The NSSSA began as an idea among two students in Halifax, NS who attended Halifax West High School in 1986. The idea was based off an already established organization in Ontario known as the OSSSA (which has since been retired). The NSSSA was officially registered with the joint stock companies of Halifax in 1992, and the first Provincial Conference was held that same year. The 1992 conference known as L.I.N.K. (Leadership In Nova Scotia Kicks), was held at St. Pat’s High School in Halifax and was lead by NSSSA President Mark Fraser. It was attended by roughly 100 people. Guest speakers included Andy and Stu, a dance was organized by Sights and Sounds, and accommodations were provided by Dalhousie University.

1992 L.I.N.K (Leadership in Nova Scotia Kicks) Conference - St. Pat's High School, Halifax.

The initial conference barely resembled the current structure of the NSSSA, but the enthusiasm generated was carried over to the next year, and conferences have been held every year. As attendance grew, further restructuring of the organization was needed, and the regions were formed shortly thereafter, with regional conferences becoming a reality in the mid-1990s.

Provincial Conferences

L.I.N.K.’92 (Leadership In Nova Scotia Kicks)
S.L.I.C.E. ’93 (Student Leadership In Constant Evolution)
W.E.T. ’94 (We Excel Together)
B.L.A.S.T. ’95 (Bringing Leadership and Students Together)
F.L.Y. ’96 (Finding Leadership in Yourself)
S.L.A.M. ’97 (Student Leaders Achieving More)
W.I.L.D. ’98 (Working to Inspire Leadership Development)
J.A.M. ’99 (Journey to Achieve Motivation)
H.Y.P.E ’00 (Helping Youth Positively Excel)
S.L.I.D.E. ’01 (Students Leading In Diverse Environments)
S.M.A.S.H. ’02 (Student Motivation Achieving Spectacular Heights)
C.O.A.S.T. ’03 (Confidence in Our Actions Starting Today )
R.E.M.I.X ’04 (Redirecting Energy and Motivation Into X-cellence)
J.U.M.P. ’05 (Journey to Understand My Potential)
E.D.G.E ’06, Every Day Grab an Experience)
A.G.E.N.T. ’07 (Achieving Goals & Empowering Nova Scotian Teens)
S.T.O.R.M. ’08 (Students Teachings Others to Reach and Motivate)
P.O.W.E.R. ’09 (Providing Opportunities While Encouraging Responsibility)
B.E.Y.O.N.D. ’10 (Bringing Enthusiastic Youth Opportunities and New Directions.)
O.N.E ’11 (Offering Navigation to Empowerment)
F.O.R.W.A.R.D. ’12 (Finding Opportunities to Rediscover What Adolescents can Really Do)
R.E.V.I.V.E. ’13 (Realizing Everyone’s Value In Various Environments)

Inclusion Conferences

G.O.A.L. ’05 (Great Opportunities for Achievement & Learning)
G.R.O.W.T.H. ’06 (Gaining Respect Openly With Thought & Happiness)
D.R.E.A.M. ’07 (Delegates Reaching for Excellence And Motivation)
F.L.I.G.H.T. ’08 (Fearless Leaders Imagining Great Heights Together)
R.E.A.C.H. ’09 (Realizing Everyone’s Abilities and Creating Harmony.)
H.A.N.D.S. ’10 (Helping Adolescents Navigate their Dreams Successfully)
P.E.A.C.E. ’11 (Promoting & Encouraging A Cooperative Environment).
C.O.U.R.A.G.E. ’12 (Creating Oportunities to Understand the Responsibilities of Adolescents in a Growing Environment)
I.N.S.P.I.R.E. ’13
R.O.A.R. ’14
D.I.R.E.C.T.I.O.NS ’15
A.B.I.L.I.T.Y. ’16
R.O.O.T.S ’17 (Realistically Overcoming Obstacles to Succeed)
S.H.I.N.E. ’18 (Students Having Inclusive New Experiences)

Past Presidents

Year President School Vice-President (Int) School VP (Ext) School
1992 Mark Fraser HW Graham Forsythe HW
1993 Tyler Hayden PVEC Jennifer Milbury PA
1994 Dave Brien CPA Seth Rose-Rudenski QEH
1995 Chris Webb St.P Renee Pelletier CARR
1996 Liz Dipchand Hfx.W. Joey Archibald(abdicated) HaW
1997 Darren Smith CPA Shelley Banks AUB
1998 Caleb Wheeldon HORT Matt Woo AUB
1999 Neeti Tomar HW Jess De Mello CH
2000 Tyson R. Hubley CPA Joyce Silver DHS
2001 Brennan Dempsey JLI Marc-Antoine Robertson QEH
2002 Andrew Arbuckle AMH Laura Decker LOCKP
2003 Kelsey Tonner SJA/ACAD MacKenzie Marshall AMH
2004 MacKenzie Marshall AMH Jill Fraser LOCKV
2005 Ty Walsh CKRH/SMU Ian Arbuckle AMH
2006 Heather MacDonald CEC/ACAD Chris Saulnier DHS/DAL
2007 Noah Logan SJA/NSCAD Shawna-Lynn Brake SHS/SMU
2008 Shawna-Lynn Brake SHS/SMU Sam Durnford PV/DAL
2009 Sam Durnford PVEC/DAL Matt LeMoine CPA/StFX
2010 Matt LeMoine CPA/StFX Evan Kennedy CEC
2011 Evan Kennedy CEC Rebecca Jordan BHS Chris Gordon SJA
2012 Emma Bartlett LHS/DAL Jessica Gravel BRHS Emma Beaton PVEC
2013 Gillian MacKenzie (resign) NRHS/MSVU Tiffany Holmberg SAERC/MSVU Quinn MacIsaac SHS/DAL
2014 Quinn MacIsaac SHS/DAL Erinn Musial LHS/StFX Molly Marcott NRHS
2015 Holly Davy CHS/DAL Stephen Wentzell BCHS Lachlan Topshee CHS
2016 Maggie MacNeil RSN Meagan Kettley EAA/GA Micci Davy CHS
2017 Molly Anderson MTA Katelyn Libbus RHS Liam Haliburton SRHS
2018 Zac Foran JHG Amy Oickle BJSHS Mullen Boulter NRHS