NSSSA Minutes From:

Inclusion Committee Meeting


Location: MSVU Rosaria Room 101

Time of Commencement: 9:07am

Time of Adjournment: 10:50am

Duration: 1 hour and 43 minutes


Present Voting Members: Rachael Murphy, Emily Saulnier, Taryn Hanrahan, Kailey Webber, Cath Densmore, Will Miller, Jill Ryan, Ciara Harris

Present Non-Voting Members: Meagan Soley, Lorne Abramson

Regrets: Becca MacAulay, Matt Walsh, Mary Stackaruk

No-Shows: Bailey Lenihan, Mackenzie Casey, Madison Saulnier




3-Tions: All forms except skillbuilding forms are now up on the website. Skillbuilding forms were originally missing from the website, but they have been received from Rachael. They had preemptively posted the forms because they hadn’t realized that Mary wasn’t in charge of the skillbuilding forms, but now all forms are up. Although Taryn is currently in possession of the mailbox keys, keys need to go to the 3-tions for legal reasons. Although both 3-Tions live far away from the Almon Street mailbox, Emily has offered to drive Rachael to the mailbox once a week, and Mary can check when she is in Halifax for Metro RC meetings. Mailbox is open 24hrs. Any forms that don’t have money with them should be put aside, and the person who sent it should be called to enquire about the money. They can’t be registered without the payment. Cheques should be deposited as quickly as possible.


Public Relations: Mullen has emailed Jill and is helping with donations, as well as the PR job as a whole. Jill has decided to take over the opportunities fair, and Mullen will be doing the other donations. She has a database of people, and is recommended to do 2 phone calls a day. Ciara will also give her some contacts that were used last year. She should consider calling organizations such as The Club Inclusion and Team Possibles. It is her goal to call at least 10 people before February.


WENDY’s: Will and Cath have been discussing cheers, and Becca has sent their chosen cheers to Matt for the delegate manual. They are also looking at games and costumes, with sparkly costumes in particular. Any games that are chosen will be discussed and tried out to see if they are appropriately inclusive. Once they find games, the WENDY’s should email them to the Co-Chairs, who will check them over, then the committee will try them out at the next meeting. Talent show forms should be made and sent to Matt as well. These should be  completed by January 24th. WENDY’s should also edit Taryn’s Real NSSSA playlist from Spotify and add more fun songs to it, like Cotton Eyed Joe and the chicken dance. The WENDY’s should also think of a prize for EPIC. Ideas for prizes included Ring Pops.


Communications: Kailey has finished emailing all of the schools’ principals. Kailey is going to start calling schools during exam week. She has already heard back from a few schools, and Meagan offered to help with some of the schools that are out of our area.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chairs have been hard at work on the Delegate Manual. Anyone who has not sent a write-up and photo to Matt for the manual must do so ASAP. Reminder that the questions you may answer for the delegate manual are: How did you get involved with the NSSSA, what is your most memorable moment at NSSSA, and would you rather be able play every single instrument ever or speak every language known to mankind.


Secretary: It has been decided that the cabinet spiritwear will be royal blue quarter-zip hoodies. Ciara is creating a database with everyone’s sizes, which should be emailed her ASAP if you haven’t shared it with her already. Since there is no price listed on the website, Ciara will contact Steve to find out the price. Reminder that if you are unable to attend a meeting, you must contact both the Secretary and the Co-Chairs with a valid reason at least 24hrs before the meeting. If you are unable to attend, please make sure to email an update to Ciara so they can be included in the minutes.


Co-Chairs: Taryn and Emily have been discussing the upcoming Parents’ Nights to advertise Inclusion. However, their main focus had to be getting forms out this week. They are still trying to find a speaker; Brandon Boyd has expressed interest in performing at Inclusion. He could open up the talent show. It could also be a possibility for him to help MC. The Co-Chairs are also considering contacting Frankie MacDonald as a potential speaker.


Head First Aid: Anna has sent an email to James Grant, in the hopes to get him to come to conference as a First Aid. He did not respond to the first so she has sent a second one. She will let us know once she gets a response.


New Business: Inclusion Committee discussed potential T-Shirt colours. The favourite colours were Azalea (lavender) and Hot Pink. Committee members should bring in a sketch for a t-shirt design. The next meeting will be February 10th. It will be held in Rosaria Room 404, from 9am to 11am.


Adjournment: Jill motioned to adjourn at 10:50am and Ciara seconded the motion.