NSSSA Minutes from:

Inclusion committee 2016-2017


Location of Meeting: Conference call
Time of Commencement: 10:11 am
Time of Adjournment: 11:10 am
Duration: 59 minutes

Present voting members: Christina Nickerson, Bronwyn Heighton, Robyn Metcalfe, Colbee Porter, Adrienne Munroe, Ciara Harris, Taryn Hanrahan, Ellen Legge, Maddie Tennant, Courtney Barkhouse, Emily Saulnier, Jillian Ryan, Meagan Kettley

Present non-voting members:

Regrets: Abbie Cull, Matt Walsh, Connor Mckiggan, Emma Miller, Alexandra Hannam, Joy Hannam, Maggie MacNeil, Micci Davy
No shows:


Conference name has been decided. The committee agreed at the last meeting on the name ‘Roots’ with the acronym ‘Realistically Overcoming Obstacles To Succeed.’ Committee spirit wear has been voted upon. We are getting antique cherry red crewnecks. However, questioning on if we should refrain on ordering until we have a head first aid. Conference location is in process. Lockview High school, Citadel high school as well as Auburn Drive high school have been contacted. Auburn is available for april 1st, and we are currently awaiting for a statement from them.
-New Delegate Assistant form made for all conferences outside of IC. This allows students with special needs the option to have a delegate assistant at other regional conferences. However no co pre’s (other than metro) have taken this initiative thus far.

Epic is going to be formated the same as provincials, where the delegates do not have to move around as much. They will remain with their skillbuilders the entirety of the time.
Also we’re thinking epic might be Canadian safari themed we want an even amount of hard and easy mental and somewhat physical games. Continuing to look over our cheers and planning epic and prizes.

Idea to make glittery signs for each station. More fuzzies were made made and starting collecting some supplies for the opening activity. Also a rough draft has been started of the welcoming email and looked at some examples of the delegate manual.

Public relations will begin to contact businesses for donations. Once the conference date is finalized, then they will begin to contact more business with the conference name and date.

An email has been constructed to be send out to all learning centers in Nova Scotia, communications is just waiting on the conference date and location and then it will be sent out. Communications has also filled in a blank for one of the schools on the database so now they have more contact information. Communications has also conversed with the head school rep coordinator to make a presentation for all schools. There will be a meeting of Learning Centre staff in which the Co-Chairs will attend as well. Communications is also looking to add an inclusion mission statement to the end of communications email.

Brainstorming ideas of newspapers and radio stations to promote IC. Contacted the ‘Amherst Citizen’ for an Inclusion interview. Bronwyn has came forward and said she has connections to newspapers in Halifax, and will be contacting them shortly.

Have the past regional database and forms to use as a template for this years conference, me and Ellen will probably make the forms once the date and place for conference is set!
Have a good weekend. Old databases have been relooked.

Have been working on the delegate assistant manual

No update

New Business

Conference location
As stated in the Co-Chair update, Auburn drive high school has been contacted for the date of April 1st, 2017. The Co-Chairs have applied to get a statement back from them on price, and are just awaiting from a reply back.

Head First aid
Inclusion committee is in need of a head first aid. The Co-Chairs will be contacting individuals the coming weekend in hopes to find someone who will fill the position. Code word: carbs & cheese. Inclusion favours individuals with superior health training, such as nurses or paramedics. The individuals who will be contacted fall within these qualifications.

Inclusion is looking to hold a fundraiser before Christmas to offer scholarships/bursaries to delegates. The Committee brainstormed various ideas on how to make this possible. The committee came up with ideas such as a boston pizza fundraiser, bowling, and a gift card tree. Members of IC are familiar with bingo fundraisers at the forum and some fundraising opportunities through Promise of a Pearl and All Ways Us which both support persons with disabilities. A fundraiser will be planned within the next few weeks.

Adjourned motions first by Courtney Barkhouse & second by Adrienne Munroe