NSSSA Minutes From:

Inclusion Committee Meeting



Location: MSVU Evaristus Hall Room 304

Time of Commencement: 10:17am

Time of Adjournment: 11:05am

Duration: 48 minutes



Present Voting Members: Taryn Hanrahan, Kailey Webber, Becca MacAulay, Bailey Lenihan, Matt Walsh, Rachael Murphy, Mary Stackaruk

Regrets: Will Miller, Cath Densmore, Rhonda Gibson, Meagan Soley

No-Shows: Emily Saulnier, Mackenzie Casey, Madison Saulnier




3-Tions: The advisor form has been checked over, and is correct, except that it should say that conference is  free, rather than $75. A mistake was found with the DA form, as the wording is directed toward the parents, and they would prefer it to be directed to the DA. They should correlate with the delegate forms, which are directed towards the delegates. The questions on the DA form should be looked over before they are released. Other than that, forms were complete, and will be checked over with Taryn before being sent to Dereck Thilbault. All forms should be in PDF format.


Public Relations: Jill has completed and/or edited the sponsor letter, corporate package and donation package, which are ready to be sent out. She has also completed a mass email template. She will go out and distribute donation letters, and begin contacting businesses for the Opportunities Fair and sponsorships this month. Becca has extra pens and pencils for the delegate bags from last year’s Metro conference. Jill has a list of 25-30 places she will contact to inquire about participation in the Opportunities Fair. Taryn and Ciara will help her with this as they were PR’s last year. PR’s are advised to have a phone script when contacting businesses, and to remember that December is the season of giving, so it is the best time to get donations.


WENDYs: The Wendys have been discussing cheers that they will focus on during conference. It is important to choose a few cheers to do repeatedly throughout conference so that it is easier for delegates to learn them. Wendys should send the cheers they choose to the Welcoming Co-Chairs so that they can be put into the delegate manual. A cheer they had been tentatively thinking about doing was Aunt Uma, as it is a very fun cheer. However, this cheer has many moving parts and may not be inclusive to all delegates, so the Wendys should think about ways they could adapt it. Wendys are advised to start to write a script for Epic, and get costumes to wear throughout costumes. They should also try to make a list of games and materials needed for each activity, so we can test them out at one of our next meetings.



Communications: Kailey has been mass emailing Nova Scotia’s schools about conference. Metro is complete, and CBV is also almost done. If she doesn’t hear from schools within a week, she will call them. Once forms are out, she will email the schools the forms. She only has 3 schools left for CBV, and then must email the rest of the regions. She doesn’t have long-distance calling, so she could consider using classroom phones at her school. She has created a database of all of the schools she has to contact so that she can check them off once they are completed. She is advised to utilize the blind carbon copy function to save time when emailing.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Matt has been making as many fuzzies as he can. He has contacts Sou-West and has asked for the leftover fuzzies, as well as the Metro Co-Premiers. The Welcoming Co-Chairs have been working on the welcoming manual template, and they should think of questions to ask for the “Meet your Cabinet” portion of the delegate manual. Some examples of the type of question used in the past are “If you could have a superpower, what power would you have?” and “If you were a smell, what smell would you be?” The Welcoming Co-Chairs should also get all Cabinet members to send pictures of themselves for the manual. Taryn is in possession of the golf and the fishing activities from last year’s conference. The Welcoming Co-Chairs will make a supply list of any other things they need for the welcoming activity and games. Jill will forward them the presidential message that Zac wants in the manual.


Secretary: The cabinet had voted on quarter-zips for the cabinet’s spiritwear, however Ciara is unable to find them on the First Choice Sportswear website. Ciara will call Steve to see if they are available. A reminder that it is important that you send an email to Ciara, Taryn and Emily if you are going to be absent from a meeting. If you miss a meeting, you should send an update to Ciara so that it can be included in the minutes. It is also very important that all cabinet members reply to the minutes from each meeting with the codeword and any corrections they would like to make.


Co-Chairs: Since our last meeting, the keynote Emily and Taryn had contacted hasn’t replied. Amy Oickle has suggested a keynote that they can consider. DA/Skillbuilder Retreat has been booked for April 8th. All of cabinet is expected to be at the this retreat. Taryn has already been receiving emails from teachers with questions about conference. On the note of emails, if Taryn hasn’t responded to your email, send it again, and call her if it is something urgent. She will be doing a check-in sometime in January.


New Business: Cabinet is starting to think about a logo for conference. Potential logo ideas that were discussed were stars or diamonds. Cabinet members should all draw a logo idea and bring it in to the next meeting. All cabinet members who are currently enrolled in high school will be responsible for going and talking to their own learning center about conference. After talking to them, you should send Kailey a point of contact from your school’s learning center so that she can keep in touch with them. Kailey is advised to put her principal’s email into the facebook group, so each cabinet member has accurate, professional sounding information while talking to their school about IC. Cabinet members should also be promoting to their schools’ students’ council. Any cabinet members at schools with a Best Buddies chapter should be promoting to them as well. It has been noted that even if your school doesn’t have a Best Buddies chapter, delegates and DA’s should still have the option of choosing to attend conference as a pair.


Adjournment: Jill  motioned to adjourn at 11:05 and Mary seconded the motion.