NSSSA Minutes From:

Inclusion Committee Meeting



Location: MSVU Rosaria Room 105

Time of Commencement: 9:17

Time of Adjournment: 10:50

Duration: 1 hour and 33 minutes



Present Voting Members: Rachael Murphy, Bailey Lenihan, Matt Walsh, Taryn Hanrahan, Kailey Webber, Will Miller, Jill Ryan, Ciara Harris, Becca MacAulay

Present Non-Voting Members: Lorne Abramson

Regrets: Mary Stackaruk, Meagan Soley, Cath Densmore, Rhonda Gibson

No-Shows: Mackenzie Casey, Madison Saulnier, Emily Saulnier



3-Tions: Mary and Rachael have set up a meeting with Abe next Sunday to go over the database, and any other rules that the 3-tions should know. Advisor forms must be signed by the principal, because the advisor is representing the school. Students must have their form signed by their advisor, but student forms don’t need to be signed by the principal. The school cheque must be made out to the NSSSA. (with all of the students’ money) There is a 2-person rule with cheques: the person who opens the envelope should be different from the person who deposits the cheque. The mailbox should be checked at least twice a week by the 3-tions so that they can deposit cheques as quickly as possible. Once one of the 3-tions has put someone’s info into the database, and one of the Co-Chairs can deposit the cheque and send the deposit slip to Eliza (treasurer).

Public Relations: Jill sent out a mass email, and has 6 confirmed Opportunities Fair booths. She also had 2 people say that they might be able to go to conference, so Jill will email them to follow up. She had two organizations decline due to scheduling issues. She should consider contacting Neptune Theatre as they gave us some quality merchandise for the delegate bags last year. She is also considering contacting the Therapeutic Paws of Canada to get therapy dogs for conference. Jill should contact Brigadoon as well, because they have a lot of good inclusive programs and camps. She will also follow up with Mullen, as Mullen had offered to cover the donations so that Jill could focus on the Opportunities Fair. We could use a punch-card or sticker system to make sure that all of the Opportunities Fair booths get visited. Abe  has also emailed a Theatre Group called Weird Beard, and the executive director replied. They are a black light theatre group, and could come in to do a presentation. Abe will send his contacts to Jill. They are from Sydney, so we don’t know yet if they could travel, but Jill should contact them to find out. Jill should also contact Renee Forrestall at Team Possibles.

WENDY’s: WENDY’s have made the talent show forms, and Becca has made a playlist.  Becca has started to find games for EPIC. They have 3 games for EPIC so far; Becca will share the Google Doc with the instructions to the co-chairs. Becca has tried her best to make the games inclusive, but we will go over them as a group as well to ensure that they can be easily modified. The WENDY’s are also looking for costumes at the moment. They should not be concerned with their 3 costumes always being coordinated, it would be hard to get 3 matching costumes. Their costumes can be eclectic. They are focused on trying to get some sparkly costumes.

Communications: Kailey has contacted some private schools (Bridgeway Academy and Churchill Academy) , and followed-up with all of the other public schools. She has sent out emails with a letter for parents, as well as registration info. She only has a few more Metro schools to follow up with. Kailey is also going to contact her School Reps for Metro as well as the Head School Reps for the other regions. She should contact Jeremy to get in touch with all of the Head School Reps. Kailey should send follow-up emails once there are 2 weeks left until forms are due. Forms are due March 9th. On February 13th, Kailey and Mary will be going to Millwood to do a presentation, and Ciara and Jill can do one at JL. Bailey can also go talk to the Best Buddies chapter at Lockview.

Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chairs have received some yarn for fuzzying, and intend to have a group fuzzying session at the next meeting. Matt  has been working on the delegate manual, and will notify anyone who hasn’t sent in their write-up yet. The Welcoming Co-Chairs should have a list of 4-5  welcoming activities and a supply list for the next meeting. Some possibilities discussed were a photo booth, colouring pages, face paint, and big sheets of paper to draw on. They should enquire at Jack Astor’s or The Chronicle Herald to see if they would be willing to donate some of their paper. Matt has contacted the other regions to see if they have extra fuzzies, and most have not had any.

Skillbuilding Chair: Mackenzie has completed the Skillbuilding Manual and has forwarded it to Taryn, Emily, and Meagan so they can look over the games and explanations. She is in the process of creating an itinerary for the retreat, as well as looking for speakers and alumni who could attend the retreat.

Secretary: Ciara is in charge of creating a Facebook Event to get the word out about inclusion conference. For the spiritwear orders, the deadline to get money in will be by the next meeting. Once she receives the money from everyone, she can replace the order.   I can take cash, but e-transfers are preferrable. A receipt book will be needed if Ciara is taking cash. The deadline will be the next meeting (likely March 4th) Ciara will get the price from Steve this week. Ciara should ask Steve whether the number of sweaters we are purchasing can get us a better deal.

Co-Chairs: The Co-Chairs have discussed partially combining both medical first aid and mental health first aid, as many of our members who are certified in mental health first aid also have their regular first aid certification. There was supposed to be a parent meeting around Feb. 2nd, but it didn’t happen due to scheduling errors.

Head First Aid: Anna has an exam on the day of conference, so she cannot attend. Abe will give Taryn James Grant’s number, and Taryn will call him.


New Business: Everyone on IC should share the Facebook Event. “If you aren’t losing followers because of how much you’re promoting, you’re not promoting hard enough.” In future months, the number of meetings may increase as we get closer to the date of conference. Taryn will likely be doing some phone calls so that she can receive positional updates.


Adjournment: Jill motioned to adjourn at 10:50 and Matt seconded the motion.