NSSSA Minutes from:

Inclusion Committee meeting


Location of Meeting: Mount Saint Vincent University, Rosaria, Room 105
Time of Commencement: 10:23
Time of Adjournment: 12:29
Duration: 2 hours and 6 minutes
Present voting members: Joy Hannam, Colbee Porter, Taryn Hanrahan, Bronwyn Heighton, Jillian Ryan, Ellen Legge, Courtney Barkhouse, Alexandra Hannam, Abbie Cull, Christina Nickerson, Micci Davy.
Present non-voting members: Connor Mckiggin, Cath Densmore, Maggie Mcneil.
Regrets: Emma Miller, Ciara Harris, Meagan Soley Meagan Kettley, Adrienne Munroe, Matt Walsh, Emily Saulnier, Maddie Tennant, Robyn Metcalfe.
No shows:

WENDYs: Have read though the cheers, and has a copy of the cheer bible, some cheers maybe out dated so will be revised. The WENDYs also have the idea of doing a Canadian Safari for Epic and have an enclosure of Canadian Animals (Committee members being the animals) and have the animals get out and then the delegates need to get them back. Discussed about doing the Juicy Wiggle dance but having it being modified for the people with different abilities.  3-tions: No update.
Secretary: Made template for the minutes, and organized the attendance.
Public Relations: Received notes about position of PR from training retreat in August.
Public Relations of Promotions: Made the Twitter “Meet the committee” series.
Welcoming Co-Chairs: Got some donations for yarn and also wrote up a donation letter to request donations. A total of 75 fuzzies were made so far. Emails are being written up and will be ready soon.
Communications: Talked with head school rep coordinator on PC, and connected with the other head schools reps within the NSSSA.
Skillbuilding Chair: No update.
Delegate Assistant Chair: No update.
Co-Chairs: Full committee now, since finding the last 3-tion member Abbie Cull. Had a call with finance team, and looked at high schools for venues, because high schools are most inclusive and helpful, and the aim is to use one floor for easy accessibility. Looking at high schools like Citadel, Lockview, Auburn, and more, but looking particularly at Citadel, since it is in the central part of Halifax, and most accessible for people and the conference is one day long. Looking to contact people today (September 18) for a venue and to secure a date.

New Business:
Tentative dates: Depending on availability, since the committee wants to ensure the attendance of all the committee members. In the next two weeks dates will be solidified.
March 4
March 25
April 1st
Positional Updates: Must be sent to the secretary and the co chairs, emails will be sent to ask for updates week or so before the meeting date.
New ideas: Any ideas for past inclusion conferences to change or improve upon, went around and shared ideas. Committee took 5 minutes to think about the changes they would like to be made for future inclusion conferences:
– Epic, have different challenges, and levels for the different abilities. Hard copies, and posters to put up into the learning centres must be sent out to schools.
– Make videos and such to promote the conference, though posters, social media and more, communications and public relations promo work together to make this happen
– Contact Special Olympics, to get more students involved in the conference.
– Epic less condensed, and better logistics, remove some of the race aspect and make it so that there is less walking, as some delegates can get overwhelmed, also let the time aspect of epic feel less rushed and pressed.
– Make Epic a point system, skill building group stay together and skillbuilders lead epic, similar to Exceeding Expectations last year, so then the delegates and the delegate assistants don’t have to go station to station.
Opportunities fair: Focus on the opportunities fair more this year, with a minimum of 10 tables, and template that the PRs made, and have opportunities that pertain to the conference and delegates. This can be going on as parents are dropping off their child, so that the parents can be engaged with the opportunities being offered, and can see what may interest their child. This will happen as the delegates are coming in and during morning registration. The opportunities hope to have relevance to the Inclusion conference so that the opportunities will be able to actively engage the delegates, rather than just the delegate assistants. PR has a list of opportunities to contact. Tables with universities, like SMU or Dal can be used to talk about the transition that students with special needs have and also to get involved in their university, and give information to the parents as well.

Organizations and How to’s: Idea is that the opportunities/organization, will be able to stay and see the conference for the morning and provide how to’s later in the day. The goal is to develop relationships with organizations that are similar to the inclusion committee, and what it stands for and enable them to connect and work all together. This will also allow people to see conference, then run their how to sessions rather than doing a session and then leaving.

Spirit wear: Posted on the Facebook page to vote on the type of spirit wear, design and the fit. Winning the poll is the cardigans, with the conference shirt under them and can be used as formal attire, and an example cardigan was shown. Price and colours are not yet determined. Different colour shirts will be used to distinguish the committee, dependent on the availability of the colours.

Inclusion committee as Delegate Assistants: “Does the delegate require a delegate assistant” and/or something along those lines will be written on all the conference registration forms, including regional and provincial conferences. Inclusion committee members will be the primary delegate assistants, since the committee this year has members on different regional cabinets as well, people can be contacted from the various regions to be a delegate assistant at the conferences. The co-chairs will offer the opportunity to the committee, if someone is on a Regional cabinet then the opportunity can be given to someone else. This will allow for conferences to be more inclusive, and allow for at the promotion and allowing of a more inclusive environment in the NSSSA conferences.

Name of conference:
ROOTS- Realistically Overcoming Obstacles To Succeed

Food at Conference: Most high schools have an agreement with a catering company so for the conference the food can be made, an ideas is a sandwich bar, to allow for a variety of food for the people. Lunch and supper is what needs to be dealt with, may look for finding options and donations to keep the conference sustainable. PR must give minimum 2 month in advance to get the food donations, from places like Sobey’s, and Tim Hortons. Certain dietary concerns will be talked about more in depth once the forms are done.
New Positional Tasks
Secretary: Respond to the minutes, and read and correct them members have 24 hours, and when responding to the email include the code word. Contact for information on spirit wear.
Communications: Contact head school rep coordinator and discuss emails, slides etc to send to schools about the inclusion conference at the other regional conferences.
WENDYs: Now with conference name start thinking of how to do epic in said theme, and plan what can be done during down time at conference like helping to take photos. Short dance that WENDYs teach to the delegates and delegate assistants will be about 30 minute long, WENDYs can decide to do this or not.
3-tion: Ask Abe for the template of registration, and put the keys received in a safe spot.
Skillbuilding chair: Have 4 sessions, and organize types of activities to do in the group, focus on the intro session to begin with, and sessions are typically an hour long.
Welcoming co chairs: Start on email template and make more the fuzzies.
PR: Have all documents, corporate package, and donation money, prepared for once the date is selected.

Abbie Cull motioned to adjourn the meeting at 12:29 and Taryn Hanrahan seconded said motion.

Next meeting: Tentativly October 23 2016, most likely at Mount Saint Vincent.