NSSSA Minutes from:

Provincial Inclusion Committee Meeting


Location of Meeting: Mount Saint Vincent University, Rosaria, Room 105 Time of Commencement: 14:13
Time of Adjournment: 15:33
Duration: One hour and twenty minutes.


Present voting members: Joy Hannam, Jillian Ryan, Ellen Legge, Courtney Barkhouse, Alexandra Hannam, Ciara Harris, Emily Saulnier, Christina Nickerson, Micci Davy, Adrienne Munroe.

Present non-voting members: Robyn Metcalfe.

Regrets: Emma Miller, Meagan Kettley, Maggie Macneil, Maddie Tennant, James Grant, Connor Mckiggin, Abbie Cull, Taryn Hanrahan, Colbee Porter, Bronwyn Heighton, Meagan Soley, Cath Densmore, Matt Walsh.

WENDYs: No update.

3-tions: Abbie Cull has set up the majority of the database and Ellen has been working on the forms for conference, like the delegate assistant, skill building and advisors forms.

Secretary: Received spirit wear for the committee. Continuing to write minutes as well.

Public Relations: After dividing the list of businesses, Ciara contacted a few with no luck. Revisions were made to the donation letter document to better and Taryn has plans to drop off letters in person to the stores with hopes of receiving a more positive response from businesses. Contacted local MLA for Pins and such for the conference, in place of monetary donations.

Public Relations of Promotions: Sent out a few emails to the Chronicle Herald, Metro News, Halifax Magazine & 95.7 News. Heard back from two and have set up a time to call tomorrow afternoon. They would like to interview a couple people from our committee. As well, the paper in Amherst would like to do a write up of what Inclusion Conference is, so Maddie and maybe Micci could meet with a writer that could publish that.

Welcoming Co-Chairs: Started the delegate manual, asked the committee about the write ups to put in the manual, the word search and such, the next meeting is will be the positional photos, and group photo for the manual.

Communications: Getting contacts from learning centres. Skill building Chair: Started on the manual.

Delegate Assistant Chair: The questions for the DA and the delegate questions are all done and sent in to the 3-tions. Also the brainstorm for the manual is a work in progress.

Alumni: Will be participating in the alum call over the break to discuss what they should be focusing on.

Co-Chairs: Emailed a potential speaker, who is a women who maps places that are fully accessible, etc makes it easier for people with disabilities to get around, maybe difficult to get her but looking into it. Have alternate speakers for options. Decided to shorten conference, at 19:30 to 20:00, and WENDY time was adjusted, and so it will be people who will be waiting to be picked up, etc. Have modified the temporally itinerary. Subscribe to the NSSSA newsletter for information from the other cabinets and committees, to be in the know.

Work to rule: Keep planning incase it still happens, and work to rule ends, consider looking for a new venue, to sign a contract. Make the decision to stay with Auburn Drive High School, or look for a new venue that is not school based. Then hope for the work to rule to be finished, if it is not resolved in the next to a few weeks, then the plans will affect as per usual. So keep conference planning but also when contacting business, add a line to the message about the situation about the work to rule, and what may or may not happen, in terms of conference. Likely to look on outside venue. Any time you speak about the education matter and your options, you are directly related back to the NSSSA, as an organization. Really cannot take sides, and be conscious about what is happening. If asked to give an option, etc, represent yourself as just a high school student, not associated with the NSSSA. As the inclusion committee, dependence is on the learning centres, and the strike/work to rule will effect the matters of the inclusion conference.

New Business:

Delegate Assistant Chair: Rough draft of manual is to be done at the end of January, corrections can be made at the meeting.

3-tions: Dec 30th have the forms done.

Skill Building Chair: Rough draft done by the next meeting including all 3 sessions.

3-tions and Skill Building co-chair: Both need to finish in enough time to make it sustainable; book a venue, have speakers etc come in as well as an idea of what can happen at the retreat, itinerary wise.

Welcoming co chair: Finish rough draft of delegate manual and the welcoming activities, write down the ideas that have; Photo Booth, colouring station, little games like washer toss, bowling, face paint, bean bag toss etc, have it typed up for the next meeting.

Communications: Make a presentation and have it ready for the next meeting.

Public Relations: Start contacting people for the opportunities fair, and donations etc, have around 10-15 minimum. Emails about donations done by the January 1st. There is about 300+ in Halifax that can be used for the opportunities fair, have the focus be on delegates and some on skill builder and delegate assistants.

WENDYS- Narrow down the list of cheers to make accessible to everyone, rough draft of epic and make cheer list, look into costumes for the conference.

Secretary: Minutes, awaiting numbers for ordering t-shirts.
Joy Hannam motioned to adjourn the meeting at 15:34 and Alexandra Hannam seconded said motion.
Next meeting: Date for next meeting remains undecided, but will be at Mount Saint Vincent.