NSSSA Minutes from:

Provincial Inclusion Committee Meeting


Location of Meeting: Mount Saint Vincent University, Rosaria, Room 105

Time of Commencement: 11:02
Time of Adjournment: 12:14
Duration: One hour and 12 minutes.


Present voting members: Joy Hannam, Jillian Ryan, Ellen Legge, Alexandra Hannam, Ciara Harris, Bronwyn Heighton, Emily Saulnier, Christina Nickerson, Micci Davy, Maddie Tennant, Taryn Hanrahan.

Present non-voting members: Meagan Soley, Maggie Macneil, Cath Densmore.

Regrets: Emma Miller, James Grant, Connor Mckiggin, Robyn Metcalfe, Meagan Kettley, Matt Walsh, Adrienne Munroe.

No shows: Courtney Barkhouse, Abbie Cull, Colbee Porter.


WENDYs: Started plan for the games to do in the EPIC activity. Their ideas for epic include having each committee member as a different Canadian animal, and locked in a cage, and the skill builders and their groups will complete tasks to get numbers and those numbers will be the combination to unlock the animals (committee members).

3-tions: Forms are finished except for location, database ready and set up.

Secretary: Continuing to write minutes.

Public Relations: Called numerous people and superstores, Neptune can provide things for the delegate bags, etc. Contact non-for-profit for stress balls etc. Contacted Dalhousie, Saint Mary’s for thing that they could do, contribute to conference. The opportunities fair, Special Olympics, Autism Nova Scotia, Best Buddies, Eastern seals is all a yes, Brigidoon village gave their name, Deaf and Hard of hearing as well. In the future will ask and involve the chapters from jack.org, best buddies, at the university that the conference will be held at.

Public Relations of Promotions: Contacted a lot of places, waiting for interview dates, no appointments made yet, awaiting time, venues, and cost to be finalized. Metro News could come to the conference and interview participants, correct procedures will be taken for that, radio stations have also been contacted. Businesses would like a poster, this will be made and sent off to the businesses.

Welcoming Co-Chairs: Have the manual finished and good to print off, and welcoming activities list has been made.

Communications: No update.
Skill building Chair: Did the manual, need to finish the last session.

Delegate Assistant Chair: Manual is done and ready to be sent.

Alumni: Finalizing things like the logistics and chaperones.

Co-Chairs: The conference location of Auburn Drive High School has been changed as there was not a lot of communication due to work to rule, and correspondence with principal, also having a different venue may provide a more safer and accessible place for participation. Potentially the Mount which will include a first aid room, committee room, and two session rooms are available for this time.

New Business:

Date of conference: The date for conference is April 23rd on a Sunday, which is a plausible for future course of action.

Work to rule: See if Tuesday if teachers will be legislated back to work, will allow to have advisors be community members, and principals will be able to sign off to allow students to attend. Plan to send emails to the teachers and EPAs, and parents to see who would be able to be advisors for the conference. It will be tight in the sense that parents, and head school reps, etc will spread the message out. It will be a smaller conference, and may have an NSSSA alumni as a keynote speaker. Cannot do finalization, and conference dates until the confirmed situation is over. Worst comes to worst small fundraising and small things can be done in replace of conference.

Taryn Hanrahan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 12:14 and Jillian Ryan seconded said motion.

Next meeting: Date for next meeting remains undecided, but will be at Mount Saint Vincent.