NSSSA Minutes from:

Provincial Inclusion Committee Meeting


Location of Meeting: Mount Saint Vincent University, Evaristus, Room 102

Time of Commencement: 1600
Time of Adjournment: 16:23
Duration: 23 minutes


Present voting members: Joy Hannam, Alexandra Hannam, Ciara Harris, Courtney Barkhouse, Christina Nickerson, Matt Walsh, Micci Davy, Maddie Tennant, Taryn Hanrahan.

Present non-voting members: Meagan Soley.

Regrets: Emma Miller, James Grant, Robyn Metcalfe, Ellen Legge, Jillian Ryan, Bronwyn Heighton, Connor Mckiggin, Maggie Macneil, Abbie Cull, Meagan Kettley, Adrienne Munroe, Colbee Porter, Emily Saulnier, Cath Densmore.

Communications: Sent out emails about the conference and what to expect with the upcoming conference.

WENDYS: EPIC is all done it is a Canadian Safari, with animals in cages (committee members) and there will be a code to solve unlock the animals that the group will need to work together to find. There will be list of supplies made, and there will be various activities such as charades, stack the cups, and more.

PR: Called places for donations, and then sent out email, got Neptune and Superstore as a definite yes. CBC potentially, will walk in to businesses to get supplies, pens etc for PR bags. Sent confirmation email of the Society of Deaf and Hard of Hearing. For opportunities fair emailed Halifax Dance, and Halifax NS Down Syndrome Society to come in and be guests for that they are a tentative yes. Emailed jack.org, from MSVU, and Best Buddies MSVU to come in potentially as well, emailed the therapy dog people from Halifax Therapeutic Paws. Special Olympics, Autism Nova Scotia and Eastern Seals is a go. Jack.org at Sir John A may be willing to come in to do a session/opportunity.

Secretary: Ordered the the conference T- Shirts, 145 in the colour forest green, will have extra so can be given out at opportunities fair to everyone who helps out, keynotes and more.

PR of Promotions: Whole databases done for the PR, RBC has offered to give supplies for the conference. Talked with CBC and called to make connection for the upcoming conference.

SB Chair: SB retreat has happened on April 9 2017, and edited the manual to have slight fixes.

Advisor: Not a lot of advisors that are coming, most who are, are teachers and parents and may not have all the resources that they could feel they could take away from the experience. Advisors from other groups can get their advisor from different school to share with other schools who are having trouble finding an advisor.

Co chairs: Itinerary is made and will be sent out, spoke to Connor to be a keynote speaker for the conference. Maybe get a couple more speakers as well. Asked of the committee to go get more delegate numbers, and to talk in person and get more people to come to the conference, the deadline is extended to compensate for this. Rosaria is being used as the main building for the activities. Thus far there is 4 groups with two skill builders each being used.

Not sure if the committee will have access the night before conference, will see about getting a place prior to conference, if there is no access until the morning of conference. Time to be there on conference day will be an hour before the skill builders and delegate assistants arrive.

Retreat went really well, missing a lot of delegate assistants. Overall everything went well, need to figure out who are missing and match the delegate and delegate assistants that are not yet paired. Will make a positional itinerary for the group, and some members maybe delegate assistant so skill builders. In total there is 70 people who are in the database thus far.

Joy Hannam motioned to adjourn the meeting at 16:23 and Alexandra Hannam seconded said motion.

Next meeting: Date for next meeting remains undecided, but will be at Mount Saint Vincent.