NSSSA Minutes From:

Inclusion Committee Meeting



Location: MSVU Rosaria Room 105

Time of Commencement: 10:46am

Time of Adjournment: 11:36am

Duration: 50 minutes



Present Voting Members: Mary Stackaruk, Matt Walsh, Cath Densmore, Becca MacAulay, Emily Saulnier, Madison Saulnier, Kailey Webber, Ciara Harris, Taryn Hanrahan, Jill Ryan, Rachael Murphy, Rhonda Gibson

Present Non-Voting Members: Meagan Soley

Regrets: Will Miller

No-Shows: Bailey Lenihan, MacKenzie Casey




3-Tions: The 3-tions have nearly completed the skillbuilding forms; they are still in need of the finalized start and end times of the conference to put on the sheet. Meagan will contact Jill from MSVU to get the dates and times confirmed. Once these times have been finalized, they should send the form to Taryn and Emily to be checked over. Price of this year’s conference has been set at $75. The 3-tions have also completed the Delegate assistant forms and Advisor forms. Taryn is reminded to get the mailbox keys from Abe and bring them to the next meeting, so the 3-tions can have access to the mailbox. Taryn will also give them a due date and no refund date for the forms. The tentative due date on the forms is March 9th, as any later would make it incredibly hard for the 3-tions to complete the database.


DA Chair: Madison and Mackenzie have been in contact and are advised to begin planning the DA/Skillbuilder retreat. The retreat is scheduled to be on April 7th or 8th. Retreat will be slightly longer this year, as we want it to be more structured. This will ensure that the delegate assistants and skillbuilders feel completely prepared for conference. It is also advised that there be a speaker at retreat, similar to how Connor McKiggan spoke at last year’s retreat.


Public Relations: Jill has finalized a timeline for herself, outlining what she needs to complete and who she needs to contact before conference. For the Opportunities fair, she is encouraged to get in contact with the Bengal Lancers Inclusion program, as she is involved with them, as well as Neptune Theatre, who gave us generous donations last year. The PR’s are also advised to talk to Metro’s PR’s to obtain anything they have leftover from Breakthrough 2017. Rhonda and Jill should keep in contact so that they can contact as many businesses as possible, and should remember that December is the best month to get donations.



WENDY’s:  The WENDY’s have created the storyline behind this year’s Epic. The story is as follows: The Wendy’s have been collecting glitter (or “spirit”) from all over Nova Scotia. Cath has lost her sparkle (spirit) so each skillbuilding group has to try and get it back to her. They will collect gems from each Epic station, with each gem representing one of the different regions of the NSSSA. The WENDY’s are asked to decide on a few specific cheers to use consistently throughout conference, as having a specific set of cheers used will help the delegates to remember them. These cheers will be going into the delegate manual.


Communications: Kailey has made a provincial database containing all of the high schools in Nova Scotia and their principal’s email. She has also completed a draft of the email she will be sending to all of the schools; it just needs approval from the Co-Chairs. Kailey is also planning on promoting to schools with Best Buddies chapters in particular. She is the School Board’s rep for the HRM council meetings, and will ask the co-presidents of each school whether they have a Best Buddies program. She will also hand out forms at the next HRM Council meeting.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chairs are planning on having a similar welcoming activity to last year’s conference, including things like a photo booth, face paint, and minigames like bowling. They also intend to get bubbles and therapy dogs for the welcoming activity. They are advised to book the therapy dogs well in advance, as they are often in high demand. It is also recommended that they ask for any leftover fuzzies or donations from Metro.


Secretary: Ciara created a Facebook poll on the Inclusion Facebook page to determine what the committee wanted for their spiritwear. Quarter-Zip sweaters won the vote, and there will be another poll to determine colour. Ciara will get in contact with Steve to order the sweaters when ready.


Co-Chairs: Taryn and Emily have decided that forms will be released on December 1st. Cleve the Therapy Clown from the IWK is unable to speak at conference. Terry Angus, a puppeteer,  has been called and emailed, and Taryn is waiting on a reply from him. Taryn also promoted the Inclusion conference at Metro’s regional conference, Breakthrough 2017.


Head First Aid: Anna is looking for possible candidates for her first aid team. She has been in contact with a few friends, and requires contact information for James Grant, the paramedic who usually attends conference as a first aid.


Regional Advisor: Meagan has been keeping the Co-Chairs on track, and keeping in contact with the Mount. If anyone needs any help with their position at any point, they can email Meagan; she is more than willing to help.


New Business: The Mount has been booked for conference; the Co-Chairs met with Jill from the Mount, and decided that the conference would be on April 14th. It has also been decided that the conference will be held entirely in Rosaria, as having the conference in one building makes it easier to navigate and more accessible. Dereck Thibault, our webmaster, has a contact at a company called AMI.ca. They are a company dedicated to making media accessible, and could be interesting to have at conference. The Co-Chairs should get a contact from Dereck to see if they are interesting in participating in our conference. We are also looking for more people available to act as a First Aid at conference; James Grant has been a first aid in the past, and Meagan could double as a first aid if needed. The next meeting will be sometime before December 17th, and the Co-Chairs will be doing check-ins before the meeting. It is really important that all committee members are working hard in December, as forms are coming out and conference is drawing nearer.


Adjournment: Jill motioned to adjourn at 11:36 and Becca seconded the motion.