NSSSA Minutes From:

Inclusion Committee Meeting



Location: MSVU Rosaria room 404

Time of Commencement: 10:26

Time of Adjournment: 11:15

Duration: 49 minutes




Present Voting Members: Taryn Hanrahan, Matt Walsh, Rachael Murphy, Ciara Harris, Will Miller


Present Non-Voting Members: Meagan Soley


Regrets: Jillian Ryan, Mackenzie Casey, Mary Stackaruck, Kailey Webber, Emily Saulnier


No-Shows: Becca MacAulay, Cath Densmore, Maddie Tennant, Madison Saulnier, Bailey Lenihan




Co-Chairs: Dalhousie has offered to hold the conference, although we have our contract with MSVU. Taryn attended a meeting at Dalhousie to see if holding our conference at Dalhousie would be a better option. The space that was available at Dalhousie was not accessible, as the flooring was sloped and there were no wheelchair ramps. Dalhousie was willing to discuss compromises, however MSVU is looking like the better option to hold Inclusion because they are more accessible. Possible dates for conference if it were held at MSVU include the 14th of April, with the skillbuilding retreat on the 7th of April, or conference on the 7th of April, with the skillbuilding retreat on March 24th.


New Business:


Emily and Taryn have been discussing with two potential speakers. They have been talking with Cleve Sawyer, the therapy clown from the IWK. He is hoping to get time off from the IWK to work with us, so he has not been confirmed yet. At Abe’s suggestion, Taryn and Emily are going to contact Terry, a man who works with puppets, who has cerebral palsy. His presentation is about how his puppets help with his disability, and he would be a more interactive speaker.


Potential conference names were discussed. Ideas included G.L.I.T.T.E.R. (Gaining Leadership, Initiative, and Teambuilding Through Engaging Relationships) and S.H.I.N.E. (Students Having Inclusive New Experiences). The vote was unanimous for SHINE. Ideas for logos include a star with the conference name and a diamond with the conference name.


The idea was mentioned to have a parents’ night to inform parents about Inclusion Conference. In past years, parents have only received information from the forms or internet; it is hoped that implementing these parent nights would make parents feel more secure in sending their children to Inclusion. Since forms will be coming in in February, these parents’ nights could be done in January.


Reminder that if you are to miss a meeting, you must let Ciara, Taryn, and Emily know at least 24 hours in advance via email with a good reason. Attendance issues will be dealt with by the co-chairs.


Taryn had suggested that we heavily advertise to schools with Best Buddies chapters. It could be promoted that delegates could have the choice to attend conference with their buddy as their delegate assistant. It is hoped that this would draw more people to attend conference, as those delegates would be guaranteed to be paired up with someone they know and are comfortable with.


All partners are advised to meet before next meeting, in person if possible, to get acquainted and start working. It is important that each committee member goes over their turnover package, and follows the timeline provided. This ensures that we can keep on track.


Timelines: For the remainder of the meeting, Taryn gave present committee members timelines of what they should be doing from now until the next meeting.


Secretary: The secretary is in charge of the minutes and committee wear. Taryn is to send the database of emails to Ciara so that she can send the minutes to each committee member. It was also suggested that she put a poll on the Inclusion Committee Facebook group to determine colours for spirit wear, and what type of spirit wear we want. Determining this through Facebook will save time at future meetings.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: They should start collecting yarn as soon as possible. They are advised to put posters up around community centers and churches, and posting on buy and sell groups in search of yarn. They should also think about what other things could be at the welcoming activity, such therapy dogs, a photo booth, carnival games, face painting, or a colouring table.


3-tions: Rachael should get in contact with Mary to start setting up a database, and making the forms. Once dates are confirmed it is important that forms are made quickly. They are reminded that you don’t put someone into the registration database unless their form came with money.


Wendys: They have been discussing cheers and are advised to look at the talent show forms. They should begin to plan EPIC. A proposed theme for EPIC was a diamond heist, to go along with the name of the conference.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Mackenzie and Madison are advised to look at past years manuals and start prepping the 2018 skillbuilding manual. Games and activities should be easily modified and inclusive. No activities should involve fine motor skills, and none should be overly difficult. They should talk to other people to get input from multiple sources, so they can figure out whether things will be inclusive for all delegates. There is the possibility of running the activities at a future meeting in order to have all of the committee’s opinion on whether or not the activity is inclusive.


Adjournment: Will motioned to adjourn at 11:15 and Matt seconded the motion.