. Committee tried on sample sizes of windbreakers and baseball tees. Then they gave Kailey their sizes and what name they want on the sleeve of their windbreakers. She also asked.


Ancillary services: Conference Committee will be making a video with St. Francis Xavier University Ancillary celery Services. Angus suggested filming the Committee on a tour of the university. Each position could talk about the different facilities used during the provincial conference. They made a list of facilities used, including; Field, Residence, Meal Hall, Schwartz, Keating Millennium Centre, Bloomfield, and the sidewalks. Welcoming Co-Chairs will take Residence and the Field. WENDYS will take the Millennium Centre and dance room. The Skillbuilding Co-Chairs will have Schwartz. 3-Tions will take the chill room, which is used for the Late Nighter, Public Relations will take the sidewalk, and Secretary will take the auditorium in Schwartz. The Co-Chairs will take Meal Hall. Members are asked to think about what to say and do during the video. It will be filmed at the January meeting.


Secret Santa: Committee picked names for Secret Santa. The Christmas meeting will be December 21 at 8pm.


Video Games: Ella knows how to create video games and she thought it would be cool to make a synergy game that could be played at the welcoming night activity. The person who receives the highest score could get a prize from the Public Relations.


Committee Information: 3-Tions want the members of Conference Committee’s information within the next two weeks. They are looking for; name, grade, email, and school. As well as parent/guardian’s names, emergency contact information, medical issues, and dietary concerns.


Motion of Adjournment: Kailey motioned to adjourn the meeting. Angus seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Date of the Next Meeting: December 21, 2018.