NSSSA Minutes from:

Provincial Inclusion Committee Meeting


Location of Meeting: Mount Saint Vincent University, Rosaria, Room 105 Time of Commencement: 9:28am
Time of Adjournment: 11:11
Duration: One hour and forty three minutes.


Present voting members: Joy Hannam, Colbee Porter, Taryn Hanrahan, Adrienne Munroe, Bronwyn Heighton, Jillian Ryan, Ellen Legge, Courtney Barkhouse, Alexandra Hannam, Ciara Harris, Christina Nickerson, Micci Davy.

Present non-voting members: Cath Densmore, Matt Walsh, Meagan Soley.

Regrets: Emma Miller, Meagan Kettley, Robyn Metcalfe, Maggie Macneil, Maddie Tennant, James Grant, Emily Saulnier, Connor Mckiggin, Abbie Cull.


WENDYs: For epic, ideas include snake and ladders, and have people move the others around so then is accessible for all. Two stations of word scramble, NSSSA and Roots, and will require team work to figure it out. Two stations to act out a scenes, or sing a song, was successful in previous years and will potentially be done again. Once all the stamps were obtained an idea can be, as Matt Walsh brought up, is to once finished will have the groups do it over again to extend the time. The Epic will follow the same structure as the provincial conference last year with skill builders leading the stations.

3-tions: No update.

Secretary: Ordered the inclusion committee sweater spirit wear, and uploaded minutes. Continuing to write minutes as well.

Public Relations: Planning to contact businesses Wednesday.

Public Relations of Promotions: Waiting for a list of contacts for radio stations to start getting advertising for the conference. As well as, gather ideas from the committee, as to where are some key business and people to talk to and advertise about this conference. Is waiting to see about some potential “prizes” for contests on the twitter page. Only one Instagram page for the NSSSA with all the PR of Promotions will have access to said page. IC twitter is kept, the SnapChat will be accessed during conference.

Welcoming Co-Chairs: Working on the fuzzies, talked to Nick Wells, Metro welcoming co- chair, and, might provide leftover fuzzies from grade 9 conference. Is contacting other cabinets for leftover fuzzies once the regional conferences are over.

Communications: No update.

Skillbuilding Chair: No update.

Delegate Assistant Chair: No update.

Co-Chairs: A new first aid, has been found; James Grant and he is a paramedic, and will be bringing more paramedics to the conference. Would like to make a presentation only about the Inclusion Conference, and send to Mitch Archibald, head school rep coordinator to send to the head school reps of the schools, learning centres etc. Bronwyn Heighton as a co-president on her student council can help spread the word about it at the HRSB co-president meetings. Christina Nickerson is going to make an NSSSA Inclusion Page on Facebook with access by Maddie Tennant, PR promo, who will be able to make an event page as well. Kassandra Kelbratowski might do the T-shirt design.

New Business:

Donations and delegate bags: Aim to focus on more monetary donations this year, such as universities, disabilities specific promotion material. Jeremy Scallion has a surplus amount of SMU bags that can be used as delegate and SB bags.

Pop tabs: A lot of pop tabs can be used to make a wheelchair, and was done at the ROAR inclusion conference a couple years back. Could have pop tabs drives at schools and such to get more material to accomplish the project.

Keynote speakers: Spoke about potential speakers, possibly getting Jim Kyte, who is a hockey player who is deaf, he spoke at the provincial Exceeding Expectations conference last year. Megan Soley has suggestions, such as a therapeutic clown, from the IWK for the inclusion conference. Talks about how can be part of community, in previous years had written a whole song about conference. It is interactive, and fun through comedy. Contact info will be shared.

Length of conference: Micci and Christina talked about potentially shortening the conference of the 9- 21 hours. So that the travel to and from peoples home, will be easier, maybe 9-19:30 will be pick up, and the little activity could be during 19:30-20:00, will be run by other members of the committee, such as the welcoming co-chairs. Itinerary will be adjusted, and so can open the window to get more people to go as well as it may become easier for people travel wise.

Fundraising ideas: Bingo at the Halifax forum, can invite friends and family, and sell at 15$ and 5$ will go towards the NSSSA inclusion conference. Also can invite members from different cabinet and committees as well. The ‘Always Us’ employs adults with disabilities who make Eco-friendly soaps, etc and as well can have holiday promotion to get higher sales. Talked with group at Spryfeild like the organization Pathways, and Ciara Harris can give connections to get donations for the NSSSA can help get more money to make bursaries for the students. The committee has decided on bingo, in the Halifax Forum, and the committee is willing to sell tickets for bingo sales, the date of said event will be after Christmas. Mid January or early February like the first week on a weekend night. The committee has decided February 3rd at 19:30pm.

Delegate assistants: The motion to have the ‘require a delegate assistant’ option in conference as a mandatory motion has been passed. The focus is that the high school students can be the delegate assistants, the idea to get for a delegate assistant box to be added to the form of the package of registration forms as well, and perhaps a questionnaire. Six people total required delegate assistants at the Metro regional conference.

Skill building and delegate assistant retreat: Skill building and delegate assistant retreat would be planned and held at least two weeks before conference. The location will be found at a later date, will like to find a venue with accessibility and more open room. The date can tentatively be the 4th of March.

d/Deaf/HOH: Deaf students who have interpreters, came to conference they could double as an advisor so the costs are waived. Most students will have an interpreter come with them. Alexandra Hannam has thoughts of getting more student from the d/Deaf/HOH community involve in the attending the conference.

How- to session: Welcoming activity is from 9-10. How-to will be before lunch, and hour and two sessions switch at the 30 minutes mark.

Forms: Forms will be ideally sent out at the start of January, even the end of the December was a possibility discussed. 3-tions can make their forms, and aim to have them be ready soon.

Conference date: Saturday, March 25, 2016.

Location: Auburn Drive High School
Before conference the day: At 19:00 -21:00 will start to set up for the conference, on the Friday evening. Committee members can start to begin doing action towards conference day. Itinerary will be made up to assistant in the planning process.

Partner time was given at the end of the meeting.

Courtney Barkhouse motioned to adjourn the meeting at 11:11 and Adrienne Munroe seconded said motion.

Next meeting: Date for next meeting remains undecided, but will be at Mount Saint Vincent.